Protocols 9

Protocols 9



In the devastating aftermath of our holocaust we looked around at our blackened European homelands with dismay and tears. Occupying invaders of different races and cultures roamed our nations, torturing, raping, murdering, and starving those of us who had not already joined the millions of burned and butchered corpses. The laws to assure an Aryan return to slavery were brutally enacted and enforced by the Ashkenazi and his whites. Collaborators poured out of the rubble and charred remains, eager to assist our occupiers. Yet we had already placed our own among these traitors in order that someday we could repay our enemies in kind. As the years passed we knew that we would someday help bring rape, starvation, and murder to their lands as they had to ours.

Those few of us who were able emigrated to states outside of Europe. Others remained behind. Some of us already resided in the white lands that had brought war on us. After our European loss even those of us who had made our homes in these white lands for generations adopted the mindset that we now lived in foreign countries among foreign peoples. Our fellow citizens were looked at as loathsome outsiders whose cultural ways were alien and inimical to us. To this day, whatever white country we reside in, we look at the majority population as an enemy population. Like the Jew we live in these lands but we are not of them. We view the West as something that was long ago conquered, and as you know, young Aryan, we enacted the codes necessary to survive as a conquered people. Like the eternally shifting Jew we became the equivalent of Donmeh and Marranos, hiding among the larger population while retaining our identity and heritage. We, too, have become sojourners among the unsuspecting whites.

Never able to understand more than what is directly in front of their faces, these slow-witted beings were too stupid to grasp just what it was they wrought when they returned us all to slavery. Was it not clear even as we were being murdered by the millions that the Jew would turn on the whites the instant he gained his victory over our people? The Jew and the Aryan, as organisms, are able to look some distance into the future. The lumpen whites, proud individuals, lack this faculty. Now, in lands they barely recognise any longer, perhaps a few of their simple minds understand just what they brought upon themselves when they dragged us Germans and Italians and Rumanians and Norwegians and Spanish and Magyars and Aryans of all ethnicities back onto the Jew’s plantation. Only whites could believe that in a thirty-year timeframe they could murder millions of their most accomplished kin in their ancient homelands and the world would remain unchanged. Only whites could believe that after a slaughter of this magnitude there would be no corresponding wealth transfer, no change in institutions, no shift in social norms. Today these whites are able to witness up close what it was their forebears were helping to bring about then. Today, under the process termed "globalisation", every white on earth gets to feast on reality.


Globalisation is the triumph of the Jew over the world's other groups. Even though it is a temporary triumph, it is still the end of many things. It is the end of indigenous autarchy. It is the end of national determination for most of the bio-diverse peoples of the world. It is an economic system in which the actual act of distributive trading of goods is the key to wealth rather than domestic production of these goods, and the type of human temporarily best situated to exploit and profit from such a system is the internationally positioned Jew. Under this broad system of iron-clad trade he has erected over our skeletons, no single nation can ever derive the strength necessary to defeat the others and break free, for all nations require components and materiel for survival, and the source points of such needs have been decentralised and spread over various lands and peoples separated by language or culture.

Straddling each of these lands, and embedded in each, is the international Jew. He rules them as easily as an upper stratum of related aristocrats once ruled diverse fiefdoms in our Europe. Ignoring borders, he shares his common cultural technology with those fellow Jews he considers brothers, wherever they might reside. Today's meaningless borders are actually believed to have relevance by the ignorant whites, who bubble and froth in the slave societies beneath the global Jewish aristocracy, unaware of the international nature of their rule. In order that these international masters might ever be conventionally overthrown, a simple mathematical expression would have to prove true for the nation desiring to be free of slavery: its aggregate domestic production of food, armies, weapons, and sundry material goods must be greater than the combined total of all those other nations linked in trade by the Jew, other nations whose inhabitants did not contemporaneously possess the national desire to overcome slavery.

This cannot happen. To ever hope to remove the chains of interest slavery, the Aryan would have to arise in every land simultaneously and take control. Cultural and technological restrictions, and simple demographics, guarantee the impossibility of such actions. Our previously near-successful strategy in Europe of wielding superior technology and superior human stock against rival Jewish-controlled nations not as culturally adept ours is obsolete today, nor do we any longer possess the weapons, army, territory, industry, resources, numbers, and allies to even dream of this traditional method of revolt. Yet we do not despair. We long ago jettisoned thoughts of fighting according to yesterday’s rules. To break the hegemony of the Jew over the world we must eliminate the source of his strength. All strength comes from the ability to extract and utilise resources to a greater degree than one’s competitors are able to extract and utilise resources. The Jew’s resources, and therefore his strength, are the whites. They transform the latent energy of the earth into the kinetic energy wielded by the Jew. Slowly, methodically, we eliminate them.


In every land where deracinated and cultureless whites make their homes, one will find the Aryan socially, culturally, and economically attacking them. We want not a one remaining in any corner of this globe. Supported by the Ashkenazi’s power and media, our agents work night and day wherever we can to bring about the whites’ disappearance. Always desirous to do what outwardly seems to please a master, the whites willfully assist the Jew and the liberal Aryan in their own economic disenfranchisement. Economic disenfranchisement of certain men is the precursor to the physical eradication of these men. It matters not if they politically support this disenfranchisement or politically fight against it, the result is the same. Whether the whites commit suicide or are murdered makes no difference to us, so long as they go away.

Many are the actions we take in our long retribution against them, but one of the most effective has been bringing global competitors for resources to their countries, be these countries the New World lands they live in as colonists or the ancient homelands that they rarely desire to adequately defend. Utilising our rôles in the myriad denominations of the Christians’ churches, and our positions in business and government, we have strained with all our might to pour the masses of the world into the different countries comprising the West. It has been easy. There has been no vote taken on whether the whites wanted to be disenfranchised in their homelands, nor will there ever be. As we learned long ago, in the liberal democracies enacted by the Ashkenazi and the traitor whites there is never a vote on anything that is truly important to the livelihood of the common people. Any concern of the whites is instantly turned into a trifle. There is no say on their part and there will never be. We are flooding them and they can do nothing about it except to quietly drown and disappear.

The rate of immigration into a country, as any non-white knows, is directly linked to national sovereignty. A state controlled by its own people does not substantially allow immigration of competitors. The whites do not have their own state, they only believe they do. We will make the truth clear to them. We will make them understand that the countries they thought were theirs are not, that in fact they have no land to call their own. We will make them understand that there is nowhere for them to hide. We will make them understand that they are being murdered.


Squeezing down on the delicate white upper social stratum are the Asiatics, those with a mercantile bent for gathering wealth, impoverishing others not of their clan, and paying no taxes to government. They are the top of our vise. Introduced into white territories, the various divisions of Asiatic colonisers act as all worthy peoples do when in a foreign land. They support each other. They treat themselves as a family. They strive to rise to positions of control over the invaded population. These types, intelligent and genetically selected to operate as an organism, steadily drive the whites from their elevated and economically favoured positions. The short-sighted white elites believed the world could continue unchanged after its members handed the Ashkenazi his total victory over us. As their children's future slips into the void, they are now learning otherwise.

For the bottom of the vise we have also been instrumental in bringing the fanatical Mohammedan masses into white lands. We have additionally welcomed the peoples of Africa, of the Caucasus, of Latin America, and of the Caribbean to the places where the whites make their homes. All these migrants squeeze upwards, crushing those displaced whites who have been shoved to the bottom of their countries' economic landscapes because of their elite's selfish class systems.

This biological vise of ours is tightening daily. Every day more whites disappear from the face of this globe. By flooding their lands with competitors we have given these whites everything their leaders wished for and everything they have worked toward for centuries. We have fulfilled the dreams of every communist partisan, every Social Democrat, every New Deal supporter, every Puritan, every Falangist, every communard, every antiracist, every student protestor, every philosemite, every agitator, every plutocrat, and every democrat. They are finally getting what they have long desired. The genetic interests they advanced were never theirs, but were instead the Ashkenazi’s. Now he is their master everywhere. Now their reality is finally being aligned with their political desires. Their daughters are depraved whores. Their sons are bashed by Mohammedans and Negroes. Their wives are raped. Their husbands are emasculated. Their fathers are drunks. Their mothers are spat at. Their food is poison. Their landscapes are vomited on. The few traditions they had are gone. Their culture is disgusting. The peoples of Asia and Africa and the Americas and Oceania march over their sickened bodies. Everywhere they exist, they are wasting away. They are the personified cathedrals whose outward forms we Aryans once desired to save, but which now crumble, or stand as monuments for wealthy foreign tourists to throw change at, or are converted to mosques. The defensive unity we once desired for these people has finally been achieved -- only in slavery, rather than freedom. Blindly proud of this slavery no matter which tongue they speak or which land they reside in, the whites wave their banners of shame and proclaim their truly pathetic nature to the world. The wretched picture they present is as clear to the Aryan as it is to all other peoples.


When the war against our folk in Europe was complete the Ashkenazi no longer had anyone of true strength remaining to oppose him. From his seat at the helm of the Soviet Union he turned his attentions to fiercely nationalising various races of the world and marshaling them against semi-sovereign whites and the few remaining Aryans. We follow a similar course. As you know, from our academic and social positions in the West we nationalise every non-white ethnic group we can, instilling in each pride for its people’s accomplishments and hatred for the whites, whom we blame for all things. We then take this tactic further than the Soviet Jew ever did. Not only do we teach all groups to admire themselves and to despise the whites, but we also push to bring these nationalised and white-hating peoples to the very shores of the whites’ countries so that it might be easier for them to seek their vengeance.

Introducing historically hostile Mohammedans to the lands of the whites is one of our greatest triumphs. The gang rapes perpetrated by angry Mohammedan youths against the white granddaughters of the men who once allowed our Italian and German grandmothers to be gang raped can only be seen as justice. After our European defeat the hordes of Africa and Asia raped our mothers and daughters to the delight or indifference of the white warmongers. Now these same hordes rape the whites’ mothers and daughters, to the world’s delight or indifference. This is not only our vengeance upon the whites but our gift to them, for the violation of the Scandinavian, French, Australian, English, and Canadian women also slowly forces an end to the whoredom that most white women prefer. Those few white females with the intelligence to avoid alien aggressors are able to more clearly see through the Ashkenazi’s concocted media world, and are driven onto the path toward the Aryan.


We assail the whites from a hundred different directions. We cannot be stopped. Any white that holds up as his greatest historical triumph the slaughter and enslavement of our Aryan folk in Hungary and Germany and Italy and Ukraine and elsewhere is fit only for slaughter and enslavement himself. All whites, from Canada to Russia to Australia to England, already reap the bitter harvest their grandparents and great grandparents sowed when they allied with the Ashkenazi to kill the Aryan. There is satisfaction in watching France finally become the ravaged hell that its inhabitants long desired it become. There is a sublime beauty in watching the United States finally bloom into the putrid flower it was long destined to be. The greatest pleasure of all is to witness England’s sinful past rear up and devour its remaining obese and stupid citizens. The disgusting remnant of this people that spat on and still spits on its lower classes deserves, above all others, to die. This Anglo-Saxon tribe that has savaged its own kin and armed the different races of the world against them over the centuries in North America, in Africa, and in Europe, has brought on its head everything that is happening to it.

Across the globe the sins of the fathers are being visited on the fading offspring of the so-called Allies. The libertines of France see no link between the violent Africans and Moors currently occupying their land and those Africans and Moors their imperial elites brought to our European shores to murder Germans in two wars. The debauched remainders of the Anglo-Saxons see no link between the Hindoos they currently labour for and those they transported from their colonies to shoot us dead on our European soil. The degenerate Slavs that remained after the Ashkenazi committed genocide against their people marched across Europe and eagerly raped and tortured our grandparents and great grandparents, and now their descendants are a race of concubines and mine slaves, their organs harvested for Israelis, their youth drug-addicted and barren. The Scandinavian traitors, the Dutch plutocrats, the imbecilic Americans, the cultureless Canadians, and the shortsighted Australians and New Zealanders and Rhodesians whose ancestors came to kill us at the orders of the Ashkenazi and the white elites all now die for what they did. Those whites whose forebears denied us the security of having our own nation-state will never be allowed nation-states for themselves. Never again will they know peace. Never again will they have their own homelands. This was assured when they stole our homeland from us and handed it, and us, back to the Ashkenazi.

Mimicking the traditional Jew, we do what we can to twist the screws on every white that exists. We push the policies that have brought about their execrable position. Their girls prostitute for Albanian and Pakistani and Nigerian pimps. Their boys are beaten by African and Asian and Latin American gangs. Their lives and businesses are disrupted by Roma, Caucasians, and Bangladeshis. In Great Britain, in Russia, in Norway, in the Netherlands, the whites pay tribute no longer simply to the Jew but, through taxation and foreign aid, as you have been told, to the African, the Mexican, the Mohammedan, the Asiatic, and the world. We have forced the whites to spend their days slaving for all of these people and feeding the children of all of these people, while they themselves are increasingly unable to even consider families. The whites do not deserve to retain the comfort they previously lived in. They deserve to suffer as they made us suffer.

Once these fools cheered as our industrial base was dismantled and removed and our freezing children dug for grass to eat beneath the snow. Now their tongues are mute as we ship their jobs away, strengthening strangers over the waves. Once they smiled as our widowed mothers toiled with the spade in the ruined lands our forefathers had made prosperous through centuries of difficult and honest work. Now they attempt to find non-existent jobs, in order that they might afford a roof over their head. Once they felt proud of themselves as they listened to radio reports of our broken families starving to death in the Europe they destroyed. Now we slowly begin to steal the bread from their diseased mouths as they once stole it from ours.

We will continue to force these guilty whites to compete against all the peoples of the world. They will fail. They will suffer. They will die. Anything can be done to whites, as these peoples of the world witness daily. Anything. What type of Volk are unable to notice that there is now no measurable difference between their own homelands and the lands they once conquered, naïvely believing that our Aryan loss in Europe meant, somehow, their victory? What type of people continues to boast of a military triumph when it is clear that they have won nothing at all, but instead actually lost?

Only whites are this blind. Only whites are this insane.


The majority of existing whites no longer have any idea what it would be like to live in their own nations and be ruled solely by their own kind for the sole benefit of their own kind. They are a product of recent cultural and evolutionary change and are for the most part now docile slaves, the best type of slaves a slaver could hope for. They believe that since they have doctors, entertainment, and food all is well and will be forever.

When beasts live their lives trapped in cages they show none of their previous clan tendencies, they care only about sex and sustenance. There is no struggle to obtain nourishment. There are no predators to cull them. Over generations these beasts eventually grow smaller, harmless, and sterile. Their brains shrink. They readily accept their food from the hands of those who caged their ancestors. They can no longer survive outside of their cage. Thus it is with well-fed whites, who have grown increasingly stupider over the years. But now we are changing this protected environment. Not only are we taking their daily food away, we are also introducing predators into their happy and secure zoo-lands, social and economic predators like the whites have never known. And unlike the whites themselves, these predators find no difference between a white from France or a white from Sweden or a white from Germany. The predator sees only white prey, as he should. The docile whites, secure for too long, are now being hunted, and they lack all defences.

We will bring about an end to the abundance these societies once knew. We will bring about an end to this phony peace that allows whites to be whites. We will stamp out all softness. When well-fed and safe, whites are nothing more than complaining and nostalgic conservatives or suicidal and self-hating liberals. We will be the secret force that steals their food and safety away and makes them hungry and scared. We will make them admit that their ancestors were wrong to attack us and to reshackle the slave chains we had finally broken. We will make them see that they are chained like we were. We will take all wealth and luxury from them in order that some few among them might once again find honour. We will give all wealth of theirs to others and increase their competitors’ power at their expense, in order that some few might learn humility. We will purge their lands of the industry that was poisoning them and forge a desperate, unemployed proletariat, small thought it might be, held down by the forces of technology and propaganda.

All of them must die, so that the Aryan might be born anew.


For allowing us our revenge against the whites we must thank the Ashkenazi. His policies, which mirror our own, are methodically and efficiently eliminating those who still identify themselves by mere skin colour and who still find national honour in our destruction. He has helped us recognise our enemy more clearly. Many of the European Aryans innocently saw only kinship with the English and the American peoples, thinking that even if we did not ally, there could be mutual respect between us. We did not fully understand the full danger of their boorish culture or their plodding way of looking at life. We do today. And with this understanding has come the recognition that they must be destroyed. The Ashkenazi, as he proved in Russia and Europe, is the best in the world at genocide. Whites are his current target, and ours. With his assistance we will continue to take revenge on our enemies for the sins of their ancestors.

What has the Ashkenazi not done for us? He has united non-Jewish Caucasoid peoples in a way we Aryans never could have hoped to bring about. He has broken down previous national borders, he has given Europe a single currency to better control the white cattle penned there, and he is foisting upon the continent a single language so that all might follow orders more completely and efficiently. In unwitting fashion he is continuing the job we began, for he is denationalising numerous ethnicities and making them one. The Ashkenazi has long known more about the whites than they have known about themselves. They were never considered French and English and German and Italian to him, but only ever as a single people, the detested and stupid goyim. The Ashkenazi was right.

To the Jew all peoples outside of the boundaries of Jewry are identical. When not viewed as active enemies they are looked at as commodities. Though a white that refers to himself as a "Frenchman" is very different in physical and mental makeup than the corresponding native of Guatemala, the difference between the two in the eyes of the Jew is as superficial as the difference between the currency called the Euro and the one currently called the quetzal. All the peoples of the globe are something to be owned by the Jew, and of them all, whites have been owned the longest. Every achievement of whites brings gain only to their master. Their technical and organisational genius is used to simply further extend and enforce Jewish rule over others. Though few whites are able to recognise this slavery of theirs, that does not change the reality of their situation. Cattle are unable to think in terms of slavery either, yet there they stand behind fences, meekly waiting to be milked or slaughtered. Neither do most Jews have the awareness to consider whites as slaves to Jewish interests. It matters not. Most pastoralists do not consider their livestock enslaved, yet the beasts are still living beings put to work for the benefit of other living beings.

The whites, particularly the Nordics, have long been the most obedient of slaves. They have long done whatever a master has ordered them to do, no matter the consequences for themselves. The Ashkenazi ordered them to murder us, and they did. If they, like the Ashkenazi, suspected our existence today they would slaughter us all over again. Likewise, if we Aryans possessed unchallengeable power today, these deracinated whites would do whatever we ordered. Remember, the white slaves are a tool in the hand of whomever holds power. If the Ashkenazi had been able to reason like the Aryan, he would have realised that there was no need for him to destroy the whites. The world of the whites did not need to be destroyed after our destruction and defeat. The white lackeys of Anglo-Saxondom, unable to understand where their genetic interests lay, would have served the Ashkenazi indefinitely. Their lands, like all lands of the post-war West, have been a paradise for the Ashkenazi like none the Ashkenazi has ever known. And just as we wish, the Jew will ruin this paradise, for he is not motivated by reason but by hatred. Even to apply terms such as "reason" or "hatred" to his actions is misleading, for the Jew automatically follows his cultural-genetic instructions like any other organism seeking sustenance. The caterpillar must devour leaves and the lion must devour antelopes, yet if the leaves did not emit defensive chemicals or the antelopes did not attempt to escape, the devourer would consume all his prey until nothing remained, at which point he would starve. Natural selection can never improve an organism beyond its needs and it cannot teach restraint if restraint has never been called for. With no defences at all keeping him at bay the Jew will eliminate his white sustenance.


After the whites go there will be no peoples of equal caliber left to willingly labour for the Ashkenazi. There will be others who labour, certainly, but none as efficient, as oblivious, or as industrious. Where will his scientists come from, where his engineers and other men of learning that currently allow him to stand on the backs of all peoples of the world? Where will the Jew get his effective soldiery and police force from if not the eager ranks of the mindless whites? The whites would have slaved for their masters for perpetuity, eagerly and uncritically doing whatever they were instructed. Since these masters of theirs wish to kill us, we must be rid of the whites who support them. As the Jew once stole the slave wealth of others to increase his wealth and fitness, so too must his own slave wealth be taken away if we are to survive. This is our task. The Aryan knows that a Guatemalan is not a white Frenchman. The Aryan knows that not all humans are interchangeably alike. Already other races are taking the place of the whites in the key positions necessary to prop up the Ashkenazi’s increasingly repressive West, and already the blind Ashkenazi’s power lessens. The Hindoo currently replacing the whites cares about the Jew only insofar as the Jew can help him. The replacement Han has more fealty to his own nation than to the Jew. Only whites believe in loyalty to a state that actively persecutes them.

The Ashkenazi today is as the dying Roman of yesterday, relying on many outsiders to support the slave state he rules. Whites are the basis of his power. These whites are vulnerable. They are believers in magic. They are believers in concepts and terms and words alone. The new lower-vise racial groups replacing the whites as soldiers and police are, like those new upper-vise groups replacing them as technicians and engineers, superior to the whites in their worldview. The new police and soldiers understand the falsehood behind the democratic lies of fairness and equality. They understand the truth of a political system that is based only on force. The peoples of colour are not as stiff-necked and unworldly as the white police and soldiers, therefore they are far more prone to bribery, as we wish. They are not as insanely efficient as the whites, therefore we, and others, will be able to operate more freely in the future. Tiny expenditures of energy on our part will be able to cause great chaos when the rigid and thorough whites are removed from their positions of domestic policing, and great fissures will make their way through the foundations of these hypocritical societies that destroyed our families, our traditions, and our freedom.

Majority white countries and societies worship the Jew. Through immigration we help make such places more and more resemble the rest of the world, where the Jew is not worshipped. The Asiatic scientists, engineers, doctors, financial manipulators, and technicians replacing the whites in every land have no cultural traditions involving paying homage to the Jewish god. They are different than whites. These educated and economically powerful Asiatics will not willingly wage war on their kinfolk outside the boundaries of their new homeland with the same slobbering enthusiasm that the whites do. Men of Korea or Pakistan will not slay for the Jew with the same ignorant fury and shortsighted bloodlust as the displaced whites.

In the United States, the irredentist indigenous Mexicans that replace the dull white working class do not see the Ashkenazi as an innocent victim, as whites do, but only as another group of exploitative whites. The Ashkenazi’s exaggerated tales of suffering mean nothing to the long-suffering Mexican just as they mean nothing to any people outside the whites. To have the labour force cleansed of Ashkenazi- worshipping whites and replaced by Mexicans bearing no Jewish allegiance is a gift to the whole world

The Mohammedan in England and Europe is an even greater weapon than the Mexican in the United States. He sees the Jew as a hated historical oppressor, guilty of more than a thousand years of stabs in the back and betrayals. He sees what the Ashkenazi and his whites do to the Mohammedan homelands with their missiles, their assassins, and their drone planes, dropping bombs on village families in the same way they once dropped them on our own families. The Mohammedan witnesses to these crimes would gladly beat and murder the perpetrator whites in their homelands if given a chance. We bring them there, and give them that chance.

Over time a segment of embittered white youths, their families impoverished through the economic policies we also help foster, will join the ranks of these proliferating Mohammedan colonisers. Their conversion will lend a greater diligence and fanaticism to the efforts of the Mohammedan. The Mohammedan hates the Jew and the whites equally, yet will accept the disenfranchised whites as his ally as together they rage against the disgusting slave state built by the Jew. The frustrated Mohammedan will teach the feminised white males to be ferocious. These whites will eventually disappear and blend into the fecund and proliferating Mohammedan masses. The Turkish woman, the Arab woman, and the Chechen woman will continue giving birth to warriors. While economic power passes to the Chinese, Maronite, Korean, Hindoo, Vietnamese, and Armenian peoples, the less commercially adept Mohammedans will attempt to balance these gains of others by taking political power. Already it has begun. These Mohammedans ally with each other more in sojourning lands than they do in their traditional ones, and their growing political power comes at the expense of the whites. The Mohammedan collective is just one more ally in our battle against our foes.

The reactionary Ashkenazi, hateful toward and fearful of only the whites, welcomes the Mexican, the Mohammedan, and the Asiatic. He looks down on these peoples, just as he did and does the Negro in the United States. He feels they are impotent to challenge him. He feels that they are not competent and that they are unable to advance themselves on their own merits. He needs them to fill the debt spaces opened up in his world economy by the disappearing whites. In his arrogance he sees them not as a threat, but instead as still more slaves to feed him, replacing the previous ones. Because of this mindset he will assist us in our drive to place other peoples in positions that were previously filled by whites. He will do so only out of hatred for the whites but will call it "justice" for the groups replacing the whites. Everyone except whites knows that there is nothing written in the Jew’s instruction books about giving justice to outsiders. The Jew laughs at other peoples, he hates all of them, he uses them as clubs one against the other. Now we, having comprehended and copied his ways, also use the innate gifts of these other races against the whites, and through the damage to the whites we slowly damage the Ashkenazi.


Note well, young Aryan, that the Ashkenazi still believes that to harm the whites is the way for him to prosper, unaware what it is that keeps him alive. Like all evolutionarily faltering species he is unable to change his previously proven tactics and adapt them to new environmental realities.

Formerly the most prominent merchant middle-man group among the gifted European peoples, the Ashkenazi has today unlocked the flimsy gates of the white lands to more desperate and savvier peoples than him. The Aryan assists the Ashkenazi with this for we know that changing demographics change the Ashkenazi’s social environment and assist in decreasing the mercantile advantage he previously wielded. New interconnected international communities have already arisen that utilise a cultural technology among themselves similar to the Ashkenazi’s. It will not be as simple to live off of the lifeblood of these tribal merchants as it is to live off of the stupid and disjointed whites.

The Ashkenazi is for the most part psychologically unable to understand that he himself does not have the ability to make lands wealthy, but is only able to siphon off the wealth created by others. To survive he will need to somehow find ways to absorb wealth and life from non-white peoples. Currently he is able to control these diverse newcomers from atop his erected financial structure of electronic banking and taxes, as well as through the usurious creation and issuance of controllable fiat currency used as specie by whites and non-whites alike. As with the whites, a portion of the labour of the newcomers flows into the Ashkenazi's coffers through different channels, and thus they are his slaves. But unlike the bovine whites, many of these more ancient and clever merchant types currently being introduced to his plantations do all they can to avoid the direct payment of taxes, and among themselves actively strain to diminish the impact of external currency and commodity manipulations. They deal with self-created, intra-group loan systems which operate outside the reach of the Ashkenazi’s banks. Their wealth, meaning their surplus energy, meaning segments of their lives, they attempt to keep within their own community, rather than bleed into the Ashkenazi’s life force. They do all they can to retain the capital they have gained from the whites and to stop it from flowing into the pockets of those who would take it. They will not act as mere debt replacers for whites, for they feverishly think of ways to avoid exploitation by the Ashkenazi, and do what they can to actively undermine his entrenched financial systems. Many are measurably more intelligent than the Ashkenazi. All are certainly more intelligent than the whites, for they act in their own genetic interests.


We, too, acted in our own genetic interests. First among all civilised peoples did we recognise the peril to certain human sub-groups suffering long exposure to civilisation, particularly our own. As an antidote to the sickness and decay brought about by centralised stasis, our leaders and our masses noted that nothing was more effective than physical labour, especially when linked with the soil, and we endeavoured to protect and maintain its existence among our population. The industrialisation and mechanisation of labour as promoted by the controllers of capital adversely altered the lives of many genetically gifted humans whose occupations required great skill. We did not want their lives altered and ruined. We did not wish to exploit fellow members of our communities. We did not want a society of classes or of slaves and slave owners, and to avoid this outcome we knew a people must have a strong and non-exploitable peasantry, able-bodied and able-minded. When we gained political control of our homelands we brought about justice and peace for the indigenous masses, whereas the Ashkenazi's mock workers' movement in the east simply killed them. To witness middle-class whites worldwide cheering for the Ashkenazi’s Bolshevism as its adherents starved, enslaved, and murdered labouring peasants by the millions was to witness the whites' sickness and hypocrisy up-close. Beautiful central Europe was where our economic and social ideals flourished. Compare our lands to contemporaneous England, the Soviet Union, and the United States, where the ideals of those who waged war on us prevailed. The prosperity and health brought about by our actions stand forever in contrast to the poverty and sickness of those populations whose rulers opposed us.

To this day we keep for ourselves the secret of the life-enhancing properties of physical labour, allowing no shame to touch it among our folk as it does among white and Jewish elites. Like the Han, we are aware that much of our greatness arose from the fertile human stock of our peasantry, and dificult though it might be, we preserve what we can. Even the more farseeing among the Jews once knew this truth about the vigor of nations, for it was the intelligent German Jews that assisted the poor yet hardy Ashkenazim of Eastern Europe in their bid to rise. Although a peasantry is a difficult population segment to maintain when a people is in galuth, much of the most capable among Ashkenazic Jewry of the modern era are descended from the shtetls of the east, where they had been confined to the Pale of Settlement. Here, having devoured and enserfed most of the native peasantry, there had been the necessary amount of time needed to form some semblance of a native Ashkenazi peasantry, particularly when compared to the privileged lifestyles of the rest of their diaspora people in Europe and elsewhere. These semi-peasant Ashkenazim helped greatly in injecting new life into exhausted Judaism when they were finally unbound, and it was they who provided the human soil for the eventual Zionist state. While aristocratic and bourgeois Jews disdained these coarse types, the visionaries among the Ashkenazim understood their vitality and nurtured it, proudly watching as these Jews eventually became the driving intellectual and economic forces of international Jewry. These poor shtetl Ashkenazim produced remarkable offspring, and from this Jewish equivalent of the working and peasant classes arose many rebbes, thinkers, and accomplished men.

Today there is no shtetl Jew. Today there is no Ashkenazi working class or peasantry. They have disappeared, and only the Haredim promise some slim hope for the survival of the Jewish technology among Caucasoids. Yet the working class of the whites is nearly exhausted as well. The ruling Ashkenazi worked incessantly to eliminate the basal classes among all whites, knocking out the foundation of the ethnic edifice, and late to the task though we were, we followed suit. Side by side the pair of us pushed the labouring whites out of livelihoods and assured that they could no longer form families and offspring. We have been successful. Today, no matter the country, the white peasants and labourers are nearly gone.

With their intuitive grasp of engineering, farming, mechanics, and industrial processes, these whites are the basis of the modern Western civilisation. Indeed, it is just such types that have been the true founts of Western wealth, not the loudly shouting Jew who has bled the wealth from them, and the founts of all Western nations must be dried up if our people are to survive. Therefore, following the actions of Ashkenazi rulers throughout Europe and elsewhere, we have done all we can to turn the remaining white peasants into an ineffective rabble. We have assisted in erecting a social structure that denies whites all social and political rights while ensuring that their livelihoods are usurped by imported foreigners. We have used mass immigration to accelerate the obsolescence of all working whites, and today other races and tribes make up the bulk of the Western manual labouring class.

These racial aliens are increasingly the ones that maintain the Ashkenazi’s civilisation for him. The Turks and Africans in our European homeland, the Latin Americans in the United States, and the Palestinians in Israel slowly decrease the efficiency of the elites they labour for, and they do it directly under the noses of these elite, just as we wish. Incrementally, we are forcing the West to become like the rest of the inefficient and impoverished globe. The will of the Ashkenazi will not be as easily turned to physical power as it once was. Reification of cultural desire into economic or military action will not proceed as smoothly tomorrow as it did yesterday for him.

As a final insult, we have joined the Ashkenazi in defaming the white manual labourer and bringing shame to what work he does to survive. The Ashkenazi insults white labourers because he must always contrast himself to others and feel superior to those he rules, and scorns physical labour. We do it because most of these whites lack all honour, and should not be allowed to continue living their lives in safety and comfort while our brave and farseeing ancestors are mocked daily.


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