Protocols 11

Protocols 11


At this juncture in time the unfolding political streams of many Asiatic nations are merging with that of the Aryan. Though all would like to take the boot of the Ashkenazi from off their necks, it is in China where there is the most concern. Much that the Aryan has suffered under the Ashkenazi and his whites has been suffered by the Han as well. The Christians that swarmed the land of China, undermining order and preaching lies, were only ever white, never Aryan. A vector for Jewish interests, Christianity is no more our religion than it is that of the fully realised Han. The elite of China know full well how this alien poison works on a group, for their nation has long suffered from the curse of Buddhism, another foreign creed accepted by the weakest members of their tribe. Such doctrines are detrimental to long-term survival, and must be dealt with.

The goals of the Aryan and the Chinese regarding Ashkenazi control have been converging for centuries now. Even when the Han briefly allied with the Ashkenazi in the east of Russia during the Ashkenazi’s insurgency and genocide of the indigenous inhabitants, it was simply to gain advanced weaponry and to ensure the right of self-determination for himself, not out of any fealty to the Jew. The Chinese worker labouring in Israel, where the Jew has already grown too lazy to do his own work in his own state, silently suffers the indignities heaped on him there and speaks to his fellows of the rudeness with which he is treated. He is able to read Hebrew and sees the aspersions cast on him in the Jews’ Israeli papers, the talk of being stargazers and crude primitives. The Chinese inhabitants of California and New York note and remember the many subtle ways in which the Jews of the United States undermine them in those regions, and of their machinations nationwide to deny their Chinese children access to universities. The Han is aware of the eternal imperialism of the Jew and the whites, no matter if this imperialism takes place under the masquerading national names of England, France, or the United States. Together the Chinese elite speak of such things among themselves, and understand the reality of the world.


There is a joke told by the Jew in his Anglo dominions. In this joke the Jew is conversing with a man of China and it is wondered by both parties how the Jew, with his love of Chinese cuisine, has managed to survive without it during the thousands of years that the Jew’s culture existed prior to the Chinese culture. Though wrapped in a seemingly benign and obviously patronising comment about the appreciation of the Jew for aspects of the Chinese culture, the point of the joke is that the culture of the Jew predates that of the Chinese by a substantial amount of time.

This claim has no basis in reality, but is as you know one of the actions the Jew must take in order to justify his rapacious actions here on earth. He must lie. He must contrast, compare, and declare himself superior to all peoples in all things, no matter the truth, and no matter how absurd the assertions seem to others. It is a psychological holdover from the days when wandering Ahasuerus embodied his essence rather than the rooted sabra. Certain Chinese understand these behavioural traits of the Jew. They know that their own people have brought forth fantastic inventions, a civil service, architecture, commerce, art, and law in their many millennia of existence, while the Jew, unable to ever build a civilisation, simply claims others’ accomplishments as his own while at the same time backdating his various achievements in the most exaggerated manner in order to allege primacy for some idea or accomplishment. Those various ethnicities who have borne the Jewish cultural strategy have acted in this manner from the time of antiquity. To believe that the white Ashkenazim of today were a phenotypically and culturally intact folk for millennia before the Han people is to believe that the earth is the center of the solar system.

With political and economic power gained, one grants whatever history one wants for one's self and one's enemies alike. This is the case with the Ashkenazi currently. As in all things, we encourage him in these exaggerated assertions of his. The use of such threadbare tactics on his part give the Han the necessary grist to understand him more fully. The Han view of the Ashkenazi, while not the same as the Aryan’s, will someday soon mirror ours due to globalisation and subsequent familiarity with his future rival. Familiarity with predators brings about a convergence in defences in those who are prey.

In his bid to ensure an adequate defence for the eventual assault of the Ashkenazi and his nations of white slaves upon his lands, the Chinese has made overtures to Israel in order to procure the weapons technology created by the whites and the Aryan. He has diplomatically described his nation and Israel as "the world’s two oldest civilisations", smiling to himself over this ridiculous portrayal of his competitor. Like the Aryan the Chinese is not lacking in historical acumen and therefore does not swallow the preposterous cultural claims of the Jew, leaving them instead for slavish and stupid whites to believe. The Ashkenazi technique of boastfully claiming for himself a previous civilisation and cultural accomplishments that simply never were worked only for a time, and then only ever on whites, the only people left alive on earth who give credence to the Ashkenazi’s lies. Meanwhile the Chinese flatters his enemies in the same manner as the Aryan does. There are many paths to power.

You have previously been told that among the colonising portion of the Chinese superorganism that has made its way to the former lands of the whites exist some individuals that have been weakened by the degraded culture that festers in such places. These Chinese, the more susceptible of their breed, praise the Ashkenazi as honestly and as lavishly as do certain types of toadying whites. Like the whites, they never doubt the benign facade of the Ashkenazi. They believe his claims of greatness, seeing no link between his current rule and the wretched environmental and social state of the world. Rest assured that these westernised Han are a minority, fulfilling an evolutionary purpose. Their females, in particular, intermarry not just with whites, diverting the capital of these whites into the phenotypically stronger Asiatic nation, but prominently with the Ashkenazi, who vanishes into the Han like a pebble dropped into the sea. Intermarriage with whites softened Ashkenazi features. Intermarriage with the Han eliminates them.

Those Chinese that are not traitors to their own people pay homage to the Ashkenazi only as a ruse. They clearly see the Ashkenazi for the threat that he is. His media ownership and control of finance and government in the most technologically advanced nations on earth, when linked with his eternal and vicious hatred for other tribes, is a threat not just to the Chinese, but to all peoples on earth. These Chinese that still show open fealty to their own tribe also well know that behind the white Americans, white French, and white English that raped their land in the recent past stood the Ashkenazi. The Chinese do not forget that it was the Anglo-Saxons, those centuries-long enforcers for the Jew, who flooded the people of China with the poison of opium for the financial benefit of the Jew. They do not forget that during the war of the whites and the Jew against the Aryan, the Jew’s pet Churchill disparaged their ancient Han race, while the Aryan leaders of Germany acknowledged and commended the brilliance and longevity of the Chinese civilisation. The Aryan Germans praised the prowess of the Chinese and his many accomplishments, while the Jew and his white Anglo-Saxon servants eagerly mocked and devoured the Chinese nation, from Sassoon’s Shanghai to imperial Hong Kong to occupied Peking, stealing the wealth of the workers, debauching the Chinese women, and smirking at the Chinese children pulling them on rickshaws.

To this day, like numerous other non-white races, many of the Han Chinese show admiration for the Aryan Germans. They know it was these men that helped build their modern army. They know that the Aryan Germans developed the only industry on Chinese soil that remains functioning from colonial times, that of brewing. They know that the Aryan Germans tried to halt the violence visited on them by their allies the Japanese, while the Ashkenazi did what he could to assist the Manchus in their suppression of the Han. They know there is a similarity between their people and the European Aryan in creation of art, technology, and philosophy. Their merchant caste is not to be compared to the Jew, a comparison the Ashkenazi is currently so eager and desperate to draw, but rather to the now defeated German trader of the Hansa or the diligent German in the Baltic nations or Russia or Chile or Guatemala or Africa, working by the sweat of his brow in order to advance his family.

The Han does not forget the many Ashkenazi spies that riddled his land during, between, and after the World Wars. He knows that his national saviour Mao did not want the Jew in his land after the revolution against international Jewish finance capitalism was completed. He knows that China is constantly watched by the Western states the Jew owns. He knows of the Jew’s international manipulation of currency, by which he dominates and controls nations. He knows of the Jew’s meddling in various Asian states, from Cambodia to Indonesia to Taiwan, which is meant to ultimately render harmless the Han people. He knows that the Jew is currently descending on his land like a swarm of locusts, eager to learn his tongue and eager to obtain the riches that belong to the Han nation. The Han watches all this. He endures and he plans. The men at the helm of China, unlike those figureheads atop the thrones of the whites, will not choose to sell their people and nation once more into slavery to the Ashkenazi and his whites. It has proved a failed strategy for any who follow it.


Our people assist the Han in his bid to accumulate wealth from the West. We bring the companies and industries of the white nations to the shores of China, increasing that nation’s currency reserves accordingly while impoverishing the lands of the whites. Standing alongside the many avaricious whites rushing to relocate production out of their own lands at the expense of their own kind, you will find us. As businessmen and economists we suggest, recommend, and encourage this transfer. Like the Ashkenazi economists, jurists, and financiers, we work to make the domestic social and economic climate unsuitable for industry to remain in white lands. Though not yet evenly successful throughout the various Western nations, we daily do all we can to ensure that the livelihood of the white workers be legally taken away and their wealth snatched and given to others. Their opportunities to ensure a comfortable life for themselves and their families, indeed, their opportunities to even produce families, are to be denied forever.

We aid the Ashkenazi in forging debtors out of the citizens of Western nations. From the minute they are born they are indentured, as are their parents, as were their grandparents. These indentured whites have their debt sold to the Chinese by the corrupt governments they believe represent them. The men of China, rich in the liquid capital we have helped bring their way, purchase as much of this debt as they can. Whites cannot understand that in this way they and their future children are traded back and forth between merchants just as their forebears were once bought and sold in the Jewish slave markets of the Mediterranean. Whites will always be slaves, and most of them willingly so. No Jew, no Aryan, and no Chinese would ever find contentment in slavery.


This despoliation of the whites is but one goal of ours. We desire not only to impoverish our enemies, but on the other side of the coin to massively enrich the Han. Wealth is a mighty predictor of power on this earth. The Han, becoming wealthy through a hundred different ways, has become powerful, and due to his intelligence, tenacity, and ability to work as a group, he will become still more powerful. As his power continues to grow, that of the whites will decrease, for they have entered their biological and cultural stages of unstoppable decline. When the power of the whites decreases, the power of the Ashkenazi will eventually decrease, as any graph of parasite and host relationships makes clear. Already his hollow white shell nations in the Americas and Europe and Africa grow poorer. As more riches are irretrievably siphoned out of the lands he rules, the Ashkenazi will become desperate, as we have told you. He will attempt to make national policy changes in order to plug these leaks. It will be too late.

The more wealth a people holds, the more the lust of the Jew is roused. Riches in the hands of others only increase his natural covetousness for these riches. He must devour everything, per his cultural instructions and evolutionary development. Remember, young Aryan, the Jew cannot stop himself. You must never forget this. Unable to release his death grip, the Jew will bleed the whites through taxation and inflation and laws until one day he will find himself squeezing a stone. It is then that he will try to take back the wealth which streamed away from his treasuries into Asia. As we have told you, he will find this more difficult than taking wealth from mere whites.

For the first time in many ages the Jew is not embedded among a culture or a people to whom the balance of power is shifting. His Talmudim, his Shulchan Aruch, and other instructional books give him no advice on how to compete with the Han, or even the Hindoo, but only against the whites with whom he shares racial features and cultural commonalities. We have touched on the fact that no matter his desperate attempts at infiltration and no matter the stories he spins, the Jew is unable to physically blend in with the powerful and populous Han. Being Caucasoid, his type is genetically recessive versus the more powerful Asiatic. The buffering technique of intermarriage which he used among the various European tribes brings about more Han, not more Ashkenazim. Therefore the Jew cannot evolutionarily compete against the Han for any duration with his traditional methods.

He will not let this stop him in his bid to share in the Han’s wealth. First he will attempt to sell his own white-developed goods to the Chinese, seeing the opening land as a vast market. This will work for a time, until the Chinese grows adept enough to produce these same goods himself, and builds his own domestic production facilities and networks. Next the Ashkenazi will make promises of wealth and opportunities to the Chinese elite, through favourable trade agreements, if he is allowed economic opportunities within their land. This too will work for a time, and the labour and lives of the whites will continue to feed the growing Han organism as they currently feed the Ashkenazi organism. But the diminishment of the white population will not abate, and each generation will be smaller than the one before. Meanwhile, as both the Ashkenazi and the Han organisms grow, and spread, more resources will be required by each. The Ashkenazi will see that the only thing he has accomplished over time has been to give more strength to the Han, an organism whose resource gathering capabilities are like his own in that they are not bound by generational limitations. The Ashkenazi will find himself in the same predicament he was in originally, though now with far less whites to exploit and to die for him.


While this slow social process is unfolding, the Ashkenazi will attempt to propagandise in China in the same way he has in the West. Even now he is creating an arsenal of lying films and literature to soften the will of the Han people and alter their worldview in order that he might more fully neutralise them. Treading wearily, he will preach friendship between his people and theirs, he will defame our European ancestors and their previous struggles as he always has, he will create an image of himself as a genius and a blameless victim as he always has, and he will put forth a message of mutual Sino-Judaic cooperation, tolerance, and permissiveness. He will exploit their indignation at their Japanese enemy in the World War, using Han hatred of their competing racial kin and linking the Japanese with the Aryan in an attempt to make the Han despise the Aryan as much as the Ashkenazi himself does. He will portray the Han's brief historical sufferings at the hands of the whites, our enemies, and attempt to conflate us with them in order to further increase Han enmity for the Aryan, leaving himself out of the key rôle he played in the Chinese national humiliation. He will appeal to the Han's sense of cultural greatness, and even though currently geopolitically encircling him and using proxy nations against him, the Ashkenazi will present himself as an ally and a kindred spirit to the Chinese.

But the Han is neither as susceptible nor as stupid as whites, and the collective Han mind has little in common with more credulous white minds. Though not as resistant as some believe, he is for the most part unmoved by the Ashkenazi's propaganda, safe as he is in the culture and land of his own people. He is able to avoid the barrage of peripheral and supporting propaganda found throughout the Ashkenazi’s Western realms and he suffers no social penalties if he does not fully accept the message the Ashkenazi is attempting to imbed. Even if the cultural landscape of China were as riddled with Ashkenazi media memes as the West is, the admirable psychological makeup of the Han organism possesses far greater immunity to the belief in magic so prevalent in whites, and so suffers a lighter impact from media propaganda. Emotional cajolery that is effective on whites is wasted on the Han, who is mostly resistant to alien control creeds. Due to his less penetrable psyche he will never be manipulated by the holocaust sect, for the Jew’s myths work no wonders in the Han consciousness. Whites have a greater need to worship insane cults and beliefs inimical to their very thriving and survival than the Han. Though the man of China may have his own weaknesses, which the Ashkenazi will assuredly seek to discover and exploit, he is far more fit than the ridiculous whites when it comes to guarding against memes that could impact his survival. He will fail to listen to whatever falsehoods the Ashkenazi blows on his media shofar, from talk of human rights to talk of democracy to talk of genocides. The Jew’s lies and machinations do not fully affect the men of China. They simply do not care what he says.


Whites, in contrast to the Han, are easily coerced by the media lies and machinations of the Ashkenazi. What many Han do not yet understand openly, but will, is that if they do not learn the reality behind media and politics in the West they will suffer in the future. After propaganda and bribery fail to soften the Chinese adequately enough to allow for the wresting away of the treasure he has gained, the Jew will turn to the solution he always turns to, mass murder by way of war. The Jew is able to whip deracinated whites into a fury in an instant, and if needed he will rouse these violent creatures and use them to attack his enemies as he has for centuries. This reality of the relationship between the ruling Jew and his subservient whites must be understood not only by the Chinese but by all Asiatic peoples.

By numerous avenues we pass awareness and information to the Han regarding the Ashkenazi and his techniques and tactics. To the Chinese students our diligent youth teach overseas, as well as those we encourage to come to England and Canada and Australia to study, we reveal the truth. Through our electronic technology, and our friendly contacts with them in the West, we reveal the truth. We constantly inform the Han of the reality of his situation vis-à-vis the Ashkenazi. Though many of the upper tier of the Chinese intelligentsia already understand without our assistance the nature of the Ashkenazi and the trouble that awaits the Chinese people in the future if they fail to adequately take measures to defend themselves against him, still more must become aware. Already the opportunistic Jew begins to swarm the ancient homeland of the Han as he did in the colonial era. Already he makes small efforts to cordon and neutralise the Middle Kingdom, as shown by his militaristic efforts in Central Asia and the oil-rich nations. The Jew hubristically believes that he can forever obscure the gaze of the Han as he has with the far stupider whites.

We teach the Han youth the difference between the deracinated whites, the Jew, and the Aryan. Among ourselves we can admit that this has been difficult, for many Chinese see these groups as merely a single Caucasoid people. The Han does not view the Second World War as an amorphous victory for "freedom" over "nationalism" but simply as one group of Caucasoids conquering another. This outlook is evolutionarily understandable, but it is necessary for his future well-being that he learns what separates us one from the other. Remember, the Han himself won and completed a revolution against white and Ashkenazi capitalist exploitation. The Aryan lost his revolution against the same forces. To further his understanding we remind him of the historical depredations brought on his nation by the Ashkenazi and his whites, be they from the Netherlands, the United States, or Great Britain. We explain that in the aftermath of our devastating mass slaughter in Europe, China was brought in as a supposed partner of the Ashkenazi’s hellish new world not in the spirit of equality, which the Jew does not believe in, but in order for the Ashkenazi overlord to keep a closer eye on the social and political developments of the Chinese people. Certain Han youth can already look behind the antequated national names of the white countries working for Ashkenazi interests and see there the Ashkenazi at the helm. Many already know that the Security Council of the Ashkenazi’s United Nations is composed completely of nations under the thumb of the Jew, with only their own Chinese nation currently standing sovereign. A Great Britain, a France, or a Russia do not independently exist in the way that the unlearned believe them to, and the illusion that they are truly separate and sovereign must be broken among every member of the Han’s tribe.


It must be honestly stated that the Ashkenazi’s global slave system currently benefits the Han, as it has since the end of the Second World War. It ensures him a market for the goods produced in his country. It promises him a steady influx of wealth from the white lands into his own. It allows him access to overflow colonies that ease the overpopulation problem he suffers due to being a successful sub-species. There is no seeming need for the Chinese to alter his tactics today. But the world is always changing. The Ashkenazi will increasingly desire China’s riches, and has already set himself the task of gaining them for himself. The Han will wish to retain his wealth, and so must be prepared. With the mighty fortune his nation has accumulated the Han will ultimately need to drive political wedges between the Ashkenazi and his obedient white slaves if he wishes to preserve himself. It is in the long-term interest of the Chinese that whites no longer worship and slave for the Ashkenazi, but become Aryan. It is in the long-term interest of the Chinese, and the world, that when the whites are called by the Ashkenazi to once more die for the Ashkenazi and to once more enslave and rob other races, no one is there to answer.


When the soft and hidden struggle currently taking place between West and East finally becomes open hostility, the Han will be able to grasp whom the masters are of those nations seeking war against him, just as we Aryans in Russia, Germany, France and elsewhere grasped that identity when war was waged against our people. The Han will rightly attempt to cut the Ashkenazi head off of the body of the white snake, as his culture dictates. It is yet another reason why we incessantly encourage the brazenness and crowing of the Ashkenazi, allowing him to proclaim his intellectual superiority and natural leadership abilities unchallenged, while our people keep to the shadows and quietly pretend that our proved and enormous genius is nothing compared to his. It is another reason we do all we can to bring attention to him through academic attacks on "white" bankers or "white" political figures. We encourage his chutzpah and his boasting, for we want him visible to outside forces and potential fifth columns alike.

Is it possible that if the Han is successful in saving himself from those who are attempting to contain him, he will one day choose to eliminate us as well, if given the opportunity? It is. All is possible on this earth, and the alliances of men forever shift. Yet that should not stop us in assisting him in his coming battle against our enemies, those slavers and torturers from whom our murdered ancestors demand justice. It is true that we Aryans are different people than the Han. Yet we are both civilisation builders and wealth creators when allowed to rule ourselves, and each of us has the ability to live in peace for long periods. In these traits both our peoples act unlike the Jew, whose arrival in a land means that chaos and slavery are soon to follow, never to disappear without much pain.