Rai Global Moderator Corrupt 6ETH Hidden Steal

Rai Global Moderator Corrupt 6ETH Hidden Steal

ICOForums has a new Administration but until now the Website Traffic is lower and lower. It's no development/growing as of now. But the Global Moderator he get the 4 ETH in the first day and 2 ETH on the second day, he get this on the ICOForums funds for contests.

The Day 1 Proof.

Owner ETH Wallet Address is transfered amount of 15ETH to the Rai Global Moderator ETH Wallet. But suddenly, Rai transfer the 11ETH to the ICOForums Funds Contests Wallet and the 4ETH is transfer to his Coins.ph Wallet.

This is the Owner ETH Wallet Address and the transaction:


And this is the Global Moderator name is RAI ETH Wallet Address and the transaction:


As you can see, after he received the 15 ETH. Only 11 ETH will transfer to the ICOForum Contests Funds and 4 ETH is directly to his Coins.ph.

How i know that it is RAI ETH Wallet? Simple you can search on the search engine in the forum and you can find that his own, but as of now the Activity Contest is deleted. Only Owner and Global Moderators will see the deleted post.

Second proof is, Rai has a BTT Account and his name on that Forum is

And this is his Authentication Post:

Archive: https://archive.is/mfFjb


The Day 2 Proof

All are waiting for the payments for Activity Contests after he payed all, the last transaction to the ICOForum Funds Contest Wallet is going to his ETH Wallet and transfer again to his Coins.ph Wallet amount of 2 ETH to Withdraw or stored this. As we know Coins.ph is the only ETH/BTC Cryptocurrency used in the Philippines.

He reward himself on the contest even he cannot contribute to the contest lol.

After that, he transfer to his Coins.ph Wallet.

It is Salary? LOL. No Development and the Website Traffic is going low, he gets the salary? hahaha.

This image is Unique Visitors only not the Total Visitors Website Traffic.

Owner Wallet:

Rai Wallet:
Rai Coins.ph Wallet:

TRIVIA: How I know this is Coins.ph Wallet?

For those who have Coins.ph wallet, I will teach you that is for Coins.ph wallets.
For example, you Coins.ph ETH Wallet, you can copy your Address and search it on https://etherscan.io. Afer you search your Coins.ph Wallet, click the Internal Txns then click the Receiver ETH Wallet. Like this:

After click the Receiver ETH Wallet, you can see that 0x131A99859a8bfa3251D899F0675607766736FFaE. This is Coins.ph ETH Smart Contracts Address. It is same to all Coins.ph Wallet holders. You can test it to your Coins.ph Wallet it is same :) .


I found she is girl.

Raizalyn Razo


Contact Number: +639125662515
Archive: https://archive.is/0sWUi