Protocols 13

Protocols 13



It is understood among us that the desired infighting between the numerous divisions of Jewry cannot take place if the Jew is impoverished and cut off from a system of economic rewards, as was the case during those European eras when his power ebbed. We do not wish the Jew invigorated by the cultural solidarity that is brought about by shared struggle, and so currently we do what we can to ensure success for his small group. This is better than impoverishing him, for with his wealth and accomplishment comes increasing discontent with the ease of life and a growing laziness. Many of those wielding the Jewish technology have already grown too specialised, and are less adaptable than their forefathers, men who were able to take complete nation-states and make them their own. The desperate ancestors of today’s Ashkenazi succeeded in riding astride the whites and Aryans all the way to the throne of the world. Under the proper conditions their smug and wealthy descendants will give that world away again. All Aryans work to bring about those conditions by supporting the Ashkenazi in his bid to rule unchallenged, and all Aryans facilitate the transfer of wealth from the whites to the Ashkenazi in order that the one might fade and the other might temporarily thrive.

Furthermore, as the Ashkenazi grows wealthier it is necessary that he feel safe from threats of antisemitism, a word which today only means political challenge to his rule. He must be allowed to lower his organism’s protective barriers, to police in-group boundaries less, to procreate more, and to outbreed more. He must believe that his power has been so extraordinary that he has eliminated all valid threats to this power.


Population levels, reproduction rates, territorial possession, and other forms of demographics are measures of truth. These can always be altered and new racial and cultural realities brought about. Ecologically, each Jew is supported by a certain undefined number of whites. Aryans have made it our goal to cause that number of whites to drop and to cause the number of Jews to rise, putting this ratio out of balance. Burdened by the immigration and economic policies we foster, the whites continue to vanish. In contrast, those Jews who most despise whites, the Orthodox of the West and of Israel, are reproducing at a fantastic rate due in great part to the tribute paid them by these disappearing whites through the secular Jewish governments they live under. This is the beginning of imbalance, which is the beginning of change.

Certain wealthy Ashkenazim, worried by the increasing nebulousness of in-group cohesion, privately fund Jewish education for Jewish students across Europe and the Americas, seeking to create more nationalistic Jews by the process of elite self-segregation. This endeavour is given open social and political support by the Aryan. When young Ashkenazim in galuth are sent on visits to Israel to deepen their threatened identity, we publicly applaud it. In the future we will even tax the whites to pay for these privileges accorded to Jews, in the same way that we today tax their families to finance the higher education tuition needs of Israeli youth. With every action taken we push for the transfer of wealth from one group to another in order to create imbalance between host and parasite. We strive to increase the appetite of the Jew devourer while ridding the world of his white prey. With diminished white prey, and with the widening divisions between the Jews themselves, more opportunity presents itself to us. By altering the social environment and the cultural terrain, we alter the lives of the creatures that inhabit that terrain.


A parasite is unable to live off of other parasites to any great degree or for any length of time. No matter the Jew's desperate attempt at living on his own in Israel, he cannot long survive as a majority population in any territory on this earth without possessing a suficient amount of white slaves, and certainly could not even survive in his new homeland if not for the funneling of whites’ labour and resources into this land by the secular diaspora Ashkenazim ruling over their various goy nations. The non-Israeli Ashkenazi has adapted to galuth, and in this evolutionary state he can never be greater than a certain percentage of the host population. When this percentage grows, and imbalance takes place, his excess population must further disperse if he is to survive, for in the original territory there will not be enough exploitable human resources for his offspring. Today, with a smaller number of the white population available to be fleeced by a greater proportionate number of Jews, surplus Jewry either emigrates or ethnically spreads into the general population, where it changes its cultural strategy. Through the increased social feasibility and acceptance of intermarriage, and the reproductive success brought about by economic success, we manipulate the ratio of the Jewish organism to its host. This imbalance last took place on a large scale in the Pale of Settlement, where the confined Ashkenazi rapidly debased and diminished the local peasantry, grew in size, then became impoverished himself when nothing remained to exploit. When the territorial boundaries of the Pale were finally breached the Ashkenazi spread into those parts of the world offering least resistance. Then, as now, these lands were white lands, for these people have no defence against the Jew. With this flood of aggressive Jews spilling into the whites' countries, the global destruction of the white citizenry accelerated. It is a flood the whites have never recovered from.

Today the Jew has thoroughly conquered those white societies he fled to. There is barely any West left for him to devour. Because of this, his current dispersal, which happens now from overpopulated Israel, will be more dificult for him because the white solution he thrives in is near its saturation point. The white hosts already have the maximum parasites attached to their bodies. Though the Israeli Jew still colonises the former white countries as best he can, most prominently the United States, he finds himself going further afield and into unknown territories and populations to stake his pennant. His successful biological fitness and his culturally necessary rapaciousness are leading him into conflict in other lands with other tribes that he does not understand. To derive an advantage over these new populations in his eternal bid for domination, he attempts to utilise halakhic tactics used previously, and most effectively, against the whites and occasionally the Mohammedans. But his success rate is not what it once was. Though seeming to succeed in colonising parts of South America currently, he is only doing so against the most ignorant peasants and is rapidly bumping up against those other diaspora merchant peoples who are not as naïve as the indigenous peasantry or the always-welcoming whites. As all know, the Chinese eye the global expeditionary forces of the surplus Jew with wariness, recognising that the day approaches when in the eyes of this Jew his own Han people will take the targeted rôle of "goyim" previously played exclusively by whites. The overseas Hindoo, too, watches and attempts to counter the Jew in his own way, as do the overseas Lebanese, Armenians, Palestinian Arabs, and other sojourners who seek livelihoods built upon the lives and labour of indigenous peasants.

As the Jew further disperses to environments he hopes will be favourable to his economic and reproductive success, those non-Jews inhabiting the same territory who have yet to devise a proper evolutionary strategy against invaders will suffer. This rule is the same for all forms of life in every environment. Yet those few among the invaded possessing a greater innate capacity for survival, or a more active immune system than their fellows, will learn from the Jew, as the Aryan did, and emulate him and his tactics. We see this in numerous examples which increase each year. In the United States, the kinara utilised by the racially-conscious Negro during his holiday of Kwanzaa is simply another version of the Jew’s hanukia, symbolising above all else separation, superiority, and ultimate victory over a rival competitor. The smarter and more farseeing among the Negroes are simply applying to their own group the methodology exemplified by Judaism, just as they did when they created the racially based holiday itself. Certain other Negroes of the United States have even begun to more openly appropriate the techniques of the Jew, calling themselves Black Israelites, meeting in their own synagogues, and spreading to Nigeria. Celebration of the group and separation of the group from other groups is a more successful evolutionary strategy than individual struggle. This is what the aware Negro has taken from the Jew. Nor is he alone.

The Christians and Mohammedans, too, have each specifically mimicked aspects of the Jewish strategy and incorporated certain elements of it into their own cultural technologies, which has allowed them at times to effectively compete with him. In the same United States where the Black Israelites formed, white Christians have linked themselves to the Zionism of their overlords in an unconscious, adaptive attempt to survive. That is only one sect; there are more. The most clear example of mimicry of Judaism in the incremental and eternal process of evolutionary adaptation among peoples is currently represented by the Mormon Church. The members of this group possess a derisive term for outsiders identical to the Jew’s; emphasise large, intermarried families in order that they might grow a future army; and blatantly appropriate the Jew’s holidays even more so than the original Christians did, all while being sure to never offend or openly challenge the Jew.

Any nervous boasts or whining complaints by the Jew about the appropriation of portions of his cultural and evolutionary technique by competing out-groups elicits a mere shrug of the shoulders by those who are utilising this technique to its fullest. Just as certain whites desperately proclaim their race’s former prowess at art and science to a non-white audience that does not care, the Jew’s boasts or complaints also fall on indifferent ears. It does not matter who invented the spear, but who can use it most effectively.

In every territory the Jew invades, if his devastation of the host society is not complete, a transfer of his cultural tools to an elite minority of this invaded society will take place, and this minority will then attempt to use these tools defensively against his predations. This is yet another reason the Aryan pushes for the Jew to prosper, to breed, to exhaust his host, and to disperse, sowing his seeds as he goes. What this process brings about is slow evolutionary drift, where many of the invaded cultural members of a group are destroyed, but those that remain create a recombinant culture, based in part on the invading competitor’s culture, in order to protect themselves in their now-altered environment. When hemmed together into North Africa, the Jew and the Mohammedan at times counter-adapted to each other so frequently that to outsiders it often seemed as if there were no outer ethnic or cultural difference between the two groups. This will be the story of the whole world in the coming century, as globalism allows other groups to encounter the Jew in closer proximity, and the progenitors of their future elites subsequently adapt to his technology.


Our needed dispersal of the Jew will take place more rapidly if his source of nourishment begins to exhaust itself. No matter how many non-Caucasoids currently slave within his global financial system, the Ashkenazi’s primary nourishment source is still the whites who enable the transfer of resources into his organism. We will not allow their numbers to increase in order that they might sustain an even greater number of Ashkenazim forever and ever. No, everywhere the Aryan holds slight influence or power we play the evolutionary rôle of thinner of the bloated body of whites. We champion abortions. We encourage selfishness. We promote immaturity and sterile lifestyles. Always this is done with whites in mind.

We have helped turn their inborn sense of superiority against themselves. The Germanics, the most creative and efficient race in the world, have been put into the service of tearing down Europe and all white lands where whites, and the Ashkenazi, once thrived. We will never let these Germanics have children again, just as we will not allow any whites to have children. If they try to have larger families beyond replacement level we accuse them of being fascistic, and they immediately halt themselves. Every generation of theirs is smaller than the one before, and still we do not quit. From our protected social and political fortresses of the liberal-democratic regimes we encourage miscegenation, whoredom, bachelorhood, feminism, and homosexual unions, and if there must be white children, we push for them to be raised by a single parent. We preach the brotherhood of man and the end of whites' paltry group genetic defences, which we term racism and hatred. Those most susceptible to following the imperatives of outsiders listen to our instructions and automatically obey. Those lacking the intelligence or desire to recognise which cultural tools are needed for survival listen and obey. Day after day whites bleed into other races, while those remaining among their own race become either explicit Jews or temporarily implicit Aryans, bearing a growing awareness of the ongoing and eternal evolutionary struggle between ethnicities.

As the population of the whites shrinks, the previously successful evolutionary strategy of the Jew will only remain viable for a smaller amount of Jews. More will be forced out of the group, where they will die off or blend with the whites, and the most intelligent and desperate among these will eventually be absorbed by the expanding Aryan organism. A drift of stored intelligence will be set loose by the Jew as his ranks close and he sacrifices his outer layers. This intelligence will be absorbed by the Jew’s competitors, as has happened other times in the past. The stolen aptitudes and intellects of the millions of accomplished Aryans and whites murdered by the Ashkenazi in Europe will make their way back to us. The intelligence that was taken from our people by the slaughter of our best will genetically return through the children and grandchildren of the conquering Jew who marries out. Just as Europeans once regained much of their lost philosophy and science via the Mohammedan invaders who appropriated these outlooks and accomplishments from their forebears, so too will the whites’ missing customs and unity come back to them via the biological encroachment of the severed Jew.

Gradually, as the whites find no safety in being white, and when they find no room for converts within a more concentrated and more militant Jewry, they will shed mere whiteness and become Aryan, the open rival to the Jew. Tactical cries of antisemitism in the battle for resources and life will no longer be effective on those who can claim some slight Jewish ancestry, nor even on those who cannot. Those who detest being slaves to the Jew's corporations, banks, governments, and police will be able to more effectively shout for the end of this oppression by an ethnically similar type. Mixed Jews will demand an end of exploitation by other Jews and will call upon Judaism itself as a tactic. Even the net positive genetic inflow owed to conversion of the best of the goyim will be less beneficial for the Jew, for the human capital which does trickle into his group will by this stage only consist of those types who would gladly take the wealth offered by slavery of others. This will further cement the contrasting philosophies of both sides and leave no room for ambiguity between them. Among the future Caucasoids there will only be slavers and openly aware slaves, and neither side will lack identity.


In Canada, England, the United States, and elsewhere we have long worked with fervour alongside the Ashkenazi in promoting the breeding of whites with stronger Negroes, Asiatics, and various New World peoples. The offspring of these pairings are no longer white, and the end of whiteness is what the Aryan works toward. The miscegenation problem fretted over by reactionary racist whites is ideologically and easily solved, at least when it comes to members of the genetically recessive Caucasoid race. Mixed race progeny do not carry Aryan blood, but only ever the blood of whites, those who were never Aryan to begin with. They have now joined the people of colour. While lost to us ethnically, they will still work with us to attack those with white skin whom they see in power. In the end, that will be the Ashkenazi.

In Europe, too, we promote miscegenation. There we introduce white women to Mohammedan acquaintances and comrades of ours, and promote their union. We know that any offspring of the two, when seeking an identity on this earth as all healthy beings do, will have only Mohammedanism to rely on. This is a movement whose growth, though small, we also currently publicly encourage, for our enemies must be starved while the enemies of our enemies must be fed.


With the massive outbreeding of the whites underway, all the dross of centuries of deracinated whiteness is being shed like a snake does his skin. The Aryan was defeated and humiliated not by the Ashkenazi alone, but by whites wielded by the Ashkenazi. We are insuring that he never again has this weapon to use against us. Though the Ashkenazi holds as much power over the inhabitants of Brazil as he does those of England, Germany, and the United States, the mixed-breed population of Brazil is unable to compare with the technically proficient and capable whites of these latter places and therefore is unable to subdue and crush enemies of the Ashkenazi as easily as these fading white states do. In the future, as you have been told, if the Ashkenazi wishes to remain a slaver he will be forced to remove his mask, for he will no longer possess capable white slaves to front for him. And he will wish to remain a slaver, for that is the only way in which he can retain the wealth we help shovel his way.


Today, as in long ago Aryan Spain, the accumulation of unchequed riches is subtly weakening the Jew. With nothing to impede him currently he is devouring the wealth of the world. Previously, in our armed struggle against him and his whites, we tried to free ourselves from his system of compound interest and monetary debt. We wanted a different world than the one he was bringing about. Our uprising failed. Though it is of little solace, we are not alone in our failure. In all of history there have been few genuinely successful slave revolts. There have been horizontal and generational power shifts, however, when former slavers have diminished and died off through various dynamic processes. Unchequed pleasure and unlimited power work their evolutionary magic on all men. It is for this reason that we no longer oppose the Jew’s usurious financial system, but actively support it and encourage its worldwide spread. Today, with the Jewish mosquito on the neck of billions of victims, we pinch the neck of these victims and fill the feasting Jew with all the blood he can consume, until he can no longer remove his proboscis, and bursts.

This is the course of action one must take, for intelligent men understand that the mosquito is currently not able to be physically swatted by its host. There can no longer be a revolution of the type we waged in Europe, nor does such an undertaking ever enter our visions or plans. Technological sophistication in communications, weaponry, and financial systems has made impossible the armed revolt of yesterday, still fantasised over by certain whites who fail to note that vast changes have taken place in the world. Being a longer-lived organism than the whites, the Aryan thinks in terms of millennial change, not sudden violent overthrow. There will be no masses of whites rising up against their masters. The coddled and spoiled and dwindling lower and middle class whites would never dream of revolting until they possessed absolutely nothing, and even then most would not fight for their interests but choose instead to quietly die. They have gone down a different evolutionary path than us and no longer have the capacity or the will to survive at any cost. Even if they did, such little true wealth is now held by these white masses that to have them as allies is pointless. As all manufacturing capabilities have been taken by us out of white hands and lands, there is no longer power in general working class strikes. Nor is there is power in the actions of a few gun-wielding fools. There is very little potential power at all in the hands of the bulk of the whites.

Neither will any impetus come from the wealthy whites. In all eras and across all races the rich only join revolutionary movements when it seems as though those rising from underneath will be able to obtain a victory. The wealthy whites are most interested in retaining their objects and privileges, as is to be expected. Unlike the interlude between the two devastating wars in Europe, today there exist no wealthy elites who desire to change the environment of the Ashkenazi’s slave lands. Those prospering within an economic system who are unable to see or care about the future welfare of their breed in the following generations see no need to openly change that system. They will not fight, they will not assist, they will not raise a word of reproach to those who perpetuate the injustices of this world. The more a society is enthralled to the Jew, the less criticism one will hear of the Jew from the traditional pillars of that society. A Jew-dominated society, with its identifiable characteristics of surveillance, ever-increasing taxation, host-culture defamation and dispossession, and physical or economic enslavement of the majority, will rarely hear criticism from the mouths of non-Jew cultural elites. Condemnation of the Jew, and the corresponding society he creates for himself to function in properly, will only come from the elite during the Jew’s rise to power and during the Jew’s fall from power, but never while he possesses total power.

Any critics who do happen to speak up are immediately forced outside the boundaries of the extant system, or they arise from there to begin with. Once outside the walls of the system, these marginalised figures, when not being hunted down or disenfranchised, are slandered in a thousand ways. They are hated by all. They are mocked as "losers of society". This will happen at all times and in all places. Remember that in the revolutionary Aryan societies of Europe the Jew himself was a loser of society, for he could not compete according to the rules of our particular state. Thus it is today, once again, albeit with different players filling the rôles. The rules of the Ashkenazi state are against the Aryan. This is how it must be. No healthy life-form wishes to create an environment where its competitors thrive, and though rapidly growing less so, the Jew is healthy for the time being. Yet under our current system, where the surviving Aryan and his beliefs and folkways are marginalised, one must ask what other forms of life have been driven down the same terrible path. Wolves, tigers, bison, forests, and the inhabitants of the oceans, along with nearly every other form of wildlife, are also "losers" in today’s system. An environment favourable to the prospering of the Jew means death to more than Aryans.

We have reassured you, young Aryan, that we are within the walls of the Jewish-run societies of the West. Know this. We are without them as well. And all outsiders, if they are to survive, must regroup beyond the boundaries erected by others. Even as you read these words there are intelligent whites being pushed outside the walls. It does not matter how they are arriving there. Some followed failed evolutionary strategies of individualism and have no one to blame but themselves. Others are being pushed outside because of their heritage, ethnicity, and social position. We have been integral in forcing this fate on them, through all the policies and tactics we have described to you here. We have utilised the Jew and we have utilised the whites themselves, and this is known to none but us. Some of these disenfranchised and desperate people, whose numbers grow by the day, already feel that they must fight back, as whites, against the open hostility directed toward themselves and their families. But these will soon notice that there are still plenty of whites in power, both the white Ashkenazi and those elite whites and Christian whites who lick his hand. So a new description for themselves must be taken, an alternative to the broad term based solely on skin colour which they currently use even in lands possessing national identities, for they will note that not all with white skin are united, or share the same genetic interests, or inhabit the same cultural landscape. They will proclaim, first among themselves, that the white group which currently wields all power has been responsible for creating today's ugly, artless, murderous dystopia which brings so much pain to so many. Then, as outsiders must, they will quietly pose themselves against this group. They will need an identity to do this. That is when they will find us. That is when they will join us in tearing down whiteness and everything that supports and allows its existence. That is when they will join us in our subtle and ongoing attacks.