Protocols 12

Protocols 12



The Han’s coming battles will not end with the neutralising of the Ashkenazi threat. All races and all ethnicities are locked in perpetual struggle. This truth is eternal. If competitors are not eliminated by hard and sudden genocide then they fall prey to soft genocide, which consists of anti-natalist policy measures enacted by stronger rivals or physical absorption by other groups. Both hard and soft genocides have been effective evolutionary techniques for their proponents, and both have been utilised in the struggle between our own people and the Ashkenazi. Today we are unable to retaliate against him in any hard sense, so we must turn to softer options, in particular physical absorption.


Just as the economically exploited Negro in his African homelands currently complains about the mercantile and sojourning Hindoo or Lebanese not intermarrying with him, so did the whites once complain about the Jew and his ethnic and social separation from his European host society. In reconquered Spain and in revolutionary Germany this cultural separation was eventually and cleverly turned on him. To force the dominant Jew out of our ancient homelands in order that the aboriginal inhabitants no longer be exploited, the successful Aryan nationalist and socialist revolutionaries of Spain and Germany announced with our victories that it was now our pure blood that was not to be tainted by that of the interloping Jews, and that control of the nations' destinies was from then on to only be in the hands of those who shared the concerns and culture of the majority population. De facto outsiders had no place in our society.

Yet let it be understood that these pronouncements and subsequent laws took place as a reaction to superior Jewish cultural techniques previously applied. They came about only after the Jew had long since economically triumphed and was choking the Spanish and German peoples in his victory. By the time our social revolutions were successfully completed and our own ethnic laws enshrined, the previously victorious Jew had already passed key females of his own into the elite of the host society and had begun to take whichever women he wanted from the host society.

It is often only after increasing success and domination of a subject population that the merchant wrests the best of the women from those peoples he has subjugated. Every historically conquering tribe, warrior and merchant alike, snatches the women it desires from among the ranks of its defeated foes. Victory simply comes to the merchant after a longer period of time than it does the warrior, so one must wait longer for intermarriage to come about. Without enormous effort to prevent it, and often even in spite of this effort, intermarriage between two groups will ultimately take place to some degree over long periods of contact. This is what we see with the Ashkenazi and the whites today. Having attained vast riches and successes, having armies and untold wealth at his fingertips, the Ashkenazi has at this point snatched from his subjects many of their most valuable women, from Russia to England to Argentina. This is neither in dispute nor is it at odds with a successful group evolutionary strategy, for all successful groups will take the most intelligent, fit, and successful members from similar competing groups if able, particularly females.

On the nation-state level this process has left whole countries drained of worthy human capital, particularly the various states composing Eastern Europe where the Jew was most concentrated. The "brain drain" that is taking place within these manmade borders is also happening on a much wider genetic plane, noticeable only to those non-whites who view the trends of the world with the broader vision of ethnicity and race. Superficially one witnesses the most economically capable inhabitants of Eastern Europe siphoned off by Canada, Britain, and the United States, and realises that a great imbalance is taking place that will have unfortunate economic ramifications for these emptied nations in the future. Yet it is not the piece of earth known today as "Rumania", to name but one location, that will be affected by this drainage of its most talented and intelligent, but rather the future welfare of millions of Latin-Slavic peoples living on this particular piece of earth. All suffer due to the loss of the most gifted of the population. In the same way that wealthier nation-states rob the people of Rumania of the very individuals who could improve life for their tribe in the future, the conqueror Ashkenazi genetically poaches from the body of the whites. He strides across the societies of the West with the same arrogance he displayed when terrorising conquered Russia earlier this century, taking whom he chooses, and choosing the best. In this manner he diminishes the whites’ future capabilities of generating intelligence and wealth. Even their physical beauty goes away, transferred to the Ashkenazi cultural group.


After he murdered millions of healthy Aryans and embryonic Aryans in Russia and the East, the Ashkenazi proceeded to safely intermarry with vast numbers of indigenous Slavic and Nordic women. Within two generations the phenotypic distinction between these groups and his own has diminished drastically, no matter the "Jewish" badge many of these mixed offspring still attempt to wear. Throughout the West it is clear that with the enormous numbers of Ashkenazim breeding out, due to the favourable environment which punishes antisemitism and rewards philosemitism, the time approaches when different systems can finally oppose this group outside of religious and ethnic grounds. The enormous outer layer of Jewry has ceased being primarily ethnically "Ashkenazi" and become instead merely a culture for millions, no matter if the antisemites and the core-Ashkenazi wish to deny this racial truth currently. Remember, young Aryan, "Jew" means less and less what it once did, and more and more only a hostile white elite, no different phenotypically or genetically than the white masses it rules over. This truth will have great meaning in the politics of the future, when the race swindle run by the Ashkenazi begins to unravel.

Of course, the varied practitioners of Judaism have undergone this sloughing and blending process many times over the millennia. No matter what the Ashkenazi claims to himself and others about purity of blood, wherever he found success and freedom from fear his walls soon became permeable. This is true with all groups and his is no exception. Even now he continues to shout that he is ethnically distinct from those who are mere whites, per his needed policy of contrast with those he rules over, but he himself, with his smirking blue eyes and pale skin and fair hair, is far closer to them than those Sephardim he mocks as impure, and whose tactics and cultural tools he smartly appropriated. Indeed, the Ashkenazi has poured himself into and absorbed elements of so many Caucasoid peoples across Europe and Asia Minor that the only major difference between himself, the Aryan, and the whites at this time is not one of genetics, but of culture, worldview, and position in the world’s hierarchy.

Though not racial, these differences are admittedly vast. The Ashkenazi culture thrives on chaos and fermentation, while the Aryan seeks harmony and order in his societies, like the Han. The Ashkenazi, a member of a parasitical culture, must take from other men in order to survive, while the Aryan, a primary producer, can live from the earth and sea without enslaving others. The Ashkenazi seeks to manipulate, disenfranchise, enslave, and murder other peoples whom he comes into contact with, as we see reflected in his sacred writings and history, while the Aryan seeks these people's cooperation and understanding. These differences between us and the Ashkenazi, just as with the differences between the other members of humankind and the Ashkenazi, are not reparable. With each passing day more realise that the cultural tool of Judaism, as wielded by the Ashkenazim of the Caucasoid race, is deadly to all other races in the world.


Different groups forge different evolutionary strategies based on their levels of consciousness and intelligence and the environments they finds themselves in. When the Jew previously married his own daughter into the power structures of the societies he invaded, he gained more control and capital than he had previously, and he lessened opportunities for antisemitism to arise from these wealthier classes of indigenes. In this way he protected his ethnic core while ultimately weakening the defences of his competitors. The Han strategy, to look at just one among many, differs from the Ashkenazi’s. In lands where racial differences between himself and the indigenous is not particularly great, his invading males take local wives in the first wave of mercantilism. The economically prominent mixed offspring produced by such unions pave the way for eventual complete foreign economic domination of the land’s inhabitants, for in a matter of generations these mixed breeds themselves are absorbed and replaced by full-blooded Han merchants from the mainland. In the West, as we have seen, it is his women who act as the advance guard, neutralizing various white ethnicities from the Asiatic perimeter of their enormous population. Both are similar dual strategies that can only be effective when an invading people possesses a densely and highly populated home nation-state due to successful evolutionary practices.

Being in a different position than either the Han or the Ashkenazi, we have had to develop a different tack. In our new evolutionary rôles as sojourners, and with far less wealth and power than any of our competitors, our Aryan strategy has been to everywhere encourage the entry of whites into the Ashkenazi gene pool, and vice versa. All whites absorbed by the Ashkenazi act as weapons for us in some fashion, for we know that by taking the women of the conquered, the conquerors themselves are being conquered. Due to our social manipulation from all fields we have access to, the intermarrying Ashkenazi now slowly but steadily falls prey to the diseases of the whites. Their characteristics have already begun to appear among his group, as they must, for he has not the numbers to completely absorb them.

Who are these whites merging into the body of the Ashkenazim, and what are their qualities? Ignoring the many talented white males who have already been enfolded within the Jewish cloak and subsequently spread their seed through generations, there are three types of white females currently being absorbed into this group. The first consists of those for whom nationality, or peoplehood, means little. These are typical white universalists, lacking an innate sense of the struggles between different peoples for survival on this earth, and to them a Jew might as well be a white or a man of China or Africa. All are interchangeable, and all acceptable as long as they possess wealth or various personal qualities that appeal to particular individuals. The second consists of those who are philosemites by nature or rearing, and have always worshipped the Jew above all other peoples. The third consists of those who wish to be on the currently winning side in the never-ending competition between tribes, even though such a desire need never be openly acknowledged. While the first two types of white females are often fanatics, these last are pragmatic opportunists seeking a position of comfort and dominance for themselves and their children, and will gladly jump from a sinking ship to a seaworthy vessel.

Remember, the open inclusion of so many of these whites among the greater body of Ashkenazim has made this tribe far less able to maintain the fiction of being somehow totally genetically separate from the greater white population. With each intermarriage between Ashkenazi and white, the outer core of Jewry becomes an increasingly messy painting, while those intelligent remainders of the larger external white group from which the members of this outer core poach their mates are as a statue being carved. It is still to be seen what will become of this group. What is known is that by slowly losing both the universalist and the out-group ethnocentric types, the first which can discern no boundaries and the second which ignores them, certain psychological traits are diminishing within the larger body of whites. No matter their intellectual level, universalists have no place in any group wishing to survive long on this earth, nor are worshippers of a hostile enemy group that has enslaved and spat upon their own parent group welcome as part of that parent group.


Whites will continue being absorbed and Jews will continue being shed by the ever-changing Ashkenazi organism. This is how Judaism itself survives in the current industrialised era, for otherwise its inbred adherents would have long ago died out. For centuries the Jew sought to financially assist his less adept fellow Jew, a standard social process engaged in by all peoples who act as an organism. The fact that many individual Jews continue to follow this social imperative to this day is a credit to those who designed the Jewish software. Yet this software was created in the early days of galuth. It was meant to assist a sojourning people in gaining economic and biological control over sedentary aboriginal peoples. All Jews needed to aid all other Jews at the expense of the host population. With Jewish success, those days have passed. Today if less intellectually able members of Jewry are lifted up, their burden cannot always be carried by their fellow Jews. The intellectual caliber of a Jewry which reabsorbs that which the body wishes to shed will decrease. The secular outer layer of the Ashkenazi absorbs whites to retain intelligence and control, for these more pragmatic types do not wish their own group to go the route of the Sephardim or some of the less intelligent Orthodox branches of Jewry, or indeed any other inbred population. Those remaining Ashkenazim who consider the outbreeding of fellow Ashkenazim as a traitorous act to their own people have not yet realised the evolutionary shift that has taken place. No longer is their wealth gathering the trait that is being selected for, but rather wealth maintenance. This calls for a different type of Ashkenazi, one with different traits. That is what has been formed at the perimeter.

Currently this mixed group of whites and Ashkenazim composing the Ashkenazi's "outer layer" constitutes a larger and wealthier percentage of Jewry then at any time in history. The whites have found themselves on safe ground within the boundaries of an identifiable group. The privilege and protection which all peoples desire, and which the Ashkenazi possesses in today's society, is now shared by many converted whites and their mixed children. Due to psychological and social issues of identity, prestige, and security, the members of this enormous mixed group often pay homage only to their Jewish ancestors, ignoring the others, and would thwart the Aryan, the Chinese, or the Mohammedan if any of these openly attempted to knock the truncheon from the ruling Jew’s hand. The members of this mixed group identify primarily with the Ashkenazi, regardless of how they themselves are viewed by the purer Orthodox, who use them, distrust them, and are disgusted by them. Their sad loyalty to cultural Jewry only flows in one direction, and is rarely reciprocated. This slavishness is a cultural attribute of whites.

Meanwhile, at the core of this people who constitute a "race of the mind" stands a desperate inner group of wealthy and inbred Ashkenazim that is using the genetic intermingling and peeling away of its outer layers as protection, as earlier mentioned. It is a brilliant adaptive quality, and though as a trait it is to be found among other groups, it has been particularly effective among the Ashkenazim for centuries in deflection of accusations of nation-within-a-nation status. This conservative nucleus believes it can continue this tactic indefinitely. However, with the composite body of Jewry altering to the degree it has, and the surrounding environment altering to the degree it has, previous methods are already proving less effective. We know, for instance, that in order to persist in today's socio-political clime, the Ashkenazi must not only maintain his traditional hatred for outsiders, but actually increase it. The Orthodox and ethnocentric men that are the heart of Ashkenazi Jewry, to avoid the lethargic laxity brought about by a lack of predation, have been forced to amplify their xenophobia to an unseen degree in the Pax Judaea of today’s West, where no true antisemitism exists. They must do this to retain cohesion. With every notch that antisemitism is lowered, the Ashkenazi's odium rises, to the point now where he must passionately loathe even those philosemites who possess genuine love for him or those converts and mischlings who identify themselves as part of his same group. All know that there is no extant ethnic or cultural group on Earth that despises its fellow man as much as those that constitute the core of the Ashkenazim. Their hatred has stood them well. Yet like the antlers of the Irish Elk, this unchecked growth of a one time asset will assist in the Ashkenazi's undoing. Due to the increased genetic and cultural differences between this venomous core and the more pliable outer layer, a schism is slowly forming among the Ashkenazim. Today only the first small cracks are visible, but this schism will broaden between the secular and the Orthodox as it long ago broadened between the Sadducees and the Pharisees. We are making sure of that.

The average non-rabid Ashkenazi in galuth for whom Judaism was only an evolutionary tool meant to bring about wealth and safety is today marrying into that non-threatening society he long struggled to create for himself, even as its members marry into his own group. Feeling less need for utilising the tool of Judaism, he is emotionally growing separate from his spiteful and fanatical Orthodox counterpart. We strive to create the conditions that will allow increasing numbers of these Ashkenazim to begin to morally turn against their fellow misanthropist Ashkenazim. We strive to create the conditions that will bring about an abandonment of the cultural technology of their forefathers and a subsequent attacking of what they themselves sprang from. Eventually the various branches of Jewry, be they populations that are diminishing or increasing, be they sects situated within Israel or within the West, be they Mizrahic or Ashkenazic, will battle each other, as in ages past. During one such conflict in ancient Palestine, rebellious Jews embraced Christianity and splintered Palestinian Jewry. This was a conflict between two groups, each wielding the Jewish strategy, which was eventually exploited by an outside group for its own benefit, for over time Christianity became a collective for whites. It forced their disintegrating and weakened society to think once again of unity, and ultimately provided a cultural habitat for the Aryan to safely grow within. We are bringing this situation about again. As the Jew has taught us, struggle between similar peoples is an opportunity for outsiders, provided the outsiders are a unified group. This will forever be the way, and so, small as we are, we will always promote dissension within Jewry.