PRZHONSKAYA is a slow fashion brand made for women by women. We spread love and acceptance to all girls around the world. 

We are inspired by music, art, cinema, but more by people. And today we want to share a short interview with one of our favorite muses – actress and model Tanya Ruban.

She kindly agreed to answer the questions about her career and slow living. We hope that they will inspire you as well as us.

1. What is mindfulness for you and how is it manifested?

Mindfulness is being in the here and now moment. There is no past and no future, there are only the present and your feelings about yourself at this moment.

2. How to find harmony with yourself and the world around you?

I try to be honest to the end with myself and with the world. Not succumbing to environmental influences.

3. How do you relax? Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect day off is early wakeup, sports, outdoor recreation with children and friends, cooking together.

4. What does the love of self begin with?

I believe that self-love begins with love in general.

5. Tell us about your self-care.

It is important for me to take care of my body, develop spiritually, and listen to myself. Feel what I really want at the moment.

6. Places of power. Where do you manage to fill up as much as possible?

It’s my hometown, home, and my family. Half a year ago, I would say that this is a mountain or a temple.

7. What kind of music inspires you?

Completely different: from neo-classics and Arabic house to Berlin techno.

8. What do you pay attention to first of all when choosing clothes?

To fabrics, cut, and design.

9. What are the 5 rules of your perfect wardrobe?

Comfort, natural fabrics, a calm gamut of colors, lack of print, perfect fit.

10. What is the weirdest thing you have at home?

The weirdest thing in my home is not a thing at all. This is my cat, which surprisingly took root with us.

11. What helps you to always be yourself?

My roots.

12. What is female power?


13. Tell us about your main insight lately.

Absolutely everything can change in a second. Only the strength of spirit and will preserve in you a humane person.

14. What would you like to achieve in the future? Who do you see yourself?

I would rather like to preserve my present. Everything else is the magic of chance and a pinch of luck, and I, in turn, am ready to go through any open door in anticipation of my big movie.

15. How experience in the modeling industry helps in building a career in this period?

I’m not afraid to look stupid, «ugly» or ridiculous in front of the camera.

16. What movie would you like to star in? Which genre and role are close to you?

In the film directed by Luca Guadagnino. Everything is close to me in his works.

17. What gives you more pleasure: the filming process or the result?

I enjoy working on the result.

18. Which actress inspires you?

Tilda Swinton.

19. What would you say to yourself a 20-year-old?

I would say: «Go read».

Photo and art direction – Alexandra Serafimovych.

Muse – Tanya Ruban.

Location – PRZHONSKAYA showroom; Kozhumyatska 14b str., studio 2.

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