R4 DS - 4 Brief Guidelines to Utilize R4 DS

R4 DS - 4 Brief Guidelines to Utilize R4 DS

Since my articles about the R4 DS began to appear online, I've received numerous emails asking me to clarify how the R4 DS works. And general hints and tips from folks that currently have their R4 DS Units. In order to try and help everyone as a whole, I've build 4 quick beginners methods for the R4 DS and inform you of that you initially work it once you get the R4 DS in your hands.

This is not meant in any way becoming a comprehensive review of the R4 DS Flash card for your Nintendo DS. There are several online reviews on this item (some without any help, and many by others) that will cover the innner workings and also the full-featured set of the unit. This really is meant simply as a very quickly, 5 step quick start guide if you have obtained their R4 DS, and would like to know, detail by detail, what they have to do next.

1. First thing you must do is always to download the firmware for the R4 DS. You will discover this with the official R4 DS website. Just go towards the website address listed on the back of the R4 DS Box and enter that website address into the browsers address bar, and you will be taken up the official R4 DS Website. You might want the firmwar file since this will be the the first thing you're going to copy to the microSD Card that you'll use along with your R4 DS.

Just in case you do not have it already, you'll also have to go and download WinRar from rarlabs.com because files required are compressed together with the WinRar software. It's really a shareware program that you could download and use without limitation - apart from the nag screen asking you to buy the program.

2. When you have downloaded the file (making it likely to note in which you saved this files) you have to un-compress it while using the above mentioned WinRar software. It'll build a new folder on your hard drive along with that folder is going to be each of the files you'll need. Then you definately have to take these R4 DS firmware / menu system files and replica the whole belongings in that folder on top of the micro sd card that you will be using using your R4 DS. Once you've copied these, there is no doubt that every other files you apply to the micro sd card to be utilized with all the R4 DS, will show up in a handy as well as simple to navigate menu system.

3. Now, the fun part. You must go an download the games and applications that you want to use using your R4 DS. I say here is the fun part because there are literraly 1000s of free homebrew games and applications available on the web. And, because i don't condone it, even commercial Nintendo ds lite Roms which might be the entire games for Nintendo ds lite you could now copy on top of the MicroSD and play them from the R4 DS. Accomplish a simple Google search for Nintendo ds lite homebrew or Nintendo DS Roms and you'll find that you have hundreds (or else thousands) of sites that provide the latest and greates games and applications for the R4 DS.

4. The past and final step is always to simply plug the microsd card into the R4 DS and then take it and put it into the nintendo ds lite consoles. Once you've all the files for that menus system along with the games around the card, you then just have to hook it up and turn in your nintendo ds or dd lite. The NDS will not likely load the R4 DS card in the same way it could load a new card to the system memory. Once it's got loaded it is going to display in your case a menu system, with the GAME option being the primary option on that menu. You only need to press the A control button or tap into it with your stylus and you will now go to a list of the games and applications you have in your R4 DS. Pick the one you would like to use / play and away you go. The R4 DS in a matter of only a few second will stock up and have fun playing the file you've selected.

That is certainly it. Just 4 easy and quick steps to go from receiving your R4 DS, to putting it to your Nintendo DS and playing anything.

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