Protocols 4

Protocols 4


I D.

Judaism is only a culture in relation to other cultures. Not only must it constantly compare itself to other people’s cultures, it is in binary opposition to them. This compare and contrast technique is necessary for the path the proponents of Judaism have set for themselves, that of galuth, or exile, or sojourning. Other nations are able to exist on this earth without other nations to contrast themselves against, for the existence of other peoples is not perceived as a threat to their survival. If this globe were populated only by European Aryans, or only by Confucian Han Chinese, or only by subcontinental Hindoos, these races could survive according to their own intelligence and industry, succumbing to internal division only under evolutionary pressure. Their successful civilisations are not based on laws of hatred and revenge against others.

The Jew is different than all of them. His tool teaches him to use other peoples as his foundation. He needs outsiders as primary producers. He needs different cultural taxa of host societies to strain against in order that he himself might live. This is the basis of the old phrase, "The Teuton can survive without the Jew, but not vice versa." This is the reality of the evolutionary relationship between all sojourning peoples that have chosen an essentially mercantile strategy and the host peoples they live among.

Life is a recurring series of inter- and intra- group competition. The Jew in exile was able to lesson the degree of intra-species competition among his particular group, democratising his collective and enabling him to focus more fully and effectively on wresting resources from competing groups. Though his cultural tools are certainly similar in many ways to the tools of other types, particularly mercantile types, they also differ in other ways. One of the greatest differences lies in the Jew’s eternal need for inter-group cultural competition. It is a primary injunction among his group to set itself apart from other groups, and without this element many of his laws and physical cultural manifestations become pointless or absurd. Away would go his current proscriptions and commandments. The garb, the dietary laws, the synagogue, the holy days, the circumcision, and the hostile psychological construction itself would become superfluous. Though the Jew’s evolutionary strategy has been described as a "this world" religion, versus the insane "other world" religion of Christians and Mohammedans, his laws reveal that he certainly is not comfortable in this world, as is the far-seeing Aryan, or even the beast-like whites.

The Jew needs to dominate and exploit others to exist. He does what he can to attain a position by which he can do this, and after his victory over a host people nothing ever remains but a ruined population and landscape. This has always been the way. His global dispersion, his encroachment on weakened national bodies and subsequent impoverishment and destruction of those bodies, and his increased health and fitness in direct relation to their misery, has led many who study such things to describe those who use the Jewish technology as parasitical. As assessors of the Jewish cultural strategy we must conditionally concur with these others’ biological assessment of him. You who have received this communiqué must take care, however, not to fall into the trap of that variant of white known as the reactionary antisemite. You must not accept this "parasite" description as rancourous, but merely a biological assessment made in order to understand the Ashkenazi’s methodology. Remember, we Aryans, too, have taken over less fit tribes in order to further our own genetic interests. The Jew struggles to survive just as all organisms struggle to survive, and everything on this earth finds its own method or perishes.

Parasites drive evolutionary change. They are to be found in nearly every environment extant on earth where life forms exist and it is to be expected that they will be found in nearly every social environment as well. They are. In the land of Israel, even the parasitic Jew himself is a victim of parasitism by his fellow Jew. This is to be expected when he is placed within protected boundaries, limiting his social opportunity to live off a host, as we saw when he was trapped withing the Pale of Settlement. In galuth the attempted parasitisation of Jew by Jew is more rare, but wherever the host is nearly depleted it is a quite common and predictable state of affairs.

A parasite cannot survive in a non-viable host. Therefore followers of the Jewish strategy cannot live for long among a people that has made itself not viable for exploitation; that is, a people that collectively acts in its own long-term interests by utilising all absorbed energy to support itself rather than an alien organism.

This parasitical method of the Jew is not without benefits for the Aryan currently. Parasites, when unchequed, limit population growth of particular types of infected species. This is a bonus for us when it comes to the number of whites in the long term. But also realise that whites have been parasitised for so long that the possibility exists that the Jew has become part of their functional makeup, in the same manner that the parasites that once lived on certain cells of what would become Homo sapiens eventually transformed into what we know today as mitochondria. Certainly particular memetic proposals of the Jew, such as Pauline Christianity or Marxism or feminism or the levelling ideology of universal democracy, are not only transmitted to whites in vector-fashion and spread by them to other races, but seem innate to the whites’ psycho-physiological makeup. The day may soon arrive when, for the purpose of understanding and battling them, the Jew and the whites are to be viewed by the various global peoples they have enslaved as a single symbiotic organism rather than as evolutionarily competing ones. In this case both the Jew rider and the white horse will be seen as Native Americans saw the invading Spaniards, as fused entities approximating centaurs. This is not for discussion here.


Culture affects biology as much as biology affects culture. Seen without semantic distortion there is no difference between the two words. This is obvious, perhaps not to whites, but certainly to Jews and Aryans. Over centuries the dualism the original Hebrews took from the Aryan prophet Zoroaster became ever more sharply defined, and the Jewish strategy became a dialectical strategy like no other. The technique of measuring the worth of any phenomenon by asking if it was good only in relation to the group, and basing decisions on the corresponding answer, worked for a time but eventually became faulty. Why? Because it logically followed that whatever was good for the Jewish group became something that was bad for the members of the host society it lived among due to the two groups’ contrasting methods of maintaining and perpetuating life on this earth, and therefore peoples who were as equally desirous of life as the Jew and were able to adapt to the Jew noted the simple binary measures taken by him against them and reacted correspondingly by removing him from their midst. His enervating presence could not be allowed, and if a host people still possessed adequate political and social power it would not be allowed. If they no longer had the power to remove him, their cultural slavery was inevitably followed by actual slavery or death. All proclamations made by the Jew regarding his "right" to live in a society in which he has traditionally been looked at as an outsider are simply an extended cultural method meant to assure his biological survival within a host. Remember, the Jew needs an environment in which to live, like any organic form. We do not misunderstand this need of his, nor condemn it, but we cannot allow him his life-furthering techniques when they come at the expense of our lives.


Somewhere in the murky recent past of our species agriculture was developed. This was the ability to apply diligent labour and observational intelligence to the earth and extract increased resources from it. After long eras of trial and error those who farmed eventually began to accrue an annual surfeit of foodstuffs. Their success at this, along with equal success at animal husbandry, led to civilisation, which opened many other doors to different paths for man to then follow. The surplus of caloric sustenance remaining from the labour of these farmers allowed the rise of artisans and scribes and such, and already thousands of years ago we are able to glimpse the nascent form of modern nations. From these embryonic states arose traders, men who dealt not directly with the land but with the transference of goods between interested parties. The goods themselves existed solely due to the success of the primary producers; the farmer, the shepherd, the fisherman, and others like this. The further human occupations moved from the function of procuring their sustenance directly from the land or the sea, be these occupations scribe, merchant, priest, warrior, or trader, the more the humans following them had to rely on the labour of other human beings in order to themselves remain alive on this earth.

Over centuries, the best farmers and cattlemen learned the true laws of sustainability. In order to maintain their livelihoods and to assure that their descendants could live from one generation to the next, these types had to constantly put back into the land as much energy as they received from it, beginning to recognise that such processes were zero-sum and that all energy that was extracted had to be replaced. After innumerable original mistakes certain of them finally understood that they had to be stewards of the earth rather than plunderers. They began to protect and nurture the soil, recognising that its health meant their survival. Indeed, as the basis of civilisation, its health means nearly everyone’s survival today.

The merchant, not being tied to the land, rarely came to this realisation. Humans were his soil, and humans were everywhere. As long as the primary producers whom he lived off of were able to survive, so was he. He was not forced to learn sustainability in order to live. Instead he put no ceiling on what could be acquired. He did not and does not willingly limit himself when it comes to acquisition of resources, particularly if he is not connected through kinship or culture to those he earns his profits from. Today we see the continuation and proliferation of the phenomenon the Marxists pointed out, that of capitalists "creating markets" for their surplus products by expanding into the territories of still more primary producers. The merchant must, in order to survive, take as much as possible from the society he lives in while giving back as little as possible to that society. This is how he creates a profit. His profit is life for him and allows expansion of his type.

Having never taken into account the utilisation of resources other than other human beings, merchant types will, if unchequed by government, geography, or market forces, ultimately deplete what to them is sustenance, that is, the aboriginal inhabitants of whatever population they are living among. When there is no apparent cheque on the limit of what can be gathered there is never any evolutionary need for self- restraint. If the farmer were to follow this course of maximal withdrawal and minimal input with his own medium it would mean death; first of the land, then of himself, then of the civilisation he supports.

The concept of being stateless, built into the Jewish sojourning strategy, is one of the reasons for its destruction of nation-states worldwide. The survival of those who follow the Jewish strategy has up to this point been predicated on there being enough civilisations for them to live off of. Without needing to obey state boundaries, they have behaved as if the world were infinite. They have moved from one society to the next as casually as did the most primitive of slash and burn agriculturalists when still in the early phase of recognising which agricultural method would sustain them and which would not. The Jewish strategy became one of living off of others but of never replenishing those others, since the existence of those others was also a threat. This is one of the many reasons why we Aryans have repudiated the Jew’s evolutionary strategy, or methodology, realising as we do that it is ultimately unsustainable. As was seen when we politically controlled our own land, it was we who figured out the workings of the earth, the totality of ecology, the value of physical labour from within the body of the folk, the eradication of classes in a society, the superiority of physical robustness over a sickly intellectualism, and the necessity of a return to holistic health rather than a continuance of the false view of being a species separate from the soil and the fate of other species. All of these concepts are anathema to the states dominated by the Jew today. In these societies the ideological battles waged between environmental worldviews and economic ones are for the most part but a battle between the Aryan world outlook and the Jew world outlook.

From the time of its origins the existence of civilisation has allowed for the existence of those who exploit civilisation, meaning those who exploit other humans, either in soft or hard fashion. Indeed, one of the reasons certain northern tribes among our Aryan peoples managed to avoid being exploited or parasitised for so long was because they had not yet created a civilisation, but rather a culture. The fact that these northern barbarians were eventually taken as slaves by others who had created civilisation shows that such cultures are rarely adequate protection against civilised man and his use of the enormous amount of material which accrues within his boundaries.

As with many primitive cultures not yet hardened into civilisation, the framework of the culture of the northern barbarian tribes was adequately constructed for the existence of their type. It was rough, pagan, and without artifice, which certain post-modern humans, suffering the draining effects of civilisation, began to believe was superior to their own grueling cultural environment. Even today a substantial amount of people look back to pre-Christian and pre-industrialised culture as a beacon shining a light on a better way to exist on this earth. One must surely notice that among the xenophilic whites exist millions who worship the aboriginal peoples of the Americas or Australia or elsewhere, imparting traits to them that they once possessed themselves but subsequently lost. Many of these whites are never cognisant of the fact that they are romantically projecting onto these peoples their own desire for the primitive life they themselves sprang from, yearning to return to a communal state close to the soil where they can once again feel complete. What it is they most desire, whether acknowledged or not, is an end to civilisation as it is known among whites. In this we are sympathetic to them, for we too wished this once.

It is a magical and much-loved concept and word, this civilisation. Rather than uncritically gape at it with awe as the crowning achievement of human endeavour, let us here note it for what it is in ecological terms: it is an environmental adaptation made by a species to increase fitness and facilitate survival rates. And like all adaptations it must constantly be refined and changed if it is to maintain its value. If it does not provide protection, if it does not ensure horizontal and vertical transmission of life to those particular organisms that live within its systems, then it is not only worthless to those organisms, it is detrimental to them. Certainly at this point in time Western civilisation has become harmful to the Aryan, and even to most whites. This is why when certain conservative whites boast of themselves as the "creators" of particular extant civilisations and await plaudits, the Aryan shrugs his shoulders, for no aware human boasts of building the tool that has killed him. Only short-sighted whites, blind to the factors that cause their deaths, sweepingly praise their forefathers’ previous empires or civilisations. The Aryan knows that civilisation as it has progressed in the West has outlived its usefulness for us and that it must be abolished or transformed or we will die.

The Jew often champions civilisation, due to the fact that his whole method of survival and means of sustenance is based on its existence. One may say that the Jew rose with civilisation. However, that civilisation must be built by others, as history has shown, for those who have taken the Jewish strategy have proved themselves inadequate at creating one. Civilisations arose from the societies of sedentary, agricultural peoples. The Jew long ago moved away from such a style of living, having realised the opportunity afforded by sojourning and living off of those who were rooted in territory. He has been able to take advantage of the stability offered him by the civilisations of others who have gathered wealth, but his very presence impacts and alters the course of these civilisations.

More wealth can be gained for the Jew if the civilisation he invades is in a chaotic state. The cultural conservatism necessary for intelligent races to build and maintain a civilisation will, if not assaulted, properly retain the treasures of its adherents. This accumulated wealth must be pried loose by the Jew if he is to survive, therefore the conservative ethics of the society must be altered. In the chaos caused by actively disturbing civilisations has been his opportunity to gather wealth. Therefore his traditional culture is not one concerned with the upkeep of a civilised nation-state, but of exploiting it until he has shaken its riches out and consolidated his power, at which point the chaos is replaced by totalitarianism, the next phase in his resource extraction.

It is because of this quality of his that the Ashkenazi’s recent experiment at linking himself to the soil is failing. The land of Israel is crumbling, as the more perspective Jews who opposed Zionism had foreseen and feared. They knew that if people who had been evolutionarily shaped in the manner they had been shaped made the attempt to have their own society outside of the boundaries of another people, the results would ultimately prove disastrous. The founders of the Zionist state were, for their part, attempting to make manifest the Aryan concept of successful state building. Though the Zionists, a robust minority among the Ashkenazim, realised much about themselves and the damage which years of their predecessors’ dialectical strategy had wreaked on their group while they were in exile, they did not think through the logical consequences of their idea of a homeland. They were brilliant adapters to a changing social environment, but in pushing for a national territory for all Jews rather than for a specific type of Jew, they convinced themselves that the Jew could exist in a way that the Jew cannot exist. A fish flopping on the shore is alive, like Israel is alive currently, but it cannot remain so for long.

The Jew has since learned that the intelligence he traditionally used to extract riches from other states, states that existed only due to the intelligence and prowess of other groups, must now be used to preserve his own state. Where previously he would have struggled to climb into positions of power and control, here in his own land he is needed to fill positions of upkeep and performance. No more barristers, but engineers. No more stockbrokers, but civil administrators. No more journalists, but teachers.

He has not reached the understanding that he is inadequate to the task of building and maintaining a civilisation for any length of time. His psychological makeup will not allow him this insight. When the Jew boasts of being integral to revolutionary movements, or of eternally pushing "the new", or of breaking the boundaries erected by "conformity", or of being a handmaiden of modernity, he speaks the truth, yet it is cultural qualities like these that assure that a stable society can never be created or sustained by him. Remember, a culture that evasively "answers a question with a question" is not one able to build or to survive on its own, but one that needs the existence of other types, for if a material infrastructure is to be built and maintained, questions must be answered with answers.

In his own state, without others from a host society to perform the necessary maintenance of this state, the various talents of the Jew are wasted or eventually turned against him. Forced to follow the only laws he has ever known, he still possesses a desire to accumulate as much material as possible, but now his instinctive urges, honed and passed down over centuries in galuth, come at the cost of his own nation- state’s ultimate existence, rather than a host’s state. It is one of the many reasons why in an Aryan land the price of bread can remain unchanged for hundreds of years, whereas the Jew, when left to his particular laws, is unable to ensure the slightest stability in the price of any commodity or product.

Without the marker of an obvious revolution or war, as there was in Russia or Germany, there is never a definite point at which the Jew has taken over a competitor’s civilisation. It is an ongoing process. Even as he transforms the civilisation he is gaining power, and even as he is gaining power in a civilisation, he is transforming it. The destruction of the foundations of the previous state is assured, for it is the predictable outcome of the application of his ideological tool. Never has there been a different result. Once introduced into a white civilisation, the Jew will rule. The English, those who somewhat understood aspects of the Judaic methodology, eventually tried to apply certain of these methods to their own state, in particular the concept of eternally "taking" from the so-called "bottom" or "lower" classes. This worked to their own detriment, for when the avariciousness of the Jew, which is necessary for him and his out- group sojourning type, is internally applied to a holistic society, that society will rapidly crumble as it first disenfranchises, then impoverishes, huge portions of the sedentary and foundational native population. Remember, the existence of a civilisation relies on certain divisions between people with different capacities, skills, and intellects, and if the various members of these divisions are exploited too harshly by another it is the beginning of the end of this as a functioning civilisation, even without the presence of the Jew.

The application of cultural Judaism's methods to Western nation-states today translates to a betrayal of the working class and the marginalisation and enslavement of the indigenous workers and peasants of these societies. In a globalised world, Jewish rule means the exploitation and eventual extinction of many men and women of this type. Where before these basal classes were used by the Jew as a weapon to destroy the leadership of different civilisations he sought to rule over, now that they have fulfilled their function they are cast away broken and ruined. The end result of this destruction of the peasant base from which so much greatness has sprung is that the usurped civilisations they once supported teeter, for all civilisations are built atop the surplus products of the peasants' labour. We will speak more of this later.


Not only does the Jew constantly praise the existence of civilisation, he also embellishes his rôle in its creation, particularly that civilisation called "Western". Today, at the pinnacle of his power, he often makes the claim that his presence in Western lands has been integral to the numerous manifestations of Aryan and European white genius. The Jew must make these claims. He praises his rôle and exaggerates his genius because he fears that it will be recognised by others that he is not needed, nor has he ever been. We understand his concern. An organism must continue living within the borders of the environment it most easily exploits. For the Jew, that environment is to be found among the peoples of Europe. Even if a man has not the ability to build a dwelling himself, he still needs one to live in.

As with the numerous falsified accounts of his own history, there is no evidence for the Jew’s claims to be central to Western civilisation beyond his own incessantly and loudly shouted words. The longtime cultural phenomenon of his excessive breeding is just one facet of his survival strategy that previously disallowed him proper focus on the elements vital to erecting a functioning civilisation, but even after his birthrate dropped after his so-called emancipation and he freely began to mingle with our highly accomplished peoples, he has produced no civilisational output that could be considered vital. Certainly little has come from him that we among ourselves consider quality, and what achievements there have been on his part are merely distorted reflexions of his dominant host’s society. His claims to being the equal of the Hindoo or the Chinese or the European Aryan when it comes to civilisation-building serve a biological function, as we have seen, but in psychological terms these desperate claims indicate a painful feeling of inadequacy on his part.

When among fellow Aryans one is always able to laugh at the exaggerated assertions of the Jew. Let us take just one of his boasts, doubtless already pointed out to you by your family. It is the ridiculous claim of "giving the world monotheism", as outrageous a repeated meme as any other. The assertion is historically untrue, of course, as many peoples had proposed the idea prior to the Hebrew sect. Yet that is not where its ridiculousness lies. It springs instead from the fact that belief in a single magic imaginary god is no more valid than belief in a plurality of imaginary gods. One might as well boast of offering the world the legend of the unicorn to replace the legend of the winged horse. Somehow the Jew and various whites proudly tout this as one of his unique contributions to the Western world, insisting that indigenous European culture-producers would have been lost without it.


And yet surrounded by such ludicrous proclamations as this we must admit the enormous rôle the Jew has played in the thoroughly debauched and poisonous civilisations of the whites today. Indeed, since we Aryans have been culturally removed from the West, forcibly at first, then voluntarily, the terrible combination of Jew and whites brings the Western nations to their logical destination: the genocidal eradication of whites. There is an inverse relationship between the power the Jew wields within a state and the health of the majority population of the host nation. A robust people, conscious of its own worth and capabilities and strong in its national culture, has no need of the Jew, whereas one that allows the Jew entry into its national body already shows its sickness. That sickness only accelerates with the introduction of the Jew, for from the time the Jew enters he begins dispossessing the majority population who vie with him for resource absorption and control.

Within the states controlled by the Jew today, the whites are disappearing. This is our desire fulfilled. The West not only no longer represents us, but is actually harmful to us, and therefore must be torn up by its roots and eliminated. Therefore, to witness the easily duped offspring of the slavish whites pay homage to Jewish- and Aryan- supported "tear down" movements like feminism and multiculturalism, believing them more important to a modern civilisation than the invention of the refrigerator or the building of a communications infrastructure, is enjoyable to us. To witness their total lack of comprehension regarding their own daily and yearly disappearance is enjoyable to us. To watch them put their bloody hands over their eyes while loudly praising that which has enslaved them and is eliminating them is enjoyable to us. For three generations we have worked to deny awareness to the deracinated whites of their imminent destruction. This effort on our part is no longer necessary. For reasons we are not concerned with here, most whites cannot or will not recognise their own daily slaughter.