Protocols 3

Protocols 3


I C.

For all the faults previously attributed to whites, they have been able at times to build functioning societies when their leadership has acted as the Aryan does; that is, when they have thought of the whole before the part. During such epochs they have sought, like the Han people of China, internal harmony within the boundaries of these societies. For a civilised society to work properly there must be divisions within that society. If not protected these divisions leave seams or cracks that may be exploited to the advantage of other groups, in particular sojourning groups.

The European Jew, being a white with an ideology, racially blends into white societies. He is eager to live off of the resources this society procures, but also eager to take advantage of the natural cracks in this model of stability in order that the whites never unite against his presence if that presence proves deleterious, as it always does. For the most part white societies have been very accommodating to him. Many of his worthiest cultural tools were tested and refined in the social environment of prosperity and relative tolerance brought about by the innovation and diligence of both Aryan and white. It must be recognised that the white Ashkenazi was created within the boundaries of our ancestral lands. As it is often said, if it were not for the tolerance of Europeans, the Jew would never exist. But the Jew does exist, to the misfortune of billions, and this is due in part to his ability to blend into surrounding white environs. The Chinese have not had to suffer this phenomenon of a nation within a nation, an alien group that constantly undermines the foundations of society and saws away at the beams that uphold order. In this the Han have been blessed.

The Jew, per his cultural technique and per his very biological imperative, has no other option but to destroy. Any time there is a threat of whites coalescing and forming solid in-group and out-group boundaries, any time whites threaten to become a cladistically higher organism, any time whites shed whiteness to become Aryan, the Jew must attack. This is normal. The Jew must live, and for him to live he must thwart the formation of host-society individuals into a group possessing group interests or, if his rivals are already a group, he must do what he can to divide them. One finds the Jew busily splintering in this way during the early Christian era, during the Scholastic movement, during the Renaissance, during Christian reform movements and Christian counter-reform movements, during the French Revolution, during the European Revolutions of ’48, during the period after the terrible World War, and during many other times where social schisms were exploited and broadened for his biological benefit.

The goal of the Aryan has previously been to negate the possibility of Jewish exploitation by transforming these always-vulnerable whites. We endeavored to give them consciousness and protection, to inculcate them with a sense of who they were and what they could be, and to raise them from the status of beasts. We shared ethnic and cultural traits with them, though not always moral ones. On the other hand, among the various peoples that have taken the Jewish strategy, it is the more important moral traits that are shared with each other, though not necessarily cultural or ethnic ones. This is clear from any visit to the homeland they have successfully managed to carve out for themselves, where one can witness all manner of races, ethnicities, and traditions roughly coexisting for now. Although this mosaic population of Israel is ruled by the white Ashkenazi for his own benefit, the shared group evolutionary strategy of Judaism allows a common morality to be drawn on by all groups. To the Jew, as to the Aryan, morals mean simply using the tools of culture appropriately throughout one’s life in order to increase the fitness and prosperity of one’s own people. To the Aryan, the act of following these rules and using these tools properly is called "honour".

Whites are different from both the Aryan and the Jew. To whites morals mean obeying the orders of whomever has power, no matter the ultimate outcome for themselves. That is why, once power is gained by a group, they will adhere to the rules laid down by that group. They followed us when we took control of our ancestral lands in Europe during the 1930s, and today they follow the Ashkenazi now that he controls these lands. They will always believe what they are told to believe by those who rule them.

When no one had power over them, whites generally constructed some form of law for themselves to proscribe certain behaviours. Rarely did their laws last for any length of time, for evolution constantly presented new challenges to their beliefs and social constructs. But when incorporated with the rigid and unbending nation-states they created, whites' laws eventually proved deadly to their descendants. In contrast, the laws of the Jew, written by those who understood eternal flux, had and have as their basis the imperative to survive at all costs, and therefore are adaptable to shifting circumstances.

The laws of the whites are objective, not subjective, as befits their particular psychological makeup and as one would expect from a sedentary, science-creating culture rooted in territorial possession and the legal concept of the nation-state. When interlopers take over the government of the white state, de facto or de jure, they take the objective laws set up by the whites and use them subjectively against the whites. Whites become docile handlickers to the new masters, following the reinterpreted and redirected laws even unto the gallows. From this trait alone it is clear to the Aryan that whites lack honour.

The Aryan, when united under various ideologies, has always built impressive civilisations, taking culturally incremental steps toward total group cohesion through numerous religious and national stages of development. Through our intelligence, industriousness, and perseverance, we have brought forth marvels in all spheres. A visit to any of the libraries we have built, in any city of the New World or Old, will reveal the amazing qualities of our people. These unsurpassed collections are a tribute to our capabilities in everything that can be imagined under the sun. We are proven masters of science, art, industry, and all things.

We mention our Aryan achievements here among ourselves only because the Ashkenazi now brags of these achievements as his own. He proclaims our accomplishments as having been impossible to achieve without his involvement, just as his cultural forebears did when meeting the superior Greeks more than two thousand years ago, claiming all ingenuity as their own. This pompous boasting and lying about the nature of his accomplishments is currently allowed him, per the power he has gained over the whites and the Aryan. In today’s society the Jew can afford to boast and to lie for he cannot be openly contradicted. Among ourselves we know that the limited cultural accomplishments of the Ashkenazi have only ever been a corollary to our own massive achievements, but it is not for us to say so at this time. The struggle of evolution is eternal and we are currently more concentrated on using the tools of survival to reach safer ground than crowing about our previous achievements or openly complaining that these achievements are being wrongfully attributed to others. The Ashkenazi is powerful, and the powerful are able to boast. The enslaved cannot. This has always been the way. Indeed, we even prefer that the Ashkenazi boasts today, and we encourage it.


It must be remembered that the Ashkenazi despises both whites and Aryans equally, even though these latter two are enormously different from each other, and even though most whites do not consider themselves enemies of the Ashkenazi. Many whites actually worship him, due to the power he wields, and would do all they could to allow him his life on this earth, content in their servitude to him. Far more whites actually hate the white Aryan than hate the white Jew, for the Aryan has little power. Yet beyond matters of tactical calculations this difference between the two groups matters not to the Jew. In his heart he views all peoples other than himself as an enemy, as his cultural technology demands he must. The trait that enables him to look at that upon which his very livelihood is based as something to be feared and hated is engraved on his constitution. Imagine if whites were to suddenly begin to despise the soil their sustenance springs from and you can see the insanity that has been brought about by generations of Ashkenazi hatred.

The Ashkenazi cruelly mocks the whites for being ignorant. He mocks them for having nothing sacred in their low culture and for having no guide through life, as exemplified by the Slavic peasants of Eastern Europe or by the Anglo-Saxon dullards of the United States or England or Canada or Australia. He is correct in this assessment. Yet when these same whites culturally recreate themselves, subsequently consolidating themselves evolutionarily and eradicating the frivolous and useless from their culture, giving meaning and dignity to those same elements of a lived life that the Ashkenazi does with his own life, the Ashkenazi knows that soon there will no longer be room for him among them, for their society is becoming an Aryan society. Oftentimes, as evolution would dictate, this Aryan society has come about solely due to the presence of the Jew himself. Though he hates the Aryan as much as he hates the formless and base whites, it is he himself who has, over the centuries, been integral in creating the Aryan.

Why does the Jew openly scorn the whites for their lack of true religiosity, if by doing so he increases the probability of whites becoming Aryan, who will then actively oppose rather than facilitate his spread? He does this not consciously, but in order to favourably contrast himself against those he lives among. This is a natural tactic of a people in exile. Per the instructions needed to operate his cultural tool, the Jew must constantly afirm his superiority in order that boundaries between the two groups be firmly set. However, it should be clear that it is the white state of consciousness that the Jew always prefers his host to be in. No matter which society or civilisation the Jew is in the process of penetrating, from Europe to India to China, he prefers individualism or class or caste division in the population to a unity based on national, cultural, or ethnic grounds.

Groups lacking true religiosity, meaning those lacking effective, self-governing, biological group laws promoting unity, are easily splintered and dominated. Because of this they are susceptible to having their resources redirected to the Jew. Christendom, a substantial group competitor of the Jew’s at one point, approached at times the heights of Aryanism, but was originally built on an ideology resting on shaky universal ground. This meant that once dissension began within its ranks it could be divided into smaller and more exploitable groups of Catholics and Protestants by those who wielded the Jewish tool. Once the initial division was made these groups could be, and were, divided and separated still further. Any movement away from a larger group, whether initiated by the Jew or not, will be supported by him in some way, for he must constantly pare his competitors down into more easily exploitable units. From feminism to individualism, from youth movements to class struggles, one will find the Jew.

In the same way that the strategy of Judaism is not limited to use by a single ethnic group, the splintering of seemingly cohesive cultural groups by those wielding the Jewish tool is not confined only to white target societies. Wherever a group calling itself Jewish arrives in a territory to procure resources, the same technique is used to lessen the bonds between whichever group is now his competitor. Diverse racial ethnicities, all going by the name "Jew", have exploited and caused rifts between the Mohammedans, between the tribes of Central Asia, and between the peoples of Eastern Asia, not just between the whites. Currently we see the Ashkenazi Jew doing this today with the peoples of China, Persia, and various Arabic Mohammedan lands, attempting to fragment their respective societies in myriad ways through the actions of the governments of the white societies he safely rules. Again, understand, he must do this.

If the members of a previously separated group manage to reunite in a self-defensive collective, raising the status of the individual only if he acts in the interest of the group, the adherents to the Jewish ideology recognise the possible coming loss of resources, and therefore life, for themselves. They know this reunification must be thwarted. When true religiosity awakens in a competitor people and they begin to wield the tool of collectivity as it is meant to be wielded, the Jew will try to stop this by various means. Failing to achieve his goal he always turns to the next logical solution, which is mass murder.


Many of the most terrible slaughters in the West are due to the Jew’s propensity for butchering his evolutionary competitors. This is axiomatic. If the Jew cannot successfully divide a people or keep them from unifying, he will always choose to murder at a certain point when he has amassed enough power. We see this not just in the ancient world, where he massacred communities of Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and others whenever given a chance, but also in modern Turkey, Hungary, Rumania, Poland, Russia, Irak and elsewhere. Most markedly and tragically we see it in his destruction of the burgeoning Aryan state in Germany, which had been slowly forming for millennia. How did this happen to Germany? It is no secret. After the horrible European slaughter the Ashkenazi elite helped foment, the Great War, he found himself with enormous power, and he rightly used the power to eliminate or bring to heel his rivals. His appearance in the aftermath of mass slaughter is normal, and is a situation that has repeated itself the world over and throughout the course of history, wherever one looks. Enormous numbers of native elites die in battle, and with their disappearance whatever culture previously existed in their territory is unable to be adequately defended against those who would alter that culture to obtain the resources of that territory for themselves. With the elimination of elites, no matter the cause, an exploitable situation arises for others.

Those possessing a powerful culture will always gain the upper hand when placed in proximity to those with a weaker culture. The Germans’ culture, though fertile enough for whites to grow into Aryans, was decade after decade being forcibly changed by the stronger culture of the Ashkenazi. The pressure applied by this alien culture drastically increased after the deaths of those millions of young men and families across Europe in the Great War. Desperate to survive, the choking Aryan of Germany fought back. He brought his enemy into the open, loudly calling attention to the divide between himself and the Jew, which is the very divide the Ashkenazi himself proclaims and lives by. The Jew wants to be a nation apart. His laws are based on the dialectic of unceasing opposition to other nations. He constantly trumpets that he is not like other men. To his fellow Jew he mocks all the other peoples of the world as slaves meant only to be owned by him. He derides them as impure and filthy beasts. His holy books are filled with insults of and slanders against all the human beings on this earth. The Aryan German finally treated the Jew as the Jew treated him, as an outsider. We believed him when he said that he was not like other men, so we acted toward him as if he were not like other men. This was the key. His tool of ethnic unity and insulting descriptions of outsiders was turned against him, and the results were as expected. He began to be forced from positions of power. The native inhabitants were protected from further economic exploitation. Prosperity returned to the homeland. Resources were kept within the cultural boundaries of the indigenous people of Germany.

In contrast to the continental German people, the Anglo-Saxons living on the island next to Europe failed to create an abiding culture that would protect them from open alien subjugation. Riven by class and industrial malaise, they fell to the Jew with nary an open fight in their own land and in every land they had previously colonised. They were a folk that had grown sterile, profligate, and hollow, putty in the hand of capital, therefore putty in the hand of the Jew.

The mighty Aryan Slavs of Russia fought the growing power of the Jew as fiercely as the German did, until they too were bled dry, then murdered and enslaved. The feral remainder of their population was finally directed against the people of Germany and elsewhere.

It was in the heart of Europe that a strongman arose to unite the German nation, a phenomenon which often happens during times of chaos. Alexander of Macedon, Gaius Julius Caesar, Mohammed, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the leader of Germany all realised that, in order to preserve their people and their culture, hostile elements within the national body had to first be defeated. With this internecine conflict resolved, the newly united nation had to direct its energy outward to neutralise the external forces that threatened from the perimeter. This cemented the unity of the recently divided nation.

Of all of these mentioned men, and the many others like them, only Mohammed in any way compares to the leader who gained power in Germany, a social and religious reformer the likes of which the world has never seen. He is not to be compared to mere political powermongers, either to his bellicose contemporaries entrenched in the corrupt democracies of his time or to those wretched whores that walk the halls of our European capitals today, doing the bidding of alien bankers. To those whites unable to see the difference between politics and religion, to those that ignorantly believe the fables spun about this man by his enemies, we can but shrug our shoulders. Only the uneducated, only the indoctrinated, only the blind, only those who deserve slavery, only the lazy, only the exploiters, and only the oppressors fail to understand the reality of his and our movement in Europe. People who either cannot or do not want to recognise what our military loss meant to the world are not worthy of being taught, and no time is ever to be wasted on them, for what care we for the thoughts of men who have no power nor any understanding of how to gain power? These deracinated whites who see no line from Arjuna to Brunnhilde to every anonymous soldier slaughtered at Stalingrad are of no worth to us. Only among ourselves, and among most of the non-white peoples of the world, is it clear that the Aryans of Germany drove the Jew out of our lands in order to live.

We suffered for our failure, and we suffer still. The Jew’s reaction to those striving to be free of his slavery, or even to those whose lands he is only in the process of initially infiltrating, is always hatred. The Jew hates these goyim because, if they wish to no longer be slaves, he is in danger of losing resources or, if they do not wish to be made slaves, he is being denied access to resources that he needs to grow his organism. It is this murderous hatred, the most powerful hatred the world has ever known and an evolutionary and cultural quality the Jew can never shed, which we have utilised most fully for our own benefit. As one would a team of horses, we have harnessed this hatred alongside another quality of the Jewish collective character, the desire and the will to inevitably transform any civilisation into which he is allowed. With these harnessed traits of his we have ridden roughshod over the whites who stand in our way and who denied us our freedom from the Jew.

It is the Ashkenazi that has allowed us our revenge against the whites. As the destructiveness of the Mongol once reshaped the world, letting new cultures and tribes arise where they previously pillaged and conquered, so too does the destructiveness of the Jew today tear down what must be torn down in order that we might rebuild. Leashing these twin traits of the Jew has allowed us to steadily purge the globe of many former enemies, from the whites of England to the whites of France to the whites of the Christian church. With the point of a finger and a single word he attacks for us. This we will discuss later. But let us at this time briefly continue our crude outlines of the multi-racial, multi-ethnic group known as the Jews, and their relationship with civilisation, for it is the relationship of these two entities that lie at the heart of our campaign and strategy. We speak now of Judaism as a whole but as always our emphasis is on those white Ashkenazim that have taken their tool from the Sephardim and used it to subjugate and murder us and many other peoples.