Python Database Developer

Python Database Developer

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Apsara Capital is one of the most interesting and unique investment funds available on the global market.  It is focused solely on the WaterTech and the world’s most innovative enterprises that change the way we think about water and have a global impact on the hundreds of millions of inhabitants daily.

In order to make the most accurate investment decisions, Apsara Capital has designed its own unique algorithm of investing by combining fundamental company analysis and the latest machine learning techniques. This process is currently handled by Maximillian Mandl - Machine Learning Engineer from the London School of Economics who is officially considered as one of the most gifted German Technical Academics and who was developing new predictive tools for the German unicorn Celonis.  

While developing its own global data infrastructure, Apsara Capital is in need of the Data Developer who will help to structure, maintain and develop its data infrastructure. One of the key things in this position is the direct impact on WaterTech development and Fund Development in particular.

Who runs the fund

Henri Lambert - Managing Partner

With more than 10 years of experience in the Water industry and financing experience in New York banks with the focus on Aerospace Industry, Henri is the main visionary of the Apsara Capital. His main goal to bring the usage of water on the new email.  For more than 10 years, Henri was a sole seed investor in the world’s most innovative water companies, thus has a globally recognized expertise in this field.

Zishan Cheema - CIO

Zishan manages an investment portfolio in Apsara. With the more than 10 years of experience in the world-known companies like PineBridge Investments and GlobalWealth Allocator, he is an expert in managing the investments on a global scale.

Caroline Wadsworth - Venture Partner

Caroline has worked in the Environmental and Water industries for over 19 years. Her focus is on innovation in the sector, how to improve and build innovation capability and catalyze the adoption and roll out of innovative technologies.  She has also played a leading role in managing and developing the pilot EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) scheme which involved developing a verification model, finding novel technologies, carrying out the verification assessments and managing a multinational project team.  

Maximillian Mandl - Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Max has worked as Machine Learning Engineer for the German tech unicorn Celonis, where he was developing prototypes of prediction tools for its process mining software. Max also got involved in many research projects jointly conducted with renowned researchers from Harvard University and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. His projects mainly included topics like governmental access to international financial markets and sovereign debt crises. His academic qualifications have been rewarded by several institutions, such as the German National Academic Foundation and the Bavarian Scholarship Program for the Gifted.

Why join Apsara?

  • You will be able to work in one of the world’s most unique Investment Funds making a direct impact on how people use water globally. There are only a few of those available
  • Your work and ideas  will have a direct impact on the firm’s activities and service
  • You will be working with the partners and team in London, Hong Kong and other parts of the world
  • You will have a chance to work with one of the top Machine Learning Engineers in Europe and learn directly from him
  • The clear career path and growth in Data Engineering
  • Work in the most modern Innovation Center of Eastern Europe with lots of benefits and brightest minds around

Location: R&D office of the London-based company located in Kiev

Office of Apsara Capital is located at Unit.City - one of the biggest innovation parks in Europe. UC is a full-fledged infrastructure, including educational, business, cultural, medical, sports and entertainment facilities. Most importantly - comfortable space and special services that allow residents to concentrate fully on their work and grow

Position: Python Database Developer

YOE required: 2-3.5

Required Qualifications:

  • A masters degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or associated fields
  • Experience maintaining and developing data infrastructure
  • Proficiency with Python, SQL, NoSQL .net framework
  • Demonstrable experience working with Amazon Web Services
  • Experience in collaborative software development and version-control-systems (git) in Windows and Linux
  • Experience web crawling

Desirable Skills:

  • Familiarity working with financial data and large data sets (terabytes)
  • Experience in developing, deploying and maintaining UI tools based in AWS
  • Knowledge of statistics and machine learning

The key responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining, operating and improving the efficiency and scalability of the existing database on AWS
  • Developing a database for unstructured data
  • Developing data pipelines and maintaining production lines for database
  • Preparing/cleaning data for consumption
  • Preparing and updating documentation and code manuals

Net Salary: 2400 - 2700$

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