Protocols 6

Protocols 6


I F.

Certain members among the Ashkenazim realised what their once-successful survival techniques had produced over the centuries. The social environment they inhabited had unfavourably shifted with the rise of European science and industry, but the bulk of Ashkenazim had not reacted accordingly. In many places a physically weakened and intellectually restricted type had evolved, living among a hostile host society whose members were in many places undergoing the process of evolving from whites to Aryan. Among the Ashkenazim arose a farseeing elite, the Zionists. These Zionists were, in their world outlook, more akin to the German Aryan than to the traditional Jew. They bravely recognised their people’s failings. They wanted to put an end to the parasitism that had crippled the Jews and wished to become primary producers, rather than continuing to live off of the labour of alien peasants. They would fulfil this wish by reuniting the Jew with the land, adding their folk to territory once more, and thus solidify their group through anchoring it. In order to survive the new European social environment rapidly coming into existence, the Zionists would attempt to aright the inverted and exploitative economic pyramid the Jew had fashioned for himself. Like the people of Germany, they wanted to heal themselves and to adapt to the new social realities brought on by rapid industrialisation.

Today the Zionist dream is dead. The blood and soil state as it was originally envisioned quickly deteriorated. When its founders dreamed of a land where there would be a Jewish thief and a Jewish prostitute, it was probably not imagined by them that the country eventually would be filled with thousands of Jewish thieves, and that the prostitute rôle would be filled by kidnapped and abused whites from the drained lands of the Slavs. The reasons for the unstoppable decay within the Zionist state are apparent only to the Aryan, for whites have no cognisance of history and the Jew has no capacity for introspection. We alone understand that when our nationalist revolutions were crushed in Germany and Italy and elsewhere in Europe, so too was the long-term security of the Jew. It is one of our great secrets that when the Ashkenazi slit our throats, he also slit his own.

Amid all their braggadocio today, welcomed and encouraged by us, let us not forget that only a century ago the most capable among the Ashkenazim viewed their fellows as sick, degenerate, and stunted after centuries of sojourning and exploiting native peoples. The best hope for the fulfillment of Zionism as envisioned by its founders was to ally with our national struggles in Germany, Italy, and elsewhere, which were blueprints for all peoples who wanted to redeem themselves. For a time the Jew followed this path. He strummed the guitar and pulled the plough. Our victory would have changed him into what the Zionist Jew desired. A completely new paradigm would have been erected on this earth. Socialism among nations would have triumphed. Parasitism would not have been possible any longer for the Jew. The Zionist return to the land would have been complete and genuine. The Ashkenazi’s genius would have been able to shine amid the shining genius of other free nations, and he would have once more been a rooted Israelite. The hellish world we live in today would have been something completely different.

We failed, hence Zionism as it was envisioned will also fail. Though we do all we can to support the existence of the Jewish state, for our own reasons, it is clear that its inhabitants are living in the era between decay and dissolution. With the tribute of every Western nation pouring into his coffers, the Jew has found himself at an historical pinnacle. He is a successful imperialist, as his Torah said he would be. Today, though, he needs to police these unwieldy masses he rules, as well as increase the amount of wealth he can wring from them. This is the most dificult of tasks, as every empire discovers. The Zionist Jew is now beholden to the wealth that overseas Jewry wrests from the various states it lives in and off of. With his great temporary victory over our people the hubris of the Jew grows. Unable to look himself honestly in the face, as did the original Zionist Jew, unable to see or admit that his survival mechanism is still parasitism, he bleeds dry the nations that feed him, having quickly reverted to his previous methods used when surviving in exile.

We want this.

Israel today exists as just one more wretched country among dozens of other equally wretched countries. It is simply another desperate state struggling to exist within the foul and diseased world given us by the victors of the World Wars. It has proven to be the fulfillment of every antisemitic prediction. Its dirty streets, ugly buildings, pathetic artistic output, industrial food, chemical crops, misogyny, racism, and drug-addicted, ultra-violent youth are not the elements of the volkisch state the Ashkenazi reformers envisioned. They dreamt of an Aryan state more than a Jewish one. From our privileged positions on the political left we often draw well-calculated and loudly shouted parallels between Israel and that Aryan state our forefathers were building in Germany. We make superficial observations about the lesser status accorded Israel’s national aliens, about eugenics being systematically applied to the majority population with the backing of the state, about youth being legally drawn into a militaristic culture, and about settlers’ recidivistic attempts to reclaim the neglected land of enemies. All this is just like they did in Germany, we shout, for our own benefit, for it leads others of a particular psychological type to examine our misrepresented history more closely. "Take a look at our Germany," is what we are really telling the world every time we make the supposedly negative comparison. "Was it really like the Israel you see today? Find out for yourselves." The more clever of those who do examine the matter come away with the answer no, that the truth is that the people of Germany fought against those who financed and now populate and rule this colonising and war-mongering slaver state.

Situated in our trenches in the landscape of the sycophantic political right, our task is even easier. From these coddled philosemitic positions we inhabit, we lob into the political arena the assertion that a homogenous nation has a moral right to repress non-assimilable minorities. Every gentile supporter of right-wing Israeli parties and politicians, which are the only parties and politicians that truly exist in Israel, justifies his position by speaking of the paramount need for preservation of the Jewish people against a powerful minority aggressor. This verbalised support justifies all our previous actions in Aryan Germany when we tried to preserve our people against a minority aggressor much more powerful than Mohammedan peasants and traders. When we, as social or political leaders, justify the internal actions of Israel against the Palestinian Arabs, we are well aware of the historical parallels we force the world to draw.

Of course the Jewish state is not truly to be compared to the Aryan country we were building in the heart of Europe. Among ourselves we know that what we possessed as a people, and still possess, was an all- embracing concept of biological renewal through cultural beauty, and vice-versa. This concept revealed itself in every aspect of our society. Indeed, as our organic development in Germany led inexorably toward this state, as whites slowly became Aryan and our Kultur blossomed, even the Ashkenazi was not exempt from the transformation. Mendelsohn, Heine, and Marx, all overly touted favourites among the Ashkenazim today, could only have assumed their shapes in our society, with its emphasis on beauty and learning. Never could such men, or the hundreds of other ballyhooed Jews like them, have arisen from the coarse Israeli state that now exists. Even the language the Jew has taken for himself in this land is not one meant for statecraft or science, but is more appropriate for brutal desert violence. Remember, the personalities the Ashkenazi holds forth as some of his greatest thinkers and achievers have had to express their thoughts in our languages. Even his sentimental favourites wrote in Yiddish, a poorer, bastardised version of our tongue.

With the existence of Israel, those who wish to do so can finally see if the Jew truly is the force for civilisation he claims to be. Jewish genius has, to this date, only sprung from our genius, from out of our people's lands, with our sturdy peasantry anchoring the base of society, our brilliant aristocracy at the pinnacle, and our talented middle class as the fertile center. The fullest flower of the Jew’s artistic and scientific output took place in the Aryan nations, using our tongues and our institutions and living in our cultural milieu. The land of Israel, immune from the supposed ill effects of everyday antisemitism, is the place where the Jew was supposed to culturally prove himself to the world. In this he has failed. Surveying the Israeli state it is clear that it is we who made the Ashkenazim impressive as a people. It is obvious that in order to achieve the mighty accomplishments he eternally boasts of the Jew needs to be a part of our various cultures, whereas we do fine without his presence – that, indeed, the Aryan, and even the whites, made their civilisations not because of the Jew, but in spite of him.

Some of you may think that the shabby aesthetic, environmental, and civic conditions of Israel spring from the Ashkenazi’s predictable incapacity for running a state. Others may claim that it is unfair to expect from the Ashkenazi new architecture or plastic arts to display beauty and ingenuity, for the best architecture and plastic arts have already arisen from the hated Aryan, and eager to separate themselves from we who have given them the little capacity for beauty they possess, they have only their own modernist scraps to deal with. Others would state that the Ashkenazi is not evolutionarily equipped to deal with the environmental challenges of the rapacious world-culture he helped bring about and so sinks into the sewer alongside the rest of the world’s nations. These are all valid explanations, yet none matter to us. We have only one concern regarding this Levantine land, and that is that it remain a state for as long as possible. Those of us who have risen in the ranks of the various national branches of the Jew’s world government will do everything to ensure that no harm befalls this beneficial little country for the time being.


The Aryan needs Israel. With the creation of this nation-state the Jew has been ushered into the light of the explicit, rather than lurking eternally in the shadows of the implicit. His rôle in world affairs is no longer only whispered of or overlooked or excused, as previously. Although the eternal backroom machinations and international financial control are still a part of the diaspora Jewish strategy, the Jew in Israel now openly murders impoverished peasant families for billions to view. The nations of the world, which are never static, needed to witness how the Ashkenazi would act on his own, in his own land, without the presence of the everyday antisemitism his propagandists claim he suffered so egregiously in ours. While in galuth the Ashkenazi is able to sneakily and easily claim his torture and murder of the Aryans of Germany and Italy and Eastern Europe as something done solely by "Russians" or "Americans" or "French", hiding always behind the national identities of his white functionaries. He cannot do this with Israel. Its existence puts an end to the false and weepy history of these eternal murderers and slavers, a sanitised history currently believed in by far more whites than Jews. The observable nature of Israeli actions destroys any fiction the white European media Jew or American academic Jew tries to put forth when portraying the Jewish character throughout history. There are no meek artisans, just violent bullies. No intellectuals, just racist boors. No tinkers and tailors, just obnoxious travellers and brutal pimps. The only innovation is in theft. The only diplomacy foreign representatives can count on is duplicity.

The Israeli Jew is loathed worldwide for his aggressive and cruel actions. You younger recipients of this communiqué have seen his youth swarming the continents, teaching the peasantry of Asia to repeat degrading statements about themselves in Hebrew, stealing diving equipment in Cyprus, keeping elderly travellers awake at inns in Argentina, defecating in hotel beds in Poland, taking bus seats from locals in Nepal, desecrating graves in Peru, insulting merchants in India, spitting on crosses in France, mocking the women of China, and so on. Your parents and grandparents have seen their humiliation and torture of Arabs, their kidnapping of Slavs, their bombing of American ships. This all works for us, bit by bit, year by year. The world knows about the Jew’s brothels, his drug trade, his child pornography, and his organ harvesting. Foreigners who previously had no conception of the Jew outside of his ingeniously painted image as a noble victim of barbarism now learn the truth as we once did in Europe. The alien labourers he imports into Israel to do the physical work he refuses to do himself grow to hate him, and bring their experiences and memories back to their own lands. Once home they find that their countries are under the yoke of international Jewish finance, and they desire escape and justice for their people. This adds to the seething and increases the number of peoples on this earth who seek a way to eliminate this slaver from their lives.

In all the world there are only two types outside of the Jew himself that openly praise the current Zionist state.

The first consists of those who are slaves to power, meaning whites, a group rapidly being globally replaced by other ethnicities that have only enmity for the Jew. Within this white group we work freely toward our aims, locking arms with the political right in our support for the Israeli apartheid regime, but also staking positions among the dissembling left, for other reasons.

The second group that smiles and nods in the direction of Israel is made up of the savvier and wiser peoples of Asia. Behind their grins and financial transactions, some plot and await their revenge for the various humiliations they suffer at the hands of these Jewish whites. The mercantile Christian Lebanese make business deals with Israelis outside of their shared region, believing themselves to be culturally superior and more civilised than their reactionary neighbors, while awaiting the opportunity for vengeance for what has been done to their homeland. The racist treatment of the Chinese guest worker in Israel will not be forgotten by the Han, and when the Middle Kingdom eventually comes into open conflict with the Jew’s West, with our assistance, many are the nations that will willingly unite under it. The Hindoo, while not seeking revenge, cannily uses the Israeli as facilely as he uses any other human resource, seeing nothing in him beyond the opportunity to get rich. With every passing year, the mercantile hordes of Asia present a friendly face to their Israeli foes, while slowly amassing capital and resources in a finite world.


The Ashkenazi assumes he has a great advantage over the other tribes of the world, not only due to his possession of a nuclear-armed territory in the Eastern Mediterranean region, but because of the powerful communities of his kinsmen entrenched throughout all nations. We cannot disagree with this assumption. In every nation in the West, and numerous others in the East, there exists a sizable, wealthy, literate society of Ashkenazim possessing various degrees of cultural dominance. In Israel there exists, not counting the Arabs, the Druze, the Samaritans, and a sprinkling of others, a roughly culturally homogenous nation of Jews, one secure enough to comfortably support a large population of these white Ashkenazim.

While groups such as the Han Chinese and the Hindoo exist under similarly favourable conditions today, each having a homeland and a viable diaspora community, no mere white is in such a position anywhere on earth. As an example, the whites that live in France have neither a culturally or morally homogenous nation of their own nor do they have contingents of white, French-speaking kinsmen living in Israel, well-versed in Israeli society, deeply learned in the use of day-to-day Hebrew, and possessing the economic or social power to wring wealth from that society. While the Ashkenazi resides in nation-states traditionally not his own, the indigenous inhabitants of those host nation-states can never live with equal rights in the Ashkenazi’s stated homeland. When whites of whatever ersatz state clamour for their own national territory exclusive to themselves, they are invariably silenced by the Jew colonists squatting in their homeland. The Jew has no desire that whites have an exclusive territory of their own. There is no reason that he should desire this. He acts as all conquerors act. As Aryans we would never expect him to blindly and stupidly grant a foothold to his enemy, potential or real. The Jew cannot be condemned for doing all he can to survive. Aryans do not make the mistake of nationalist whites and pronounce the Jew hypocritical when he ardently supports a culturally pure and secure homeland for himself but a violent multiracial mélange for every nation-state where whites dwell. Hypocrisy is only relevant within the cultural boundaries of the in-group. It is only perceived as a negative quality when it manifests itself among equals. The whites are not the equals of the Jew nor will they ever be. The Jew looks down on the whites, as he should, and treats them accordingly. Note this well, youth of ours: For the Ashkenazi to support a territory exclusively for himself and his children, but to actively deny the same situation for the whites, is not hypocrisy on his part. This is merely a tactic in the war for survival, and if a tactic works it will never be willingly abandoned.

Wherever the Jew exists outside of Israel he drains the coffers of the host nations’ treasuries while simultaneously stealing the life away from the whites that create that wealth. The sojourning Jew is not a creator of national wealth but a taker of wealth. This is always the way and can never be otherwise. Any ethnic group that refers to itself as "Jewish", or that is referred to by others as "Jewish", must and always will operate in this manner, be it in Addis Ababa, Cochin, or Lodz. If allowed to act uninterrupted, a parasitic social class will always kill the society it lives off of. In the European peasant tale of the goose that laid golden eggs, it was the Ashkenazi, eager to obtain still more gold, that killed the bird that created the gold. This is exactly what the Aryan now wants the Jew to do with the whites, and the Jew will oblige.

Much of the treasure wrenched from the goose's dying body is shipped to Israel through various legalised means of redistribution. This is an ongoing process and one we support. With the gold that pours into the Israeli state from overseas, the inhabitants become lazier. They become dependent upon dwindling tribute and technological supremacy for their survival, and this technological supremacy can only be maintained by that very tribute which is shrinking. No longer understanding the long-term evolutionary value of physical labour, as did the original Zionists who learned from us, the Jew cannot understand that the tribute gold offered up by the slaving whites works on a ruling class as it has always worked and as it will always work: it weakens. When everything is given a people they grow to rely upon it. They lose the ability to create. They do less for themselves than they once did and the struggle for life recedes from their consciousness.

We have seen how the Jew, in his ongoing offensive against the whites in France, Spain, Canada, and elsewhere, has forced the whites via redistributive taxation to pay tribute to the Mohammedan, the Negro, and others. These Mohammedans and Negroes were people who once fed themselves, yet now, for many of them, the knowledge of how to survive on this earth without the existence of whites has vanished. Many are more dependent on the hated whites than ever before in their history. The Jew, as easily corruptible as all people, is being similarly shaped. He too now depends on the whites for survival, as a parasite must.


While the irredentist Jewish settlers of Israel survive in large part because of the tribute paid to their government from Western serfs, both whites and non-whites, their domestic Arab enemy is undergoing a different evolutionary transformation. He is growing inured to hardship. He is learning to fight on his own, to murder using nearly nothing but his bare hands and imagination, to loathe his oppressor even unto the end of time. The reactionary hatred of the Jew has denied the Palestinian Arab all things, which strengthens the impacted breed if the breed survives. Had the Jew not been as reactionary with his hatred he would have shared some of his foreign tribute gold with the Arab, increasing the malleability of his enemy instead of hardening him, as he has done.

This hatred of the Jew for his Arab neighbor has been wielded by us for our own purposes. We learned what to do by studying the Jew himself, for the law we live by is to comprehend and copy, and as all nations except whites are learning, there are no techniques better to comprehend and copy in the eternal world of survival than those techniques used by the Jew. For centuries the Jew has used weaker tribes as battering rams against stronger tribes whose societies he wished to schism and take control of. Proclaiming his concern for the well-being of the weaker tribe at the hands of the stronger, the Jew led, and leads, many tribes to believe in him as an ally and as someone concerned with their struggle. Yet any peoples who have even superficially studied the Jew and his holy books know that the Jew hates all mankind. The tribes doing his battering for him are despised by him as much as the tribes being battered. He uses these weaker tribes to fight against others simply to benefit himself. When he shouts "justice" for Czech Roma or American Negroes or Australian Aborigines, the Jew means in reality "justice" for himself against the majority white populations these minorities live among, and justice for the Jew means but revenge against those who have wittingly or unwittingly denied him his position as master. Once the Jew has brought low the previous rulers of a society, and taken their place, he is able to continue posing one group against another, eternally living off of the chaos he facilitates. Today he bashes the whites in Europe and the New World, but tomorrow, when conditions change, he will bash those he previously used to bash the whites. He follows a policy of never-ending support of the minority group within a state, which assures constant instability within that state and thus easier procurement of its wealth.

Though unable to capitalise on it to the fullest extent, we Aryans on the political left utilise this same technique with Israel, deploying the exploited Palestinian Arab against the Jew by using the grievances of the weak against the position of the strong. We wish to morally undermine our enemy in the eyes of the world. As vocal defenders and supporters of the Palestinian Arabs we reveal to the nations what the aggressive Jew does to the defenceless when the defenceless have something the Jew wants, in this case contiguous territory. Our campaign is working. Outside of certain whites, no people on earth who have witnessed the brutal Israeli treatment of his Arab neighbors hold any delusions about the aggressive and violent nature of the Jew.

Those of us politically embedded in both left and right organisations continue to push for peace in Israel and the region around it. We have no interest in peace for peace’s sake. Our world was wrenched from us, one in which a truly just peace would have reigned between communities of production-orientated socialist nations, from Europe to China to Latin America. Since we were not able to have our peace we now do what we can to harm those who stole it from us. We are aided in this endeavour by the proximity of the Arab to the Jew. The Arab, living alongside the Israeli Jew, has already begun to adapt to certain of the Jew’s cultural characteristics, while from the other side of the divide the Jew has slowly absorbed certain of the Arab’s. This familiarity with their neighbor has had various effects on the many psychological types among the Jews who reside in Palestine. Some have gained sympathy for the Arab and his plight, while others have gained a fanatical hatred for him. These differing outlooks mean schisms and cracks among the body of the people of Israel, which is what we ultimately strive for.

But these are not the only divisions forming among our enemies. Schisms and cracks are appearing between the Israeli and his cultural kin from overseas as well. Certain Israeli Jews, as they evolutionarily grow distinct from diaspora Jewry, have begun to despise the interference of the diaspora Jew in the politics of what they perceive as their land. The fanatical Israeli, being more honest than sojourning Jews because of the ecological differences between a rooted defender of national territory and an itinerant who must deceive a host population, loathes the democratic English Jew who speaks of justice for the Arab, not seeing the disingenuousness behind it but only the danger on its face. The humanist Israeli, also more honest than her overseas counterpart, has likewise grown to despise the bombastic American or Canadian Jew who cheers the murder of the Arab without putting his own life at risk. This widening division indicates sub-speciation, which logically takes place among similar entities when placed in different environments, and this cultural and biological divergence will have its exploitable consequences.


Lacking a shared external enemy, the various races and ethnicities that have taken the Jewish strategy as their own clash with each other, and go down different paths. Certain leaders of the Ashkenazim in Israel and abroad know this truth about the nature of their people, so they desperately allege or foment the bugbear of antisemitism to stop their mixed group from unraveling. By constantly provoking the neighboring Mohammedans into futile internal or external battles with Israel, the Ashkenazi uses the Mohammedan menace as a vaccination for the members of his national group, attempting to keep them alert and united against a common foe. Naturally the most savvy Israeli Jew never wants these Mohammedan neighbors fully defeated, but only neutralised to a degree where they can do no real harm. Without the rôle of external threat that the Jews’ leaders have assigned the Mohammedan, be he Persian or Arab, the Israeli state would fragment even more rapidly than it is currently fragmenting, as the Jews turn their irrepressible hatred on each other. This is why we outwardly preach for non-violence to be practiced by the Palestinian, for it makes it even more difficult for average Jews in Israel and the diaspora to view him as an enemy common to all Jewry.

As with all multi-ethnic states, there is a chaos that smoulders in Israel. We help fan it. When they are not intermarrying, the various ethnicities and races that wield the Judaic tool despise each other and will turn on each other whenever economic or social conditions favour such actions. A considerable segment of the violent and racist white Ashkenazi sabra community still scorns the alien Sephardim and Mizrahim, both of whom used his cultural technology before he himself did. The Falash is considered not a Jew at all by the white Ashkenazi, but a black animal to be spat on. Many Sephardim see the Ashkenazim as miscegenating, blue-eyed interlopers. The ethnic Russian emigrants, newest users of the Jewish cultural technology, confuse things even more. Nor is this underlying animosity and distrust between the Jews of Israel limited only to seemingly biological divisions. The Ashkenazi rulers of the land are themselves plagued by mutually hostile and evolutionary divergent branches, and the separation between the growing Orthodox communities and their secular counterparts widens with each passing generation.

How different is the Jew with his fellows than the German or the Italian Aryan was with his own Volk under our revolutionary socialist rule in Europe. In the land the Jew worked so hard to attain, he cannot treat his countryman with respect in business or personal dealings. He cannot do something as simple as parking his automobile in its allotted space, often taking two or three. His previously effective diaspora device of kosher food, used to enforce separation between his group and others, and currently to bilk whole nations of whites into feeding their parasite through yet one more conduit, is often used in Israel as a method for one group of Jews to extort money from other groups of Jews. Eternally avaricious Jews even allows poisons and additives, known to the Aryan, to be put into their own industrialised food, and proclaim this food worthy for Jewish consumption. Every horrible product on English or German or Canadian shelves that contains harmful chemicals or hydrogenated oils or potentially dangerous genetically modified ingredients is marked with a kashrut symbol, showing how little the rabbinic Jew thinks of his fellow Jew when the pressure of external threat decreases and profit is to be made. If left unmolested, Jewry’s leaders would poison Jewry’s followers for the sake of monetary gain. With nothing to pose himself against, and with all enemies prostrate, the Jew’s evolutionary adversarial stance would turn inward. Jew would easily kill fellow Jew, first inter-ethnically, as we have already seen at the highest political level in Israel, than intra-ethnically. The cultural technology of Judaism is only beneficial to the Jew when an outside group exists for the technology to be used against.

Many Israelis, weary of economically competing and socially clashing with culturally similar people in their homeland, have found that they need societies more exploitable than their own. They are increasingly dispersing around the world, accelerating the dissolution of these invaded lands from within. The Roman, the Spaniard, and the Englishman all shifted away from the center of their own corrupt homelands as evolutionary processes decayed their people internally. Like the Jew they were successful colonists and empire builders, but this exodus hastened their center's downfall. The Israelis are following suit, and the more talented among them are increasingly found colonising Britain, Bolivia, Bosnia, Bali, and other far- flung countries, methodically bringing about the inner collapse of the land of their birth. The Jew has entered this stage of history, and is not able to escape it.


There are many cracks within the nation-state of Israel beyond the obvious ones pertaining to the Palestinian Arabs and the animosities between various Jewish ethnicities. The white Ashkenazi's racist exploitation of imported Asiatic domestic labourers, or the rough treatment of Orthodox males toward their women, can be made to seem execrable with enough mock-concern, another tactic taught us by the Jew. Yet we have not the necessary media power currently to exploit such divisions to their fullest degree. Our labour has been better spent in the white lands, where our efforts to diminish the selective pressure of antisemitism among diaspora Jewry, thereby increasing the rate of intermarriage between the Jew and the whites, is paying off. With this success we are widening even further the cultural gap between those Jews in galuth and the native Israeli sabra. Wedges can and are being driven, and nature abhors vacuums.

But again, our greatest opportunity for revenge against our assassin lies in destroying those states that feed him. All modern states in which whites are ruled by the Jew for the benefit of the Jew must be made bankrupt and barren. We willingly and willfully assist the Ashkenazi in his destruction of white human capital. We never engage him directly. There is no need. Instead, in the same manner in which he controls the world’s food supply and wields the threat of hunger as a deterrent against the possible rebellion of white or Asian states, we rapidly destroy his own sustenance, the whites. The Ashkenazi, both within Israel and without, will starve.