RESULT OF WORK 17.07.2018 - 17.08.2018

RESULT OF WORK 17.07.2018 - 17.08.2018

Andrew Shebanov

The general state of the market

After the long dump of the crypto market we can name nowadays situation as The WAITING of the big movement. The most of traders believe with the turn of market,  others are assured of continuation of bearish moving.

The last trade period was absolutely unprofitable for the most traders, someone even was defeated and their deposits were empty.

As Tim Draper (cofounder of venture company Draper Fisher Jurvetson) says: "the market is cleaning, only the serious investors and people, who are interested in crypto technologies, are staying in it.

However, it is really necessary to learn the idea of digital assets, which is capable for more than just only to be a substitution of fiat currency.

As Tim thinks, the investors will begin to support the projects with their money, when cryptocurrency technologies will be more organic in economy then now. The process will be supporting with pumping of cryptocurrency.

Trading overview

The market is changing and it attacks different. The analysis instruments, that we used before, now cannot be worked. It makes us to monitor situation on the market, working new methods out and correct our strategy. We are constantly developing our trading abilities, that not to be outsiders of crypto market. We are gradually moving to a level of intuitive market analysis.

Today in our portfolio are some cryptocurrencies like (ETH, MNX, BTC, MSP, WINGS, KICK). It's not many, but we are not chasing for the quantity. 

The main rule of the trading is waiting of perfect moment, like a predator is waiting for its victim, before then it will kill it.

We are not hurry up. We are aiming for good and quality trades.


Obviously, the endless rise and the endless fall will never happened.

So in perspective we will see the new turn of pump.

Apparently, we will see it in this year.

Learn, analyze, and then act or confide us, who has an experience of trading!