Quality Control Systems Manager

Quality Control Systems Manager


It was unfortunate really. The last practice session before the big game, and Josie, the team's star hockey player had injured her leg. While on an ordinary training day in the middle of the season this would have been of little issue, it was less than 48 hours before the big match. Their team was the underdogs in this finals match, but with Josie in perfect condition they stood a shot at winning the championships. Now however, moral was low, and the championship cup seemed even further out of their reach. 

Josie could not help but blame herself for this as she limped towards the school's sports centre. If she had just paced herself a little but more during training, maybe paid a bit more attention to her warm up stretches at the beginning of the two hours on the field, then maybe this could have been avoided. Then again maybe not - she did feel that between this, her casual job and running the youth club she was wearing herself thin. Hopefully the schools doctor would be able to take a quick look at her leg and give her the green light for the match on the weekend. Surely after a solid day of rest and recuperation she could survive one measly match on the pitch.

It was nearing sundown as she entered the sports centre, the cool air-conditioning sweeping over her sweaty skin. Josie was uncertain as to whether the doctor would still be in, it was nearing 6pm and though the centre remained open till late to compensate for all the sports training session taking place in preparation for season finals. Josie went to a quite prestigious all girls private school that prided itself on, other than raising good little Christian girls, having some of the most elite high school athletes in the state. Josie herself would be graduating at the end of the year and had already been offered a sports scholarship at their states most renown college.

Taking a quick peak into the sports infirmary, she noted that all the lights were off. Slightly disappointed she turned away - Josie had been hoping to use this as an excuse to take the day off school tomorrow and watch Netflix on the couch. While she was a dedicated student, she did appreciate being able to spend an extra few hours on the couch relaxing. Josie would never dream of not turning up without medical leave from the school though, so she resigned herself to a Friday filled with double maths and an hour with her least favourite history teacher porn blogs

On the way out the door however, she noticed a light on in the Head of School's office. A quick peak inside confirmed it; Dr Andrews was sitting at his table, looking over typed pages. Dr Andrews was 35 and young for his position, with a muscular frame, a head of wavy brown hair and penetrating green eyes. He both taught sports science classes, as well as being the head coach for a number of sports. A glimmer of hope awoke in Josie, maybe she could get permission from Dr Andrews to take leave the next day - it was worth a shot.

Knocking on the door tentatively, she peeped around the corner.

"Hi Josie," Dr Andrews looked up from his notes and smiled warmly at her "what are you doing at the centre at this late hour, I though training wrapped up a short while ago?" Dr Anderson took off his reading glasses and looked at the girl in front of him. She was certainly a fine specimen, with smooth pale skin, flowing locks of golden hair and large breasts that were straining against her white sports top. Looking closely he thought that he could almost see the outline of pert nipples pressing against the fabric, undoubtedly responding to the cold air-conditioning after sweating on the hot field for a few hours. He felt himself becoming aroused - he had always fantasised about fucking one of his students.

"Hi Dr Andrews." Josie replied, putting a little strain into her voice and making sure to over pronounce her limp as she entered the room more fully. "I injured myself on the field right near the end of practice. I am not sure what I did but my left leg really hurts." Even now she could feel the pain subsiding a bit, perhaps it had just been an unusually strong muscle cramp. But she was not going to let Dr Anderson know that. She had to play her cards right if she wanted the day off school tomorrow pins porn

"Oh dear," said Dr Anderson in a level tone, "I hope it is not serious. You know the whole school will be cheering for the senior firsts hockey team this weekend. I myself was planning on attending. 

"I have had pains like this before in this leg," Josie lied, "I generally find that they go away in about a day or so, but only if I am very careful to move my leg as little as possible." She clasped her leg and massaged it a bit to emphasis her point. In doing so she had to lean forward a bit, giving Dr Anderson a clear view of her large pale breasts swelling above the seam of her sports bra.

Dr Anderson tried to not let his eyes linger on them too long. Instead he got up, and walked slowly from behind his table to stand in front of her. 

"You know I spent a few years as a sports physio before I got into teaching," He mentioned "let me take a look at it and give you my medical opinion."

"Of course sir," replied Josie dutifully, "whatever you think it best."

Dr Anderson bend down slowly until he was squatting in front of Josie. He lightly ran his hand up her leg, letting his fingers trail along the delicate skin of her calf before coming to rest more fully on her thigh. Josie made sure to let out a quick hiss of breath, careful to maintain the fiction of an injured leg. Dr Anderson continued to massage her thigh, his large warms hands encircling her leg and probing it gently. He was so close to her that he could smell her scent, a mixture of vanilla body wash and the scent of sweat from the exercise she had been doing.

His mind was made up.

Straightening, he took a step back from Josie, making sure to appear as nonthreatening as possible. He knew what she had come in here looking for, and if he was careful he may very well get what he was looking for porn torrent

"I think you are right Josie, it looks like you just strained a muscle in your leg a little bit. But after a solid day of rest you should be right as rain, and more importantly able to do you magic on the hockey field. I'll write you a leave of absence for tomorrow, and you need to promise me that you will spent tomorrow resting so that you can be our shining star during the finals."

Josie could scarcely believe her luck as Dr Anderson turned his back to her and started to fill out the necessary form. She allowed herself a brief triumphant slime, before quickly resuming the expression of disappointment mingled with pain.

"Alright Dr Anderson, I trust you. I promise to spend tomorrow resting."

"Good girl," he replied, handing her the form. This was it, time to make his first move. 

"Though now I think about it, we really shouldn't leave anything to chance however, given how important this weekend's game is. I know you mentioned that when you get this injury it usually heals very quickly, but I think it would be safest if we went down to the infirmary and did a quick session of physio. Just a quick one to make sure nothing else is off the rails. We want to be sure after all."

"But Dr Anderson, my mum is expecting me to drive home soon, she will worry if I am very late."

"Don't worry my girl, this will take ten minutes at most, I promise. Run, or rather amble down to the infirmary, I will quickly pack up my papers here and will join you in just a few minutes." His tone left no room for arguing.

Resigned to getting home a little later today, Josie limped back towards the infirmary, quickly shooting a text to her mother to let her know that she would be a little late getting home, and then a second text to her best friend on the hockey team to let her team know that she was ok for the game, but had managed to score herself a school free day. Popping herself down on one of the infirmary tables she patiently waited for Dr Anderson to approach.

Dr Anderson entered the room after only a few minutes, closing the door behind him and making sure to lock it quietly. He had with him his briefcase, in which he had slipped a few items that he had lying in his desk draw. His ex-wife, before they had been divorced, had often come around to his office for 'lunch.' He had kept a number of their play toys, not for sentimental reasons, but because he lived in hope of the day he could use them on a student. That day had arrived real life cams

"Now Josie, I am going to have to get you to take off your shoes, short and top so that I can complete the medical massages properly."

Feeling a little self-conscious, Josie turned away from Dr Anderson and quickly removed all the articles of clothing as he had instructed. Dr Anderson's breath caught as he saw her full, round ass encased in white panties.

"When you are ready please jump on the table and lie on your back."

Josie was feeling very nervous now, but dutifully climbed onto the table and turned on her back. As she did so, Dr Anderson caught a glimpse of her mound encased in the laced white material. Trying not to breath to heavily, he walked up to the table and looked down at the gorgeous girl lying in front of him. This was the first real very glimpse he had got of her breasts, and he could not wait to feel them under his fingers, in his mouth. They looked beautifully soft, and he could see the dark areolas through the mesh of her white sports bra. They were large, and swayed tantalisingly as she shimmied herself into a comfortable position on the table.

"Ok," breathed Dr Anderson, "I am going to start the massage now, please let me know if I am hurting you too much."

Off course he knew that she was faking it, had seen from his office window, the way her walk returned to normal as soon as she thought he was not looking. He had to take this slowly though, play along, at least for the first little bit.

Dr Anderson pressed his hands back against her thigh, and started to massage her slowly. He worked his way from the outside of the thigh, slowly towards to inside, feeling the tender flesh of her inner thigh as his fingers worked deep into her flesh. Ever so slowly and carefully, he slowly started creeping his hands higher up her leg, his fingers never once stopping their incessant kneading. He could feel himself getting hard, his large cock straining against his trouser legs, and hopped that Josie would not notice. Not just yet anyway.

He was in no danger however; Josie had her eyes fixed resolutely on the ceiling. She trusted Dr Anderson, but that didn't take away from the fact that she was feeling very uncomfortable with a man almost twice her age running his hands so close to her most intimate parts. She could feel his hands moving higher and higher, and hoped that they would stop soon. She did not think that Dr Anderson realised how close he was getting to the junction between her legs.

Dr Anderson's hands kept climbing however, and soon they were encircling the very top of high thigh, the knuckles pressing into her panty covered mound. With slow, deliberate movements of Dr Anderson's hand she could feel his knuckles pressing into the divide in her pussy. She could feel his warmth through her panties, as he rubbed her clit slowly and repeatedly, still with the façade of giving her a deep muscle rub.

Just as Dr Anderson saw Josie's mouth open to protest, he quickly moved his hands away and instead turned to his bag. 

"It's a good thing I got you to come to this room Josie, I can feel that your muscles are extremely tight. I think this would have taken much more than a day to heal. Nothing we can't fix though!"

Josie was stunned, and just kept staring at the ceiling. Had he meant to touch her there? She couldn't imagine that he had, his tone was so normal! No, we was just giving her a massage and nothing more - he was training for this after all. She should really stop this getting to her head. After all, Dr Anderson was a teacher, and she was a student. There was no way that we would do anything like that to her on purpose. He must not have realised how close his hands were. Josie hoped that he would not repeat that particular exercise, she could feel herself become stimulated under his careful touch, and already felt a bit of dampness between her legs. If he continued doing that she shuddered to think what would happen. She would get even wetter, and surely Dr Anderson would notice the spreading wet patch on her panties. Josie breathed in deep and tried to relax.

"Josie, I don't think my hands are going to work very well for this." Josie breathed a sigh of relief.

Dr Anderson rummaged in his bad and pulled out a long thick rod hot free cams

"Josie, what I am going to use on you is a muscle relaxing tool. It will send vibrations deep into your leg muscles and hopefully and knots or strains that are still left in there and causing you pain should be taken care of."

Josie nodded, still looking at the ceiling. She was just glad that his large hands were not going to be touching her anymore. She heard a small click, and then a buzzing noise filled the room.

Dr Anderson slowly pressed the vibrator against the soft, pale flesh of her thigh and rotated it in circles. Slowly he moved it around, pressing it deep into her skin and tracing patterns into her flesh.

This was actually quite pleasant, Josie thought, and she let herself relax under the soothing sound of the device. But very quickly her peace was shattered. She could feel the top of the device vibrating hard against the soft flesh of her inner thigh, near where Dr Anderson's hands had been. Again it slowly moved up, getting very close to her pussy.

She quickly cleared her throat, "Dr Anderson, please, that feels a little bit uncomfortable," She pleaded.

"But Josie, it is supposed to feel like that. How else are we to get rid of these pesky knots in your muscle? You want to be ready to play for your game on the weekend, don't you?"

Josie's pulse raced, but she said nothing, as she felt the tip of the vibrating device slide delicately over her mount and run along the slit between her lips, pressing eagerly through the fabric. Slowly it crept up, finally arriving at her most sensitive spot and sending shock waves through her body.

"Please Dr Anderson, I think my leg is all ok now, I really should be getting home."

Dr Anderson said nothing, put continued to trace small circles over Josie's clit, and slightly pushed the vibrator into it, lending the vibrator a bit of extra pressure.

"Dr Anderson..." Josie's voice trailed off as she let out an involuntary gasp as an orgasm shocked her body. She felt all he muscles clench up, and her pussy quivered as she felt her juices slowly soaking into her already damp panties.

There was a small moment of silence, in which Dr Anderson relished the sight of the writhing girl in front of him.

"Josie, look was you have done." Dr Anderson said harshly, running a finder along her soaked panty. "You've made a mess on the infirmary table, see your juices are already soaking through your panties and spreading everywhere".

"I'm sorry," said Josie meekly, unsure of how she should respond. Her body was still numb in the aftershock of her orgasm.

"Well that just won't do," Said Dr Anderson in a cold voice. "After I go out of my way to give you a helpful massage, you go and make a mess!"

"I'm sorry," mumbled Josie again.

"Well, there is nothing for it then, I think I am going to have to punish you, please turn over."

Josie, hoisted herself up onto her elbows and quickly rolled over. Just when she had finished doing this she paused. Why had she obeyed? Dr Anderson was a teacher yes, but she was pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing when he had touched her. Had he meant to make her cum all over the table? This felt very wrong, but at the same time Josie could not find it in herself to resist him. She was scared.

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