Protocols 15

Protocols 15



This Jewish religious movement Christianity we have spoken of, and the memes it so firmly planted in the fertile and febrile consciousness of Europeans, has been wrestled with for many centuries by these Europeans. It infected many who had been made prone to such beliefs by natural selection, and those infected whites went on to lay waste much of the world, creating environments where the Jew would flourish. But a few gained resistance to it after a time. They began to make the technology work for themselves and against the interests of the Jew, for no cultural or biological advantage one group has over another lasts forever. When we Europeans finally fully realised that religion was most effective if linked to race and ethnicity and that "God" meant not an extraterrestrial being but the body of a people, we, a scientific folk, could no longer use the dissembling buffer god that the Jew uses. Our Volk would be our god, just as other peoples saw their folk as god. This would be our new religion. Unlike many others, we were honest about evolutionary and biological truths; only a tribe truly exists, not the anthropomorphic god used as a proxy for said tribe. This understanding and implementation marked us for destruction by those who did not and do not want such truths and realities acted upon.

It was after this transformation that our mighty people first used politics to wrest a state for ourselves out of the hands of foreign capital, which means only foreign people. When we gained this state we used its economic might to begin to repair our population and our land, both of which had been savaged by industrial civilisation and the political policies of our enemies. That was yesterday, and so might as well not exist. Today we no longer have the numbers to compete in politics openly. We are stateless, and our people are still too weak to effectively enter this arena. Without a growing folk wielding wealth, desire, and identity, all political actions meant to be used as a means of state building or tribal repair are useless. Even when we do acquire greater strength in the future we will not openly enter politics proper, but instead do as the Chinese, the Hindoo, and the Jew do when sojourning in the West: we will use whatever parties currently exist to benefit our people. This has already been implemented by us, though on a small scale.

Until we reach that day, we practice only teardown politics, which are the politics of the negative. There can never be proactive politics without a viable people, and the Aryan is as yet not a viable people. Our lack of power is currently reflected in our political stance, which is the politics of worsening and the politics of destruction; the politics of liberalism. But though we ruin because we cannot yet build, we also do so because the West needs to be ruined. Any who try to defend it are slated by us for destruction.


From our comfortable positions on the political left we crush all whining opposition to our liberal teardown programme. Number one on our list are the cowardly political conservatives, those who seek to preserve the nations of those low-culture whites that murdered our Europe at the behest of the Ashkenazi. They also exist within the borders of our conquered homelands, attempting to maintain the populations and institutions of the slave states that were erected there. We strive to destroy these aberrant nation-states, therefore we do all we can to undermine conservatives of all stripes, no matter where they operate.

The conservative whites nurture their insanity with the same fervor as their Christian counterparts. Both accept the myth of equality with their whole hearts. In the same vein, any mumbled cliché about the glory of modern democracy is willfully taken up, internalised, and repeated by these good conservatives, who put one hand over their heart and the other over their eyes and refuse to acknowledge that in every extant democracy on the globe they, as a pariah group, have less rights than anyone. If their hands were removed they might note that if one type of person has less rights than another, then there are no equal rights, anywhere. They might note that the distribution of rights reflects the distribution of cultural and racial power within a society; those with the least rights wield the least power. Rest assured that vestigial whites will never understand this. They will forever refuse to take the hand from their eyes, and instead blindly champion democracy, equality, and many other meaningless abstractions. Our implemented liberal policies expose these gauzy concepts for the lies they are. We fight for an end to deranged beliefs.

The conservative whites champion the notion that the "individual" stands above all others, and his rights supersede those of the group. Genetically, many of these whites have been selected to believe this, in the same way that certain cows have been selected to produce more milk for their owners. The Aryan, knowing that individuals without groups are bound to fail, wants this conservative mantra silenced forever. Mantras are silenced when those who chant them are eliminated. As with the Christian whites, conservatives believe in a future utopia, where individuals linked to no nation or tribe hold hands and sing. They ignore the reality of group struggle on this earth, and given political power they would never discuss this struggle, just as they try not to discuss it now. We have told you that with their political victory open discussion of race would be frowned on and silenced by their group, even as their race was being forced into extinction. We do not allow them this silence, nor will we ever. From the liberal press and the liberal educational system we keep race in the forefront of every discussion. Without pause we bring it into every situation and event. We allow no one to ignore the truth, especially the whites, and we pound the reality of race into them from every angle imaginable.

The lumpen conservative and reactionary whites shout for jobs to remain in England or Austria or Canada. The liberal Aryan forces these jobs to go overseas with a shrug. In this way we cleanse our lands of the industrial curse, a longtime dream of ours. In this way we lessen the tribute tax predatory domestic businesses pay to the corrupt Western governments, which ensures that there is less federal capital available to placate the masses of exploited slaves and less capital to prepare for future war against rivals. By driving away business and industry, as you have been told, we eliminate the livelihoods of the lower and middle class whites, conservatives in particular, increasing poverty and childlessness among them. More hatred will grow between the burgeoning numbers of impoverished whites and the elite stratum of Ashkenazim and imported Asiatic merchant folk, and the white politicians who do the latter's bidding. Strife and chaos will come from the divide, as thunder follows lightning. When, years ago, we finally gained power over conservatives and liberals alike in our European homelands, we successfully lessened the anger and divide between political and social classes and then united them as a single national community. Today, operating as guerillas in the lands of our enemies, we exacerbate the anger between classes and ethnic groups and widen the splits between them. We do not mend, we tear.


Wherever and whenever we can we savage these conservative whites, but we are particularly fierce when they begin to politically organise for their own protection. Any movement that openly declares for whites’ economic or ethnic interests is slated by us for immediate destruction. Whites are to have no redress for their grievances in the realm of politics. Lacking true ties of blood and culture to each other, and lacking commercial depth, they are bound to be ineffective and weak as a group and so must never be allowed to begin their formation. Because of their social weakness and susceptibility to economic forces we are able to drive the members out of the political forum through harassment and violence. We force these political whites into quietude and help them to become a true people rather than scattered collections of desperately braying reactionaries. Understand that no mere political party can last beyond two or three centuries. Political parties are not where longevity lies, the tribe is. Some whites will learn to eschew politics and become instead the people they have had the potential for becoming for millennia.

The few members of these desperate, ethnically-driven white political parties are at the beginning of a path, but they have not yet learned who they once were or what they can be, nor have they learned the rules of history, and therefore they must be silenced. They continue to believe in the myth of national sovereignty, and so show themselves unable to adapt to the truth of today's interconnected and controlled world. They nationalistically speak of France or Russia or Greece, as if these fragments any longer have meaning in a global system. They are unseasoned and unschooled, like babes in the woods, and before being allowed to grasp swords babes must first learn the ways of, and grow to be, men. Our social and political attacks on them train them to be men. We mock them, bash them, and observe them as they struggle to grow. All mistakes are mere preparation.

We watch as throughout Europe these reactionary white political groups speak of alliances with the Zionist Jew against the invading Mohammedan, believing they can fool the Jew into believing that they are trusted allies, and not future threats. We watch as conservatives throughout the United States shower fawning praise and tax-slave tribute on Israel, hoping American Jews will cease the assault on their communities and livelihoods. These groups either underestimate or do not fully understand the intelligence or nature of the Jew, which proves that they are whites, not Aryan. Even if they enjoy some small, meaningless electoral success in the Jew's democracies, this only means they are being used by the Jew for his own reasons, for it his he who has permitted this success. When they have fulfilled their task for him they will be discarded easily, as whites always are.

All political congregations are prone to the prevailing sentiments of the time, and therefore, if the Ashkenazi feels at all threatened he can, with a flick of a switch, bring any group low in the eyes of the current public with accusations of hatred, intolerance, and of course, his holocaust, the cannon that silences all. Likewise, when the Aryan hears certain white ignoramuses on the fringes of politics shout for their "own" nations, free of foreign influence, that is the trigger for us to immediately bludgeon them, as we do other white groups, using the arsenal of words handed us by the Jew; racist, hater, xenophobe, homophobe, and antisemite. We do this over and over, not merely to anaesthetise and numb the white fools, but because we need a target for these words we have amassed, in order to anaesthetise and numb the public observers as well. Slowly, among these targeted whites, we are building immunity to the disease of having thoughts controlled and actions restrained by mere words. We beat their backs with the whip of the terms racist, Islamophobe, and antisemite until they are so covered with scars that someday they will no longer feel pain.

For our own purposes, antisemite is the most relevant attack word. We shout this favorite of ours, and the Jew's, so incessantly that one day it will mean nothing. The returns the Jew gains from it diminish each time it is used, and so we will continue to indiscriminately and overly use it every generation until the power of the word itself is exhausted. This is how parasites and their hosts evolve, through constant adaptation to each other's offensive and defensive capabilities. Until this time arrives, it is a great silencer of whites. Due to their servile nature, and the predatory nature of the Ashkenazi instinctively reinforcing our accusations with all the power of the deep state behind him, the term "antisemite" is currently one of the most effective weapons in our arsenal for silencing our enemies in the political arena and elsewhere. We point, and our Ashkenazi dog leaps with open jaws. As loudly as we might shout "racist" at cowering or confused whites, we shout "antisemite" at them even more loudly. Why does this tactic still continue to be so effective? Understand the whites, young Aryan, understand the Ashkenazim, and the question need never be asked. The Ashkenazi frames the moral world of the whites, Christians and non-Christians alike. If no whites believed that antisemitism were morally wrong, the epithetic charge would have no hold over them. If whites believed that Jews were a hostile and cruel people, prone to exploiting others, they would be indifferent to the word. They could make the first steps toward having their own society, one where they would not be the slaves of others. Instead, the whites constantly attempt to prove themselves worthy to the blameless Ashkenazi master who keeps them in chains. They expend great energy and wealth to prove to those who dominate and despise them that they will never be a threat to them. To be called an antisemite is a horror for whites, indicating disloyalty to an overlord. To hurl this allegation at them keeps them in line, for no white ever wishes to be guilty of committing a sin.

What does the word mean, in reality? What is "antisemitism"?

Antisemitism was once an offering to those in Europe who did not have a strong enough culture to withstand the ethnic challenge of the Jewish slaver that had made his way into their homelands. Antisemitism was merely a form of Judaism for the goyim, and those that lacked this defense had less of a chance of survival than those who possessed it. Much like Judaism, its origins are rooted in a defensive position, for both act as a protective mechanism meant to preserve an ethnic culture. It was, and is, the immune system of an organic body defending itself against an external invader. Though rarely very strong during its history, indicating just how weak the defences of the whites have really been over time, antisemitism on the part of whites was effective enough to put pressure on the Ashkenazim and help them coalesce and stay united. It ultimately turned them into more effective attackers.

Judaism, the cultural technology of the white Ashkenazi, has at its heart a simple strategy, as you know: bear intense group hatred for the outsider. This hatred helped, and helps, the Jew to survive. It was one of several forces which formed him, and the Ashkenazi whom the whites and the peoples of the world suffer under today is a product of this relentless hate. Antisemitism, or hatred for the Jew, shaped certain whites in a similar historical manner. At times of vigor, when the Jewish aggressor was being actively met and challenged, the term was worn as a badge of honour. Today, a time of sickness and destroyed immune systems, whites bear the label "antisemite" with shame and dismay.

Just as the Jew's everyday tactics waged against the whites slowly helped carve them into Aryans, the selective pressure of antisemitism kept the Ashkenazi from slipping back into the morass of mere whiteness which he originally climbed out of. Any naïve Jew who in the privacy of his own group complains about antisemitism does not understand fully the forces that have made him what he is. External stimuli repeated over time act in aggregate as an evolutionary force that shapes the species. The historical responses of the whites to the crimes of the Jew against their communities have moulded the Jew into the competent predator he is today. Though any human group may take the rôle of predator or prey in relation to other human groups at different stages in its development, the evolutionary evidence makes clear that without the ongoing offensive adaptations of the predator or the eternal defensive adaptations of the prey, both parties die out. To maintain the myth of being prey, the predator diaspora Ashkenazi needs the existence of antisemitism. He needs to dwell within white communities and he equally needs to maintain the belief within his group that these communities wish to harm him. We will deny him both of these needs. For even as we diminish the population of white communities, we attack like lions those whites that make any overt or covert displays of antisemitism. Any sign of antisemitism must be eliminated among the whites and we will help the Jew in his bid to destroy all voices opposed to his, no matter how minor those voices might be. Under the guise of fighting hate we will steal from the whites their evolutionary defences against predation while at the same time eliminating the offensive pressure that has done such a fine job of selection on the Jew.


Because of his admirable lack of transcendent qualities, everything has personal meaning to the Ashkenazi. There is no sickly psychological detachment from the world such as one finds among the whites. If a white says out loud that the Ashkenazi controls the nations through international banks and media ownership, the Ashkenazi will froth and lash out and scream his currently effective "antisemitism", for he is incapable of doing otherwise. The Ashkenazi knows these industries are pernicious and deleterious to many, he knows that they are his industries, and he knows that he needs to retain control over them. The level of truth regarding assertions about the Ashkenazi is indicated by the severity of his response to criticism or allegations, and his rabid and predictable reaction to certain stimuli is used to our advantage. In the fearful social environment he has helped create today, where dissenters from orthodoxy are punished and informers are rewarded, we have assumed a tactical position. Not only are immature or reactionary antisemites assailed, as you have been told, but any group or individual who publicly mentions the Ashkenazi in anything but a laudatory manner is also immediately accused of antisemitism by us. We make the accusation even more quickly than the Jew himself, and even at times when he wouldn't think to say it. Any whites, or even non-whites, forced to defend themselves against these charges instantly seem guilty and suspicious in the eyes of the Jew and other whites. We don't stop at conservatives or nationalists, but also hurl the term at members of the left and allies of the Jew. We hurl it at men and women. We hurl it at members of every race and every religion. Mimicking the Jew, we do what we can to paint everyone outside his group as antisemitic. Assiduously we widen the gap between the Jew and all others and make this separation clear to all.

We do not allow our nation to utter a single negative word against the Jew while we are still in a state of weakness. We never accuse him of malfeasance. We never assign him blame. We never stand against him, but only embrace him. Though the Jew is aware of the dangers of philosemitism, a master's arrogance clouds his vision, and he fails to notice the exaggerated obsequiousness from those liberals and conservatives closest to him. They are we. Locked arm in arm with kowtowing whites, who happily and without guile perform ritual obeisance, the Aryan smiles to himself and his comrades and repeatedly coos to the Jew how intelligent and capable he is. We employ a strategy of perpetual flattery, surrounding him with praise and comfort. Increasingly he becomes unable to recognise his faults, shortcomings, and mistakes, and thus foregoes the opportunity to become stronger from this knowledge of oneself. We do not want him stronger than he is, and we work to make this so. With his great victory over our people in the World War, the self-examination of the early Zionists came to an end, and we do all we can to ensure that it never returns.

Because of the same psychology that makes him unable to objectively analyse his weaknesses, the Jew instantly savages any non-Jew that points out ethno-cultural qualities of his that are not conducive to maintaining a state, from his drastic lack of understanding of agriculture and resource control to his squashing of basal layer businesses. Those people that do indicate mistakes made on the part of the Jew-controlled governments are often more capable of running a territorial state than the diaspora Jew. They consist mostly of whites and so bear the Ashkenazi no ill will, desirous only to fix what they see as problems of efficiency. Still, the Ashkenazi will hear no criticism of himself or his ways. Nor will we. The charge of antisemitism is quickly made against whiners of any sort. In this manner we nullify what could hurt us even more, that is, the prolongation or greater efficiency of a Jew-dominated prison state. As soon as our political enemies are silenced we quickly return to stroking the infallible Ashkenazi, purring that he knows best in all things, always. He must be allowed to bankrupt his conquered lands in peace.

All perspective peoples in the world already laugh up their sleeves at the constant displays of our laudatory and fawning praise. Blending with the whites, we pretend that of all the brilliant cultures on earth, the so-called "Jewish" culture alone has achieved the miracle of achieving great accomplishments while simultaneously never having displayed any qualities over time which could be considered negative by any other cultural or ethnic group. Today a thousand organisations exist that exonerate the Jew of all crimes he has perpetrated against others while celebrating him for cultural achievements that mere whites could accomplish. The Aryan ardently supports such organisations, for who truly believes the Jew’s inflated boasts about himself outside of cultureless whites and self-deceiving Jews themselves? All healthy peoples across all races look first to their own groups for greatness. Only the insane or the politically astute praise outsiders.

We will continue to laud our oppressors until the day when we no longer have to do so.


In the political realm we assist the Ashkenazi in criminalising free speech as eagerly as we undermine this alleged human right from our pulpits and university lecterns. Free speech serves whites no purpose. They do not know what to do with it when they have it. They have not used it to enhance their biological fitness, to consolidate their power, or to ensure a future for themselves. They waste it, so it is right that the Ashkenazi takes from them the freedom to openly air their grievances. He feels he must, to remain safe. The facts about this modern world and its wars, its massive crimes, and its many tragedies indict the Ashkenazi as a perpetrator, so he can have no one discussing such things. He tries to mask or twist the facts which implicate him, yet all his clumsy attempts to portray to the world a shadowy force of mythical Christians or snooty aristocrats as the true ruling power in Europe or the New World are effective only on the stupider whites. It is because of those who doubt such stories that the Ashkenazi criminalises speech. It is the reactionary fear of an overlord who beats his serfs, disgraces their wives, and murders their children, and knows that someday these serfs might hurt him for what he’s done to them if given the chance. As much as he rightly scorns the intellect, capabilities, and awareness of the whites, he senses the possibility that in the future they might turn against him. The bulk will not, but that small number that has the potential to do so must not be allowed to communicate freely with themselves or others.

All conquerors rule those they have conquered by force. All those that rule by force, rather than by the consent of the governed, institute the same measures the Jew currently institutes, and therefore one must not be surprised by such measures but accept and work with them. The Jew’s reification of his oppressive nature as implemented in the tyrannical laws of his conquered lands is of use to us. Because of his stifling of speech and thought in the West we can undermine his legitimacy more easily.

Note how in Europe we automatically demand incarceration for those who question his holocaust tale, the rock on which he has built the whites’ prison. When men are imprisoned for the crime of simply speaking, great publicity can be brought them. Previously unthinking whites are able to see just what happens when they transgress rules, and more clearly grasp what the rules are and who their actual masters are. This minority now begins to see reality for what it is. The exaggerated talk of the Ashkenazi’s European displacement during the World War could have been taken as complete truth forever if the Ashkenazi had made a single concession on numbers of deaths and causes of death. We knew he was incapable of making this concession. We knew he was capable only of harassment, imprisonment and murder of those who doubted him. Now millions more have their doubts about the narrative of the world they inhabit, for in the primitive minds of whites, so long governed by despots, some sort of truth is always attached to the words of men who are locked away for violations of speech codes. Those academics and iconoclasts who have pointed out the holes in the Jew's holocaust tale are better for us in prison than walking Europe free.

Because of the jailings and financial penalties we encourage for those who dare speak out against the injustice endemic to the Jew’s fiefdoms, some whites have already begun to wonder about the verity of the goodness of the liberal democratic system itself. Slowly they begin to see it for the exploitative charade it is. Others who have come to us have even learned to see through the trick used in the Jew’s United Nations, or in the pretend parliaments of Europe, or in New Zealand and Australia. Their curious minds now understand the clever political game of "majority-minority" vote, where a minority opposition to a harmful majority decision whets the appetite of whites for the concept of fairness, but the actual deeds of the government still go forward as if there had been no opposition at all. Well does the Ashkenazi ruler understand the difference between smoke and substance, even if most of his loyal white subjects do not. The Aryan, knowing the game, plays along.


The Aryan is far beyond being able to be affected by the psychological holocaust shutdown attempts of the Jew, as are large portions of the other peoples of the world outside of whites. Our morals are our own, and unassailable by him; no outside accusations or finger-wagging lectures have any mental impact on us. The more cerebral among our people have internally destroyed the verity of the Jew's holocaust guilt tales through a host of disciplines, from mathematics and physics to sociology and psychology. All myths are subject to criticism by us, and this one is no exception; the preposterous stories and exaggerations of the Ashkenazi's propaganda long ago became transparent. Yet the most vital among us have not needed a scholarly dismantling of the myth in order for it to be legitimately ignored; as men who recognise that the world of life is one of eternal struggle, we simply do not care about the mewlings of our competitors. We never have to "deny" the dogma of this holocaust bludgeon-tale used to beat the stupid offspring of potentially dangerous whites into eternal subservience. Instead, just as in ages past, when the scientific Ashkenazi attending European institutions had to state that he believed in the whites’ silly Jesus story, we nod our heads and shed our tears at mention of today's prevailing supernatural myth. Our people, too, can feign belief in miracles. This holocaust was a tragedy, we say, as indeed it was for us. But reactionary rightist political groups throughout the Old and New Worlds have not yet learned the tactic of the up-front lie and therefore show themselves not ready to compete properly against other liars long practiced.

With the examples of the Jew before us, the Aryan has learned to lie with ease, not just in politics, but in life. The Jew is a teacher to all. We have learned to afirm that we believe whatever we know we must say we believe. We have learned to hate while smiling. We have learned to desire the elimination of our rivals even though they are our neighbors. We have learned to bide our time. The Jew, in the end, has showed us how to act in this new era.

Centuries ago, the Flagellants fought against a softening society that was in danger of moving away from Judeo-Christian doctrine. They were supported by the Jew, and accepted his help. Eventually they directed their violence at him. Our people are to be found among today's incarnation of the Flagellants. We stand with these self-whippers and true believers in the liberal creed, and like their rabid predecessors, we also attack the Jew, albeit more stealthily.


There is nothing we cannot do from our leftist redoubts. From here we will continue to destroy these guilty white countries that destroyed our people. We will cull the whites of all lands to an unimaginable degree and let them taste our vengeance. The charges of racism and antisemitism and the subsequent social ostracising by other whites are but the tip of an iceberg. We will encourage the ease of frivolous litigation, the monopolisation of labour, and the suppression of the death penalty for murderous criminals. We will amuse the whites, entertain them, drug them, muzzle them, and defame them. We will drive the guilty and detestable white masses to the edge of cliffs and then shove them off, mocking them as we do so.

But even though our war is waged on them primarily from the left, always know that we also work from the plutocrats’ sham political right wing. The Ashkenazi has taught us to spread our attack bases, and we have learned. Even as we openly assail the conservative reactionary political organisations we place our own agents within their ranks, as we do with all groups. The search for the Aryan, that is, for he who ultimately understands that political action is useless without a people, is ever ongoing. It is these comrades we constantly seek out. It is these we encourage to leave misguided political efforts behind and to remove themselves from inoperable vehicles.

Our presence here on the conservative right is small, but we use our numbers wisely. While from the left we politically promote many of our Aryan ideas and outlooks, from the right we constantly remind the public where and with whom these ideas and outlooks originated. All movements which the default left finds progressive, including repairing the environment, animal liberation, sustenance localisation, sound agricultural practices, anti-capitalist and anti-conglomerate stances, a desire for public health care, university quotas, self-determination of other peoples, and preservation of land and species, are, under the guise of conservative disapproval, always identified by us as having originated with "fascists" or "Nazis". This is certainly true, and we let everyone know this truth, for all remedies for repairing the ravages of civilisation sprang from us. All concern, all desire to heal and to mend came from our people, alone on this earth. The holistic human being began in the heart of Europe and it was here that the Ashkenazi and the slavish whites murdered him, slaying him even as he was being born. Fortunately the media Ashkenazi keeps his devastating mid-century war of terror against the German and Italian people in the public consciousness as much as we on the academic left keep race there. The disconnect between the exaggerated and false media portrayals of our European people’s heroic struggle and the reality of the far-seeing policies we implemented have already become obvious to some whites. For others, the connexions between their own bleak present and our vilified Aryan past have long since been made. They have sought for and found the truth of our uprising, and made their way to us. Each day there are more, and there will be more still.

From the camps of political conservatives we defend the remote land of Israel and its policies, no matter which white country we reside in. When the Ashkenazi policymakers suggest white youth should militarily sacrifice their lives for the defence and survival of a people in a faraway nation who hate them, we roundly and loudly agree. Gladly do we on the acceptable right send economically disenfranchised white youth anywhere in the the world the Ashkenazi demands. In these actions we are merely following the flow of history. The Ashkenazi demonstrated, through his usurpation of these ignorant whites in their one- time homelands, that when a fluid and able diaspora people take over the state of a territorial people, the foreign policy of that state will soon favour international interests at the expense of national interests. After the Western governments fell to the Jew, nationalism could only be permitted to serve the goals of internationalism, for the Jew could be found in all nations, and all nations were meant to serve him. After this, all whites would go to die for no interests other than those of the Jew.

But the world has changed since the Jew assumed the throne. He still cannot admit to himself that today the West is completely under his control and that the legend of nomadic Ahasuerus is finished. He has become settled. It is we who are the international people now. Lacking a homeland, it is we who put our shoulders alongside the Ashkenazi and push internationalist policies at the expense of nationalist ones. It is we who protect the Ashkenazi’s right to spread his empire’s tentacles throughout the world, well knowing the fate that comes to all imperialists and their empires eventually. The redistributive policies the Jew enacted to siphon off the whites’ wealth are condoned and encouraged by us in order to speed along his own dispossession, for now his eternal and expansive wars of control and greed begin to harm his own interests more directly. We desire that the Ashkenazi’s western nation-states interfere everywhere, for we wish these states to be drained of money and blood the faster. A minor conflict in Sudan, exaggerated by the Ashkenazi in order that he might militarily deal with the encroachment of Mohammedans and Chinese who threaten his African resources, is taken by us Aryans on the left and politically amplified for our own ends. From this same left of the phony political divide we shout for Western intervention in Tibet in order to make the Han warier of the the West than he already is. Meanwhile, from the right, we shout in unison with Israel and demand armed confrontation with Persia. All of this geopolitical posturing is meant to bring the dying Ashkenazi and white states into constant and eternal conflict. The Aryan will bleed the Jewish kingdoms of their resources, and the most important resource is the whites themselves.


It need not be said that we undermine not only conservative, but openly pro-white political organisations from within and without. We have begun at the openly racist social fringes and have moved to the center. Ultimately we will remove whites from the political process everywhere. Politics is not the primary agent of change, resource control is. Whites do not understand this. The Aryan seeks to eliminate every white political figurehead whose presence helps perpetuate the illusion that politics is a more powerful force than control of capital and the means of production. Illusions must be revealed for what they are. We want only non-whites in these figurehead political positions, either Jews or those alien peoples who have filled the whites’ one-time homelands. As the social policies of white disenfranchisement continue to be perpetuated, no longer will it seem as if it is only whites complicit in this ethnic disenfranchisement, which is the currently projected political image. We will pull the veil aside. The politicians and policy makers must not even pretend that they represent the interests of the whites in any way, as they do now in implicit fashion simply by the colour of their skin. Through the power allotted us by the multicultural milieu we live in, we agitate for the total removal of white politicians in formerly white nations by any means necessary. We are replacing them with Sikhs, Nigerians, and Vietnamese. We are striving to make every white on earth understand that not a single white politician cares about his interests. When the current genocidal political agenda is openly voiced and implemented by non-white faces different than their own, only then might it become clear to some whites that this agenda is specifically meant to advance others who wish to destroy them. Only then will the whites, or what remains of them, begin to understand the magnitude of their dispossession. Only then will they understand that they are stateless and powerless. As we learned from the Marxists, we will make clear to them how hopeless and miserable their situation truly is.

Whites are the Aryan’s primary problem and focus. There is a defect within the breed itself, and this defective strain must be eliminated if we are to survive. The world does not yet recognise that the battle smouldering beneath Western civilisation today is not between the whites and the invading peoples of colour, nor between enslaved Aryan and ruling Jew, but between us and the guilty whites. When a mentally healthy man becomes ill, he does not hate the bacteria or virus that are the culprits, but instead hates that his body is prone to sickness. He works to strengthen it. We have seen this self-strengthening in the Chinese, the Ashkenazi, and the Mohammedan, among others. Last century the Han purged his racial body of millions of collaborative decadent types and is today better positioned to deal with his enemies and advance his people. The Arab in Irak has killed off fellow Arab traitors to better withstand the Ashkenazi's occupying forces. The Ashkenazi in wartime Warsaw had to murder the many collaborators of his own kind before effectively fighting for his survival. Our people are no different. Just as the tougher ethnicities in the Ashkenazi’s Soviet death camps first killed off their own ethnic collaborators with the regime in order to preserve themselves, we eliminate the harmful whites.

The elimination or political neutralisation of those that power and feed today’s Western kleptocratic media democracy is our sole hope for survival. It is whites that enable this bloody system that destroys cultures and enslaves ethnic groups worldwide. Technologically capable and economically functional whites in the hands of the misanthropic Jew are a danger to all other ethnicities, for to be white means to be deracinated and to be deracinated means to be a tool in the hands of others. Those whites we cannot eliminate will instead be enracinated, as discussed earlier. In this way we not only neutralise them, we weaponise them, for never again can they be safely handled by the Jew who hates them.


Like ignorant Ashkenazim who moan about the whites' supposed antisemitism, many are the reactionary whites who helplessly complain about the Jew’s constant and eternal depredations against them. These whites may as well complain about the evolutionary gifts they themselves received from once dwelling amid the ice and snow. All external forces that do not destroy a group sculpt that group. The Aryan views the Jew as the catalyst needed for breeding more of us from the ranks of the whites. We thank him for his promotion of feminism, to rid the breed of the barren, the ignorant, the impressionable and the superfluous. We thank him for his promotion of miscegenation, this poultice that pulls out the disease of universalism embedded so deeply within the whites. We thank him for his promotion of pornography, to leach the infection of addiction and lonely individualism from the greater white body. Above all other peoples whites have needed to be deconstructed, and so we thank the Jew for deconstructing them. He burdens them with unceasing crime, with territorial colonisation, with dysgenics, and with empty consumer lifestyles, and through these burdens he moulds and shapes their future. The insane, the unfit, the sterile, the believers, and the suckers disappear, year after year. What comes next will be a different type.


Understand that the Ashkenazi wants more than anything to be acknowledged as the true ruler of the West. He wants to gloat. He wants acknowledgement by the white serfs that he is their overlord, but to demand this explicitly is a dangerous proposition, for being the overlord of racist, murderous empires marks him as a justifiable target for the group that will replace him. We let him hide for now, but we do all we can to assure that he is kept atop these states for as long as possible. He will not constrain his hubris indefinitely. For decades now the cracks in the façade have grown wider. He is more effective for us as hidden ruler than as hidden challenger. As challenger he must govern only his own group within the boundaries of another’s society. As ruler he must govern those he has conquered through open or concealed warfare. His fellow Jews he treats as men, which is fitting and normal. The indigenous inhabitants of the conquered land he treats as beasts, which is also fitting, per his psychology. Now that he has attained his total technical and cultural dominance over the goyim of the West, it is revealed that he has no further plan for himself, and he only abuses his beasts more and more severely. Having gained his great victory, the Jew is unsure what to do with it.

We, as Aryans, knew what we wanted once we attained our political triumph in Europe. We wanted to heal, to purify and to bring about order. We wanted rule only over ourselves. We wanted union between soil, man, and beast, and peace and understanding between nations. The Ashkenazi had as his sole goal only to take power and obtain control. His holy books have long boasted of how all the peoples of the world will be his slaves and serve him for eternity. His strategy was to divide, then murder, and then to enslave the weakened remnants. He accomplished this. Tens of millions have been murdered and starved, and the remaining whites of the West are to the last man enslaved. Today the Ashkenazi peers into an abyss. He has found safety, but that is all, for there is nothing beyond for him. If he is to survive tomorrow in the world he helped bring about, he must seek fulfillment from life itself. He finds himself needing to adopt an Aryan philosophy of gaining satisfaction through the physical and philosophical challenges offered by the wider world.

It is too early to say whether the captive whites and Aryans have taken their savage victor captive to some degree. There are certainly generational changes at work among Jewish youth, from incidents of refusals to bear weapons against the impoverished Arabs in Palestine to choosing non-exploitative occupations in England and its dominions. Increasingly some are losing the desire to dominate for dominance’s sake and seek instead another way of living. Some are unconsciously recognising that their evolutionary strategy was only good for a brief time, as all such strategies are, and that ultimately the lifestyle long promoted by their culture is not only destructive but self-destructive, unlike the self- sustaining strategy previously promoted by the Aryan. These Jews are among those being cast off and blending into the surrounding white society. For those mentioned earlier who remain at the core, their traditional and evolutionarily necessary rôle of destroyer will be turned against them as we Aryans willfully withdraw from our traditional rôle of creator. We will leave the essential task of building to the shrinking Jew, a task he cannot accomplish in any permanent way. Slowly his destructive tendencies will cause him to tear down even the societies he rules over.

In his current leading governmental positions the Ashkenazi has freed us from the travails of operating and preserving a state. Our previous burden has been lifted, and today our genius has been unfettered and turned to thoughts of survival and revenge, rather than maintenance. We have learned much from the Jew about how to survive when stateless. We have learned that when a society hostile to one’s interests is governed despotically, one never politically attacks the ruler directly but only ever strikes at various exposed aspects of that ruler’s society. We are not reactionary whites, blindly swinging our fists against the enormous unchequed power of the Jew, calling upon obsolete qualities such as courage, bravery, and passion to guide us to victory. We no longer seek to conquer using the tactics of appealing to the exploited masses or forming new political parties in order to win elections. Such courses of action have availed us nothing, nor will they ever avail us anything in the technologically dominated world of today. Moreover, the Aryan knows that due to the incredible rise of this technology, we have passed the point where the expression of a people’s will embodied in an individual has any relevance for us. No longer will we have passionate leaders like we once had, for personality cults belong to the past. Assassination through technology is too easy, and so we long ago began the tactical transformation from following the lone leadership of the heroic individual to the harnessing of all personalities for the struggle of the group. Today we have only the anonymous body of our people, who know who they are and know their rôles.

The Ashkenazi will not forever possess the capability to deny identity to the other members of the Caucasoid race who wish to break the chains he has bound them with. Someday we will once again openly tell him not to pollute our group. The feeling of superiority comes to whomever wishes for it. All groups on this planet can consciously become races of the will and of the mind, not simply the Ashkenazi.

We have silently studied these people who have considered themselves masters of all other men. We have understood them and we have duplicated their ways in our battle against them and their whites. We, too, insert members of our tribe in positions of power at every opportunity. If we are unable to place one of our own then we give the position to members of those groups competing with the majority white population, but never to a member of the majority white population itself. In the legal systems our judges favour Aryans over Asiatics, and Asiatics over Ashkenazim and others, but never, ever, do we favour whites in our decisions. In our various businesses, we bypass whites for advancement if given the choice between them and others who will eventually harm them. Whites have no identity, nor do they seek one, and so should be given nothing. They make no attempt to challenge this situation, but even if they did so they could not change their escalating dispossession. A single, predatory, mercantile Hindoo operating within the Ashkenazi's society is worth more to us than all the whites in the world. He is a vicious resource competitor, is conscious of who he is, is linked to an extended kinship and cultural group, is quick to safeguard his genetic and cultural heritage, and is eager to bring more Hindoos into his circle of success. Such types compete against the Ashkenazi, they do not seek to advance him. They are not white.

When we are policemen we harass whites. When we are doctors we give them glib and misleading advice that brings about illness and brings us wealth. When we are teachers we discriminate against their underachieving children. When we are legislators we demand and enact racial speech laws used only to prosecute and bind them. The gullible, conservative white believers in equality and other airy concepts wring their hands among themselves, claiming that such policies are not fair. They were never meant to be. The policies are meant to kill them. The whites destroyed our people. Now we destroy theirs.

Therefore, it is not only in the political arena where we seek to purge whites, nor only in the capitalist democracies. No, in all formerly white nations we are cleansing them from the boards of industry, the halls of education, the realms of commerce, and the ranks of the military. In some fields we have been more effective than in others, but eventually we will succeed in killing off all whites who are stupid enough to labour for, indoctrinate for, and die for the Jew. We will make the white societies that brutalised and enslaved our ancestors so fragmented and dissonant that it will be impossible for any whites existing within their boundaries to fend off the future assaults of those billions who wish to challenge and replace them. To see the future of whites look to the murderous Soviet Union of the past, and the Africa of the present. Without true territory of their own they live in states ruled by others, and not merely others but hostile others. These people whose ancestors strained to deny security and self-determination to our ancestors now begin to suffer from the same lack. As is happening on the Dark Continent today, whites will soon be surrounded by those who are physically different from them and teem with resentment for them. This will be the way wherever whites live on earth. Murdered instantly by the less civilised Africans, and murdered over generations by the more civilised Chinese and Hindoos, the whites of Africa are disappearing. With no representative government to protect them they have only themselves to rely on. This is the story that all whites will soon be living. As whites they will fail. The few children they manage to produce will know from their earliest lives that the world is against them. They will seek identities deeper than skin colour. They will look to their ancestral homeland Europe but they will see it dead. They will look to the past to see what killed it. They will learn what their ancestors did to bring about its death. They will struggle with the sins of these ancestors. Those who feel shame will have become Aryan. The others will remain white. They will die out. Already they are dying out. Indeed, they are already such a weakened and exhausted people that it is doubtful that open assaults and active removal even need take place. We are mercifully putting the sick whites out of their misery.