Quartz Countertop: Man And Nature’s Craftsmanship

Quartz Countertop: Man And Nature’s Craftsmanship

Kitchen designs used to be according to its functionality or which part of the globe the house was erected. Whether money is an issue or not, the kitchen’s main components will always be the same. It really must have cabinets- either as cupboards or the usual cabinet below the counter or both, the countertop, and the sink. Money becomes an issue when the materials to build or design the kitchen changes, such as the use of granite, quartz, marble or just the simple tiles.

Rich people having both the luxury of space and finances, usually get themselves two kitchens- one indoor during cold seasons, and an outdoor one during the warmer ones. But if they are in the middle of the metropolis, they would usually spend a fortune to grace their home with a statement kitchen.

Why Quartz?

Quartz is a manufactured stone likened to granite and marble. Despite being unable to get the veining design one gets from natural stones like granite and marble, quartz is still able to stand out. Plus, there is a rainbow of colors to choose from according to one’s taste.

Because quartz is a man-nature masterpiece, it was able to cover the weakness the natural stones have- the pores. Therefore there is no need to have it sealed. Quartz countertops Greensboro are durable as it is not as porous as granite. Thus, it is hailed as almost indestructible! The only weakness being unable to withstand too much heat like granite, still its durability is worth highlighting. Therefore, it is still worth the purchase! Quartz stones are highly suitable to active homeowners since it needs less maintenance. And because the pores are all covered, there is no need to fear staining or bacterial growth - the latter being of health and hygienic reasons.

It is indeed quality and beauty in its rarity.

Where to get them?

If you are looking not only for substance and quality but also a huge collection of samples to choose from, you may want to visit a showroom in Greensboro in North Carolina. Famous for their expertise and finesse, the Exquisite Granite and Marble Design Studio offers a wide array of services- from conception, planning, installing to finishing. Quartz countertop fabrication and installation is a prided specialty.

They would give you pieces of advice and sample projects to look at for you to better visualize your dream quartz countertop. Their indoor showroom will give you the look and the feel of the quartz materials to choose from. They offer free quotation on the proposed project. And, they guarantee the best for the price they offer you.