Protocols 16

Protocols 16



Our political message parallels the Ashkenazi's, and the Ashkenazi's political message is circulated perpetually by his powerful media; alongside international banks, it is one of the most powerful weapons in his phenomenal arsenal. Mass electronic media in their various manifestations are tools the likes of which have never been seen in a million years of hominid evolution. Media takes advantage of what evolution has brought about, and whoever controls the broadcasting of images, sounds, and ideas can act as a commanding god to hundreds of millions of humans due to the manner in which our species has been shaped by external and internal forces. It is no accident that the Ashkenazi’s rapid rise to power at the expense of the whites and Aryans came about with the rise of mass media.

The Aryan has been taught from birth to trust no media produced in any state where there are still members of the Caucasoid sub-group of humanity living as mere whites. Only in an Aryan state is top- down information and entertainment to be totally accepted by us, and we have no state currently. The suicidal messages fed by the Ashkenazi to the whites and others on his various global plantations are ineffective on Aryans, as they are on all peoples who live with understanding and honour.

The study of the effect of electronically transmitted media on the human brain is not for this communiqué. Know only that, unlike the whites whom we live among and undermine, we possess immunity to the psychological effects of the media output used to justify and perpetuate the Ashkenazi’s violent and depressing rule. Through our family units our immunity is passed on and spread, while those other Caucasoids prone to and accepting of the death messages transmitted by the Ashkenazi are dying off by the millions with each generation. They poison themselves through the diets and lifestyles promoted by capitalists. They abort their offspring or fail to reproduce. They are unable to recognise criminal types due to media distortions and so they are murdered and raped. They are imbued with a false patriotism that allows them to be expended for the Ashkenazi’s various world wars against peasants. They concentrate solely on earning money without having the understanding that money must be used to increase biological fitness or else its pursuit means death for the breed.

At every step we support the Ashkenazi’s recreational circuses for his detested goyim, and we push these goyim until they diminish and disappear. Their brains have proven unfit for this current environment. Only those who recognise the Ashkenazi lurking behind the sounds and images of Western media have the ability to leave whiteness behind. Whether they currently view the media Ashkenazi as friend or foe is irrelevant, for it is the awareness itself that ultimately promises the shedding of whiteness and a new breed of man.

Our own understanding of the hostile Ashkenazi’s overwhelming media rôle frees the Aryan from attempting to insert our offspring into this field to any great degree. While certainly there in small measure, we simply do not have the capability to sway individual opinion or shift consciousness via media. Instead, among ourselves, we endeavour to grow those who are unable to be swayed by media of any sort. From the beginning of your lives your families have made you understand that the incessant message put forth over the airwaves and through the wires is against us and meant to harm us. Rather than struggle to counter this we instead encourage the Ashkenazi to rush even faster along the eternal treadmill he has stepped upon in his evolutionary bid to control the stupider whites. The Ashkenazi today pours his finite resources into media of all sorts, for every generation needs to be indoctrinated anew. He places his youth into the control positions of these fields. Meanwhile, as we have told you, due to our manoeuvrings great mercantile energy is being wielded in gathering up resources beneath him that previously he would have procured for himself. The capable peoples of Asia we are helping bring into the lands of the Jew and the whites continue to perform as we need them to perform and make economic and racial headway at the expense of the invaded. Having undergone different environmental stresses, hundreds of millions of global Asiatics daily prove themselves unaffected by the Ashkenazi's media manipulation. Day by day, as demographics shift, the Ashkenazi's broadcast fairytales become the sound of one hand clapping.


As white populations shrink and grow impoverished, it will have to someday be asked whom the Ashkenazi is actually producing his evolution-altering media for. Until that day comes, he will continue to expend much energy producing the types of whites that we prefer. Yes, as a bonus we get to witness the descendants of those whites who murdered our grandparents and great grandparents suffer mockery and opprobrium in England, Canada, France, the United States, Australia and elsewhere, but the great burden that the Jew shoulders for us is the ongoing selection of the mentally fit from among these whites. We could never have undertaken this task by ourselves. Whites, we knew, needed to be sifted through on a massive scale and the Ashkenazi willingly does this for us, honing and refining their population with every new tack he takes. He himself readjusts his approach time and time again. In a mere three generations he has been forced to shift the type of television and films he makes due to his changed social circumstances. Where before he only needed to flatter, then tear down and restructure white societies, today he increasingly needs to control them, a more difficult process. Yesterday’s necessities called for the Jew to present the whites to themselves in a favourable light and demonise our people. Yesterday is gone. Today there stands a triumphant master who must keep his slaves in line, and who lets them know their places through his media whip. Those who recognise that they are being lashed are those who possess the ability to leave whiteness behind. These men and women who increasingly understand the nature of the Ashkenazi’s visual productions are coming to us, whether they recognise it or not.

To a man we watch the Jew and understand him and his media machinations. Of the limitless works produced, financed, and distributed by him, we are most interested in those of an historical bent. All know that the Ashkenazi currently ruling the West is unable to make a single programme about the events of our previous European rebellion without lying. He is unable to celebrate a single murderous hero of his crusade to enslave the world without blatant obfuscation. Remember, to this day the Jew cannot present his story for what it is, but instead presents it for what he needs it to be. Historical truth as we view it is anathema to the Jew.

Yet there are as many truths as there are peoples, and the Aryan prefers the Ashkenazi and his audacious lies to the current white reactionaries and their historical truths. His well-known tendency toward exaggeration and his cultural predilection for conscious historical backdating in order to align his narrative with the advancement of his present ethnic agenda works in our favour. This tendency of his, when packaged with his inability to behave in a measured manner once in power, is encouraged by us. As each generation of whites and other slave types becomes even less capable of thought than the previous one, and as more reformed whites separate from the main body of these chaff whites, a greater effort must be put forth on the part of the Jew to promote his misleading and self-pitying historical narrative for outsider consumption. As the Jewish-compromised white organism grows less cognitively operational year after year, the past becomes a concept that cannot be understood. If the past cannot be understood, neither can the future. Time horizons shrink to the size of children's; yesterday is but vaguely recalled, and there is no understanding as to what tomorrow might bring. Though the Ashkenazi’s numbing media machine must stay in perpetual motion when it comes to lying about our Aryan struggle against him, his audience grows too stupid to fully comprehend just what it is the Jew is attempting to teach it. As with other investments, his returns diminish with each year.

Personal interest in the interactions that took place previously between ethnic and cultural competitors is a function of intellect and consciousness. A superior culture enforces this interest among its followers. An inferior culture leaves such an interest among its members to chance. A superior culture conquering a competing inferior culture will actively suppress or subvert this interest. This is the case in much of the West today.

Only those individuals with a greater capacity for thought and a higher average maturity are genuinely curious as to what happened prior to their own era. There exist certain whites who stumble toward this state from the shambles of their inferior culture. Most of them are only superficially interested in the past, and have their historical interest whetted solely by viewing a film or televised programme in one of the nation-states under Ashkenazi hegemony. Those among the whites who learn history from media created by their ethnic competitors and jailers have proved, by their very nature, that they are unable to understand historical events without them first being interpreted by the Ashkenazi. They accept the truth offered by the presenter without questioning, and by doing this they reveal their susceptibility and their whiteness to us.

Still, even the existence of this dwindling white group is a boon for our people. The Ashkenazi expends enormous capital and human effort to produce a never-ending stream of pseudo-historical films, television programmes, and literature presenting himself as an innocent victim to the cruel Aryan in Europe, rather than as a murderous exploiter and culture destroyer being driven out of another people’s ancient and eternal homeland. Because of his dominant position he must do this. All successful revolutionary groups must reinterpret history for themselves and their subjects, and all rulers must present themselves to their subjects as worthy of the throne. Yet as he continues to flood the populace with his distorted media tales, that shrinking group of whites which shows any interest in the past whatsoever is being further selected for, from generation to generation. Some among them, acknowledging the terrible reality of the present and the dismal pending future for their people, begin to have doubts about the Ashkenazi’s projected version of history. Understanding the lies of the present, they gradually turn their eyes to the past. From this point they begin to intrinsically understand that Ashkenazi media projections of the Aryan struggle in Europe are not honest accounts but are instead the propaganda of a victor about his victims, disseminated to justify his murder and enslavement of these victims. When this realisation fully manifests itself in one's consciousness, the whites in question have become culturally inoculated against the Ashkenazi's propaganda, and all further historical distortion on his part will only strengthen that immunity. As with any organism that repeatedly experiences the same stimuli, whites are transforming, both socially and biologically. For this to continue, we do not need less Jewish media propaganda in white societies. We need more.

Propaganda masquerading as impartial media has no injurious effect on the beliefs or goals of the Aryan. In this we are like the Asiatic. Silently we observe the media output of the Jew on the subject of history in general, and our history in particular. Through our technology we are able to now access these propagandistic products of his without handing over payment. This technology has been made available to nearly all peoples of the world. We take from him what he has expended energy and capital on and we give him nothing in return. We watch his defamation of our past, and in the privacy of our homes easily explain to our children his motivations, techniques and objectives, knowing that all slander must be borne as we march the long road to redemption. Each year we further our understanding of this world slaver, and each year we pass our awareness to a new generation of Aryans. Nor do we limit this knowledge to our own people. Through electronically transmitted information and knowledge on the world wide web we spread our promises of cultural resistance across borders and cultures. Already substantial segments of the Mohammedan world, the Hindoo world, and the Confucian world question the truth of the Ashkenazi’s version of history, and will never again believe his words on anything. Whether this awareness is silently acknowledged or openly declared by these groups makes no difference, for the process itself is now impossible to stop.


A film or television programme is never to the Aryan what it is to the whites. It is not for entertainment, nor is it for gaining knowledge about a particular subject. For us a film or television programme is only ever an example of how its maker views some subject and of how this maker wants his audience to view that same subject. It is rarely an accurate portrayal of the subject itself. Media presentations are but windows into their creator’s mind. Unless the Aryan controls the process, the output of that process cannot be impartially accepted by us as being valid. What we take from viewing or listening to enemy media is the social and evolutionary agenda of those producing this media. This is where truth lies.

Today the Ashkenazi finds himself in the former position of the elites of the Christian church when they struggled against the revelations brought about by Aryan scientific inquiry. In order to retain both psychological and financial control of those who believe his myths less and less, he must egregiously lie about well-known facts and erect barriers against the advancement of those who attempt to expose him. With the passage of time his lies become more glaring and clumsy. In his films, television programmes, and advertising, subjects no longer have any honest connexion to the world they purport to portray. In the media reality projected by the Ashkenazi, whites are violent criminals instead of the cowardly and physically weak types most actually are. In the Ashkenazi’s media, females physically battle males, magically possessing the same brute strength as their opposite gender even after aeons of evolutionary selection to the contrary. Turks in Germany, Negroes in the United States, Pakistanis in England, and Algerians in France are responsible academic geniuses. And the Jew himself is always a peaceful and blameless victim.

We push for this divide from reality, for the mistrust bred among viewers for the presentations of mass media only increases as the gap so rapidly widens between what they see in their lives and what they see anonymously presented to them on screens. The Ashkenazi quickly discarded the subtlety of his earlier messages, and in a mere half a century his anti-white agenda has become overt. While whites are beaten in the streets and strangled in their houses and impoverished in greater numbers by the day, the Jew falsely represents them in his media as wealthy and savage overlords forever bringing violence to the diverse peoples of the world. The Aryan reaps great benefits from all this.

Always a master at bringing chaos and violence to all peoples, the Ashkenazi proves his destructive genius with his media output. He has magically changed Turks, Negroes, Pakistanis and indigenous New Zealanders and Americans into onscreen versions of the same domestic and neutered whites he so despises. His television programmes and films portray content and financially sound nuclear families consisting of these various peoples, all of them prospering under the Ashkenazi kleptocracy. It is not for the Jew to show the reality that most of these people have been culturally devastated by the policies he enacts from his Western throne. His television programmes create a bland mono-tongue for their dark- skinned protagonists, they strip these people of life and their own authentic cultures, and they portray all ethnicities as harmless, coloured versions of the obedient whites.

Whites always choose falsehood over reality, and so they make themselves believe what they see projected on screens rather than what they experience in life. But beyond the myths broadcast from Ashkenazi studios into white households, a different life exists. The whites suffer violence at the hands of those they wish with all their hearts to believe are as docile as they themselves are. The fecund Turkish mother, the impregnating Negro father, and the clever Mohammedan Pakistani families ignore their projected middle class media avatars and continue in the midst of their poverty to have more children. Unlike their dwindling white counterparts these peoples of colour are not diverted from their biologically set path by media messages of any sort. They increase their numbers each generation at the expense of both whites and Ashkenazim, whom they hate equally. The more children to be supported by the social programmes of the Ashkenazi’s nation-states, the more the Ashkenazi’s laws say the whites must pay, leaving less capital for family formation among themselves. This change in the social and biological environment impacts every form of life within that environment. In a world of finite resources, increased fitness for some means decreased fitness for others. Among Homo sapiens, those others are whites.

Never do we cease pushing and accelerating this change. Not one bit of this rotted Western culture is to be preserved. With each passing year the hardship and violence instigated by the Ashkenazi's media and visited on the whites increases, to our delight. With each year the world gets further from the whites' arrogant war against our people, and the better it is for us. Even the dullest among the dull whites are increasingly aware that in every land where they eke out a living, life was better for them the generation before. After these whites massacred us for the Ashkenazi, they returned to lands still somewhat clean, prosperous, and safe. This is no longer the case. The divide between desperation and prosperity, like the divide between reality and the Ashkenazi’s media representation of reality, continues to widen. It can go no other direction.

The Ashkenazi’s lying films and television programmes about our Aryan people in Germany and elsewhere are already having a different effect on viewers than they once did. Cultural artefacts never retain their original meaning through all of time, particularly those of a propagandistic or literary bent. This is the case with the Ashkenazi's propaganda pieces. A growing minority among the viewers of these productions has begun to wonder why cultural self-determination for a people was wrong. They wonder why culturally and ethnically homogenous homelands were wrong. They look about today and see other peoples currently possessing their own territory where their national ethnic bodies are safe, from China to Israel to India, but their own lands overrun with foreigners who hate them and wrest resources from them. Propaganda portraying our previous Aryan drive for freedom in Europe less and less does what it is meant to do, as the more cognisant white viewers increasingly internalise the awareness that ethnic and cultural nation-states of other peoples are currently thriving at their expense.


The psychological operations waged against the whites by the Ashkenazi through his media weapon are unprecedented in their scope and effectiveness, and therefore they are a boon for us. Rarely does the average Ashkenazi fully appreciate the magnitude of his assaults, or even recognise them as assaults. A single locust believes it is eating a mere meal, but in conjunction with the greater organism it is razing enormous sections of the earth. Certain reactionary whites recognise they are being devoured by the Jew and they publically decry the effects of his media messages on the evolutionary makeup of their people. As you know, we shout them down. As students of the past we know that the Ashkenazi is not himself magically resistant to his constantly shofared message of cultural suicide, miscegenation, and ethnic dilution. Like the whites, many among the Ashkenazi miscegenate. Like the whites, many fail to have offspring. Like the whites, many fall prey to decadence in its various manifestations. Due to unstoppable cultural diffusion many of his children now totally believe in the media demands for equality that were supposed to only be swallowed by the stupider whites. There are others, though, perhaps the majority, who recognise that the media message sent out by their group is not meant to be internalised by their group but is instead for the consumption of others. It is these we watch, and instruct our children to watch, and emulate. The Aryan comprehends and copies.


For as long as the banks and the monetary supply remain in Ashkenazi hands, he cannot be challenged in this entertainment and information industry he rules so solidly. The Aryan, never assaulting or insinuating, instead drives him harder along that treadmill we spoke of, exhausting him. As his comfort and security increases in the societies he rules, and as we steadily eliminate antisemitism, we will prod him into openly boasting of his rôle in the genocide of the European peoples in the Second World War and its aftermath. It will be difficult, but his growing and unchequed vanity promises us that this can be achieved. No longer will the Ashkenazi be content to portray himself to those masses he rules solely as victim. More and more in his fantastic productions will he seek revenge on those rebellious slaves of the past who wanted to rid themselves of his chains and who rose up as a people against him. We will make such productions ourselves if he proves reluctant. We will play to his hubris and vengefulness and eventually paint him as the warlike predator he has always been, for it is a goal of the Aryan to tear away masks and take away the advantage of a predator’s camouflage.



This section has been brief, as it has been more thoroughly dealt with elsewhere, but know that in the realm of media, as in that of education, organised religion, politics, and elsewhere, we are winning. The destruction of our European homeland by the Ashkenazi and his whites showed that if something can be destroyed, then it will be destroyed. Young Aryan, this current depraved and depressing Jew society can be destroyed. The Ashkenazi seems unassailable today. He is not. No group is. No predator cannot be deposed, given enough time. All perspicacious peoples on this earth recognise that the Jew is incapable of maintaining a state for any duration. The inevitability of the fall of the empire he rules is built into his type. We use this surety. Though we have no open allies in our struggle yet, we have tools that will enable us to fulfil our goal, the nature of the Jew and the nature of the whites being just two of these tools.

It is possible that we will never see the world we envision for ourselves. That is neither our concern nor our goal. It is the destruction of all Western societies and revenge on the enemies of our people that we seek. The Ashkenazi believed that by murdering us he would gain the world. He was correct, but only partially. He did gain it, but his ownership has been short, and now it is already passing to the Asiatic. In that brief span of holding the earth in his hands, he butchered and ruined and brought suffering to tens of millions, forever altering the genetic component of the body of the Caucasoid race, and by that forever altering its destiny. No one stopped him. In Russia, then in Italy, Germany, and half of Europe, we were the only ones who openly tried. We were the only ones who struggled to prevent this world he has brought about. And we have not given up. More are joining us even as more are ground out of existence. The world of the whites cannot be awakened. We do not make that juvenile assumption. This is not the way of evolution. One day, it will simply not be here, and in its place will be Aryans.

More whites will go. More will die. This was the choice their short-sighted ancestors made for them. This is the choice they make for themselves. There is no way for them to escape this fate. There is no way to escape our vengeance. This is their future, and we are its heralds.

We are the heralds of the end of whiteness.