Protocols 5

Protocols 5


I E.

We Aryans, a people distinct from blind whites, have taken from the Jew that which he has truly given the world. Not civilisation, but cultural tools. Whereas whites react to the Jew, either hating or loving him, we study him and learn from him. No longer do we follow the evolutionary strategies of state builders, but of sojourners. Like sojourners we steal, and we have stolen from the Jew tools that he himself stole from others over centuries. This is the way of evolution. We have taken and applied his well-tested mechanisms for achieving and enforcing cultural and national solidarity. Quality is sought before quantity, he showed us. A unified few are stronger than a disorganised many. Victory stands no more in the number of soldiers than verity in the plurality of voices.

All this and more is what we have learned from studying the Jew’s history. Although the bulk of claims on his part regarding his past consist of contrived backdating, as our Aryan expertise in archaeology, linguistics, historical analysis, anthropology, and textual criticism long ago proved, it does not matter. Belief in this self-created history of his is necessary for him to psychologically maintain and present himself as a Jew. No one of any intellectual or racial worth pays any heed to the origins the Jew has created for himself. No learned person believes in his constant assertion of being the oldest culture on earth, no one believes the ridiculous date he has set himself for his ethnogenesis. The pseudo-history is not what is important to us. Only the always yapping whites and the Jew concern themselves with these sad lies, extolling or denying them, while we Aryans ignore the surface presentation and study the way the organism functions, unlock its secrets, and look for the prize beyond. Truth and falsehood are wearisome words. We seek stronger means to enforce our weapons.


It is unknown whether the Jew, in his seeming inability to create the necessary conditions for a beautiful and functioning civilisation that is grounded in the essence of the Muses, is somehow lacking that which we inherently possess. If he does not possess this ability, as outwardly seems to be the case, then it is not something to mock or condemn. All forms of life have adapted particular strategies for survival. The only measure of how successful these strategies might be is the number of offspring produced by a particular group correlated to the level of resources controlled by this group when compared to competitors over time. Under the strategy that the Jew has taken for himself, creating a harmonious, beautiful, respectful, and dignified civilisation has not proved necessary for either survival or resource acquisition. One cannot expect the Jew to somehow change his methods when his technique has been effective until now. It is the Aryan who must rapidly change. We are doing this. The exploited whites, on the other hand, seem incapable of fashioning any tool for their survival. They are where we direct our focus. They are the soft underbelly of the Jew. If, after our elimination of the bulk of the whites, those few that remain can be transformed into Aryans, then perhaps a society will be created in which exploitation of fellow humans does not take place and in which beauty and sanity once more reign. That, though, is too far in the future to even discuss. There are no tomorrows without today.


Compared to the act of building a civilisation, destroying one is not a difficult feat; it can even happen accidentally. Certainly to unite disparate elements and build is far more difficult a task than to knock down, as any observer of children playing with blocks or sandcastles can attest to. The structure necessary to animate and "give life" to a single deer is fantastically intricate, yet the renderpest, an organism with a much simpler design, can easily destroy this deer. The deer must have various cells transform and recombine in specialised ways in order to make a functioning whole. The renderpest, per the mechanics of its makeup, does not need the degree of specialisation of the deer for it to survive, it only needs to be specialised enough to live within the deer. Nor are large numbers of the virus necessary to bring down the deer, for the virus or parasite must always be smaller and less complex than its host if it wants to live off of or survive within that host. So it is with particular diaspora groups and the host civilisations they settle in.

This must be emphasised and reiterated: numbers are of little matter in such cases. Remember this, young Aryan. The number of those doing the fleecing must always be less than those being fleeced, just as the number of knaves must always be smaller than the number of fools, or the survival strategy fails. How often does the world hear some type of bragging about the smallness of Ashkenazi numbers in comparison to Ashkenazi cultural success and accomplishment? What is not emphasised is that the cultural technology of Judaism itself simply would not function properly with large numbers of adherents. From knowing this, it is understood that a small, determined group working from within a civilisation can bring it down just as effectively as can a larger group working from outside of this same civilisation’s boundaries.

When first appearing on the world’s scene we Aryans were destroyers of civilisations as the Ashkenazi is currently. Those of us that remain have returned to this former rôle, though now we operate from inside the walls of the enemy rather than without. The oftentimes unconscious destruction of the whites and their civilisation by the Jew is, for us, a deliberately calculated one. Western civilisation is toxic to us. It has enabled the murder and enslavement of our best because it allows our natural destroyers to thrive within it. Therefore we have begun to wage war on those who create it. We have used the qualities of both the whites and the Jew to our benefit, assisting both groups in their innate inclinations in order that we might be rid of both. Their strength depends on the existence of the other, and therefore if one dies, so does the next. And make no mistake, they must die, in order that we might live. We desire to exist on this earth like any other people. They will never allow us our place. They must then go. Just as the Ashkenazi performs his tikkun olam and boastfully tears down and alters social environments in order that he might further thrive, the Aryan tears down and alters social environments in order that competitors of the Ashkenazi might further thrive. Just as the Ashkenazi murders rivals both actively and passively and cloaks the biological elimination of these people in positive god terms such as "democracy" and "liberation", we Aryans eliminate our rivals under the cloaks of "freedom", "anti-racism", "human rights", and dozens of others.

We have learned much from the Jew about the masking of revenge.


Of special focus for the Aryan is the Jew’s relationship with whites. The whites are our truest enemy. They are the Jew’s spear and shield. For too long have we Aryans focused on pushing the Jew out of our society, naming his name and battling him directly, if weakly. We only ever spoke of him alone, never acknowledging his weapons. Now we seek to disarm him. We are eliminating his weapons, his whites, and leaving him in this world with only his hands to battle with. He thinks that will be enough. He grows arrogant from his many victories with his white spear and shield. He believes, like previous white colonialists, that these victories belong to his skill alone, rather than to the weaponry he has wielded. His spear has grown duller and his shield smaller each generation. Now, with the destruction of the whites, we finally begin to wrest these weapons away from him.

The Jew has for millennia chosen to live among whites. Even with the brutal creation of his own nation- state he still chooses to live among them. This is not surprising. Whites are where his primary wealth comes from. They create the most favourable environment for him. However, if one listens to the Jew’s media mouthpieces, these social environments created by whites are places that have historically been insufferable to the Jew due to a terrifying force called "antisemitism". Only whites could believe such an assertion. A walk through any meadow shows that if one finds a great number of a particular type of species there, then that species is not only adequately surviving, but thriving. Judging from his numbers and his wealth in the West, the Jew thrives among whites. The parasite, like all lifeforms, lives where it can, and the mere existence and enormous power of the Jew in the West proves what fertile territory the white homelands have been for him. The Jew has not prospered in China, nor in the land of the Hindoos, nor, without a previous white colonisation, in the so-called "savage" lands. These are all places that are lacking in historical antisemitism and correspondingly greatly lacking in Jews. The fact that the Jew possesses enough economic and social power in the West to broadcast propaganda about Western "antisemitism" shows that the phenomena has not had the devastating effect on his population as one would think it would have if it were indeed as horrid as described.

Due to the psychology one needs to remain a Jew, a psychology that passes down genetically as easily as eye colour, one must feel superior to one’s host. To feel somehow less than or equal to one’s host does not allow one to ultimately survive in a diaspora condition. Therefore the Ashkenazi is unable to acknowledge that, as heather is to the dodder, the white is the source of his survival and success. He could not exist without this thing he despises, for from the time he latched on to it his root in the soil was lost. Only the Zionists recognised this relationship. They set forth to remedy the situation, but since their national state was built alongside the graves of the Aryan national states rather than their cradles, nothing stopped the Jew from reverting rapidly to his time-tested methods of parasitism and slavery. With the subsequent corruption of his national state the insights of the Zionists are already forgotten. This is of benefit to us.

So humorous is the Ashkenazi quality of believed superiority that the Aryan can at times allow himself an amused laugh at how much the Jew has appropriated from his inferior host societies, all the while attributing these additions to his superior culture solely to himself. One is able to derive an adequate understanding of the Ashkenazi mentality by watching the pains he takes to ignore or deny the enormous amount of cultural trappings he has taken from others whom he professes to disdain. From the celebratory rites followed during his Purim and Hanukah, from his bagels and horas and dreidels, from his songs and cuisine to his poetry and literature, everywhere we see the stamp of the detested peoples of Europe; Poland and Germany, Rumania and Hungary, France and Italy. Judaism has forever been a theft culture and a non-attributive culture. It has taken the Sumerian tale of the flood, the binary outlook of the Persian Zoroaster, Greek fables, Roman social structures, and Stoic beliefs and pulled them all into its orbit. The Ashkenazi, excellent users of the Jewish tool, have but continued this tradition. From cholent to "Jerusalem of Gold", from choirs at Sabbat services to architecturally elaborate synagogues, from manners and social refinement to the idea of blood-and-soil Zionism itself, cultural Judaism is a long line of taking what is best or most alive from other peoples, then conveniently forgetting this. From where came Yom Kippur? Certainly not the Babylonians. From where came the Seder? Certainly not from the Hellenes. From where came the minyan? Certainly not from the Romans. Berbers, Arabs, Slavs, and Germanics have all contributed to this hodgepodge culture. Yet the average Jew believes that all things labeled "Jewish", and even many things not considered Jewish, have sprung from the mythical Hebrew fountain. The belief of the slavish and unlearned whites follows close behind, for what the Jew believes, the whites will as well.

Make no mistake, this tendency is in itself evidence of a powerful culture. Theft and appropriation are tools like any other in the struggle for life. To remake stolen cultural artefacts in one’s own cultural image and stamp them with the personality of one’s own group is a sure sign of strength. The latkes eaten by the Ashkenazim, though in essence the same as all other potato pancakes eaten by their white Slavic neighbors, are on an existentially higher plane than these equivalent foodstuffs. One group consciously adds an invented historical and cultural overlay to the dish, the other group lacks even the basic comprehension of the necessity of possessing a cultural evolutionary strategy. The fact that none of these types of foods would ever even exist without audacious and far-seeing Aryan types bringing the potato to the Old World in the first place is quietly ignored amidst the self-praise of the first group and unable to be understood by the intellectually ruined latter group. And though the Aryan might laugh at the Ashkenazi for his transparent boasting, particularly when we hear him proclaim a global transference of cultures between all other groups except, magically, his own, we also understand in all seriousness how necessary it is for us to grasp the intricacies of his ways and turn them to our benefit. His fantastic psychological peculiarities are not only to be chuckled over, but are a great weapon and certainly never to be considered of use to him alone.


All who know the Jew are aware that, whenever he has been presented with the opportunity, he has been a slaver of other men, dealing in the buying and selling of human beings for profit. This has been true from the ancient world onward, and though this fact is suppressed now, it is a matter of historical record. Indeed, the fundamental precept of Judaism as written in its instructions has always been to enslave others, and the wielders of the Judaic technology to this day faithfully obey that precept. It is really that simple, and must be noted by all of you: The basis of Judaism is slavery of others, and the Jew is the greatest and most successful slaver on earth. This is not the place to concern ourselves historically, economically, or evolutionarily with why this is, only that it is.

Slavery can be defined in many ways. It is the condition in which a human being cannot speak his thoughts. It is a situation where one person or people is forced to do the will of a stronger person or people, or where the members of one group use threats of violence to steal the personal labour of the members of another group in order that it be used to benefit their own or other groups. The theft of this labour, either explicitly or implicitly, is the same as the theft of time, and the theft of time means that portions of the enslaved people’s very lives are stolen away from them by others.

Yet slavery has existed on earth long before our species came to be. From early in the history of mankind it has been a logical way of domination of one group by another. From the advent of its institution among peoples, it was clear that slavery was not limited to open servitude, but could also be imposed by taxation; taxes unwillingly yoked on a group meant bondage as surely as chains around the neck meant bondage. Like slavery, taxation is a transfer of labour and its fruits from one group to another. In certain cases it is borne willingly, albeit grudgingly, but for this to happen the taxes must in some way benefit the taxed. For the average Ashkenazi in the West today, the taxes he pays help to perpetuate his group’s wealth and advance his evolutionary interests, while for the whites and the Aryan, taxation is but tribute paid to those who utilise our stolen labour to reinforce our bondage. Not only is our work harnessed for our owner’s benefit, it is used to keep us in chains.

Few whites recognise that overt taxation and slavery are the same thing, only with different names. Fewer still understand that even were no tax-labour being stolen from them, the global monetary system that has been put in place keeps them as slaves forever. This system has been being built for centuries. The wars of liberation waged by capitalist nations "against slavery" hundreds of years ago were mere shams, and in their wake even greater amounts of slaves were brought into the spreading financial system of the victors. All over the world, people that had previously been in overt bondage were supposedly set free by victorious imperialist forces. That is what they were told as they were subsequently put to work in "free markets", suddenly labouring for their deliverer and his economic concerns. The very thought of the English whites altruistically "freeing" chattel slaves from Arabs in Africa is ludicrous. The very thought of their Yankee capitalist kin doing the same for Negroes in the United States is ludicrous. Imperialists do not free slaves. They might claim to free them, but all they have ever done is steal them from a rival group in order to impoverish this rival group, and thus further enrich themselves. Many non-whites of the world were delivered from a more obvious, archaic system of visible chains and shuttled immediately into a more cruel, more insidious, wage and interest slavery. They remain there to this day, side by side with whites.

The slavers of the current monetary-based slavery differ from their previous chattel slavers only in their methods. This global system is the most efficient and prolific form of slavery yet seen on earth. To recognise the reality of tax slavery is difficult enough, to recognise the reality of wage slavery is even more difficult, but to understand the absolute finality of global finance slavery is an insight only available to those who are able to grasp concepts. While certain merchant peoples understand this financial structure, among them segments of the Han and Hindoo populations, the majority of human beings are not able to see that they are fenced and fed as livestock on a massive dirt farm. They do not understand that if their currency, the medium of exchange, is owned by any other than themselves, and if that currency is issued under a system of usurious loans, then its very usage entails eternal slavery. Yesterday the whip kept the slaves in line; today the controlled fluctuation of their fiat currency performs the same function.

While there are indications that some whites realise the perniciousness of finance slavery, as shown by their clamoring for the cancellation of debt owed to Ashkenazi banks by various non-white nations, they somehow consider themselves immune to its effects. They hold themselves on a different plane than the people of colour they wish to save, feeling superior to all others on earth except the Jew, and believe that they cannot be touched by the tragedies others suffer. Their delusional feelings of racial superiority and the level of material comfort they enjoy thanks to the labour of other slaves do not allow them to regard each other as slaves. Rarely has a people been so ignorant of its actual condition as whites are. They would labour unwittingly for the Jew till the end of time. The world has never known such types. Where formerly these whites mocked the Negro as the most natural slave, today that doleful title belongs to them.

For a person to be made or born a slave is a terrible fate. A slave is stripped of his identity and denationalised by his owner. He is physically or psychologically removed from his family, culture, and origins. His prior identity is obliterated, for slavery is meant by slavers to have a homogenising effect, effacing differences in origin, ethnicity, culture, and religion between slaves. The slave becomes an un- person. This is the reality for the numberless deracinated and rootless whites of the world today, who productively and obliviously slave for the Ashkenazi.

We Aryans, of all modern peoples, were the only ones to attempt to end our bondage under the Ashkenazi's global finance system. For this we were destroyed. Just as the most astute and bravest Messenian slaves were eliminated by the Spartans to quell the possibility of uprisings, so did the Ashkenazi destroy the best of the German and European Aryans who wanted to be free of his dominance. It has always been this way and it always will be. For as long as slavery exists among mankind the way of the slaver will be suppression of the uprisings and rebellions of those who do not wish to be enslaved, and he will crush these rebellions preemptively if needed. In one way or another the slaver must neutralise all potential leaders among the slaves. This includes those minority men and women perspicacious enough to recognise not only the reality of the modern form of slavery, but the identity of he who wields the invisible whip.


Slavery is a function of imperialists. Imperialists are proponents of empire. An empire, mimicking life, must spread. To continue to spread, the imperialists' only options are to kill, absorb, or enslave those whose territories are conquered. To enslave another group is an effective evolutionary tactic, allowing for greater procurement of resources by the imperialists relative to the expenditure of energy on their part. Yet there is danger in being the perpetrator of such a system. It is not romanticism, but observed truth, that slavery ultimately affects the constitution of the slave-master, for the active components of all functioning systems constantly undergo evolutionary changes due to the variations of applied external phenomena.

Human slavers are often blind to the current realities of their position and their slaves’ position. Over time they or their descendants increasingly exaggerate their own strengths while underestimating those of their slaves. They create a gulf between the subject and the object, a situation in which the slave is "the other", deserving of his predicament, and of no value if he is not labouring for his master. The slave, stripped of all humanity in the master's eyes, is akin to a beast, a cow, a goy.

Such is the position of the slaver Jew yesterday and today, who is justly seen by many as an exceedingly cruel master. With each generation he will become more cruel still, and more indifferent to the suffering of his slaves. With his imperialistic success he will seek to further extend his dominions and his rule. This bodes ill for those peoples not yet completely under his thumb, for in a territory successfully ruled by the Jew one may be only a Jew or a pending or current slave of the Jew. There is no other alternative. This is his law, and the Jew is a fulfiller of his law.

But like others before him that have chosen slavery as a key component of their evolutionary strategy, the Ashkenazi is already becoming a victim of his own success. He is now a ruling class, as a slave-owning class must be by its very definition. With the freedom afforded him by monopolising the labour of others, he has begun to spread into every field of artistic and scientific study and leisure, also as others before him have done. Some of his children are not proving resistant to the nihilism that invades the mind that is no longer scrambling for riches and control, but is rather given these gifts at the outset of life. They are stabilising the Ashkenazi's population. The wealthiest and most accomplished among the Ashkenazim have increasingly smaller numbers of grandchildren. When the net resources and energy gained by slavery cease to translate into increased biological fitness for the imperialists, relative to other competitors, then slavery is no longer an intergenerational boon for them, but increasingly a burden. It becomes a greater struggle to maintain the institutions previously erected, though maintain these institutions they must, or starve.

Self-reliance and self-dependence assure a more solid footing for nations than exploitation of others. For long term survival, slavery as a cultural norm must never take root in a society. In Aryan Germany we understood this, just as we understood that if currency was produced and issued by hostile others, then the use of such currency constituted slavery itself. Yes, we were, and are, slaves, alongside the whites and other peoples. Yes, the Ashkenazi is still our master. He has fought hard for this position. Yet he had no plan for how to proceed once his goals of conquering had been achieved. Like most species he could not effectively alter a previously successful group evolutionary strategy once the altered environment no longer favoured the traits selected for by the previous environment. Having long ago been removed from the land, willingly or not, he has evolved to a condition in which he is only capable of exploiting resources to depletion. Slaves, a resource like any other, are no exception. He uses them up, and then searches frantically for others. Without possession of resources, or the ability to procure those resources, groups fade. The Jew will fade with our help. Every day we increase the rate at which his resources, his white slaves, are exploited, and thus diminished.


Evolution is not only the record of an organism’s developmental response to the recurrent shifting of externalities, it is the process of infinite struggle between competing individuals and groups to adapt to different environments in their struggle for resources. History is a small, readable portion of the evolutionary struggle between competing groups of Homo sapiens. In history one can easily note the recurrence of patterns and the traits various groups exhibit at particular points in their development. We can see that, regardless of the environment or the cultural tools of choice, many groups follow similar developmental patterns over time. When different groups are compared to each other, we see that most reach their various stages within their respective patterns asynchronously. Never have all groups been simultaneously materially prosperous, for instance.

These stages explain why whites do not consider themselves to be slaves and yet still carry themselves as such in different situational environments. Many non-whites are curious as to the psychology that motivates these people. Why do whites, apart from all others, allow themselves to be socially insulted with impunity? Why do they lower their voices even inside the privacy of their own homes when they say certain words to describe other races or groups? We gain understanding when it is pointed out that whites act as all conquered and colonised people have ever acted. When one closely observes them and they way they speak and act in particular conditions, it becomes clear that they live as if their population suffers military occupation by an invading force that it has no hope of ever driving out. Yet even though they display many of the psychological symptoms of an openly conquered people, their traditional arrogance and obliviousness to the reality of the conditions they live under indicates that they have not fully reconciled themselves to this new historical actuality. They are still leaving a phase where the world seemed to be theirs, and they are unwilling to yet accept the changed social environment. There are even whites among the reactionary right who still boast of their so-called racial greatness, as if such a thing were not already past, or indeed, if it ever even truly existed. For our purposes the whites must be driven further to the realisation of where they actually stand in this new world. This task we gladly undertake.

As with all human groups, whites, Ashkenazim and Aryans are at different historical stages in their development. In contrast to the whites, the Ashkenazi is in the publicly boastful stage. This is a familiar milestone reached by numerous conquering peoples after they have successfully attained, through great struggle, the luxury to live their lives as they would culturally prefer to live them without the fear of being toppled from within or without. Many groups, from Greeks to Chinese to Turks to Persians to Germans, have previously reached this stage, some more than once, for various stages recur in the cultural lives of people, doing so over time until that people finally vanishes from the earth. The publicly boastful stage is identified in a group by certain characteristics, among them condescending speech regarding the stature of previous rival groups, elision of the contributions of other groups to the group's own culture, a positive reinterpretation of in-group history, and an inflation of the group’s importance in and to the world. There is an erroneous belief by those of the group living during such an epoch that the moment is static, and will last forever.

The Ashkenazi currently boasts of his group's greatness not by measuring his accomplishments against the harsh external environmental conditions that make all human cultural triumphs so amazing, but rather in comparison to the achievements of other peoples. This is no different than other groups have done, and certainly evolution, as was stated, is driven by competition between members of the same species as much as by competition with extra-species predators or a hostile terrain or climate. However, like the whites, the Ashkenazi has not fully exited his previous historical stage, for even while bragging of his cultural accomplishments he still speaks of his long-ago slavery, keeping it always at the forefront of his consciousness, even though he is by any measure a master today. Conversely, the whites, no matter if they stand on the political left or the political right, speak of their own previous power and strength and pretend that it still exists.

Neither group’s belief is wholly true, nor reconciled to reality. The whites have rarely been masters of their own kind in the way the Ashkenazi has been, while the Ashkenazi rarely suffered true slavery to the degree or extent whites have. He instead exaggerated it, if not outright invented it, for purposes of advancement. Further progression to each group’s more fully realised historical phases will bring this reality home to them, though whether it will be openly acknowledged is not for us to discuss here. Certainly the Jewish master speaking as if he were a slave and the white slave speaking as if he were a master is one of the oddities of our times.


Understanding the awful reality of slavery, the Jew is not content to live in this world as a slave. In this, unlike the whites, he is healthy. Yet the existence of a healthy parasite does not bode well for organisms that are assaulted by this parasite. The Jew is restless, always moving, not able to derive satisfaction or fulfillment from the physical possibilities offered by this world. He cannot exist among orchards and music, mountains and deserts, trees and beasts. For the Jew to survive he must struggle against other men, and not just struggle against them but rule over them, and not just rule over them, but humiliate or enslave them. There cannot be any other way for those who use the Jewish tool; this is the manner in which it must be used. The Jew must dominate, and when he does dominate, desolate lands and depleted host populations follow.

As an adaptive evolutionary strategy the wandering Jew focused solely on his people, rather than exhibiting the more holistic totality of treating his people as an extension of the soil, which encompasses a broader biological continuum. The technology of Judaism limits one to this human-centered method, calling as it does for a detachment from territory. By following this method for so long, not only has the Jew separated himself from other groups, but also from the earth itself. For him there is no web of life, there is no brotherhood of man, there is no kinship with animals or trees, there is no holism. There is only the Jew and the rest, and the rest must be dominated.

In order to be dominated, non-Jews must first be scorned as something worthy of dominance. The Jew has done this. No group on earth has made such cruel, hateful, and defamatory statements in such volume and for such duration as the Jew has against other peoples of all sorts. Those who are able to recognise simple patterns cannot fail to notice the destruction of human communities and environments that always appear in the wake of the Jew, no matter where on earth those communities exist. The only other human lifeforms able to thrive alongside the Jew are other foreign invaders, themselves now able to enter the Jew-weakened and sickened communal or social bodies at will, due to the compromised immune system of these social bodies. Therefore, from the moment that the Jew enters a viable host society to the point when he gains total power, the organisms previously living in the invaded social environment must, if they do not manage to expel the Jew, expect to eventually suffer under him.

The Ashkenazi’s 1500-year evolutionary focus on gaining wealth and power through trade and usury has bred him to concentrate primarily on exchangeable commodities, with no inherent understanding of the larger laws governing the biosphere he inhabits. These laws were left to the Aryan to discover, and every science that has to do with the operations of natural systems exists due to our genius alone. We were the first to explicate the dangers of the purely mercantile and Mosaic strategy to the long-term health of the peoples of the planet, and the first to apply policies designed to live according to broader ecological laws rather than those of short-term economic gain. We were the first to attempt to lessen the terrible price the following generations would have to pay for the environmental, financial, and social mistakes of their predecessors. Now, with our defeat, the globe is nothing more than a sickened junkyard. The Jew’s rabbinic boasts have come true, he does indeed finally rule, but his rule is over cesspools. This has always been the case with him. He tears down palaces and erects slums. The rapid nightmarish transformation of the lands and populations ruled by him, in particular those of the West, seems almost fantastical. The insane environmental and social destruction that has been wrought since the triumph of the Ashkenazi and the removal of the Aryan from the world stage in the decades since 1944 is obvious to even the most ignorant of whites, even if they lack the comprehension to understand why and how this has come to pass.

The Jew cannot be a steward of the land and remain a Jew. To him, formed in exile from the soil, land is a commodity like anything else, something to buy and sell. It has no meaning for him beyond this, he cannot recognise it as the source of life. In shattered Europe, rural habitations of Ashkenazi families previously toasted each other within their houses, praising their domestic life as superior to that of the detested goyim they lived among. Meanwhile, in a deadened ring around their trading posts or ghettos, the mortgaged farms lay barren, the water turned brackish, and the native people starved amid a withered landscape that had once been fruitful. Wherever the Shabbat candles of the Jew burned, the stench of peasant destitution would inevitably follow, and if the people somehow managed to rip the parasitoid from their innards, the parasitoid simply moved on, always needing to attach to another body, never able to survive on its own but only ever from the labour of out-group primary producers.

In Russia, in the German states, and elsewhere, certain powerful Aryans recognised the necessity of unifying ethnic communities in the face of alien predation. Through legislation they tried to protect the peasantry, who were part of the same organism as they were, sharing as they did the same native ground and cultural beliefs. These men and women limited the ability of those who followed the Jewish creed to own land, since to the Jew land meant only something to leverage and barter rather than something to work and draw life from. It was realised that if the Jew gained hold of land then land itself would be sucked into his enslaving monetary system, a system that ran, runs, and will always run on usurious debt and eternal interest. Therefore the soil would become as worthless as the other currencies Jewish banks deal in, as year after year its wealth would be slowly extricated and transferred. This would mean death for the land, and its death would ensure the death of the Aryans and whites who were and are inextricably linked to the soil at a more fundamental layer than the Jew.

These farseeing leaders among the Aryans, demonised in all historical literature produced in the current culture, have been proven correct in their previous attempt to deny control of the land to the Ashkenazi. The patchwork agricultural realms of the Aryan are gone, replaced by the mechanised and monetised monocultures of the Jew. The independence of yeoman farmers is long gone, replaced by the serfdom reintroduced by the Jew and his banks. Not evolutionarily equipped to be a protector and cultivator of the land, only an exploiter, the Jew massacres it. The scars of his industry still bleed across our European continent, from west to east. Witness, too, North America, a land ravaged by trade and industry, and the home of many of you receiving this communiqué. The Jew has prospered on this continent, and Canada and the United States are but two countries among many worldwide where he sits dictating his policies from atop an unassailable tower of media and currency control. From this tower he presides over overcrowded nations increasingly bereft of physical and cultural beauty, lands of aborted fetuses, sluts, disease, rape, obesity, cancer, suicide, asphalt, sprawl, polluted skies, chemical farms, and oceans and woodlands emptied of beasts. This is the antithesis to Europe under the Aryan when we had our brief moment of ruling unopposed. This is the world the whites and the Jew have brought about in the West.

Note that none of this environmental and social destruction has any impact on the Jew. Per his creed of ultimate tribal subjectivity it does not matter if the world is a paradise or a hell; what matters is that he rule over it. Now that his rule is total for the moment, look for wider swathes of environmental, social, and economic ruin to be hacked across the globe. The phenomenon is impossible to halt at the political level. There is no one to openly stop him any longer. Understand that. Without a force to oppose him, the Jew will impoverish, enchain, and pollute the world. This the peoples of the globe witness and suffer daily.

Whites simply cannot understand the destructive power of the Jew. They are conditioned to protect him, to worship and praise him, and to believe that only they themselves can adversely impact the world. When not blaming themselves directly, they point to vaporous terms like "modernity" or "industry" or "corporations" or "capitalism" or "greed" as the drivers of destruction today, but never identify actual human faces or groups. These pernicious forces wiping out habitats and species can be countered by still other gaseous concepts: "democracy", "freedom", "peace", or "diversity". Whites have always believed in ephemera and magic over the solid reality of the world. More enamored of talk than of action, smitten by belief in such things as "prayer", they will always deny the dual truths of biology and environment. They will always speak and think of shadows rather than the solids that cast those shadows. They will go away, and the Jew who draws his sustenance from them will, if unable to parasitise another group, go after they go. Degraded soil brings about a degraded basal layer of people, and this in turn brings about the degradation of the higher social levels, the highest being the Jew.


If one of you asked any of the Ashkenazim with whom you are in daily contact if he personally desired the ruined ecosystems of today, the answer would obviously be no. If you asked him if, during this realised Golden Age for his people, he ever thought the coterminous world would be one of fragmented woodlands and scientifically tortured beasts and never-ending concrete and oil-coated seas and debauched men and women, he would say no. Even the leaders of the Ashkenazim, those who understand the historically unprecedented position of overlordship they currently find themselves in, would furiously deny that the Jew has had any effect on the material world whatsoever. This is due to the evolutionary mechanism at work inside the Jew which, when fused with the historical inevitability of the master's growing disdain for the slave, does not allow him to give any credence to the words of his victims. On the contrary, he demonises the voices of those he has ruined, abused, and enslaved. Per his evolutionary psychology, he can take no responsibility for the destruction he has wrought through the use of his cultural technology, nor does he. He is guilty of nothing, ever. He has a single world, antisemite, which emotionally negates all validity of his victims’ statements.

Some of you, intent on ascribing emotional valuations to such traits, would negatively call this state pathological, as the Jew himself does when attacking the psychological makeup of those men and women who oppose him and his enslaving philosophy. Superficially it would appear so, for it seems bizarre that a people would possess sacred, tribal books that proclaim and praise the awesome, destructive force of their group and its ideology, but to furiously deny the power of their group when outsiders make the same assertion. It is not bizarre. It is in keeping with his evolutionary tactics. It is his evolved state. The Jew believes that no criticism stated by an outsider can ever be true, and he must believe this. As with the case of his cultural and biological parasitism, we do not consider this a negative attribute. On the contrary, it is something we can and do use. There is no value to cultural qualities beyond the efficacy of the qualities in helping their adherents adapt to an eternally fluctuating environment. The Jew is no more responsible for his actions than is any other creature displaying its own particular traits which have been formed over time by adapting to its surroundings. A parasite cannot act other than a parasite, or it dies.

The misery that follows for others when the Jew gains power in their society is likewise guaranteed, and is expected and normal. A parasite cannot exist in a nonviable host, therefore the mere presence in a society of those who follow the evolutionary technique of Judaism, which calls for its adherents to set themselves against the other inhabitants of the territory, proves that the inhabitants are already susceptible to exploitation. Note this well, young Aryan: If a Jew, or any type bearing his cultural tool, simply exists in a larger society, this society is already being compromised, and per the perfection of this tool, the bearer will ultimately rule that society. A parasite does not lie dormant for perpetuity.

Like all other forms of life, the Jew seeks out the best environment for his evolutionary type. As mentioned, he often appears in lands in the aftermath of wars or other disasters, eager to insinuate himself and acquire a foothold amid the carnage. The spilled blood of conflicts both national and international has long attracted him, from Cromwell’s England to revolutionary France to the American War Between the States to Bolshevik Russia to Weimar Germany. Though at times he has instigated and prolonged such tragedies when he could, in order to entrench himself further in the new society that will come about after the slaughters, these bloody engagements are not his sole means of entrance into a society. The Jew also finds welcome ground whenever the population is largely constituted of those possessing no guiding evolutionary ethos or culturally enshrined survival tactics; that is, whites.

Always remember, where there are whites, there is the Jew.


If a people has proven itself incapable of caring about itself as a whole, then it is unlikely that the individual members composing that people possess the ability to understand that the survival of life on this planet is not based on the actions of the individual alone, but on those of the larger organism, or species, or sub-species. Such a population is not only ripe for exploitation, but slated for extinction. When a people has no sense of its collective worth, and therefore no reflected culture to protect that worth, it will disappear.

The whiter a society is, the more accessible it is to the Jew. The more accessible a society is to the Jew, the greater the rate at which he will arrive. Once within the society's walls he will infect, utilise, and ultimately displace the host through expulsion, eradication or absorption. There is no mystery to this. The Jew does what he does to other's societies because he is able. That is all. If a people’s culture somehow develops into a nonviable society for the Jew, then he himself suffers expulsion, eradication or absorption. It was only expected that he would be unable to survive in our lands once whites became Aryan.

Those Caucasoids that have wielded the Jewish cultural tool most effectively, the Ashkenazim whom we primarily deal with in these pages, find welcome environments among the deracinated whites. Unlike any other race on earth, whites worship the Jew. They do this openly through their various Christian sects, or obliquely through their liberal-democratic cults. They beat the war drums for Ashkenazi interests, they go to battle for the Ashkenazi, they sacrifice their children and grandchildren for him. They consider Ashkenazi deaths more important than other deaths, including their own. They advance Ashkenazi biological dominance and resource acquisition by subduing more recalcitrant races, from the Negro to the Native American to the Asiatic. In the past they subdued these people by turning them into Christians, using their advanced technology to force aborigines to worship the Jew enshrined in their Bible. They still used advanced technology, but today they subdue non-whites by turning them into citizens of democratic governments and consumers of manufactured goods. Always, everywhere, as they have for centuries, the whites plough foreign ground and sow the seeds for the Jew to profitably harvest. This is what good slaves do.


Everything that exists must eternally struggle to exist. The Jewish cultural tool, no matter which ethnic group has wielded it, has proven effective in this ongoing struggle. So powerful has this tool been that the moment it demonstrates its worth, and those who have used it have risen to positions of cultural power, an obliteration of biological competitors is unleashed that is nothing short of remarkable. Nothing the whites have ever done can compare to the savage killing that takes place when the Jew reaches the helm of the state. This mercilessness of his is evolutionarily understandable. There is no reason why, having reached a position of power, the Jew would allow himself to be threatened by others, particularly if those others are descendants of those harmed by him and so carry vengeance in their hearts. Therefore he slaughters those he does not enslave, for the Jew has understood the world of never-ending warfare and has acted accordingly. Others, if they wish to survive, will learn this as well.

Yet these mass murders of his only take place when the Jew has been openly opposed by competitors on his way to the top of the social pyramid. In a society possessing a white elite, versus an Aryan elite, he has no need to murder in the traditional sense, but can instead eliminate perceived rivals by other means. As we shall see later, the Jew is a longer-lived organismal entity than the whites, and so his elimination of them does not take place in a single generation. The Jew is methodical, and takes his time. He passes laws against the whites, he sends them to war, he absorbs their wealth through taxation and currency control, and decreases their biological fitness, year after year, generation after generation. These actions on his part need never be viewed as part of a grand scheme or plot. They are not diabolical. They are the natural manifestations and consequences of the Jew's cultural technology and are to be expected as a matter of ecological course.


If the Jew, upon gaining power, had somehow managed to bring Aryans, whites, and the non-Caucasoid tribes of the world to a paradise here on this earth he currently rules, or if he was in the obvious process of doing so, he would be universally cheered and praised, instead of having to praise himself. If the Jew had been at the forefront of bringing prosperity, freedom, and beauty to the world, he would be hailed as a king by all and not just by a thinning stratum of superstitious and toadying whites and some clever Asiatics. But to posit this is to imagine something as it is not. This is not the outcome of a biologically parasitic culture. The Jew has set himself against the world. He is, in his own words, a nation apart. He has erected a duality of unceasing opposition against every tribe that exists, allying only with those he needs to use in the short term. He takes great psychological comfort in this. Therefore what is good for Jews is rarely good in the long term for those the Jew comes into contact with. And his contact now is with the whole population of the globe.

We say it again: to destroy the Jew who is destroying the world we must destroy the whites. War against whites means war against the Jew. Successful elimination of parasitised whites in all lands means elimination of the Jew through destruction of his most favourable environment. Whites are the fuel of the Jew's engines. They are the wielders of his rifles. They are the fillers of his stomach. And we destroy these whites by assisting the Jew who hates them. In societies where the whites begin the metamorphosis to Aryan, no matter what political or social or religious creed this transformation takes place under, the Jew is increasingly unable to openly exploit others, and so is increasingly unable to survive. We are here to force this change on the whites. It is we who are the catalyst. We are weak, but our power will return. We have always returned. The Jew knows this. He watches for this anakuklosis. He is more perspicacious than whites. He knows that the Aryan has fought him for millennia, from continent to continent, under a variety of names. He always awaits the return. But this time our tactics are different than they were previously. We have learned from the Jew to never openly oppose enemies unless one possesses enough strength. We will not. We have learned to side with the stronger in all conflicts. We do. We are no longer openly opposing the Jew. We are standing directly next to him. He does not see us. He looks everywhere but in his own shadow. From there we fan every thought of his. We amplify every action of his. The combination of Ashkenazi arrogance, white obliviousness, and our own comprehension of the world is what will enable us to weaken and break the bonds of the global Jewish slave state, and we will remain as his shadow until we can become form once again.


We have briefly explained the workings of the Jewish cultural technology. It must be further stated that those who have been evolutionarily shaped by prolonged use of this technology are to an additional degree shaped and refined by the particular environments they use it in. All creatures, whether from closely shared origins or not, adapt over time to the internal or external pressures acting upon them. The Jew is no different. Much as he believes himself to be a biological entity separate from all other entities, he is not. We must understand "the Jew" not solely as this sweeping and inclusive term implies, but as a Jew in relation to particular societies. The descendants of a man using the cultural tool of Judaism among the English over generations will grow to be something different than the descendants of his twin using the same tool among the Berbers, as we will discuss later. It is with this understanding of subspeciation that we now deconstruct the Israeli Jew, our great ally.