RCM Business Plan

RCM Business Plan


 RCM has an undeniable Right Concept of Marketing, which goes under Fashion Suitings Private Limited and it is enlisted under RoCA-Jaipur, Rajasthan in April 1988 under MCA. RCM began its MLM plan in the year 2000, which is as yet running today. Karun Jain Cachar and Tilok Chand Chhabra are the current heads of this organization and have an office in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. 

RCM Company is the establishing individual from FDSA set up in 2011. FDSA Member Slant as of now has around 25 direct retailing organizations, with large designations like My Recharge, Mi Lifestyle, Ok Life Care, and AWPL.

RCM is an item-based direct selling organization. Like some other MLM organizations, anybody can join RCM as an immediate dealer.

RCM Direct Seller needs to complete 2 assignments,

Product purchase

It is actual important to purchase the product after joining RCM. It is simply after purchasing a product of Rs 1,000 that the sponsor gets the title and can work on the MLM plan further.

Apart from this, direct sellers get the product at a lower price DP than MRP. According to this, you can earn retail profit by selling the direct seller product at MRP.

Retail profit = MRP – DP


Another important assignment that an RCM direct seller has to do is recruitment. Below this, the direct seller will need to add others like him as direct cell RCM to his downline.

RCM Income Plan

Presently we will give you data about the RCM organization's pay plan for example RCM Compensation Plan. In which you will discover how RCM gives cash to its immediate vendor and how much kind of pay is given by RCM.

Kinds of Income in RCM

RCM turns out three kinds of revenue to its immediate vendor, which are as per the following,

Execution Bonus.

Eminence Income.

Specialized reward


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