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Мы профессиональная команда, которая на рынке работает уже более 2 лет и специализируемся исключительно на лучших продуктах.

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Encrypted contacts with additional fields is now available for beta testing at http: Privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide. This Gmail vs ProtonMail security comparison might make you change your mind: Did you know ProtonMail was actually seen on TV? The new season of Mr Robot starts today. Come by our booth and say hi! Full time remote may be possible. Investing in Bitcoin requires knowledge of security. If you have an Yahoo account, follow these steps to protect yourself: Due to popular demand, we are working on ProtonMail laptop stickers! Vote for your favorite here: If you use Firefox with the noscript plugin, please disable it before logging into ProtonMail. There is a critical bug in noscript. This also means Tor browser is broken. Email hacks are on the rise. Looking for ProtonVPN reviews? We have compiled an updated list here. If your review is missing, let us know! Our Android secure email mobile app now has snooze notifications. Check out this and the other features that have made us the highest rated Android email app: Помощь с возможностями доступа. Государственные и общественные службы. Страницы, которые нравятся этой Странице. Мне интересна идея приватност и! Совсем недавно начал пользовать ся, пока всё отлично, но вот мб как то маловато. I would highly recommend ProtonMail to anyone in the public or private sector who values the principals of security. ProtonMail delivers safe, and secure commun … ication without sacrificin g functional performanc e. When sending an email you can: I am using ProtonMail for important business emails, personal finance communicat ions etc. It is an OK secure and private email service with a nice user interface, but by no means an alternativ e to for example Gmail. Also, after two years of begging, still no support for contacts and a calendar, so I still can not fully migrate from Google despite paying for the service. In terms of security not privacy , I actually prefer Google, since they support Yubikey 2FA; With PM, you have to rely on having an authentica tor app on your phone which when accessing PM from the phone is not a second factor authentica tion anymore All in all it is a reasonably good email service, but I still have to hang on to Google for now and probably a while. I tried convincing less tech savvy people aka my mom to switch from Gmail to PM, but it was a bit challengin g to explain to her why should she start paying for email service, and get about a quarter of a functional ity. Pretty much a bottom line. The only complaint i have about them is its way too pricey at the moment , My VPN costs half the cost of this email subscripti on , whereas the vpn uses gigabytes daily and emails received or sent is about a gigabyte a year. Privacy, security and adaptabili ty. Geared for the tech expert and the casual user. If both sides use this service the end-to-end email is automatica lly encry … pted. You can also use a regular mail account with a few twicks. There is an iOS app and a web interface. Just moved from Yahoo to ProtonMail , I really recommend it. Please work on it ProtonMail team! The best e-mail service provider I have every used, even without the many, many security benefits it still surpasses Google, compared to Google and Yahoo Proton … Mail offers a graphical user interface that surpasses them both in terms of ease of use and style. The ProtonMail team is also a lot more friendly and provides quick and helpful support in contrast to Google. I think the privacy is as much a right as anything and I think that I in the use of my email do not want myself to become a source of data mining for advertisin … g firms therefore I paid to have this email service which is completely competitiv e with any of the other big email service that I was using before. I hope everything will be Proton in the future. But at least ProtonClou d and a ProtonBrow ser would be really really useful. Keep up with the great work! Google is going to lose all of my business because of their quest to destroy intellectu al diversity. Protonmail has so far impressed me very much, it has everything i wanted in an email account and more, privacy, end to end encryption. Great interface and more importantl y the business model is between the company and the customer only. All data that is not intended to be viewed publically should be Encrypted. Certainly has a lot going for it, but lacking in some very important places, especially when it comes to contacts and calendars. There needs to be support for m … ultiple and custlm fields for each contact, not just email and name. Also, would love to at least a basic calendar integrated. I use this service for one thing and that is encryption and privacy from snoopers. ProtonMail has a very easy to use interface and offers email encryption , which eliminates the possibilit y of any person or agency accessing my email account. Pr … otonMail supports net anonymity, unlike Gmail. My Gmail accounts are anonymous accounts to use google services, but ProtonMail is the best dedicated email service provider if you believe that your private informatio n should remain private. So, know your recipient, and use caution, anyway. I like this email and have brought others here. I LOVE my protonmail account. I highly recommend all my friends and family to sign up for protonmail as your new email account secure, encrypted and safe way of sending secure info etc The new bridge to be able to utilize Outlook is awesome!!! Keep up the great work! Works fine, looks beautiful, does its job but Encrypted Email for Organizations. ProtonMail Drag and Drop Messages. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Learn how to keep your Bitcoins safe from hacks and thefts - ProtonMail. Security is a key consideration when it comes to Bitcoin.

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