Protocols 14

Protocols 14



Much has been written about religion, and in particular Christianity, as it affects the non-Ashkenazi Caucasoids. We will not rehash those arguments here. Suffice to say that no matter what Christianity is or was, it once unified our European homeland. It was a binding force, imposed and spread by violence, the act or process that is always needed for the amalgamation of men. As Christianity’s binding force weakened, for various evolutionary reasons, Europe and its peoples split apart along linguistic and ethnic lines. When one European white identified as an English Anglican and another identified as a French Catholic it was clear that both of these culturally and genetically similar whites would eventually end up as slaves to united and determined outsiders unless their differences could be overcome by shared similarities. When division appears in a society any opportunistic biologically opposing force, under whatever social guise, can exploit this division. This is what happened and it is what will always happen.

Attempts undertaken by outsiders seeking to alter another group’s social structure for their own benefit have greater chances of success if these outsiders are not riven by divisions within their own social unit. Shared common bonds must exist among the members of this external group, be they historical, ethnic, cultural, or linguistic. Among sojourning peoples democratic institutions have historically been enacted to ensure the practice of intra-group equality, ensuring a roughly parallel status among members. This equal status between group members diminishes with attachment to soil and land, where the logical divisions necessary for the running of a civilisation ultimately form among the group.

The diaspora Jew was no exception to this united democratic paradigm found among sojourners. He shared common bonds with his fellow Jew that were far more solid than the bonds between a Bavarian prince and Bavarian peasant or a Genoese merchant and Genoese priest, regardless of the common Christianity uniting the different European classes. For this reason revolutions instigated or fanned by the Jew have always had a much greater success rate than autonomous revolutions that spring from particular divisions within a national host group. In such undertakings the Jew and his neighbor Jew look at themselves as one, and jointly drive wedges between these social divisions of the targeted state. Likewise, when the revolutionary Aryan German used force to unify Europe, he also had his shared cultural and ethnic body of other Germans to draw on, scattered as they were throughout the continent, and indeed, throughout the world. The whites, however, being white no matter where they exist on earth, do not have this sense of group-hood. They are not a unified people but a discordant mass. Even in our colonised ancestral European homeland the degraded and diminished tribes of Slavs, Nordics, Latins, and Celts currently act not as a group even intra-ethnically, but as typical white individuals. Therefore any attempt by the cultureless whites of the West to initiate political movements, seeking to increase security for themselves in the face of the Jew’s never ending assaults, is bound to fail. They are not a people, and politics can only come from a people.


It need not be said that Christianity is a ludicrous belief system, though when wielded properly as a social system it provided and still provides some strength for various groups, white and otherwise. It is an appropriation of Jewish evolutionary strategy, but is a lesser version, as befits a lesser people. As Aryans we have long awaited and worked for its disappearance among whites. Now, with the Ashkenazi atop all these days, we find a welcome ally who eagerly attempts to eradicate this scourge for us. The Jew has a healthy evolutionary impulse to destroy competing groups in order that his group might thrive. This tactic is uniquely realised emotionally among Homo sapiens as unmitigated hatred for tribal outsiders. In the case of the Jew, this instinctual and reactionary hatred, as we have seen, overrides his reason in many instances. We exploit this. The Jew sees the Christianity of today as akin to the mighty Catholicism once found in Spain, rather than the primitive totemism it has become. To him, since the adherents of both forms are referred to as "Christians", both are indeed "Christian", and so worthy of attack. The Jew has for millennia attempted to end this institution among whites, seeing in it unity and threat, while the Aryan sees in it but another vehicle in which the white worships the Jew and helps spread his dominion. The more intelligent Ashkenazim grasp the benefits to their group that are enshrined in the tenets and current practices of Christianity by whites. This minority would like to see it remain. Most Jews, however, desire that this religion disappear among whites. We Aryans do as well.

In all we do we assist the Jew in his war on the codices and belief systems of contemporary Christianity. With our current limited power there is no way we could have mustered up the level of assault on this institution that has been brought to bear on it by the international Jew. Just as he rabidly goes after our Anglo-Saxon foe for us, he likewise brings his media and juridical fangs and claws down on the truckling Christians. We stand by his side, thrusting our spears with the same fervour. The methodical and meticulous Germans have not been idle in their current efficient and brilliant disassembling of the decayed cultures of Europe. From the inside out the Catholic Church has been dismantled and defanged by them, for reasons different than our own, but with the same end result. We live and work among these Germans, helping rid our people of this debilitating creed that has been a thorn in our side for centuries. The Christian church assisted our enemies in the Ashkenazi war against us our people. We want neither it nor its motley followers alive to continue to harm us, and so we must eliminate it.

Our success in post-war Europe in ridding whites of the crippling Christian ideology has been great. The deserved mockery of superstitious Christian beliefs and the subsequent delegitimisation of its institutions have nearly eradicated this alien religion from the European consciousness, especially among the young. This deprogramming is one of the first steps needed in our long march back to life, and we could not be more pleased with the results. In today’s atmosphere of free secular attacks on Christianity we are able to slander the Jew’s Torah with impunity, superficially laughing at white Christians for their belief and adherence to these writings, but in reality socially condemning the Ashkenazi for his concocted and hate- filled holy book. This open mockery of Christianity and its tenets has additionally allowed us to praise, through educational and entertainment channels, the supposedly contrasting faith of the Mohammedan. Our defamation of Christianity and praise for Mohammedanism gives still further encouragement to those fanatical Mussulmen who wish to see not only Christians under their thumb, but Jews.

We have even had success in that stronghold of Christianity and ignorance, the United States. Certainly the Ashkenazi’s prowess in subversion and purging has paid off for us there. Prayers to Yahweh within the public school system are now gone. Public displays of Jewish-Christian symbols such as the Ten Commandments have been for the most part eliminated. There is no longer any permitted talk of the Christians’ saviour-god at most official functions. Additionally, the white Christians’ previously most precious days, Easter and Christmas, have been so thoroughly secularised and cheapened for whites' consumer intellects that they no longer mean anything sacred. If we could hire forty more Ashkenazi songwriters to pen Christmas songs that do not mention the white’s Jewish Christ, we would.

But this land has been a problem for us in many ways. While not totally unforeseen, the stubbornness of the wretched and stupid whites here in retaining their slavish Christian belief system has been a hindrance to us, and the actions we have undertaken remind one of the impossibility of eliminating the belief system of dogs; they have no beliefs, they just are. The odd effect of something like the Scofield Bible, which increased the degree of the evangelical American whites’ voluntary servitude to the Jew, brings the American Jew pause and slight confusion. He does not quite understand such people, sensing a danger in their philosemitism. In yet another example of the speciation and separation taking place among white Jewry, the galuth Jew of the United States is at odds with the Zionist Israeli when it comes to this major group of Christian whites. With mingled revulsion and fear American Ashkenazim do what they can to nullify and marginalise what they consider to be potentially threatening white Protestant sects. Meanwhile the white Ashkenazi rulers of Israel encourage the existence of these sects for the tribute they willingly give above and beyond that forcibly taken from the whites via taxation and fiat currency. In this we see one of the first open acknowledgments by a segment of Jewry that it needs whites to survive, while another segment continues to create a domestic environment that assures the whites’ marginalisation and extinction through the social policies it enacts. This reflects the burgeoning psychological difference between those Jews who have been moulded by rooted Zionism, and those who are members of a ruling caste of interlopers among aliens.

The ongoing divergence of tactics on the part of two aspects of Jewry undergoing subspeciation is a benefit to us, for it allows us yet another social space for reconstitution of our tribe. A small portion of our sojourning people lies hidden among these white Christians of the United States. We sequester our families in their communities but marry only among ourselves, as does the Donmeh Jew of Islamic Turkey. We read what Christians call the Old Testament not in a spirit of worship, but to obtain deeper understanding of our enemy’s cultural technology. The Torah is a powerful instruction book for building a unified people out of individuals, no matter the validity of their original kinship bonds with each other. Understanding and enacting its advice for group formation is the cultural equivalent of possessing the ingredients and instructions needed to produce gunpowder. Additionally, we have turned the Greek and Hebrew-penned stories of the New Testament into allegories, ignoring the supernatural elements beloved by whites and reading the tales as if the Christians’ "Jesus" represented our Aryan people, personified as a god-man who fights Jewry from within its own cultural borders. By linking ourselves directly to the character Jesus Christ we follow the example the Jew has given us by linking his own people to the terms for his personified god, be it Yahweh, Adonai, Hashem, or whomever. Nothing need mean what it seems to mean on the surface. Any word in any text can easily act as substitute for another, as our children are taught.

In no way do we read the Bible as history. Many among the various sects that have taken the Judaic tool continue to define themselves according to the disproved legends of this collection of propagandised stories. Jews of whatever ethnicity or race who accept the truth of the Biblical narrative are the only people in the world outside of Christians and Mohammedans who believe these mythological accounts about themselves. True Christian sects are composed of the stupidest individuals from among the whites, and it is this group that many among the Ashkenazim are allied with. In our secular guise, whenever you witness us publicly deriding the Christians for their childlike ignorance and lack of logical thought processes, we are equally deriding the religious Jew and his own intellectual capabilities. In our religious guise, we carefully do what we can to keep these Christians at arm’s length. They do not marry into our families.


Under the concealing cloak of the Christian religion we learn to read and write Hebrew. We and the Koreans are the only people in the world to do this outside of the Jew and certain scholars busily at work in Western universities and in government agencies in China and India. We are able to read every Jewish tractate, every bit of religious advice for bilking the goyim, every piece of literature. We understand what the Jew has written in the past, and we know what he is saying today. We watch him play his contemporary games with the goyim, writing one thing for his own group to read while preparing sanitised and misleading translations for the more gullible whites’ consumption. Whites believe anything told them. They never consider that the Jew would lie to them. This identifies them as white.


Within our Christian communities we produce many children, as some of you can attest to. In certain areas of South and North America, as well as Russia, we have even managed to establish our own churches, completely filled with our people, where there is no need for masquerade inside of a greater congregation. And within those congregations where we are still a concealed minority, we never forget who we are. We are not white Christians, arrows in the Ashkenazi quiver. We are Aryans, concealing ourselves, gaining wealth, and slowly moving toward the day when we can once more struggle for our freedom openly.


From deep within the trenches of Christianity’s many divisions we battle against the religion itself. In our mission to ultimately eradicate the belief system from the minds and communities of the whites, we have used its numberless denominations as both refuges and war towers. From the very heart of Christianity we attack not only those whites who adhere to the alien faith in its modern slavish form but also those secular whites who, in their denial of their physical senses and their reliance upon dogma and propaganda, are exact counterparts to the white Christian and his own utterly unreal worldview. As leaders among the different sects we industriously take the donated wealth of our stupid Christian white congregants and enrich ourselves. What cannot be openly pocketed we shovel into the Third World, where it is rapidly squandered, or we present it to Israel, where it will be used properly by men who know how to use wealth as it should be used. Day after day, year after year, we exploit the fervent, pathological altruism of the white Christians, absorbing their money in order that we might further impoverish them. From our pulpits we preach the concept of the brotherhood of man, encouraging the more suggestive whites to breed out of the race, which ultimately genetically shapes the sculpted core that remains. Under the guise of humanitarianism and Christian charity we bring every bit of foreign blood we can into the last redoubts of the whites. From the far corners of the earth we gather these outlanders and place them in every white nation and neighborhood, watching the predictable evolutionary outcome on defenceless whites of all sorts, as is detailed elsewhere in these pages. We give these foreigners positions in our various denominations, lifting them through the ranks of the hierarchy in order that they too might rule over whites openly, as so many others already do in this world.

In all these ways we destroy the whites, merely by properly using what already exists. Like white Christianity itself, the constitutions of whites always bore within them the seeds of their own destruction. And by ridding the world of the Ashkenazi’s subservient and stupid whites, seemingly defanged Christianity bites its Jewish mother from behind.


There are many parallels between our Aryan movement and historical Christianity, both the original Levantine-Mediterranean form and the latter Northern European Protestant type. These parallels can be found between all human groups struggling to gain traction on the evolutionary battlefield, for in this eternal biological struggle, all groups bear and utilise variations of the same cultural weapons. Early Christians appropriated much of a strong Palestinian Hebrew cultural technology in their effort to dismantle a world and assume a place for themselves in the new one they hoped would come about. More than fifteen hundred years after that, certain English whites appropriated even more of the Jewish technology, naming their rebellious group "Puritans" and elevating their tribe above all other out-groups. Utilising the Torah as a tool, they declared themselves special in the eyes of God. They then lessened the possibility of this tool being injuriously used against them by claiming that the Jew of the Bible had forsaken his covenant with God, and that those who currently called themselves Jews and who were still using the original tool even occasionally no longer had a right to it, for it now existed for the Puritans’ use alone. Their group had become the favoured one.

Like these early Christians, and like these Puritans, we Aryans have taken for ourselves much of the valuable cultural tools once possessed by Germany, Italy, and other countries in Europe during the time of these nations’ resurgence. This we have done in spite of the fact that we might not be Germans or Italians, and even though millions of Germans or Italians or Europeans can never hope to be and never will be Aryan. In the same spirit of the early Christians’ or Puritans’ attitudes toward the Jew, the Aryan looks down on the modern whites of Germany or Italy or Europe, seeing them as groups that have forsaken their blood covenant with God. Those laws set down by their previous elites, which were the source of European strength and accomplishment, are no longer meant for them, but for our people. Large families are for us. Eugenics are for us. Cultural unity is for us. Tribalism is for us. Slavery, ignominy, and self-abasement are for them.


To form and maintain a unified group, struggle, conflict, and external persecution are necessary. They are the pressure that brings forth diamonds from coal. The early Christians needed their religious legend of the reformer crucified by the oppressive ruling classes, for it presented a myth of persecution from the very beginning and formed an archetypal figure for the chastised followers of their creed to rally round. Prior to the Second World War, the Aryan-German victims of prejudice and violence outside of the borders of Germany became more fervent defenders of their ethnicity than those Germans within the borders who were not suffering as much brutality. Among the Ashkenazim, it is the elite who dramatically evoke the specter of antisemitism even when there is none, for they understand that external threat promotes cohesion.

Always those most conscious of the eternal evolutionary struggle between peoples strive to infuse awareness of this struggle into the less conscious members of their in-group. Always those of a group who suffer the most at the hands of enemies, and who survive this suffering, work to inflame others of their kind who are more protected and more oblivious to danger. If successful, they create a growing number of tribal defenders, an immune system. This is one of the many reasons that we have helped in increasing the harsh actions of the state against the whites. We are breeding them. For our garden to eventually blossom, it is necessary that the Ashkenazi socially, politically, and economically gains even more reach and authority than he has currently, for the Ashkenazi, as you know, has never shown himself able to do anything but persecute once he has reached a particular stage of power. As he further drains the West of its wealth, the various national-states he helms will produce less and less. Whenever states begin to lessen their output, those who benefit most from these states become more cruel and repressive to the labouring stratum of the populace, struggling to maintain, and even increase, the riches they previously accumulated. These current Jewish-run states are no exception, and every subsequent step we take toward their dismantling will be met with more draconian measures by the reactionary Ashkenazi against the whites. Most whites will fade, but some will acquire the identity in flame and torture that they currently lack. From this point on, their minds will never again be a colony for the Jew.

Meanwhile, the remaining white Christians will continue to harden in their non-ethnic identity as Christians. Like the Jew they believe that they are to be persecuted until the end of time. These similar beliefs have sprung from the same fount, but for the worldly Jew the end-time arrives here on this earth after it has been perfected by his group, while for the stupider Christian the future world comes about in an imaginary kingdom he reaches after his individual death. No matter their difference, the shared belief in a linear system with a beginning and an end is why both white Jew and white Christian are equal proponents of the fiction of continual progress which reaches an ultimate endpoint. Yet evolution goes on forever. For the Aryan and other peoples who understand that they are composed of the same organic elements that make up our earth, there is nothing to progress toward, there is only an eternal tending and stewardship of that earth. The Ashkenazi perfection of the world means transforming it into a place where he rules unopposed, but there will never be a day when he can call a halt to this busy transformation of his. In eternity, perfection and completion are never reached, which the Jew admittedly understands to a degree. As with the so-called struggle against xenophobia in our colonised Europe, or the Afirmative Action hiring policies in Great Britain and the United States, the Ashkenazi’s tikkun olam will never voluntarily come to an end. There will not be a particular day when it is called to a halt, when it is announced that its goals have been met; it will, on the contrary, be perpetuated forever, until the day it is no longer allowed to be perpetuated. The only way such things ever come to an end is through the limits set by external environmental forces. In our tamed and industrialised world, environmental forces which alter patterns of human evolution are made by creating cultural changes within the social environment. For the Jew to cease tearing down civilisations, stealing the wealth of others, and enslaving and murdering indigenous communities, there must be either an internal shift in consciousness among the whites that currently predominate in this industrialised environment or an external shifting of power that causes their dispossession and replacement by others who are stronger and will not allow themselves to suffer under the Jew. Since evidence for self-selected internal alteration of consciousness in a people is thin, we must push for the latter course. Whites must be replaced by others less easily dominated.

Know, young Aryan, that the Jew’s need for taking every bit of wealth and sustenance from others cannot be simply turned off by him as if it is a switch. It is a characteristic of his, developed over centuries, and we are not strong enough to stand in front of him and halt him. Just because a man trying to defend himself against a lion knows the strengths of the lion does not mean he can meet the lion head on; he must use his wile to dig and bait pits and use the natural inclinations of the lion against the lion. If it is said to the Jew that he is ultimately killing himself through his policy of infinite gain in a finite world, his psychological makeup will not allow this to compute, in the same way that it never registers among those who prosper as Christians that they are but extensions and tools of the Jew. Use these truths. Take advantage of the Jew's evolutionarily selected blinders. Continue to blend with these ignorant Christians and hasten their demise or attack them from the secular society outside and hasten their demise. By weakening their group you assist your own group for the future. Remember always, it is the religious duty of our people to destroy those who would destroy us.