Protocols 8

Protocols 8


In the deracination of white youth via educational institutions the Ashkenazi is our ally, as he is in nearly all things. He stands atop the educational hill like he does all hills in the West, and must be kept in his elevated position by all means. He is so frenetic in his academic study, and so driven by the evolutionary tendency to significantly alter any environment he enters, that stability will never come to white societies while he remains. Motivated by the cultural urge to destroy, and knowing nothing of restraint even after he has achieved what is needed, he will ultimately demolish even the gloomy modern prisons he himself erected atop the foundations of what existed previously.

And oh, what prisons! The Ashkenazi and his claylike whites have brought to the West a megalithic controlled food economy, a rapacious health care and insurance system, land desecration, degradation of all forms of life, the extinction of independent farms and peasants and small businessmen and craftsmen, the vile exploitation of women, debt slavery for billions of human beings, a cultural charnel house, and murderous war without end. Remember, young Aryan, when you look around, that this is the Ashkenazi’s. This is what a land looks like under his rule: a vast slum, with billions of human beings in chains, dominated by a group whose instructions are and always have been to despise all other members of mankind. This dystopia has come into place over the corpses of our grandparents and great grandparents, those brave European men and women who tried to stop its arrival. Today there are only the feeble protests of a few whites in a few scattered disciplines croaking against the Western prison- states, and these are too ignorant to realise that if the united and technologically advanced Aryans of Europe were unable to stop the Ashkenazi's desired society, neither can they.

The Ashkenazi has currently conquered his phenotypically-equivalent Caucasoid foes in this ongoing intra-racial battle. He has now passed the historical stage of being susceptible to overt revolutionary toppling. There is no open struggle against him from within the West he rules. This complete lack of resistance on the part of the conquered is in part our doing, for our own reasons as discussed elsewhere. But with Western societies so thoroughly Judaised and dominated, the Ashkenazi is increasingly at a loss as to what to do next. Evolutionarily adapted to destroy what is in front of him, he has already begun to savage those belief structures that he himself built. The society he hacks away at today does not belong to a competitor's group, but to his own. Feeling safe atop his tower, he will soon begin to challenge elements of his society that we Aryans formerly challenged. Already the Ashkenazi uses our previous Aryan arguments, insight, and genius to condemn aspects of the national cultures he himself strove to bring about. Whites, by their very nature static, cheer the vibrant kinetic scholarship of the Ashkenazi. They are oblivious to the plagiarising of the pioneering academic work done by the Aryan in all fields. To this we laugh again, and assist the Ashkenazi in his academic efforts, not only morally but also financially, through the grants given by our foundations. We do not care that he steals the fruits of our genius. The Aryan has no need to fight for acknowledgement of our people’s achievements at this time. We know them, and that is enough for now.


Time does not stop. Today, while the Ashkenazi busily lays hold of our previous academic scholarship, we are implementing his marriage and cultural boundary laws. Just as we dealt with the natural sciences well before him, he dealt with breeding practices and group genetic interests before us. We need these, and so take them. All who would survive on this earth steal, and we are no exception. The Ashkenazi cannot retain this tool of the networked cultural in-group for himself forever, alone among Caucasoids. Previously when we tried to use it for ourselves in Europe, the Ashkenazi and his whites took it away. He ripped our nationalist and socialist political parties and their corresponding policies out of our grasp and does all he can to deny their open return and subsequent application. This is the equivalent of limiting our technological access. In the same way that the Ashkenazi in Israel attempts to keep the neighboring Mohammedan states under-armed relative to himself, the Ashkenazi elsewhere does what he can to keep the technology of group cohesion out of the hands of our people.

If the whites told the indigenous inhabitants of the lands they once conquered and colonised that they were not permitted to battle against their encroaching colonisers with weapons superior to their own indigenous weaponry because their colonisers were the inventors of these superior firearms, they would have appeared insane. This is the position the Ashkenazi finds himself in. The Ashkenazi tells others whom he has colonised that they cannot take his Torah or Talmudim and use them for themselves. He created this technology, and therefore it is his. Yet we as a people created industrial processes, civic institutions, agricultural implements, communication methods, philosophic structures, educational techniques, and advanced weapons systems, all of which the Ashkenazi has taken from us and used to advance his own interests.

Culture is a tool, and like any tool is available to whomever can obtain and use it. There are no rights to "firsts" in any struggle. So we watch as the Ashkenazi has his way with our technological accomplishments, and we feel no disgruntlement, for we are also taking hold of his.


When it is solely the Ashkenazi’s vision that drives education and scholarship in the West, that is the day when the world begins to turn away from him. We have nearly reached that day.

Today the Ashkenazi controls most academic channels through which the telling of his story, and our story, must pass on their way to the public. This control of history on his part cannot be openly challenged, nor would we wish it to be. With the world at his fingertips, the Ashkenazi who teaches the historical narrative of his own people and culture is rapidly exhausting all the lachrymose accounts and embellished tales of uniqueness that the Jew loves to believe about himself, and is beginning to propose more realistic alternatives to these fictions. Ultimately he will turn scholarship and historiography against himself. With impressive erudition he has already begun to dispute the lies he has put forth over the centuries about his own past, and will continue to do so. In his constant drive to tear down and to obtain power from the chaos and flux that comes with the destruction of civilisations, the Jewish scholar, having the same historical facts he has always had, will need other ways to reinterpret and represent those same facts. He will lend credence to our previous Aryan scholarship on his malleable ethnicity, his mythical origins, his true political power, and his corrosive effect on other peoples. This academic shift will first take place and bear fruit in lands where the Ashkenazi feels most secure; Israel, followed by England, the United States, Canada, and Europe. We will reap the benefits of this scholarship.

Displaying the customary arrogance a master feels toward his slaves, viewing them as stupid and docile, and relishing the safety he feels in his position due to our constant suppression of antisemitism, the Ashkenazi is today handing over tools to those who will someday use those tools against him. In the same way that the Israeli Ashkenazi takes the military technology created by whites and Aryans and blindly gives it to his future Han Chinese foe, the Western Ashkenazi freely passes intellectual technology to the Aryan and others in academia. Already certain of this technology is being stockpiled by us. Literary deconstruction, which was used to effectively dismantle the previous racial narratives of the whites and the cultural treasures of the Aryan, can be just as easily applied to the Ashkenazi’s various fables about his uniqueness, his eternal innocence, and his ethnogenesis, or to the founding myths of his beloved theocratic and kleptocratic liberal democracies in Europe and the New World. The psychoanalytical typecasting once and currently used so effectively by the Jew against the masochistic whites can be used just as easily by the Aryan or others to outline and describe the aberrant personality types of the genocidal and misanthropic Ashkenazi. The tactics of the anti-white or anti-Aryan revolutionaries that the Jew professor instructs his students to study, no matter if these tactics spring from the ranks of communists, anti-colonialists, or proponents of Negro political equality in the United States, are as easily absorbed by Aryan youth and as applicable to our future targets as they are by their intended audience of radicals whose actions are only meant to increase Jewish power.

Ideas are not proprietary, nor are they limited in execution. A grappling hook does not pull down merely a single wall, just as spears are not limited to killing one type of beast, for weapons are weapons, tactics are tactics, and tools are tools. Communists, anti-colonialists, and proponents of Negro political equality in the United States took the spear the Ashkenazi taught them to make and used it against the non- Ashkenazi whites, who were a foe common to both their particular groups and the Ashkenazi. The whites on the other hand, as would be expected, used the spear against themselves most of the time, and their suicide also benefitted the Ashkenazi. The Aryan youth is different. He is taught that every single spear the Jew launches our way can be avoided, picked up, and hidden away, to someday be flung back at him at the right time.


The Jew's method in shaping and thrusting his ideological spears remains constant, year after year. The method has been easily observed, and is easily learned. First an idea is formulated that promises "freedom" to some group under the control or influence of another group in close proximity to it, or that promises to right the real or imagined wrongs one group suffers at the hands of another nearby group. This idea, be it feminism or communism or anti-racism or any other, is asserted and promulgated by the Ashkenazi’s media and soon performs as it was meant to perform in the targeted society; it divides, it causes chaos, and if successful, it ultimately changes the power structure. The subsequent cultural, demographic, and civic upheaval brings opportunity for the Ashkenazi to acquire even more social control and resource acquisition.

This Ashkenazi method of promising to free or liberate elements of a society from other elements of the same society is not limited solely to attempts to acquire or further domestic power for himself. Alert readers of this communiqué recognise in this method the same technique he uses for attacking an external society. When the Ashkenazi desires to subjugate a foreign nation, his Western media put forth as justification for political interference or military invasion the liberation of a minority group within or near to the borders of that nation. The Ashkenazi has used the same technique time after time in the last century, yet the predictable call-to-arms never fails in convincing whites to sacrifice their sons for his imperialism. The non-white world, in comparison, possesses the acumen to learn from the Ashkenazi's well-worn method. Any nations that may in the future need to preemptively squelch a Western assault against their citizens will have all manner of oppressed peoples to militarily liberate in the multicultural lands presided over by the Jew, from the impoverished Negro in the United States to the suffering Mohammedans of France and Great Britain. Astute outsiders desirous of neutralising Israel will use as pretense the desire to free the Palestinian Arabs, or even the Sephardim, from the harsh and racist rule of the white Ashkenazi.

Within the infected lands of the whites, those whites that willfully accept an Ashkenazi-formulated ideology meant to weaken or divide a society, and who use this ideology to further undermine the positions of other whites within that society, are assets to us, for they lack cunning, consciousness, and awareness of the struggle for resources between groups and yet still gnaw away at our enemies even as they die. No whites would believe in the efficacy of psychoanalysis if they were a healthy people. No whites would believe they were recipients of white privilege if they were a healthy people. No whites would speak of equality of all things if they were a healthy people. The types who accept such claims are psychologically prone to self-hatred and doubts, and if they are able to be impacted merely by voiced ideas then they have not the fortitude necessary to survive this life as anything but slaves, and so must be led to extinction.

With each generation the white chaff is to be separated from the Aryan grain. The Ashkenazi willingly assists us in this threshing, for he constantly thins the bloated ranks of these whites, evolutionarily selecting the following generations for us as if he were following our direct orders. This is why in all things we shadow and encourage him. As Engels stood by Marx, Jung by Freud, DeMan by Derrida, we Aryans stand by our own particular Jew saboteurs, smiling as our reactionary conservative white opponents flail about and try to stop our current ideas in the same pathetic ways they did those put forth by earlier Jews. To watch these conservative whites attempt to counter the historical assertions or social and political theories of the liberal whites and the Ashkenazi is great amusement. The conservative whites expend enormous energy and time, that is, life itself, on unburying obscured social or scientific truths to present in support of their reactionary theories. They attempt to apply logic and reason in order to academically counter themes that are themselves rooted only in emotion and concocted from empty air. Limited by their own imaginations, they never realise that these theories or ideas put forth by us and the Ashkenazi about whites and their societies can never be "proved wrong" in a society dominated by the Ashkenazi, and that those whites who swallow the poison pills constantly presented them will choose to do so regardless of what a few white conservatives say.

For their part, the rarely astute conservative whites spend their lives socially and politically balanced on their heels. Any hostile alien idea that suddenly appears before them that has even the slightest potential of altering social norms is perceived by them as something that must be squashed, explained away, torn apart. They attempt to negate it or counter it in order that their society might be preserved as it currently is, because conservative whites feel they benefit by having their social environment remain unchanged. They could pick up the spear and immediately hurl it back against those who threw it. They do not. They will not. They fume and unceasingly complain that what is woven of ethnic malice and trickery should simply not be so. Such spears should not even be thrown, they insist. By their loud and constant struggles to defend themselves they are the ones that actually make the Ashkenazi’s ideological spears effective. It is their own opposition that gives strength to the Jew's spiteful academic theories and malicious accusations. With enough mockery Jewish spears often dissolve, whereas the typical conservative white defensive reaction helps transform these weapons into something real, and therefore deadly.

We Aryans, willing to bide our time, ignore the spears of the Jew as much as we are able. We know how pointless and impossible it is to try to defend against such things in our weakened position. We choose not to spend a wholly defensive life but to use our time for other fights. The fact that whites are so easily infected by ideas alone is a benefit for us, and the fact that these types are participants in the tearing down of white society as it is currently known is of equal benefit, for white society eternally stands against our own people, and so it must go. When only Aryans and Ashkenazim remain as representatives of the Caucasoid race, not a single spear of the Ashkenazi will be effective. All ideologies meant by him to wound and divide will dissolve in the air, useful only in indicating who the hurlers were and in what direction they lie.

As it stands currently, we embedded Aryans nod our heads in agreement to any ideological assertion made by the Ashkenazi. We then propagate this assertion among the white communities and laugh with our families and tribe as we ignore the precepts in our own lives and communities. The Ashkenazi does the equivalent thing with his own people. We watch him and follow his example, for never would the Aryan do what the clever Ashkenazi says one must do. That function is reserved for whites. With a smile on his lips the Ashkenazi encourages the whites to divorce, to abort, and to miscegenate. They obey, because that is what whites do. The Ashkenazi ignores these suggestions and tells his people to ignore them as well. The Aryan does the same. We listen to only one thing the Ashkenazi says: he touts himself as a light unto the nations, and we agree with him. The way he lives his life sets an example for all capable groups to follow. The Jew does not believe in the primacy of politics over finance and commerce. Nor do we. The Jew does not believe in equality. Nor do we. The Jew does not believe in inter-group altruism outside of political expediency. Nor do we. Yet through our academies all this and more is what we preach to the deracinated whites. They hear, believe, and obey.


The art of subterfuge, while growing as an evolutionary trait within our ranks, is still not as honed as it will one day be. The open dissemination of lies is psychologically better borne by the Ashkenazi currently, this we grant. Fortunately, as scholars we are still able to do much research and work in fields we ourselves created and can operate in more openly than others. Aryan environmentalism, just one among the many sciences that sprang solely from our genius, is constantly contrasted against the Ashkenazi’s economics. It is clear to many that the battle of environmentalists and conservationists against global business and industry is a battle between those who espouse an Aryan worldview of interconnectedness versus those who maintain a Judeo-Christian worldview of domination and exploitation. In this battle it is we Aryans who have demonstrated the enormous destruction of species and ecosystems which has been brought about by the application of Jewish ideologies, all of which are built on short-term financial gain, social exploitation, and enslavement of every form of life that can be enslaved. The same whites and Ashkenazim that slaughtered our ancestors now trample the world unopposed, bringing chains and death wherever they arrive. In all other areas we assist the Ashkenazi, but here we battle him and his whites. We battle them as they empty the oceans of life. We battle them as they genetically alter seeds. We battle them as they bulldoze the jungles. Everywhere there is a fight against the Ashkenazi’s world you find the unnamed Aryan lurking. Through anti-corporate and anti-industrial movements, and a hundred different trends and disciplines, we feed the world’s youth ecological views we ourselves espoused long ago in Germany and throughout Europe, fully knowing as we do so that without each people able to possess its own ethnic and racial territory and sovereignty, it is impossible for these necessary ecological ideas to be established and brought to fruition. These unwitting white acolytes, upon realising that they are consistently halted in their efforts to protect wilderness or non-human species, become frustrated politically, which slowly leads to ethnic frustration, and finally to recognition of the forces that actually control their lives. Every day more ecologically aware youth of all races learn that as long as whites and Jews run the world it will continue to be an ever-spreading hell to billions.

Having transferred much of our previous Aryan political and social agenda to the currently protected and so called political left, we speak openly to the masses about cruelty toward animals, we speak of the current rulers’ technological desecration of the earth’s indigenous communities, we speak of sustainable agriculture and lifestyles. We teach about the need to preserve open spaces. We teach the world methods to clean the environment fouled by those who are the enemies of all peoples. We teach about the destructiveness of invasive species, all the while knowing in our hearts that this means the Jew invading and wrecking others’ societies, for all life follows the same laws, from plant to insect to man. Our research in genetics, in ethology, and in evolution has given the assurance to all who would listen and understand that tribalism is innate, and therefore that our indigenous, unifying political movements in the heart of Europe were justified, no matter what the victors might say. We work as radical economists, as maverick scientists, as social entrepeneurs, and as deep ecologists. We are the farthest of thinkers, and we never stop working to educate those who might one day bring forth the world we and millions of others desire.


The Aryan has learned many tactics from those who use the Jewish cultural technology. In every bit of extant writing, wherever a Jew pens the word "God" he means only the body of Jews, whom all others on earth should obey. It is a clever code he uses, laughing up his sleeve at eternally ignorant white fools who believe God to be a large man hovering in the sky and watching over their affairs. We Aryans too play at this semantic game in the various media we are able to produce. Wherever one hears or reads the words "man" or "mankind" or "humanity" or "humankind" or simply "humans", know that an Aryan might be at work, for these are words we use only to refer to ourselves. These specific terms rarely have anything to do with any other group outside of our own. In order to present our tribal desires we have universalised our vocabulary, letting those Aryans with the key to the code read our output in knowing fashion, while the Jew goes about his business assured that we ourselves have been equally universalised and therefore made non-threatening to him. "Peace among men," to us means let there always be peace between Aryans. All "humans" as the whites envision the term, that is, a global multitude of colours, shapes, and cultures, do not need wide open spaces, forests, or time spent in the outdoors, as is so often written in books and magazines, yet the Aryan definitely needs these things. Wilderness is essential to the well- being of the Aryan, not every member of "mankind", as we so frequently state in literature of all sorts. "Human rights", a nebulous term used in our numerous writings, means in actuality the rights our specific people are struggling for and desire. Do not be misled or dismayed, young Aryan. Once one understands this popular code of ours, scribbled under the noses of our enemies, one sees that it is as effective as our use of the defamatory adjective in clearly but secretly putting forth our racial and cultural message. We know that our constant insistence on changes of lifestyle and worldview, needed if humans are to continue to survive on this earth in dignity, lead invariably back to our people’s glorious struggle, to our defeated cause in Germany, and to our murdered Aryan tribe. What we said in Europe yesterday we say again today, using different terminology.

By proposing alternatives to this dehumanising dystopia erected by the victors of the World Wars, we cause questions to arise in the minds of certain people about how the world arrived at such a terrible state. When questions such as these begin to be asked, answers begin to be sought, and once people have doubts about one commonplace assumption of the modern world they begin to doubt many more such assumptions, of which the greatest is the prevailing narrative regarding the Second World War. In every platform we have access to we make clear that this world began to be raped in earnest the moment after our Axis loss. We were the one people to stand up, the one people who tried to stop the Ashkenazi, and the one people who knew what would come about if he conquered. Post-War. 1945. Note how often these terms arise in popular and scholarly articles when discussing anything that has proven deleterious to human survival on this earth. Constantly do we pound this starting point into people’s heads. From the incessant building of usuriously-financed dams to unchequed urban and suburban wastelands to the worldwide death of small farms and businesses to the proliferation of toxic chemicals in the air and water to the hijacking and poisoning of the world’s food system to the extinction of beasts to the wretched quality of the very air humans breathe, look to the magic year 1945, the year of our holocaust, the year they finally wiped nearly all the Aryans from the face of the planet. From that date forward there was no longer anyone to stop these people. The Ashkenazi floodgates were opened and hell descended on the world. Now, today, all remaining nations see just what kind of utopia the victors wrought.


Already a false opposition has magically arisen against those perpetrators who instituted the environmental, social, and technological post-war hell. We predicted this phenomenon among ourselves.

Needing eternal chaos to survive, along has come the Ashkenazi to attack the very world he fought to bring about. The Jew knocks down, the Jew sets up, the Jew knocks down, and so on, for as long as such things are allowed. Presenting himself as a maverick, loudly touted by his media tribe as a genius, hijacking our unprecedented scholarship in all fields as easily as he stole our patents, businesses, wealth, and science after the wars, the Ashkenazi mock-crusader easily rallies some of the anxious from among the dwindling whites and gives a voice to their justified concerns, concerns that of course mean nothing until the Jew declares them meaningful. Everywhere today Ashkenazi saviours have suddenly noticed that the men who control corporations and banks do not act in the interest of the citizenry. Ashkenazi saviours have suddenly noticed that the food supply is toxic. Ashkenazi saviours have noticed that the Western educational system is in shambles. Ashkenazi saviours have noticed that Western medical care is harmful. What Ashkenazi saviours have chosen not to notice is the crucial involvement of their fellow Ashkenazim in implementing and promoting all these nation-murdering schemes. Needless to say, the whites so eagerly following these saviours will not notice the Ashkenazi's rôle either.

Throughout the West the Media Ashkenazi cheers the Rebel Ashkenazi, as he must and as he always has. In a culture and landmass dominated by the Ashkenazi only fellow Ashkenazim are allowed to play the part of iconoclast. This is a situation which is typical among most ruling classes, whose members only allow dissent from among their own, and that only to an acceptable degree. The whites, for their part, prefer that this outsider action be undertaken by others outside of their main body. Whites will never elevate leaders from among their own people to act in their group's interest. Instead they will forever be led by others, and they will forever willingly follow those others, provided those others display strength. That is the only criterion.

We Aryans also prefer today's social and political world, a world where the right to criticise Ashkenazi power is borne solely by the Ashkenazi himself, for no matter the transparent dissembling on his part for the benefit of the goyim, small schisms will begin to grow between his different factions, as indeed they must among any peoples when absolute power has been gained. As we push to create and widen these schisms between Ashkenazim, we silently observe the current theatre of Jew saviour-reformer versus Jew wicked master and applaud the play for its fine production value. We explain to our families the proper way to watch the drama in order that it might be understood. We explain the Ashkenazi’s technique of always being on both sides of a debate, so that whatever side claims victory matters not. We explain how he incessantly self-references other Jews or self-aggrandises himself when it comes to his accomplishments. We explain that, in the same manner in which the governments of the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A. never desired the elimination of the other, but rather worked jointly to destroy our people, the Ashkenazi never desires to harm or humiliate his fellow tribal foe, only to share a piece of his power. These tactics of his have varied little over the centuries, and once pointed out to an understanding audience, they are never forgotten.

It has been told here how the Ashkenazi presents our stolen or previously suppressed Aryan insights into agriculture, genetics, technology, economics, medicine, ecology, physics, and so forth as his own creations. We all know how he brings our solutions to the world's problems into the public sphere as if they were his, and intimates that they somehow sprang from his people's cultural ground. He does all he can to claim genius as a trait exclusive to his group and lacking in ours. Nor does he resign himself to claiming genius alone, but also pretends that a desire for justice and a profound concern for the well- being of others are his exclusive domain as well, that indeed his people are well-known for universal benevolence, and that whatever answers he proposes for the questions pondered by the world's populations today are done so altruistically.

This posturing is transparent to the Aryan, and to a small elite among other groups as well. It is clear that the rebellious reformer Ashkenazi, amid his desire for profit and his feigned concern, consistently leaves out the basis for solutions to many modern problems. As earlier explained, that basis is national sovereignty. For the essential changes needed to better human life today, ethnic self-determination on one's own territory is needed. Groups are only able to effect true positive social policies by working alongside their own people, and this can never be allowed by the Ashkenazi. No healthy conqueror willingly gives up his conquests. Therefore this slave-world will never change for the better under its current leadership, no matter what solutions the rebel Ashkenazi touts. Nor would any sane observer expect it to change. The original objective social and scientific insights of the Aryan have been and will be forever distorted through the ethnic subjectivity of the misanthropic Ashkenazim. With all cures to modern ills prescribed in this phony manner, the peoples of the world will continue to suffer and their pain only increase. No Jew will ever stop the depredations of bankers, politicians, media, and the panoply of harmful industries, corporations, and governments that exist today. Only the victory of the Aryan could have brought this about for all peoples.


Though we have touched on some of our positions among the influential educational substratum in the West, we do not wish to artificially inflate our true position. Yes, we have gained back some power, and we use it effectively, but that power is little compared to the power others wield. Furthermore, let us not forget that the social policies put into place by the Ashkenazi and subsequently fanned by us affect our ability to be employed in the diverse fields of education as much as they affect the cultureless whites. It is well known to us that the supposed anti-white employment bias groaned about by conservative whites is not about skin colour, for the Ashkenazi is white as well, of the same basic phenotype and race as those he rules over. Rather, the empire's employment policy is pro-Ashkenazi, as it should be. It is a universal truth that the conquerors and upper castes of countries reserve the ruling spots for themselves and limit the opportunities of those perceived as potential threats. It has never been otherwise in history. To struggle against this fact would be to join in the insanity of the conservative white. The task of the Aryan is not to oppose this selective process but to speed it along, for it is the increasing absence of slavish whites in the educational fields, and in the Ashkenazi's society in general, that will ultimately harm the Jew.

The varied peoples of the world who have begun to fill the previous white social and economic rôles in today's West do not understand the Ashkenazi’s agenda. They have not had long experience with the Ashkenazi, as have we. They believe that the Ashkenazi’s calls for equality are specifically meant to act in their favour, not yet insightful enough to recognise that these calls are actually formulated to act in the Ashkenazi’s favour, which currently means the whites' disfavour, and that they, as replacers of the whites, are in their new positions by default. These different peoples of the world, placed into their different professional positions for reasons they do not yet truly comprehend, already begin to show less concern for the Ashkenazi master than the biologically compromised white ever did. From United Nations mouthpieces down to elementary school teachers, these newcomers do not act in the service of any false universal altruism once they are established, but only for themselves and the advancement of their particular people. No groups worship the Ashkenazi in the same manner as the whites, and so their replacement is obviously desired by us.

With the time still allotted us to operate in the educational domain, we do what we can to ensure that the Ashkenazi loses the special image he has created for himself and projected to the world through his media. Never will we allow the peoples of colour so despised by the Ashkenazi to fall prey to him and revere him as deeply as the whites do. Unlike the whites, they will not look on the Jew as superior, they will look at themselves as superior. As educators we instill in them the necessary defences against their master's psychological oppression. Under the guise of imparting an academic message of cultural relativity and "non-supremacy", at least as manifested in whites, we constantly chip away at the Ashkenazi’s sense of uniqueness while at the same time teaching the peoples of colour that any whites that proclaim their supremacy are in some way aberrant. Remember, the Jew relishes feeling superior to the majority population. This feeling of superiority and difference is one of the cultural tools that allows him, or any group, to conquer and rule others in the eternal struggle for existence. To counter this tactic of his we turn him into just another white. In our scholarly fields we deconstruct the myths that he claims specific to him alone, academically presenting his culture either as rooted in the folkways of Europe or as heir to the belief systems of a bigger Eastern Mediterranean world. We make clear that he inherited many of his beliefs and customs from other groups. We teach that there is nothing unique about his culture, certainly nothing to be held in awe. We portray him as simply one people among many peoples, maybe a little more interesting, but with holidays and songs and foods like all other cultural groups. We paint him as unassuming, unthreatening, a victim to evil whites but really "just like everyone else". Neither from the lectern or the pulpit do we ever present him as aggressive or xenophobic or genocidal. We downplay, even eliminate, his rôle in the slavery of Negroes, the national humiliation of the Han, the colonial financial rape of the Hindoo, the murder of the Armenians, the slaughter of the Slavs, and the genocide of the Germans.

Reactionary whites of the political right, too immature to keep insights to themselves, openly put the Jew at every major turn in history. This constant attribution of all violent revolutionary movements to the Jew's machinations is harmful. He feeds off of these charges, for external threats enable his people to coalesce more tightly. Since we strive to lessen the solidarity and strength the Jew gains through external threats, no imputation of historical Jewish malfeasance is ever publicly made by us. Additionally, acceptance of the outlook of a millennia-long ethnic Jewish omnipresence and omnipotence, without important reservations, endorses the belief that those who currently use the term "Jew" to describe themselves have always possessed vast power, and therefore vast genius. No matter the Ashkenazi's public stance, hostile accusations from outsiders of being an eternal and malevolent power are as cherished by his elites as much as fawning praise is.

This misguided historical belief on the part of antisemites is rooted in an inability to distinguish between the disparate groups utilising the cultural tool of Judaism. Such an outlook links European Ashkenazim, formed on our continent in the Middle Ages, to the clearly ethnically different and older Oriental Sephardim, and further links both dissimilar groups to Hebrews of the ancient world. The Aryan, rather than emphasising the many crimes perpetrated by the various types that have wielded the Judaic tool over the centuries, plays the game the Ashkenazi plays for the time being, in which he downplays his key rôle in the horrors visited upon other tribes and groups. For the woes of the world we instead blame the whites, and only the whites. By singling out this group alone from all the guilty parties in history we help to form a sense of uniqueness in them, as we earlier told you, and build an identity for them, negative identity though it might be. It is better that they be hated than be ignored, for to be hated promises a far more ruthless natural selection over the generations than that of a group that is ignored, and all whites must undergo selection until none remain.


With each passing day it becomes socially more dificult for the Ashkenazi to psychologically maintain his sense of superiority over peoples other than whites. The Han does not feel at all inferior to him. The Hindoo talks among his families about how to best leverage him to advance his own group. Though the day will come when the Ashkenazi will have to openly compare and contrast himself to the men of Asia, he cannot yet do so, and currently only gloats of his cultural accomplishments vis-à-vis deracinated and disestablished whites. With them he is unchequed in his braggadocio. Yet even here we chip away at his cherished and needed mindset of ethnic superiority by shrieking through the educational mouthpieces that Judaism is only a religion, open to converts, and that enormous numbers of Jews have intermarried with the whites, as certainly they have. When previously sojourning in our lands the Jew himself was anxious to point out that his group consisted solely of "religious" followers, and furthermore that his intermarriage rate among the host European societies was high. This was proclaimed in order to deflect accusations of being an ethnically hostile alien body operating within a host nation. It was obfuscation then, just as the same claims are now, but the fact remains that no matter how much he would wish it otherwise, more and more of the Ashkenazi organism peels off from the outer layers. It is this hemorrhaging that will allow us to ultimately make clear that Jews are simply a caste among whites, and as we continually teach, any whites who possess any power over other races must be replaced.

Far too many whites have been absorbed into the body of the Ashkenazim and far too many Ashkenazim have been shed and absorbed by other whites for there to be any resounding ethnic difference between the two groups, no matter the desperation with which the Ashkenazi now looks to manipulate and interpret genetic research to prove otherwise. The Ashkenazim are a Caucasoid elite following a constantly reworked ideological programme of supremacy. Their physiognomy is white. It is for this purpose that, as leftists, we refer to the Ashkenazi only ever as a "white male" and in this way lump him in with those he considers himself different from and superior to. It does not matter if the predatory bankers we identify as "white" are in truth Ashkenazim who feel nothing but contempt for whites. What does matter is that these Jews have a spotlight shined on them in one way or another and that their personalities, positions, and actions be aggressively contrasted against the welfare of other peoples. Side by side with various peoples of colour, we shout for the removal of whites from positions of power. The exoteric terminology used in this demand includes the Ashkenazi. Remember, the Ashkenazi is the epitome of the white supremacist, a Caucasoid who considers himself above every other group on earth, including other Caucasoids, and maintains this position through violence. His current tack is to allow garden-variety whites alone to be attacked and their own status and well-being to be diminished, in order to protect his own group's financial interests and social positions. He believes no fingers can ever be pointed his way nor any blame laid at his feet, that instead dominant cultural forces will continue to attack non-Ashkenazi whites alone for perpetuity. We will not allow that to happen. Every assault on non- Ashkenazi whites is groundwork laid by us for an ultimate attack on Ashkenazi whites.


The outward task of the education complex is the dissemination of information to youths, primarily from the ages of birth to twenty-five. The matrix includes teachers, institutions, protocols, systems, and material. From our positions within this arena we have successfully propagated and spread the corrosive ideas that help to disintegrate all societies which are not based on mutual ethnicity, culture, worldview, and respect. Through our fanning of inter-ethnic envy and hatred we are slowly bringing the Ashkenazi’s United States, his France, his Australia, his Great Britain, and his Germany to a standstill, turning these lands into ineffective shells increasingly controlled by stronger Asiatic peoples unaffected by the messages of the Ashkenazi and whites. Nor, we have found, has the seemingly strong community of the Jew proved immune to the many tactics he previously successfully utilised to tear down his host societies. Race, ethnicity, class, and gender are fault lines within his community that can be widened, and though these concepts tear apart white communities and nations at a quicker pace than his own, the Jew's own communities have begun to suffer in the same manner. We ourselves have helped to plant the seeds of divisiveness in Israel, sowing them into the body politic, where they have begun to affect both Orthodox and secular alike. Already we reap a harvest. With each generation we have seen the schisms grow greater. Never are you to forget that this bloated Jewish parasite is in many ways now growing as ill as the whites are.

Yet this division among Jews is a secondary concern for the time being. Always bear in mind that the Jew is not our primary opponent, and for the moment he is needed in his position everywhere. The Jew does what he can to survive and is not to be condemned for this. Never would he have been able to destroy our German and Russian and Italian and Hungarian and Spanish and Croatian peoples and our noble ideals without the assistance of whites. Never would the various branches of Jewry have been able to ruin so many peoples and lands over time without the assistance of the whites.

It is these universalist and deracinated whites we concentrate our attacks on. We know them better than they know themselves, and the many ways to eliminate them are clear. Contrary to the Jews' assertions about them, we know that they are far less racist than most other groups. Having formed in northern climes relatively free of disease, in high-trust societies, they have not borne the same defensive xenophobia that Jews and others possess. They have, in fact, always allowed foreign peoples into their midst if these foreigners acted in a certain manner or spoke their language in similar fashion as they themselves did. Previously those numbers of foreigners were negligible. Now, with the tens of millions of replacements we are bringing to the white lands, via our immigration policies, we can help finish our enemies off. Now, with all the peoples of the globe against them economically, we can bury the whites for good. And one of the last nails that the hammer of educational processes pounds into their cofins is language instruction. By distributing knowledge of their native tongues, their sole means of communication, we effectively take from the whites some of their final defenses.

Language is communication. Like culture, it is a tool that can give one group an advantage over another, competing group. The Jew, who guards his Hebrew, understands this. The white, unsurprisingly, does not. Therefore, with no fear of retaliation, we stealthily erode that advantage. Though we push for classes in German, French, Swedish, and Italian to be freely given to those foreigners who are colonising the lands these languages spring from, it is in the spread of English, the tongue of so many of those who took glee in murdering our ancestors, where we are most effective. Through the efforts of our youth we carry this language around the world and teach it in every land we can set foot upon. We familiarise so many people with the tongue that the monolingual English-speaking whites are already becoming mute, lacking any leverage in life at all.

Every single thing is to be taken from them.