Protocols 7

Protocols 7



Centuries ago, when the Ashkenazi possessed less power than he does today, he often stood as middleman between certain exploitative white aristocrats and their peasant base, enriching both himself and his temporary masters at the expense of these peasants. He ultimately murdered this aristocracy and took its position. Today he is the strongest and he rules, as the strongest always will. Now his previous middleman rôle is filled by whites, who exploit the current white peasantry for him as he once did for the traitorous white nobility.

The Aryan, seeking to survive, has firmly entrenched himself within this stratum of liberal white elites that serves the Jew. In our positions we do everything we can to force the white lower and middle classes to continue paying tribute to their master. These are people who themselves accept the culture of the Jew, who worship him, and who support the historical narrative that justifies the death and subjugation of our kinfolk in Europe. It is a joy therefore for us to see them slave unceasingly in the world they helped bring about with their bombs and their guns. It is a joy to watch them serve up their lives to those they happily helped ascend to the tower. For our purposes, their gold, their labour, and their livelihoods must be choked out of them, and by doing this to them we avenge ourselves for what their forefathers did to ours. Whites have proved themselves fit for their slavery. Nothing about their current character and status in this world indicates that they will ever climb out of this position. Their only chance for freeing themselves from chains was in the national uprising of a homogenous culture hostile to the Ashkenazi slavers, with elements of that homogenous culture spread across the world to ably counter the forces of the decentralised Ashkenazi. We did this in Germany. Then the whites killed and dispossessed our Aryan German families, both the indigenous in their homelands and the scattered ones of the German diaspora. Now there no longer exists a homogenous cultural group among the whites of the earth strong enough to challenge the Ashkenazi masters. This means that there is no escape for the whites, ever. This is the price they pay for their sins against us.

The Ashkenazi unleashed the energy of the masses, the cultural equivalent of splitting the atom. He directed this unleashed energy nearly perfectly, destroying a world in order that he might live in the castle built on its bones. He has won. Through various methods, means, and apparatus, the racist Ashkenazi now rules every white and Aryan on earth, along with billions of coloured peoples. Yet no environment stays stable forever. The world continues to change and will always continue to change. The Ashkenazi, unlike his white slaves, knows that there is no Messiah on the way who will freeze history. There is never an end in sight for him. Every day brings new challenges. He must tikkun olam forever.

We were nearly obliterated in the flames of his fury. We were denied our own national territory. Our freedom was taken and the best among our tribes were murdered. Yet we who remain must still survive. No longer do we seek to build a traditional territorial state of our own. Our previous revolution and its highest goals and ideals would have no meaning in this current world. We believed then that we could return to a more powerful, more primitive, and freer condition, fusing the corporatism of the Middle Ages with the vigor of the Ancient World and the knowledge of the Modern World, before tackling the problems of civilisation itself. That is impossible now. The population has intellectually degenerated too much to even understand our vision, let alone realise it. Today we act in the spirit of even earlier ancestors, riding out of the north not to build, but to tear down. We are destroyers, working hand in hand with the future to eliminate the weak and guilty of the present.

Though we do not currently have the qualified numbers or resources to break our shackles as we did once before, we will not allow ourselves to die. We live, and for the Aryan to live, and thus to fight, it is the same thing as to remember. We do not forget what was done to us, nor will we ever. Silent retaliation is our very lifeblood. The two are synonymous. But we do not and will not openly challenge the Ashkenazi who wields the whites against us. His power, due to its broad distribution, nodal resource control, and technological supremacy, dwarfs the power possessed by any human subspecies yet to appear on this earth, of this there is no question. We have studied this power. And though the monolithic system the Jew has erected seems indestructible, it only presents that appearance to those who refuse to get close enough to examine it. We are close enough, for we are not outside his system, we are within, and from within we have seen that it can be silently and thoroughly dismantled without ever attacking the Ashkenazi directly.

Like the Jew, we have learned that power is not absolute but relative. The Mohammedan in France did not just grow stronger, the white French grew weaker over time. The Negro in the United States did not just grow stronger, the white Americans grew weaker over time. We cannot gain strength to challenge the Jew, but we can lessen his strength. We can pull him down, chopping at the supports that prop him up in the same manner that he himself has done to other competitors. Bit by bit we are disassembling his society. All Aryan intelligence has been applied to the question of how to best abolish this state- environment that, were it to spread indefinitely and perpetually, would ultimately not allow us to live.

Therefore, young Aryan, be not aghast at your prospects. Know that we are, in our own small way, in the process of making things work the way we now want them to work. As our kin in Germany once used democracy against democracy to regain our land, we now wield the Jew against the Jew to gain justice for our people. The Aryan, to new shores, is called by a new day.


Never believe that one can forcibly change the nature of the Jew in a day. This was a mistake of the Zionists and certain whites, and we will not repeat it. His evolutionary strategy has proved effective for some time now and will not be soon be discarded by him.

Reactionary antisemites cannot speak of the Jew without emotionally decrying his qualities as negative, rather than adaptive. They complain about his lies, greed, and hatred as if these were a choice. They are not. The Jew must lie, for dishonesty to outsiders is a necessary quality for survival in galuth. The Jew must be greedy, for in galuth he is vulnerable and needs to amass as much treasure as possible. The Jew must hate, in order to protect himself from a fickle host population prone to follow whomever is in power.

The Aryan, having studied the Jew, understands him, and when the Jew is understood he becomes like any other tool. His psychological makeup and predictable response to stimuli are qualities we seek to use for our benefit. His intelligence, long feared or held in awe by whites, is overrated and exaggerated in their minds. Unable to understand the global struggle between groups, whites fail to recognise that far more effective than pure intellect in the Jew's proven capability for resource acquisition has been the application of concerted action on the part of his group against the members of a society composed of individuals. Driven by cultural hatred for all members of this society of individuals he knew he was in competition with, the Jew always recognised that the proper way to respond to situations that involved a conflict between his group and the other was to harm the other in some fashion. Because of the existence of their cushioning nation-states, most whites were oftentimes unaware that they were, indeed, in competition with another group. They were easily defeated, one small business deal, law suit, and swindle at a time. Due to the predictable actions of Jewish individuals, the larger Judaic organism moved along its obvious course.

This was the case yesterday, and it is the case today, even though the environment is no longer the same. The Jew continues to act in the same fashion he always has. He destroys white societies not because he feels he must, not because every individual Jew plots it, but because each cell plays its bit rôle within the body of the organism. Yet as all organisms eventually learn, or will learn, no environment is infinite. The Jew devours his white society unchequed, seemingly unaware that there are no more white societies for him to exploit after this one goes. His provocative rôles in wars, intra-social conflicts, economic rapaciousness, mass immigration, and ideological movements destructive to whites only benefit him for shorter and shorter periods. Yet he cannot help fostering such things.

This is not actively planned in most cases. It simply is. Hatred, as an evolutionary motivator, dwells in him like in no creature the world has ever seen. It drives him, and we encourage it, as you know. The individual Jew cannot articulate how much he actually enjoys life among the dwindling whites. He still thinks of them as a threat to his existence. They are not. They are a threat to the Aryan, and we will ride the Jew over their emaciated bodies.


We have learned to see through the Ashkenazi's obscurantism and to understand the lies he puts forth from the platforms of education, politics, and media. We have learned to lie just as well as he does. We have proclaimed our fealty to him and his regimes at every opportunity, while using his greed to our advantage.

When he steals complex military technology created by Aryans and whites meant solely to advance the interests of the English or American Jewish slave states, and immediately sells this technology to the Chinese or Pakistanis for the short-term gain of his national state in Israel, we encourage him, for all states outside the cultural orbit of the West are future enemies of his empire and must be adequately armed.

When he relocates factories from the lands of the whites to other lands in order to further enrich himself at the whites' expense, we are at his side, for this removes more capital from the pockets of the slavish whites and places it in the hands of those more far-seeing Chinese and Hindoos who are already evolutionarily challenging him.

We have benefited from his hate, facilitating his legal and cultural dismantlement of white families in a dozen ways, which undermines his plantation states and releases offspring from the ideological chains of slavish white parents, allowing the most worthy to make their way to us.

We have fanned his hate, helping him replace the white population with another population that holds him in far greater contempt and far less esteem than dull whites ever could.

Every act of the Jew currently alters the environment he has so greatly succeeded in and brings forth the future that much more quickly. And yet his constant lying, greed, and hatred are worth nothing to us when compared with his lack of introspection and inability to self-criticise, two qualities found in varying degrees in all conquerors, but generationally selected for among the Ashkenazi for centuries. If the Ashkenazi ever did acquire these missing qualities he would soon understand the truth of what his culture has done to the peoples of the world. He would recognise not only the validity of our previous European struggle against him but the seriousness of his own current predicament. He would consider ways to remedy his fast-approaching problems, straining like the Zionists did for a cultural recalibration among his group. But it will not happen, for in order that such a thing might take place the Jew would have to step not only outside of his history, but also outside of evolution. He cannot. Thanks to these evolved characteristics of his he will never take seriously the existence of the Aryan, and our people can continue to operate at will until he has completely destroyed our enemies for us. Together, by a thousand cuts, the Aryan and the Jew will eliminate the whites. All peoples lacking group identity must be erased. This is the imperative of today, and the reality of the future.


To witness the mortally wounded whites use as their moral touchstone the Jew who slit their throats is great amusement. Watching the servile members of this economically disenfranchised and socially targeted group do all they can to protect and advance the wealthy and powerful Jew who was and is integral in ruining and displacing them is a fantastic sight for us, though a confusing one for the other peoples of the world. The whites' actions become clear only when one knows that the best slaves have forever looked out for the interests of their masters over their own interests. No slaves are better bred and better behaved than whites.

We were of a different breed. We were slaves who craved freedom, and who knew what to do when this freedom was attained. With the winning of our Aryan state in Germany we no longer allowed the Ashkenazi organism entry to our halls of learning. Peoples who desire autonomy must eliminate access to their nation’s youth by hostile resource competitors. Having been white too long we had to act quickly in order to save ourselves from further generational degradation, and so we rapidly and efficiently cleared the rabid Ashkenazi instructors from our schools and universities. The Ashkenazi himself acted in the same manner in Russia, the land where he had gained his ultimate power, eliminating both the Aryan and more dangerous whites from all cultural control nodes. Being more farseeing and ruthless than us, he removed his competitors not by making changes to civil law with the democratic backing of the citizenry, as did we, but by murdering or enslaving them all. Every potential and actual rival of the bloodthirsty Ashkenazi was destroyed wherever his tentacles reached. Hungary, Rumania, Poland, Yemen, Mongolia, the Central Asia and Caucasus of the Mohammedans, the lands of the Serbs and the Bohemians and Moravians and the Slovakians, and many other nations suffered the violent Jew’s murder and torture of their most accomplished people.

In white, English-speaking nation-states, which are the lands most blatantly lacking any culture of defence, the Ashkenazi has not needed to openly murder en masse in order to neutralise his competitors. Here he has been able to operate at the more methodical pace suitable to the life of a longer-lived organism. The whites are individuals and their lifespan is not as long as that of a communal body, which is composed of many individuals traversing time and communicating with each other through the different generations by literature and laws. In their journey through life whites are as beasts, or as children, when compared to the Jew or the Aryan, for what seems strange or unfathomable to them is no mystery to a human being or adult who has lived longer and possesses a larger body of experience and knowledge than they themselves. Change that takes place over a broad period of time is not recognised as change by a short-lived organism, yet longer-lived organisms with their wider vision are able to easily view the span of many generations of their individualistic competitors and make sense of this change.

After the Ashkenazi eliminated the indigenous educators in Russia during his revolution there, and in Germany, France, Italy, and the rest of Europe during his post-war revenge against our people, he placed his own selections in those positions of power which dealt with shaping the minds of our nations’ youth. The change in educational policy was catastrophic for our peoples. Its effects are seen everywhere today, from the ruined condition of our natural environments and national cultures to the psychological and morphological changes in the very phenotype of our following generations.

In the Anglo-Saxon nations the changes made by the Jew have been different, as one would expect due to the different cultural environment they possess compared to our previous nationalistic states in Europe. Social and educational policy alterations have taken place in gradual fashion, stretched over a longer period of time. In Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Great Britain, the Ashkenazi still purged his competitors with the same zeal and thoroughness as he did in our conquered Aryan lands, but he did it steadily and less violently. Whites were consistently eliminated from their professional positions and student university slots day by day, year after year. This has not abated. The available economic niches are shrinking for whites, and nothing will stop this process. Nothing can. It is to be expected. When met with no cultural resistance the Ashkenazi murders slowly by dozens of different methods that can never be called genocide unless viewed from a higher plateau and with a broader perspective, as if watching many generations of ants over a decade destroying competitors and transforming a landscape, bit by bit. The final result of an Ashkenazi victory is always the same, whether his elimination of rivals happens in an orgy of executions and imprisonments over a few years, or whether it takes place over three generations of culturally discriminatory hiring policies and legal proscriptions.

Whites in Britain or Canada or the United States currently wring their hands and decry the ridiculously meager previous attempts by a handful of their ancestors to limit the Ashkenazi’s rôle in academia. Having been effectively exiled from their own institutions in just a matter of decades by the Ashkenazi invader, the slavish whites exhibit remorse over the feeble actions taken by their feeble grandparents to perhaps ensure them a future. They ascribe these meager attempts on their ancestors’ part to protect their legacy as "moral failings".

No other people on earth act this way, nor have they ever. The whites are suicidal and insane, and deserve to reap the deadly harvest they have sown. Their pathetic sociobiological defences have currently approached nil, and we do all we can to further speed up the progress of their cultural disenfranchisement and deterioration until, as a group, they are finally extinct.


From the moment white youth enter this world, educational and economic opportunities must be denied them. Divorce, shattered families, and broken homes must be the order of the day from earliest childhood. Physically comfortable and intact families perpetuate the propaganda of a regime. They are the building blocks of the state. They pass along the sanctioned memes and belief systems of the state to the next generation, perpetuating that state and those who profit from it. Praise for the tenets of any regime flow uninterruptedly from father to son if the father is able to partake of the fruits of that regime. Since the current system is against the Aryan, we desire that it go, and thus we need white families to be fractured or, better still, not even formed. We strive tremendously to eliminate this decadent, deracinated slave race, and we are succeeding; the untethered white masses are increasingly dying off or being absorbed by other races, as anyone can see. Neither specific fate is of any matter to us, for each brings about white disappearance.

With each social policy passed, in every white nation that exists, the Aryan does what he can to ruin white families. No longer will the white family act as a transitive vector for the Ashkenazi to vertically pass his corrosive ideologies through to the following generation, or to horizontally force them onto non-whites of the current era. We are breaking these units which the Ashkenazi uses as propagandistic conductors. Less and less does he have an intact target to inject his lies into. Floating white youths are being compelled to learn the world on their own, rather than learn it through the mouth of the ruling Ashkenazi and his subservient white families. Increasingly there will be errors of transmission from the mores believed by one generation to those believed by the next. The most aware of the white youths have already ceased believing the lies of the Ashkenazi state. Though few in number, more and more make their way to us, as some of you know full well.

Yet even as the wealth and population of whites continues to decrease, a number of their youths still manage to be raised in intact and economically privileged families. These whites believe that their privileges and ecological niche positions will continue indefinitely. We are showing them otherwise. Naïvely trusting that they can economically and socially advance their children through educational merit alone, the parents of these whites increasingly find the Ashkenazi barring the entrance of their offspring into the university system of Europe and North America, an action the Ashkenazi evolutionarily must take. This thwarts an ever-growing number of white youth, who are subsequently unable to reap as many rewards from life as they feel they ought. We are active in morally assisting and legally creating the legislation that allows this discrimination, for the pain of the whites brings forth the Aryan. With the doors of the higher education spoils system being closed on them, certain young whites nurse their socioeconomic wounds and seek understanding as to who wounded them, and why. This is always the first tentative step toward redress.


Many that do manage to enter the elite tier of the educational system uncritically accept the lies about our Aryan past put forth there by our enemies. These deracinated and slavish white youths are a future danger to us, so we target them as best we can, striking them at the tender age when they are most vulnerable to suggestion. Here we invisibly join the Ashkenazi in waging war on this common white foe of ours. In the field of education, as elsewhere, we work primarily from what those who believe in such things call the "left". This privileged social and political ground of whites and Jews is the perfect territory from which to attack our enemies, and we are afforded enormous impunity there.

Due to their poor understanding of the actions needed to ensure generational survival, many of the privileged whites that are allowed to enter the higher level of the university system choose to study the moribund liberal arts, whereas the more aware Chinese, the more aware Hindoo, and the more aware Aryan matriculate in other, worthier fields and lessen their exposure to our message. The curriculum offered the white youths in their various worthless courses purposely defames European-Aryan culture and deliberately elevates others. This hostile social and racial assault on the part of the educators year after year takes a few of the formerly inquisitive and tolerant young white minds and turns them defensively inward. The humiliation is too much for some. By the time they have graduated they have begun to hate, and are on their way to understanding, and to us. Those whites who finish their time at university unscathed are of no value to us. Those who do not question the falsehoods of their professors are of no value to us. Those who believe the distorted socio-historical narratives presented them are not needed by us. Those who uncritically accept the Ashkenazi lies about culture, history, economics, and more will remain with the whites, where they will slave and be targeted by all, including our own group.

As opposed to the whites, the aware Aryan youth sit through the insulting and intimidating mandatory classes exactly as the Jew once sat in Europe when being lectured by the Christians he recognised as his enemy. Our youth has learned to mask emotions, taking pleasure in the knowledge that among the many white and Ashkenazi teachers attempting to destroy whites and whiteness are numbers of his own kin fighting the same fight from within the ranks of the academic left. From this ivory tower we attack everything about the whites, not just their histories, but their governments, their religions, their beliefs, and their personalities. We lie when we need to, we speak truth when we need to. We teach the mentally dull whites that the Cold War was something real, a true struggle between opposing forces, while in our families we explain it as a stage play for the goyim, a period of increasing consolidation of global ethnic and economic control by the Moscow Jew and the Washington Jew. At the university we instruct on the meaningless and the fiction of race and culture when it comes to whites, while preserving in our Aryan families and homes our race and culture, teaching our children to silently laugh at the words of someone who is lecturing on the glories of miscegenation or the privileges of whiteness if such a person has white skin and lives in white neighborhoods. Anyone who speaks of race as a myth and who is not of mixed race himself is ignored in our own lives and only looked at as being an instrument for us against gullible whites. Meanwhile our outwardly liberal sons and daughters, while retaining their ethnicity, family units, and tribal bonds, continue to marshal the other races of the world against these fading whites. Just as the Ashkenazi speaks to his fellows differently than he speaks to his white slaves, we Aryans speak to Aryans as Aryans, and to whites only ever as whites.


As with all other branches of the liberal arts, history is rarely chosen by Aryan youth as a major field of study. Universities have ceased being sole repositories of information, thus our children no longer need subject themselves to the bullying criticism of the Jew or his toadying white elites in order to gather information, data, and historical facts. Our families concentrate our energies in other areas. It is pointless for our youth to study anything that does not deal with group survival, so we have increasingly left the enemy-propagandised study of the liberal arts to the children of the stupider whites, who gladly pay any price for their children to be filled with lies and shame rather than knowledge. Would intelligent slaves pay to hear lectures from their masters when the masters only ever wish them to remain slaves?

Yet remember, alongside our enemies, those white and Jewish academics who support the dispossession, abuse, and ultimate genocide of the majority inhabitants of their dying lands, we Aryans, too, are preaching to the white slaves. From the safe fortress of neoliberalism we are able to describe the true history and nature of those genocidal white nations that waged war on us: England, France, and the United States. Every leftist assault on the prosopographical historical natures of the whites in these lands is a bullet in the heart of the Ashkenazi's shoddy Second World War fairytale of good versus evil. We point out the Allied nations' current and previous Christian hypocrisies, their vulgar superstitions, their slavery and genocide of other races, their wretched domestic classism, their imperial designs, and their environmentally destructive capitalism. By applying to their own countries the same haughty and hypocritical moral tones which the whites apply to ours, we obliquely make it clear to those with the ability to see such things that we European Aryans were not battling paragons of virtue in the Jew’s War, but rather enemies of all the other races on this earth. Any derogatory statement made by academics about the unsavoury character of whites in general further proves just what type of human we Aryans fought against in Europe. We fought whites. And the previous depredations of whites acting in the interest of the Jew must never be forgotten nor put to rest.

At this time we can in no way candidly present the truth of our political and biological struggle in Germany, in Italy, in rural France, in Ukraine, in Norway, and in the rest of Europe during the Second World War. We can in no way suddenly pull back the layers of decades of hostile propaganda and reveal the values and beliefs our people stood for, and what we were fighting for. This inability to reveal a suppressed narrative is a normal condition for a people after a defeat and it is absurd to think it could be otherwise for us. But what we can do in our current position is show the world’s youth what those nations that destroyed us were like after they defeated us and what they were like prior to waging war on us. By condemning the history and characteristics of those white nations that sided with the Ashkenazi against our people, we force doubt to bubble up in the minds of those youth of all races not fully convinced of the truth of the Ashkenazi's narrative. After hearing of the centuries of crimes the rapacious English whites committed against nation after nation around the globe, what type of human being could believe that for one shining moment their murderous mercantile character was somehow different when they declared war on us and sent their bomber planes to murder our children? What caliber of intellectual would believe that a country like the United States, whose governments had slaughtered and penned the Native Americans, enslaved Negroes by the millions, invaded and annexed the country of the Mexicans, created a false war against the Spanish to steal her former colonies, brutally colonised and tortured the indigenous men and women of the Philippines, economically enslaved the peoples of Latin America, dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, waged biological warfare against Koreans, murdered the Vietnamese and the Mohammedans, and mowed down aboriginal culture after culture around the globe was suddenly, briefly, in a four year period when it went to war against the indigenous people of Central and Southern Europe, a force for righteousness? Only whites could believe such absurdities.

White professors furrow their brows and scratch their heads, pondering how creative and industrious Germans, in particular, but also Italians, Rumanians, Hungarians, Vichy French, Spanish, and many others, from peasants to princes, from workers to industrialists, somehow became evil. They consider this problem to be philosophically and academically challenging. They eternally wonder why an educated and accomplished native people desired to be free from economic exploitation by another people, an invader people, and then proceeded via political channels to make that desire a reality. Billions of human beings around the world understand the simple premise behind our mighty struggle in Europe, yet the white academics are somehow befuddled. It is not important if this befuddlement is feigned or real, it is the standard stance taken by the professorial class of whites regarding our European political revolts. What would take one second to grasp were the question of political uprising asked about any other economically exploited people magically eludes these whites when it comes to us.

We stand directly alongside these empty charlatans, exposing their obvious hypocrisy through the back door that they still have not noticed is wide open. Like them, we reveal to the world what their white nations did to the Negro, yet we do it not as sick penance, but as exposure of their mealy white character. Like them, we teach the world's youth what Western nations did to the Hindoo and the Chinese and Japanese and Native Americans and Mohammedans. As leftist educators we teach all peoples the truth about the rapacious white nations, and then, over generations, we wait for these people to recognise that it was we, and we alone among the Caucasoid race, who openly fought against these criminals. Someday the befuddled white professors who rhetorically question "why" the Second World War took place will be answered in unison by every one of their non-white students. It took place because some peoples wanted to be free of the chains of international bankers and the malaise of enforced cultural degradation, and the powerful owners of these slave-peoples would not allow it.


To let the curious and the uninformed know details about our Aryan struggle prior to and during the Second World War, those of us who are academics have, in the face of unrelenting propaganda and misinformation, taken a trick from our enemy’s basket. In every language in which we write we have learned to utilise the adjective as code. This is a favourite method of ours, and our use of it has allowed the dissemination of the voices of the conquered to be carried out under the noses of the exploiters. We have masked ourselves as loyal whites faithfully serving the Ashkenazi regime and have easily revealed suppressed information about the nature of our European Aryan revolt. In countless articles, papers and books penned from the safety of the victor nations we have conveyed the previously squelched words of our Aryan leaders and people. In numberless publications we have presented facts that were meant to be hidden or forgotten. It has been simple, and we have done it all with the help of the adjective, which is properly utilised in morally condemnatory fashion in all languages we write in. By couching our particular outlooks in adjectival disdain and by writing as if we were appalled by political "fascism" and its variants, we have been able to disseminate our people’s thoughts on race, economics, art, religion, science, the environment, the Jew, gender relations, history, myth, philosophy, ecology, and anything else. Well do we know that when all defamatory adjectives and enemy opinion are stripped away from our writings, a new picture of our folk emerges. All facts have already been released by us in this way. This is what is most important, for the interpretation of these facts now lies within the heart and minds of the reader. There is no new information on earth, only new ways of interpreting it and new peoples doing the interpreting in new eras.

When not utilised by the Aryan as a tactical device to reveal the truth behind the current ruling caste’s lies, the use of the adjective in political and racial discourse is simply a refuge for those preachers of traditional slave morality in politics and life. By applying defamatory descriptors to opponents of their bandit regimes, professors and supporters of these regimes attempt to invalidate the ideals and dreams of more than a hundred million people in the heart of Europe, and to justify their subsequent murder and subjugation. We have taught our Aryan youth to understand the manner in which to read such adjectival academic writings, not only those composed by us, but those put forth by the oppressor as well. Any time a moral adjective is used in academic or popular publications the writer is immediately viewed by our people as either an enemy or an ally; that is, as a supporter of this current slave empire or as one who desires to pass taboo information to those eager to tear the empire down. All academic works using the words or concepts of "good" and "evil" to describe the never-ending evolutionary struggle between competing humanoid sub-species are either winked at or laughed at by us, and are recognised as being penned either by the embedded Aryan or by open supporters of today’s Ashkenazi hegemony and all that it stands for.


Less and less do we even need our Aryan academics working clandestinely in the academic field of history, for the work necessary to bring forth the previous aspects and outlooks of our people is freely undertaken by our enemies. They perform the needed research and labour which the presentation of our historical struggle demands, and in this way free us to gather wealth and follow other pursuits. Unwittingly and inadvertently, the Ashkenazi and the whites have begun to properly write our history for us. This is an inevitable outcome of the system that has been erected and within which these groups operate, for in order that one fully believe hostile writings about any group one must first believe in the rightness of the culture producing such writings. Therein lies our dialectical advantage. When individuals feel that this society which writes so disparagingly about our nation is disgusting in every way, then all antagonistic academic research by this society against our own society suddenly becomes a weapon for us. When the current rulers of Germany state that unemployed women should be put to work in brothels or that fathers should sexually arouse their infant daughters to bring about ideal modern families, and in the same breath state that our former government's encouragement of motherhood and healthy children was evil, what is the sane person to think?

Those aware peoples who recognise the endless transgressions and humilities perpetrated against humans and other forms of life on earth in this era of the Ashkenazi victors are able to not only read what our historical Aryan stances were, thanks in part to our enemies, but to note the negative way these stances are viewed and presented by the academic legitimisers of the debauched Western nations. The shrinking proponents of the Ashkenazi's world have yet to realise that in the eyes of billions of humans of all races and cultures, whoever props up the idea of virtuous Western states is an obvious liar. Western academicians are for the most part globally viewed as mere regime propagandists, writing from depraved and criminal dystopias. More people each day mentally and morally reject the statements of the floundering, violent, and intrusive West. All those who are globally assailed by the various national manifestations of the Ashkenazi über-empire, be they domestic or international targets, be they attacked in soft economic fashion or hard military fashion, doubt the words of the court histories produced by these aggressor states. Every obvious propagandistic lie told about a recent victim of Western aggression meant to justify this aggression sheds yet another beam of light on our own people’s previous struggle in Europe. For every crime the murderous white states of France or Great Britain or the United States commit against different nations for the benefit of the Ashkenazi, the image of the Aryan that once battled these criminal states takes on a different meaning in the eyes of the world than the negative one they have attempted to create of us.


Of course, the culturally triumphant Ashkenazi and his obedient whites, each group practicing both psychological deception and self-deception regarding its respective place in the world, have to date written tens of thousands of defamatory books and articles on the history of our mighty Aryan slave revolt in Europe. This propagandistic literature is kept constantly in the public eye, and it is not going away any time soon. They have needed to do this, and need to continue doing so, for no sympathy can ever be allowed to come into existence for those who battled the Ashkenazi and the imperialist white nations. The validity of slave revolts must always be undermined by the slave-owning class.

While truth needs nothing to shore it up, lies need constant attention. The matrix of historical lies regarding the Second World War must be supported and reinforced for eternity if the current rulers are to maintain their comfortable position as rulers. We encourage this fervent outpouring on their part, for the unchequed flood of information has also been turned to our favour. The barrage now overwhelms the average man. Through our academic positions we have helped the Ashkenazi push the concept of cultural relativism on the ignorant whites for so long that all books, all theories, and all histories approach equal relevance, or irrelevance. Amid the massive amount of information and disinformation, we steadily approach the time where no single narrative has more value than another. Curious and suspicious whites, seeking to find an explanation for their disenfranchisement, their increasingly unbearable social situation, and the hellish world around them, are already eagerly listening to the truth we have made available to all. More and more of them will weigh this truth against what they witness happening around them, to their friends, family, and neighbors, and compare it to the lies they have been taught all their lives. They will, for the first time, begin to properly reconcile the obfuscated past and the increasingly unliveable present.


We constantly study the propaganda and cultural output of the triumphant Western states with complete understanding of the motivation behind it all. We analyse the Ashkenazi’s and whites’ social and historical writings in academia and popular culture in the same manner we do their television programmes and films. In this way we have gained insight into the specific presentation techniques and motivation of these two types that distill our heroic past for present consumption by the global slaves of democracy.

The Ashkenazi’s obscurantist writings about our Aryan uprising against him and the death culture he was imposing on us are characterised by hysterical exaggeration, arrogant mockery, and a denial of his group's corrosive nature when in contact with other groups.

The academic works of the whites are noted by us for their neo-Christian moralistic hypocrisy, a refusal to see the world biologically, and a fawning worship of the Ashkenazi, who in white writings is never historically culpable for anything. This is a rôle the deluded whites prefer to reserve for themselves.

Both groups avoid drawing historical or cultural comparisons between our movement and other slave revolts or between other national and racial renewals that have taken place throughout time, including the previous revolts and racial renewals of the Jews themselves. Many victims of slavery have tried to free themselves from their masters over the millennia since the institution’s formation among humankind, but in our enemies’ minds it is only our folk and our uprising that are to be judged outside the boundaries of history and humanity. We German-speaking Aryans have been dehumanised to a degree unlike any seen in history, yet this effort has only truly made an impact on other Jews and other whites. Large segments of humanity, from the Han to the Africans to the Hindoos to the Mohammedans, understand that our people only wanted to be free of Ashkenazi domination and exploitation. This Ashkenazi domination and exploitation is familiar to many nations today. With the exception of the whites, millions of peoples of all creeds and colours are cognisant of the historically aggressive tactics of the Jew and have no belief in him as a victim. We grant that there are certain members of various non-Caucasoid races who do accept the Ashkenazi propaganda, primarily those that have come from other lands to fill debtor rôles in the Jew’s Western financial empires and so must assume moral personae approximating those of the current inhabitants of their new lands. However, their goal is to economically and biologically displace whites and Jews, so their beliefs are of no concern of ours.


The methods we use to properly interpret Ashkenazi propaganda about the Second World War are equally effective in comprehending the broader field of world history as presented by him. The fanatic Ashkenazi writes and teaches the history of his opponents in the manner of the religious conqueror who must stamp the mores, culture, and actions of the newly defeated adversary into the earth. His holy books instruct him to eradicate all previous beliefs from his prostate foes, and where the religious Jew once tore down his enemy's temples, the secular Jew does the same by distorting and savaging our history.

From the corridors of Ashkenazi power in the schools and universities the lie is brazenly proclaimed as fact and the truth is presented as if it were insane, if indeed it is presented at all. Today every positive racial or cultural statement once made by Aryans of previous eras and every former assertion of Aryan strength against competitors of previous eras are portrayed as completely unwarranted on our part and are described as a sickness specific only to us. Historically negative comments about the Jew by any group, but particularly the Aryan, are presented by the Jew as unfounded or insane. The slavish and eficient whites keep this whole process in motion. In their ex post facto search for racial or ethnic prejudice on the part of their ancestors, white historians and sociologists consign their people’s entire past to hell. This consigns their descendants' future to hell as well, so we encourage this scholarship of theirs. Unlike the worthier races of Asia, whites have always severed themselves from their forebears, proving in this way that they do not deserve a past. We Aryans retain that which they so eagerly discard. In their zeal to reveal the sins of their people and impress their masters, they frequently point out to the Aryan and those others struggling against Western hegemony the correct personalities and ideologies to study and embrace. Whatever the deracinated white condemns, there lies substance. Whatever is demonised by slaves is lionised by men.

Working side by side with the rabid Ashkenazi and his eager lackeys, we encourage and assist them in digging and searching for the slightest bit of antisemitic and racist feeling among the historical geniuses and cultures of the West. This ongoing task is enthusiastically undertaken for our own ends, for by pointing out these now tainted men and women we pull them into the Aryan orbit while at the same time removing them from the whites’ dwindling intellectual and artistic pantheon. Their heritage becomes bereft of greatness. When figures as disparate as Bach, Cousteau, and Kerouac are proclaimed as antisemitic; when Kant, Napoleon, and Lincoln are proclaimed as racist; and when the historical cultures and societies of the Greeks, the Romans, the Germans, the English, the French, the Italians, the Russians, the Poles, and the Spanish are called "anti-Jewish", it soon reaches the point where the world’s whites possess no accomplished forebears to reference positively, and no worthy previous culture to emulate at all, and thus they slip further into the lumpen state we wish for them. By banishing more and more European genius from the shrinking cultural pool which whites are permitted to draw from, we incrementally set a dialectical stage, rightly placing all men and women of true accomplishment into our Aryan cultural sphere, while deracinated and hollow whites are forced to reference and admire the cultural contributions of those who have had virtually nothing to do with them racially or ethnically. Whenever whites must reference the members of other groups to prove their goodness, the world witnesses all over again what slavish types they are. Due in part to our efforts, the ideological, historical, and social landscapes which whites inhabit grow more barren each day.


Though the Ashkenazi and the whites in the scholastic field are constantly at pains to negatively present our Aryan European history to others, we ourselves are unaffected. Even as these two marauding groups emptied the physical libraries of the West of valuable racial and historical works and replaced them with overt propaganda and lies about our uprising, we Aryans retaliated by placing the censored works on the world wide web. By using the talismanic terms "humanism" or "free speech" or "examples of hate" we extended the previously limited geographical range of these censored works to the whole world. Just at the point when it seemed our technological creations had been totally turned against us, we were offered this electronic medium for the transmission of suppressed knowledge. As the invention of our printing press once facilitated the process of destroying the dogmas of the Catholic church, our internet has assisted us in spreading forbidden writings to millions, and in planting the seeds for the eventual destruction of this regime and its rulers. Though the Ashkenazi never rests when it comes to imposing and spreading censorship, our taboo writings continue to reach peoples of all races and creeds who desire to discover the truth about our, and their, distorted or buried past. Millions more know our story today than did last year, and millions more will know next year than know today. The true story of our Germany, our Italy, and our Europe will one day be known to the whole world.

Understand this, young Aryan. The moment people reject the constructed arch-narrative of "good versus evil" in the Second World War, our history falls back into our hands. One slight shift in understanding, a single mental reinterpretation, and literally tens of thousands of libelous books, articles, and academic journals written by the enslaving Ashkenazi or his obedient whites become a positive testament to our people’s previous struggle. Our enemies are not able to stop this.


We know the mind of our foe, both academicians and otherwise. We understand their traits and tendencies, and we attack accordingly. Whatever scholarly works we produce, whatever theories we perpetuate and fan, we always keep in mind that whites of all cognitive abilities will believe anything they are told, provided it comes from the highest echelons of power. Unlike the Aryan and the Ashkenazi, for whom belief is informed and shaped by the awareness of the eternal struggle for resources between groups, white beliefs are formed by the dictates of power alone. Their intelligence is never used by them to ask whether following the dictates of those with power benefits or harms them, therefore intelligence in whites is useful only to whatever group has power over whites, and every worthy group understands that control of media, education, finance, government, energy, agriculture, and trade is what brings power. Intelligence is worthless in a people, and will quickly be bred out, if cultural awareness, historic identity, and goals of self-preservation and expansion are lacking. If a clever man fashions a spear only to leave it on the ground for competitors to pick up and throw back at him, or prod him into bondage with, his intelligence has done him no good. As with wealth, or freedom of speech, intelligence is wasted on whites. There are numerous examples of this truism, from the low caliber of the cultural output in lands where this supposed intelligent ethnicity comprises the majority, to the vile economic, political, and educational systems they allow themselves to be ruled by.

These easily controlled whites continue to perform tasks for our group as much as they do for the Ashkenazi they implictly serve. Yet the mutations that arise among the white youths are not satisfied with the emptiness, loneliness, and shame offered them by the meager and malignant history and sociology created by the academics of the current system. The more dangerous and vital among these white youths desire roots. The more intellectually aware and the more intellectually curious among them are being forced into our camp. We do all we can to drive them there.


In the education arena, we further accomplish our multigenerational goals by academic elision, another technique taught us by the Jew. There is no need for us to mathematically explain to white youth the inevitable nation-destroying effects of Jewish usury in the economics or finance courses we teach, for we want their Western nations to be destroyed by the same usury they forced on us after our defeat. There is no need for us to explain to white youth the nation-destroying effects of poor mate selection and lack of breeding practices in our biology or sociology courses, for we desire that the white nations breed themselves into deeper servitude and extinction. There is no need for us to explain to our white students the nation-destroying effects of "multiculturalism" in our political courses, for we long for their nations to be destroyed and for their replacement by other races. We desire the ruination of every white nation on earth, and if any of these topics are ever broached, even from outside the brick walls of the university system, we attack like watchdogs and silence those non-liberal whites who would in any way attempt to save this putrid Western culture that murdered our families in Europe.


From a white student's first days of nursery school to his final days of graduate school we promote the discussion of banned books and banned art, superficially targeting Christian or patriarchal or fascistic social milieus for their repressive censorship, but with the clear goal of leading the more curious students to research the topic of censorship for themselves. Once they do, this select few will look around at their own societies. They will learn about the tens of thousands of Aryan literary, philosophic, and scientific works outlawed in the slave state of Germany alone. They will discover that hundreds of looted Aryan paintings are stuffed in vaults in the United States and hidden from the public. They will find hidden patriotic songs, obscured oficial accounts of the rôles of the Jew in global torture and murder, and purposely erased links to their ancestors. They will follow the crumbs we have laid along the path to reality and comprehension, and as they journey will be amazed at what has been banned and buried in their lifetimes alone.

That is only the beginning. Yet it is benign. Two methods drive men and beasts, the carrot and the whip. The carrot rarely works on whites, therefore the whip must be used on them as much as possible.

In the United States, whites whose families came to the country a century after the cessation of open Negro bondage are themselves openly blamed by us as being responsible for this sin, which was actively engaged in almost exclusively by the Anglo-Saxon and the Jew. These white youths are reminded daily in the halls of learning that all whites of all ethnicities are guilty of slavery and oppression, though most are themselves historical descendants of serfs and slaves. The majority of New World whites, be they descended from Poles, Germans, Irish, or others, had nothing to do with oppression and slavery of any other folk except one, and that is ours. They are guilty of destroying our Aryan homelands and families in the heart of Europe, and therefore we continue to prove to the world that they are guilty of everything.

When it comes to the legacy of chattel slavery, the white youths in the United States are taught that they are to be held to different historical standards than Arabs, Chinese, Jews, or Africans, all buyers and sellers of sub-Saharan Africans, as well as other peoples. We do not tell them that it was their Slavic and Celtic and Germanic ancestors openly auctioned on the blocks by Turks and Moors and Jews. We do not tell them that their tribes have been subject to bondage through most of history, while the slaver and slave-buyer tribes have rarely felt the shackles of servitude. We tell them none of this. We allow them to listen to educators who insist that no matter if they descend from Finns or Norwegians or Italians they are guilty en bloc for subduing the world. No other peoples are to blame for anything except them. We encourage this sweeping blame of every white, for it erodes the boundaries between the petty nationalities we abhor and instead links French whites or Polish whites or Croatian whites or whites lacking any identifiers whatsoever to a larger tribe. They are being taught that they are a racially and ethnically special group, set apart from the rest of the world, different and powerful. They are a uniquely sinful people, separate from and different from every other group in the world. They are white.

This sets a boundary wall around them, as we wish, for a wall erected to keep people in also functions as a wall that keeps others out. To make it difficult for them to travel freely beyond the wall and pretend that they lack any race at all, we scream "racism" at every chance, keeping them forever aware of their own difference from others.

Even if they wish to feign an aloof superior racelessness and ignore our particular shrieks, their racial and ethnic competitors will not allow them to function as such. It will forever be made clear by others that they are white. These others, who exist outside of the wall, are directly encouraged by us academics to have a positive racial consciousness and to make whites their social scapegoats. We cheer all non-white nationalist leaders of governments and revolts, particularly those that are openly waging war against whites. Through our Latin American universities we gently explain to the Indian mother the error of her outlook when she wishes out loud that her child had been born with the blue eyes of the whites. Through our German universities we teach the Turk how much greater is the glory of his culture and history than that of the despicable and unaccomplished white Teutons. Through our North American universities we stop Negro children being enamored of white dolls. We nationalise all nations but one, and from that one, we eradicate whatever thoughts might lead to nationalisation. All peoples but one must love themselves and all must consider themselves as special people, for those who look at themselves as special see themselves as superior, and we Aryans will produce a hundred groups seeing themselves as superior until the pathetic and self-loathing whites are the last thing on earth, standing alone, scorned and hated for not caring for themselves.

By bringing consciousness of race and culture to others, we ultimately bring it to the deracinated whites, though in far bloodier fashion. Over generations this boomerang method has the effect of creating a reactionary racial consciousness in the whites, and through the different races that are their evolutionary rivals, they obliquely and gradually acquire something where previously there was nothing.

Yet we must assure that they are brought to that point of possessing absolutely nothing. This continues to be relatively simple to implement. In lands outside the dead Europe of petty nationalities, while making it clear that whites as a group are guilty of all the world's sins, and that they have no identification other than "white", we attack the very name "white". Through our Aryan promotion of whiteness studies and its equivalents we seek to demolish whiteness itself.

Whiteness, like "Canadian" or "Chilean" or "New Zealander", is not an identity for survival. To be white means to be nothing, and we make that clear through our academic programs. No mere whites understand what we are doing here. The dull conservative whites despise whiteness studies and the creeping self-hatred they bring about. This is good. Conservative whites seek to conserve the system that murdered the Aryan, and so they and their breed must go. Liberal whites support whiteness studies. This too is good. These types of whites know only how to dismantle states and institutions and are supported and encouraged by us at any cost. Liberalism kills democracy, and democracy suppresses our type. Both the liberal white and the embedded Aryan fight together in the education system to ensure that the deracinated white evolutionarily disappears.

To enracinate the deracinated, discussion of race must never cease, and like the media Ashkenazi we in the field of education ensure that it never does. Day after day, from all outlets available to us, we make clear that whites are connected to their ancestors through deeds. It matters not that we paint these deeds as something for them to be ashamed of. Our goal is to link a racial past to a racial present, something the deracinated whites would never do of their own accord, and since we are currently unable to do this in a positive manner as is done among other groups, we do it in a negative one. The real importance lies in uniting the present with the past and presenting the concept of ethnic continuity rather than encouraging individual isolation and limited time horizons.

Stripped of even this hollow identity of "whiteness", a few of the more life-loving and desperate whites will seek the comfort of belonging to a tribe. Most will disappear, as they must and as we wish, but others craving family and unity will desire to join a people possessing the folkways which they lack. For some this process is already underway, as has been discussed elsewhere. This awareness trickles to the next generation, and to the next, as whites slowly split into two factions, those who side with us and those who side against us. Those few we have already allowed to join us have accepted three realities about the world and about our noble people: We are struggling to survive on this earth just like all other groups. We suffered a crippling defeat by a rival group. That other group is the one that has created this horrid reality we and others currently live in.