Protocols 2

Protocols 2


I B.

In our eyes there exist only three divisions of that race the world knows broadly as "white" or "Caucasoid". There are ourselves, who are the fewest and weakest currently. There are the Ashkenazim, who are a subset of what are called "Jews", the broad term itself including more physical and ethnic types than the currently dominant Ashkenazim lead people to believe. And finally there are those who are greatest in number, those who have been wielded as a sword by these first two groups in their battles against each other. Lacking all culture, lacking all insight, lacking any ability to look into the future, and lacking any worthy label, these are today simply called by the blanket term "white", and as a group they can either be altered, abolished, or dictated to by whomever rules over them.

To fully understand our position, as well as our various tactics, these groups, their different historic interplays, their strengths and weaknesses, and their respective current social conditions will be briefly described to you. Let us begin with the largest of them.


Whites, those people who are usually only able to define themselves according to the colour of their skin or the name of some no-longer-relevant geographical location, are slaves to power. It does not matter if the policies enacted by this power serve their long-term interests or not. It does not matter if this power tells them to hand over their wealth or to usher their daughters into whoredom or to put bullets in their own heads, they will obey with great enthusiasm. This must always be remembered, for it has been vital in implementing our plan in the years that have passed since our outward defeat. They are such natural lackeys and evolutionary cattle that the dogma and propaganda put forth by whomever holds power will be believed by them, regardless if it be truth or lies, and regardless of what their physical senses tell them. This pliable condition among the white masses is evolutionarily normal, and is necessary for building civilisations. It is a condition which can also, when understood and utilised by others, tear civilisations down.

Whites do what they are told to do and they think what they are told to think. One of the cultural reasons they are prone to such unquestioning belief is because of their inability to look into or understand the past, and so are unable to compare previous instances or experiences to their current circumstances. They are as little children, or as wild beasts, existing only in the present, unable to adequately pass down or receive wisdom from one generation to the next. If, by some miracle, they are made aware of the past, they quickly rid themselves of this knowledge at any opportunity or mandate.

Living as they do only in the present, and unable to properly utilise previous historical experience, they are susceptible to the shiny and the novel in all aspects of daily life. They follow short-term trends, and it matters not if a trend involves defaming themselves or killing themselves, as long as they are instructed to do so they follow it eagerly and faithfully.

For other peoples who do understand what happened before they themselves walked on the earth, and who are therefore able to use this knowledge to erect an edifice and peer some distance into the future, the whites are seen as playthings, as easily controlled as is a dog by a man. These more farseeing peoples know that those who live only in the present will swallow any fashion, any hype, any ephemeral temporality, any form of frivolous entertainment and any suggestion as to what will bring them health, wealth, or status, and therefore these others are able to profit by this condition. Historical peoples have always taken advantage of the childlike and gullible whites. This tendency to exploit others for one's own benefit is natural in all realms of life, and since the advent of agriculture among humans it has rarely been otherwise.


Though consistent in their fealty to power, whites are masses of contradictions; witness the unwarranted arrogance many display, even in their bondage. There are numerous examples of their contradictory nature, no matter which land they live in and no matter which immature and ridiculous political or social group they consider themselves a part of.

Conservative whites in all lands claim to be concerned with the diminishing numbers and status of their people, while taking foreign wives to their beds and fathering a different people. Liberal whites claim to not be concerned about the diminishing numbers and status of their people, yet adamantly refuse to wed a member of another race, often refusing to even live in the same neighborhoods or to send their children to the same schools as people of colour.

Conservative whites champion biological makeup as a factor in intelligence, but deny it as a factor in sexual orientation. Liberal whites deny biology as a factor in anything at all, yet smile approvingly at the prowess of their children, believing they display the inherited traits of their parents.

Many conservative whites boast of the world they have made on the backs of others, claiming "victory goes to the strong", yet hem and haw and deny the validity of the phrase when it is applied to their current state of servitude to the strong and victorious Jew.

Many liberal whites decry the supposed hatred felt by some of their conservative kinsmen for other peoples, negatively describing this xenophobia as "judging a man based on the colour of his skin", while they themselves often profess great love for whole groups of non-white peoples, judging these others based on the colour of their skin.

Other whites, upset with their current diminished socioeconomic status, proclaim that there is a natural aristocracy on this earth which has currently been overthrown, envisioning themselves as this unhorsed aristocracy, and refuse to accept that the best will always rule, and that if they are currently ruled, they themselves therefore are not the best.

And on and on the examples go. The many contradictions internalised by whites of all stripes are the sure sign of a confused and individualised people who are incapable of analysing reality. This inability to understand the realities of the world is an historical trait of theirs which has been ably exploited by us, and will continue to be exploited by us. No matter their current positions in global society whites will always possess the superstitious and coarse minds found in the rudest of barbarians. They believe that at certain times the physical laws that govern the universe can be suspended. They believe that men can walk on water, that corpses can be raised from the dead, that whole nations can fall under the spell of a single hypnotist, that evolution deals solely with individuals instead of the species, or that all human beings are identical in intellectual capacity and emotional outlook. They are believers in the tricks of charlatans, in the words of liars, and in the outrageous displays of magicians.

All truths made accessible to whites are shrunken, twisted, or disregarded in order to fit more easily into their narrow and infantile worldview. Notice how the intelligent and well-constructed blueprint for ethnic dominance outlined in the Jew’s Torah is effectively ignored by the primitive whites, who prefer to focus either on the supernatural elements within the writings or on the appended "New Testament" tales of the wonderworker Yeshua. Proper breeding, eugenic group ideologies, and social subversion of competitors are elements of the Jew’s writings easily ignored by whites, but their credulous ears prick up the moment magic is mentioned.

They will forever lack the understanding of the words of their betters. They take the Jew’s word ‘prophet’, meaning ‘spokesman’, someone the Jew looks to for wisdom about the future health of his people, and interpret the term as a desert conjurer gazing into a crystal ball or reading the future in hoary palms. They see him not as a pragmatist caring about the fate of his tribe but as some breed of carnival fortuneteller in a trance. This is their way.

The Jew’s advice to his fellow Jew, ‘suffer not witches in your midst’, mandated in order to rid his people of the superstitions so rife among other peoples and bring them as a group into line with newly formulated tribal laws, could not be properly understood by superstitious whites either. When eventually they took a portion of the Jew’s beliefs for themselves, they too labeled as ‘witches’ certain women of theirs. These women, rather than undermining adherence to the law or promoting supernatural beliefs over earth- centered ones among the folk, were instead charged with riding on brooms and hiding in the bodies of cats to consort with the Devil. The whites proceeded to torture and murder these women of their own folk, whose only crime was being knowledgeable in healing and herb lore, and in being born among ignorant savages.

Such examples are briefly mentioned here in order to make clear that these people have always been equal parts ignoramuses, believers in magic, and violent witch hunters, and there is no indication that they, as whites, will ever be anything different. Even when blessed with intellect, as happens to them by chance, they fail to use it to further awareness or comprehension of the society or the world around them. They are unable to ascertain social or historical patterns. They are unable to construct logical frameworks or promote their own long-term interests. Their moral touchstone is never themselves, but always the other, be it the Jew or the Negro or something else. Their ethics are not linked to a morality of perseverance and survival, therefore they are unable to understand the world of their betters who know that all lasting morals spring from the necessity of perpetuating the life force and that the only goal is that of increasing biological fitness and resource acquisitions. They repeat vacuous phrases back and forth to each other as advice, never grasping the absolute emptiness of words in this material world. "Knowledge is power," some say. We know that only power is power. "Every man is my brother," some say. We know that only brothers are brothers. "The pen is mightier than the sword," some say. We know that the pen is nothing without the sword.

They are adrift, with nothing to guide them. Their emotions override their intellect, as with little children, but even these emotions of theirs are squandered, for though they possess a seemingly infinite capacity for hatred, as is historically proved, they have an inability to apply this hatred properly in order to benefit themselves. Nothing the whites do currently benefits them. They no longer know how to care for themselves or advance their own biological interests. We have silently watched, silently laughed, and silently assisted as they have willingly given away to competitors the wealth and knowledge their ancestors managed to get their hands on over the centuries. In their eagerness to obtain friends and the respect of other races, not a single one among them has recognised that the weaker one is and the more one gives away, the more one is despised in this world. And truly they, of all nations, are the most despised.

These confused, vicious, simple people are whites, and though laughable in many ways, they are our greatest enemy. They always have been.

But if these whites are the ignoramuses, believers in magic, and violent witch hunters that we claim, how did they manage to accumulate so much wealth? These people who today lack not only their own territory but even the ability to envision ruling and possessing their own territory, have somehow amassed an enormous amount of wealth and accomplished incredible feats over the centuries. Surely this race of whores and cowards and puppets and drones could not have done all this on its own if it has forever been so naïve? Of this we will talk later. We now turn our attentions to the second group of which we spoke, the Jew.


When whites acquire an ideology and a culture of supremacy for themselves, they are, it would seem, unstoppable. The brilliant success of whites when they posses such a culture is reflected currently in the powerful group of elites the peoples of the world refer to as "Jews", a blanket term that includes many types, including the currently most successful among Jews themselves, white Ashkenazim.

The Jews are a loose federation of ethnicities, and our use of the term never implies that we speak of the same immutable racial entity throughout time. Jews in diaspora have always been affected by ethnic and cultural assimilation, and we see today Jews of all physical types. In addition there exist enormous numbers with one Jewish parent or a single, much trumpeted, Jewish grandparent. All of these variations consider themselves Jews and claim the cultural mechanisms of Judaism for themselves in their bid for survival. This is not to assert that the various groups are not related to each other within their groups, merely that belief in a common ancestor for all groups as well as a millennial continuity of "undiluted racial stock" is merely an archetypal assertion of identity made by human beings. Needless to say, the protocols before you deal little with the Sephardim, Mizrahim, Falash, Mountain Jews, or the Jews of India or China but primarily with those who phenotypically blend into societies of European provenance, the Ashkenazim.


When the ancient inhabitants of the New World first began to be studied by archaeologists and scientists, it was theorised that due to the findings of certain artefacts an original race once dominated the landmass. This purported race was dubbed the "Clovis People", and its great prowess at tool making and hunting enabled it to spread across the continents. This theory was wrong, as men now know. Many different peoples populated the New World and what spread was not a single tribe but rather a technology, a particular technique for tool making. The various groups who applied this technique and successfully utilised the technology for resource acquisition were allowed a better chance at personal survival and the subsequent passing on of offspring than their competitors who did not adopt the superior technology.

Just like any spearpoint or arrowhead or flint scraper, culture is a tool that will increase chances of vertical and horizontal survival if devised and used properly. If successfully introduced and propagated it will allow a more thorough gathering of resources and a greater rate of fitness and dominance for the group using it. The brilliant laws enacted under the auspices of the Jew for his own survival are not useable only by his "group" any more than Clovis technology was limited to use by a lone tribe. When the Ashkenazi trumpets his uniqueness and historical longevity, recognise that the claim itself is but a cultural weapon as well. The Ashkenazi is not unique. He has simply wielded a more advanced technology that, in various ways and at different times, has been used with great success by both majority and minority populations. These populations include not only the different races and ethnicities of Jews, but also Hindoos and Parsees, Han Chinese and Germans, Greeks, Lebanese, Armenians, and others. Minority sojourning populations have utilised this cultural technology to ensure their ethnic survival while dwelling among majority populations. When a majority population managed to acquire the same tool possessed by the minority population living in its midst, the now evolutionarily compromised minority population was no longer able to live in the same manner it once did. At this point a new round in evolution would begin. New plans and ideologies were tested and tried by the minority group in order to ensure its continuing survival after the appropriation of its tools by others. It is still this way today. It will be this way tomorrow. All groups are forever in conflict and healthy groups are forever devising tactics to be victorious in this conflict.

Note this well, youth of ours: No matter what your masters may wish you to believe, there are no miraculously or supernaturally long-lived nations; there are only superior techniques and tools used, passed on, or appropriated by those nations having the capacity to do so. That is all.

Know also that, as with any technique or tool, the cultural tools a nation possesses for more effective procuring of resources will, if superior to other nations’ tools, and if these other nations are not eliminated due to their own lack of access to resources, always eventually make their way into the hands of these other nations. At this point, these newly acquired tools or techniques will assuredly be used by the acquirers. If used successfully parity will eventually be reached between the competing nations for a brief time, until the scales swing again. Sometimes the intellects of one group are inadequate to understand these newly gained treasures, and the group fades away regardless of what tool or technique it procured.

Other times those who have gained the cultural secrets of the stronger group wield these techniques more effectively than the group they took them from, forcing the previously stronger group onto one of two paths; further successful innovation or simple disappearance through absorption or eradication.

But if one cannot make an effective tool with which to compete against others who already possess such a tool themselves, and if one wishes to survive in the never-ending struggle for resources, then one must wrest or filch the tool from those who possess it. When the Palestinian Jew translated his Torah into Greek in order to reach the many members of his group who had long forgotten their original tongue, he revealed some of his cultural secrets to a wider world. Certain groups who were not familiar with the original language of the instructions took this new tool that was now made available to them. The Septaguint revealed the operating procedures of a competitor’s group in a common vernacular and was used by some to ensure the same evolutionary success for their own groups as for the group it was originally meant for. Later, Christianity, simply an altered version of the Jew’s evolutionary tool, elevated the fitness of many other ethnic groups, enabling them to compete more effectively against competitors. To this day those who have utilised the Jewish offshoot religion Christianity most successfully, such as the Greeks, Armenians, Maronite Lebanese, and Coptic Egyptians, are still alive and still doing well. Others, noting the efficacy of such tactics, are presently copying the techniques of these groups and claiming ethnically based Christianity for themselves, as we see with the peoples of Korea, Vietnam or the Philippines. This mimic pattern among eternally competing tribes mirrors the spread of any successful technology, cultural or otherwise. In any sphere the stronger inevitably influence and impact the weaker, yet if the weaker are not completely destroyed in the competition for resources, those remaining among them will either make their own tools or adopt the tested and proven techniques or tools of the stronger.

As in biological evolution, no technological advantage vis-à-vis others can last forever. The Palestinian Jew learned this when he lost his Torah. Therefore in the centuries following the time when his cultural technology was transferred to competing groups, and many of his secrets learned by them, the Jew began to refashion his original tool in order to compensate for the loss of resources subsequently suffered. From intense study of this first tool, the Torah, sprang the honed and refined tool known as the Talmudim. This necessary adaptation of the first tool is merely a collection of additional legal codices similar to those that had already been put in place by Hindoos, Parsees and, eventually, Aryan Germans. Once again the Jew had fashioned an instrument that when wielded properly would ultimately give him an evolutionary advantage over others. For this potential evolutionarily advantage to be realised either his tools had to be utilised more effectively then the cultural tools of his competitors, or the tools his competitors used needed to be taken away or rendered impotent. This latter opportunity came for the Ashkenazi clade of Jewry during the European Reformation, when the Roman Catholic Church and the unity it promised for the majority European population was finally irrevocably broken with the Jew's encouragement and assistance, but discussion of such is not meant for this present communiqué.

All segments of mankind are competing groups. A human group maintains technological advantage over competitors by not allowing them access to the technology in question or by assuring that competitors who might have the ability to replicate this technology are eliminated. If a competing group does derive knowledge of a rival’s technology, this group must be stopped before it can utilise the technology. This has been seen among humans from prehistoric times up to today, where we witness an international desire for nuclear weapons by certain states that do not possess them and corresponding assaults on these states by those that do. For our purposes here the most important examples of assaults on appropriators of cultural technology are the Palestinian Jew’s vicious slaughters of early Christians and, two millennia later, the Ashkenazi’s unparalleled destruction of the Aryan Germans and Europeans.

The Ashkenazi’s tool is a powerful one, refined and shaped thanks to the time and resources allotted him by the infrastructure the Europeans provided during his sojourn on their continent. He made better use of the cultural tool of Judaism than any competing Judaic group before him, and the peoples of Europe suffered because of this. Even more than the Sephardi, the Ashkenazi was a mortal threat to our people. Eventually we Aryan Germans simply took the tool the Ashkenazi had polished and honed while squatting within our civilisation, in order that we might protect ourselves from his growing power and increasingly murderous antagonism.

It was too late. Before we could fully make his tool work to our advantage the Ashkenazi and his whites destroyed us. He had to. If a competent group manages to acquire and effectively utilise a powerful tool procured from elsewhere, look for this group to prosper as much as the original owners of the tool in whatever field the tool is designed to be applied to. The Turk took the Islam of the Arabs who had once enslaved him and used it to find unity and eventually defeat his former Arab enslavers in turn. The Japanese at Port Arthur showed by their victory over the Aryan Russians that they could effectively wield the military technology obtained from whites and Aryans and no longer have unfavourable trade conditions forced on them. The Ashkenazi, with the assistance of his ignorant white slaves, eagerly snatched the physical science of the Aryan Germans after both World Wars and used this science to further bolster his global hegemony militarily and economically. The people of China took the Jewish cultural tool of Marxism, purged their ranks of racial traitors, and subsequently reasserted themselves on the world stage. On it goes.

What then, finally, is this cultural technology possessed by the various ethnic groups that go by the name Jew? What is this survival-promoting tool owned by the Hindoo, the Armenian, the Han, the Maronite Lebanese, and others? What is the secret partially delineated in the Torah and more fully expounded on and perfected in the Talmudim and further writings? It is actually no mystery, and can be described quite easily: Act not as individuals, but as an organism against other organisms, and put social strictures in place to ensure that individualism is not permitted to arise among the organism. All else follows from that. Grow your organism through occasional proselytism and absorption when needed, but primarily through inner-group reproduction. Extend your society culturally and grow your organism genetically. Practice exclusion and erect barriers to membership. As the boundaries of your group are being set, couple its exclusivity with an overarching sense of superiority over other groups. Discourage mass intermarriage as a precursor of individualism, for if the organism is allowed to fragment into smaller pieces then it has not strength enough to compete effectively on this globe.

That is all. The cultural technology that has been utilised by so many different peoples at so many different times has as its buildings blocks simply group formation through the elimination of individualism and the indoctrination of the created group in the belief of its own superiority. Understand this and one understands much.

The Jew’s Torah contains many injunctions and tales illustrating these truths, but one of the best and most overlooked is found in the much-reworked story of Exodus. Though there are other putative stories of ethnogenesis in the Torah, it is in the tale of the flight from Egypt where a fuller understanding can be gained. Yes, our own scholars proved the historical falseness of this well-known account, as we did with most elements of the Jew’s backdated tribal books. What we failed to note was that this particular story, which the Ashkenazi uses as an eternal impetus to seek vengeful dominance over other tribes, is, additionally, a mythic description of one segment of a population physically separating itself from the greater population at large and receiving laws to keep this separation permanent for as long as possible.

This is how all organic groups are formed, and initiating the process among humans, even in inorganic fashion, is not particularly difficult. Select a few members from the surrounding population, explain that they are superior to this surrounding population for various reasons, then culturally separate them from this surrounding population in order to create a division between the two. Enforce this division by instituting dietary regulations among the separated group which differ from the norms of the outsiders, and by altering the appearance of the in-group's members through dress or physical mutilation. Finally, have the separated population follow different and more effective social laws and rites than those of the people they have separated from, and inbreed, selecting for advantageous traits each generation. Occasionally allow the best of other groups into the new group, while letting the worse from the newly forming group bleed off into the old group. From these rudiments one forms a new and different people out of the old. It is sub-speciation as practiced among human beings.


Whites have for the most part misunderstood the Torah they somehow got their hands on, it having accidentally fallen into their laps due to the incursion of the Greeks into the Jew’s world. Other groups, though, recognised the power it promised. The Jew realised the danger the revelation of his tool posed to him, so he eventually abandoned it as his primary tool, eager to derive a more powerful one in his bid for survival against competitors who might use the tenets advanced in the Torah against his group. Likewise, when certain laws of his were reaching the ears of his gentile competitors, due to the revelations of rebels inside the body of Palestinian Jewry itself, Saul of Tarsus rightly did what he could to alter these revealed cultural tools and make them less effective in their use against his own people. This is how a worthy group operates.

The Jew’s many measures and countermeasures proved successful against his potential competitors. He triumphed. The manner in which whites practice Christianity today, acting as enforcers for Ashkenazi group interests that oppose their own group interests and allowing genetic entrance into their group by any and all, offers nothing in the way of survival in the struggle against rivals. It is true that once upon a time whites did use Christianity well enough to defend themselves and procure resources for themselves. However, per their unusual psychological constitution, it was never done effectively, and was akin to a savage clutching a machine gun by its barrel and using it as a club against his adversaries rather than squeezing the trigger in the manner for which it was designed. He wielded the tool clumsily, while Armenians, Greeks, Copts and others who took the Jewish tool Christianity used the religion's framework to erect or solidify protective ethnic boundaries and commercial networks.

The universalist tendencies of the whites never allowed them to properly utilise the tool they were given, a tool which was designed to be used by a single group for the purpose of gaining power and resources at the expense of other groups, but which the whites believed could be shared by all. Their lives under the Jew’s Torah were predictably rampant with belief in witchcraft, magic, and other primitive superstitions. Even after their understanding of physical science they still failed to fully ascertain the true meaning of the cultural tool they held in their hands. At that point the scientific whites began to openly mock the Biblical concept of God. Though great physical technologists, these whites were still unable to understand cultural technology, and so they laughed at the Jew’s Yahweh, seeing in their unformed and ignorant minds only an image of one of their own ancient carved idols sitting on a cloud and handing down orders. To this day, when scientific or liberal whites read the word "God" in the Torah, they imagine a bearded Zeus-like figure enthroned atop a mountain, and they mock this image. The Jew, on the other hand, long familiar with his tool, reads "God" simply as "the sum total of my people". He knows that any time a fellow Jew reads, writes, or says "God" he means only "the Jews". There will never be lucid understanding by whites about the world they live in until they recognise that the sky god they envision when they read or say the term "God" is understood by the Jew to be something quite different. To the Jew, "God" is his Volk.

Furthermore, the Jew extends this understanding by stating that God equals Israel equals Torah. "Our god is the same as our people is the same as our law". The Torah, written by Jews, actually is the word of God. This cohesion and linkage of concepts is one of the reasons why this first tool of the Jew, the Torah, worked so effectively. Where primitive peoples retained their immature concept of "Fate", daily "putting their lives in the hands of the gods", those who had adopted the Jewish strategy were able to constantly hone their tool based on the resultant successes or failures of their actions. If something went wrong for them as a group, they realised it was either because they themselves had failed to properly follow their own laws or that they had yet to create adequate laws for themselves to address all circumstances. What this meant, and still does mean, is that a self-adjusting mechanism, a feedback loop, has been built into that tool which the Jew summarises as "a covenant with God". Whereas various competing groups could make no provision for poor evolutionary strategies that led to losses, the Jew could state, after setbacks, "We have not properly obeyed our God -- meaning our laws, meaning ourselves -- and are therefore being punished."

Via his reading of events that have befallen him, the Jew takes responsibility for himself. This is to be admired and emulated. The white Christians for the most part failed in this, stupidly and simply attributing misfortune to the Devil or the mysterious workings of the Lord, which is merely their previous belief in Fate updated and wrapped in a monotheistic cloak. The white Christians have always been ready to slip back into their childlike belief in Fate and anthropomorphic gods. This is a natural course of events if a people has not internalised the truth that God is simply an extension and deification of the group, and that the group this god represents is a living entity that is capable of making and following laws designed to deal with the realities of a constantly shifting environment. Each failure the whites blame on the Devil and every success they attribute to their remote god is a remove from reality, never allowing for adequate readjustment of their evolutionary strategy. In its effects this non-adjusting strategy is equivalent over time to having no strategy at all. In this failure of understanding we see the chasm that separates the disappearing whites from the tenacious Jew.

The papers you hold in your hands are meant in part to discuss various mechanisms of the cultural apparatus utilised by the many different ethnicities collectively called "Jews". Analysis of the evolutionary and biological tools used among this global ideological elite, as outlined in its sacred literature, has been carried out by others from among our people and is outlined elsewhere. This is not the place to discuss the tribal provisions and instructions put forth in the Jew’s many calculated writings, which, complemented by eugenic practices, have clearly ensured his evolutionary success for the time being. Suffice it to say that, having studied these cultural provisions and instructions, our people understand them, as we understand anything having to do with tools and technology.


Let us now speak briefly of our people, those who fill the third rôle after Ashkenazim and whites in this particular act of the evolutionary drama being played out among the Caucasoid people today. We are, of course, no matter what name we currently call ourselves for the outside world’s ears, and no matter what our enemies have made out of the term, Aryan. What does the word mean? That has been much discussed, yet to us, as your parents and relations have no doubt explained, it is simply the label for those whites that have left their weaknesses and their divisions behind. It is a term for those who no longer wish to be described merely by the colour of their skin but by the totality of their being. It is the term for those who are aware not only of their past but of their particular genius, and who now work together as a group to survive and persevere on this earth. Aryans are those who not only understand their own cultural and genetic sameness beyond the barrier of language and national borders, but who also understand the differences between themselves and others. Aryans are those Caucasoids who refuse to put another people’s interests before their own. When whites gain awareness of reality and no longer wish to remain as part of the ignorant mass of slaves, yet feel for whatever reason that they do not wish to enter through conversion into the body of the Ashkenazim as so many opportunistic others have already done, they are on the path to becoming Aryan. When whites no longer wish to be divided by trivial cultural differences, recognising that these differences are encouraged by enemies in order to more easily carve and exploit them, they are on the path to becoming Aryan. Like the Ashkenazi, an Aryan is a white-skinned hominoid who knows his own worth, but who also knows that no matter how much he might find himself and his people worthy, it means nothing if this people are not fighting to break free of the slavery they currently find themselves in. Unlike the whites, the Aryan does not stand scattered and alone. He is united, he cares one for the other, he is part of an organism, albeit a small one. Whites care only for themselves or, more often, others nothing like themselves. A white can be defined simply as the sum of his likes, dislikes, and experiences as an individual. An Aryan can only be described as the member of a group. Anything he may imagine himself as being is due only to the qualities of the larger group concentrated in a single body, and these qualities only find meaning when acting for the interests of the group.

We are amazing people, even among all the other amazing peoples of this earth. Germany, when controlled completely by the Aryan, was the ultimate expression of our capability for building a state, for following the laws of the universe and for unlocking its secrets. Our efficiency, our technological and artistic genius, our respect for the world around us, our strengthening of the body and mind, our unsurpassed scholarship, our deep understanding of the meanings behind the examples offered by history and our corresponding foresight into the future; in short, our accomplishments in every field of human endeavour was incredible. And all of this after the murder of our brothers in the Great War, all of this after the poverty forced on us by the victors, all of this after years of suffering the depredations visited on us by the global alliance of Ashkenazi and whites.

The word "Aryan" has the same meaning as the word Jew, Hindoo, or Chinese, in that it describes a totality. This is difficult to make clear to the non-comprehending, in light of what has been done to this word, unprecedented in history. We must simply know what it means among ourselves as we wage our private war. When whites have worked in their collective self-interest, no matter the era, no matter the name they have given themselves, they have acted either as Aryan or Jew. When acting as Aryans, they have built fantastic civilisations and reached non-paralleled heights, though admittedly their culture has often ossified, or been not flexible enough to maintain vibrancy. When acting as Jews, they have built life- worthy cultures and dismantled fantastic civilisations. Indeed, near to Germany lay the antithesis country to our own, conquered Russia, which was the ultimate expression of the cultured Jew’s capability for destroying a state. It took a mere seven decades for the once healthy land and people to be robbed, tortured, murdered, exhausted and depleted. The Jew’s latest unchequed civilisational expression, the United States, will fall just as pitiably, though in less violent fashion, now that total domination of the whites there has been reached. It is clear to anyone that the difference between an Aryan-run state and a Jew-run state is as immense as anything that can be imagined on this earth.

The Ashkenazi has done as worthy conquerors have always done and transformed the lands he conquered into an environment best suited for himself to operate in. This means it is not suitable for the Aryan to thrive in. Just as the Ashkenazi cannot thrive in an Aryan state, the Aryan cannot do so under the conditions created and enforced in the Pax Judaea of today’s Jewish states. Therefore we follow the path laid out before us by the Ashkenazi during his sojourning years, knowing that if we wish to survive we must conceal our true agenda. For this reason generations may pass without our name ever being revealed, as we utilise other terms to present our face to the world. But if we wish to do more than survive, and actually increase our numbers and power and obtain a spot in this world, then we too, like the Ashkenazi, must change our environment.

Through his 1500-years-old history the Ashkenazi has proved expert at altering his surroundings. From land to land he tenaciously held on where he could, masquerading, swindling, breeding, undermining, and finally thriving as he shaped his environment through murder and manipulation. This current world is his. It is both a testament to his success and a reflexion of his philosophy. He loves this world as it is and is taking it in a direction even more suited to his liking. To the Aryan, the environment the Ashkenazi has brought about is the foulest yet created on earth, in every aspect. Social environments that are beautiful to the Ashkenazi will always be ugly to the Aryan. The glory of art and architecture, the respect for land and animals, and the harmonising of classes and relationships between national neighbors are as alien to the Jew as his violent, polluted, and kleptocratic Western dystopias are to us.

The globalised world the Ashkenazi rules over promises death, even extinction, to many forms of life, but particularly to our own. Only our most clever and desperate will survive it. We must be joyful over this struggle he has thrust upon us. We must praise the gift he has given us, for on this earth all is bred in the fight. We will not be allowed to grow indolent. We will come out of this struggle stronger than we would have had we emerged victorious from our open rebellion against the Ashkenazi and his whites. No matter what social filters we would have put in place, there is a possibility that under the old nationalistic paradigm we would have again grown apart as Germans and Italians and Magyars and Spanish, and perhaps eventually have been brought into conflict in the future. That is no longer the case. Now none of us is represented in the corridors of power. None of us has territory. None of us is free, and we see, in our current bondage, how similar we are.

We are slaves, yes. But we are cognisant slaves. In that respect we differ from others who are currently enslaved alongside us. We differ from them in many ways. We are not swayed by fashionable ideas or fashionable proclivities. We are not creatures of the eternal present, like frogs or dogs or whites, with no past to draw on. The memory of our stolen past burns inside us. It is fuel for life, and we are alive.

We are a nation in formation. We are not defined under the terms of the previous paradigm. No longer are we merely Germans. Never make the mistake of believing that. Those who go by the name German today are, unless we say so, merely whites, lacking any future, slitting the throats of corpses and marching to Canossa yet again. We are no longer merely Italians. We are not Spanish or Croatian. We are not Mediterranean or Nordic. Though we may call ourselves such things for public consumption, among ourselves we know who we are. We are Aryan, connected to each other, to our past, and to our future.

In summary, Aryans are those of the Caucasoid race who work collectively, who use the cultural tool many other groups currently use, but who have recognised that the anthropocentric and exploitative Jewish evolutionary strategy is too flawed or simply does not mesh with the way Aryans view the world. Indeed, just as the most fully developed Jew will not allow any other than a recognised Jew into his circles, the most fully developed Aryan will never bring a white or Jew into his own life outside of tactical purposes. However, due to the paucity of our numbers, diminished to nearly nothing by the fury of the Jew, it is necessary to do what the Ashkenazi has done over the centuries and convert some whites to Aryans. This is something we have been successful at and will continue being successful at, not through open proselytism, but through changing the cultural and social environment that currently allows whites to exist as whites. In this way we effect conversion through evolution.