Protocols 10

Protocols 10


Many old ideas and outlooks are falling away in this new world currently being built by the transfer of populations. Just as the word Christian has undergone a semantic transformation, so have bygone national terms like Australian, American, Dutch, and English. Where once these words indicated specifically white groups, united either by religion, geography, or ethnicity, they have now become irrelevant as meaningful descriptions of peoples or cultural clusters. The Aryan pushes with all his might for the lands of the West to become racial quagmires. We desire cumbersome hyphenation as badges.

We desire empty adjectives as descriptive labels. As identity is sought among the increasingly desperate and always competing masses, the confusing hyphenations of Turkish-German or British-Asian or European-American will end. All appendages will fall away as peoples ethnically and culturally fully assert themselves as members of groups or die off. Certain whites, seeking survival, are already beginning to congregate with other whites explicitly and therefore are striding toward us.

We Aryans have fully embraced the multicultural society the Ashkenazi has built for the white to die in. Just as aristocratic Romans joined the ranks of the hostile Christian destroyers for self-preservation and to obtain measures of internal control in the new society, we too help in tearing down what is rotten about our societies, all the while laying the foundation for whatever will eventually be built upon them. From decaying Rome we slowly shaped the Judean’s tool Christianity and turned it into something for ourselves. Christianity as a cultural tool initially helped the Judean in his struggle against the Roman people, but then the creed was used against him. 1500 years later, in order to lessen its increasing eficacy, the Jew took his chance and backed the schismatic, reformatory Protestant movement within the ranks of the Christians. He was successful. Europe was ripped asunder, and he established a firmer foothold in the cracks. But then the truest believers among these revolutionary reformers engendered the most intelligent and fanatic offspring, and it was their insightful descendants, the sons and grandsons and great grandsons of Protestant ministers, who eventually apotheosised to Aryans and turned on the Jew. All cultural tools of our oppressors can and will be taken and used by us. Today we are snatching the Ashkenazi's tool of multiculturalism and making that work for us as well.


Multiculturalism is the daughter of liberalism, which is itself one of the daughters of Christianity. It is a monotheistic religion, and just as all other historic monotheistic religions were forced on unwilling groups through violence, so too are recalcitrant segments of today's targeted populations threateningly coerced into accepting the tenets of multiculturalism. This is to be expected, for this type of zealous religious movement has appeared in the annals of the whites many times, and without exception a police state has always gone hand-in-hand with it. The most avowed followers and enforcers of all monotheistic religions are natural fanatics. They are more violent than the population at large. They are men of action, and they are destroyers. This is why we have secreted ourselves among their modern incarnations, spreading with both the sword and the tongue the current Jewish-propagated monotheism, known benignly as multiculturalism, though ofttimes referred to as liberalism.

From here, from among the liberals of the social and political left, we unceasingly battle the whites that stole our desired world of health and beauty. It is from the left that we drive the detested white masses to the point of desperation, not allowing them any free speech nor offering them any political recourse to their growing evolutionary predicaments. In this way we assure that any future leaders that spring from them cannot function as whites but only as Aryan, guaranteeing that their social and political minds will become as sharp as razors. It is from the left that we forge Aryans, for we know that the future itself is destroying the unfit of the present. It is our ultimate sieve, and it is always at work. We take the Jewish weapons liberalism and multiculturalism and make them work for our own ends. We use the spirit of the time against the spirit of the time.


Politically conservative whites do not understand why we press a multiethnic society or multicultural belief system on them and their children. They foolishly look at us as whites like themselves, and since the actions we take are harmful to white interests, it seems that we are hurting only ourselves. They are partially correct in this assessment. We do harm white interests. And what is harmful to white interests is harmful to Ashkenazi interests.

The Ashkenazi has been evolutionarily selected to dominate simple whites. To retain his current preeminent position in the new multicultural environment we are helping to bring about, he must control the groups that are currently replacing whites at every level of society. Too late will he realise that the world of colour scorns him as much as it scorns the whites.

For a time he will attempt to remain untouchable, and manipulate from shadows, as he does today. He will seek other allies to control these replacement groups, not wanting to expose himself. Yet unlike the whites who currently do his bidding, these allies will consciously use the Ashkenazi as much as he uses them, as do we. His power will be surreptitiously challenged. Then will come the day when the nervous Ashkenazi tries to recreate the whites in order to save himself. Remember, after doing all he could to eliminate the racial consciousness of his Slavic Russian competitors by murdering the ethnically aware among them during his genocidal revolution, he desperately returned this consciousness, mouldy and rotting, to those lesser remnants of the race the moment the Aryans of Central Europe militarily threatened his Bolshevik slave state. This he did in order that the territory he ruled, along with its corresponding riches, might more adequately be defended by these men. No longer were sullen and starving Russians fighting for the Soviet Union, but for Mother Russia. The Ashkenazi's descendants will eventually need to enact the same process in order to fend off those new peoples who are already challenging his position. No longer will he be able to economically assist other group competitors at the expense of whites, as he long has in his inherent inclination to dominate and eliminate them.

We have already seen the triumphant Ashkenazi drive into obscurity all Aryan social and scientific insights, only to present himself as genius decades afterwards by proclaiming these insights to a new generation and calling them his own. He will follow a similar tack when attempting to resuscitate the whites. After spending centuries doing everything in his power to neutralise the already weak ethnic identity among them, he will in the future attempt to return to them some form of this identity in order to reanimate them. First will come his articles, then his books, his films, and his political and social policies, supporting the whites and promoting the whites over others. The Ashkenazi will loudly complain about the injustices whites have suffered at the hands of these others, confident that the whites will never note his, or their own, rôle in their dispossession. In the Western lands he will try to socially and economically use the whites against the Mohammedan, the Negro, and particularly the peoples of Asia, just as these peoples were once used by him to disenfranchise the whites. He will utilise the base emotions found in all men - greed, envy, and fear - and easily turn the whites toward whichever target he chooses to strike. He will hold up wealthy Hindoos or savvy Chinese or rapacious Negroes as enemies who unjustly have what whites deserve and who are in this position solely due to circumstance, and without previous Ashkenazi assistance. He will tell the whites that this evil situation must be corrected.

The whites are eternal slaves to the Jew and are inexorably bound to him. They will immediately believe what he says and do whatever they are told by him. This will always be the way. They will fight his coming internal social war against the peoples of the world just as they have long fought the Jew's international wars for him. But the whites will no longer conquer. They will be too weak by this point, racially, economically, and technologically. As these words are being written they are already too weak. They will die for him as they have always died for him. The gift of ethnic and national consciousness given them by the very Ashkenazi who originally pushed to destroy this consciousness will be false and cheap, and like the golem that was the Russified U.S.S.R., the whites will lurch about for an hour or so before finally expiring.


The doctrine of change dictates the actions of every organism, for these actions are only ever reactions to changed circumstances. Sated wolves are different than hungry wolves, though both are wolves. With this ecological truth in mind we will continue with every gram of our strength to assist the Ashkenazi in bringing about change in the former lands of the whites, and making scarcity the norm. The whites are too large and unwieldy a population to ever act as a true tribe. The Aryan needs manageable numbers for his people, not the artificially ballooned slop of centuries. From many sources and many directions we apply and will continue to apply heat and pressure to the whites in their Western crucible. The hammer of the ethnic aliens colonising their lands pounds them on the anvil of approaching hunger and fear, making each generation into something different than it once was. Certain members among the whites are already gaining a sense of identity before the moment when the desperate Ashkenazi attempts to present to them his diluted one. Unlike their parents and grandparents, many whites are already becoming conscious of the fact that they are a besieged tribe and that their disparate nationalities are but a cultural illusion. Many others have taken a different evolutionary path to safety, and rather than seek protection among their fellow ethnics, have begun to breed with the outsiders introduced into their lands, escaping the open wrath of the Ashkenazi and radiating outward. Others have willingly stopped having children altogether. Others have no social opportunity to do so. Others marry into the fringes of the Ashkenazim. All these various whites are going away forever, shrinking their white pool with each action. Ultimately, only the white Aryan and the white Ashkenazi will remain as representatives of the Caucasoid type. Though the latter will have more resources, for the first time in centuries his intra-racial competitors will be united. There will be neither fools nor cowards found on either side.


Beyond himself, the Ashkenazi does not know how to keep anything on earth alive. This includes his white slaves. With the dying and diminishing whites failing at policing his plantations and protecting his economic positions for him, he will have to step more to the forefront. A new social paradigm will need to be erected. In order to survive in his position of absorber of the world’s wealth, more direct control will have to happen on his part. His mask will be pulled off in the way it was in the Soviet Union and as it is today in Zionist Israel. The world will become a different place. Every day it becomes that different place. Every day we get closer to the point where the Ashkenazi is openly fighting for Ashkenazi interests in the lands he controls.

It has now become evolutionarily and historically necessary for the Ashkenazi to oversee and administer all aspects of government, a task which requires a different mental skill set than that needed to merely bring a government down. Through his international financial institutions and the outright murder of tens of millions of his competitors, he has toppled or usurped the governments of Aryans and whites alike and appropriated their wealth, and now he seeks to retain this wealth. He does this through various tactics, the most important being the application of compound interest to all those he rules, redistributing the labor of millions of human beings to his kinsmen and allies who assure his spot at the top of the pyramid. This interest slavery is enforced by the technological violence of the totalitarian states he presides over. It is that simple.

Not all understand this, particularly those whites residing in the wealthy West who possess no historical consciousness or extended time horizon. Their lack of comprehension regarding who rules them and regarding their true position in the world is unimportant to us. Yes, there is the illusion of freedom in the Jew-ruled western nations, where the inhabitants have never suffered the physical horrors perpetrated by the Jew on the populations in other lands. But as explained, we know among ourselves that the Ashkenazi, like all organisms, acts differently in different social environments. When he reaches a dominant social position after being openly opposed by others, as he did in Russia or Hungary or Bavaria, his subsequent actions toward the population are those of a savage, dominating the state by terror and torture rather than governance. When he reaches this same ruling position with little open struggle, as is the case in most of the English-speaking world, the actions of his state will turn repressive and violent not in a burst, but by increments. This incremental repression is the condition of most of the West today. Remember, no matter where one lives under Ashkenazi rule, if one is perceived as a traditional enemy of the Ashkenazi, which all whites are, tomorrow will always be worse than yesterday.

With the entire Western world under his heel, much of the Ashkenazi's mental energy is expended on retaining the throne he won for himself. This is the burden of any ruler. Yet to maintain control over a forever shifting society calls for an incredible amount of effort. Because his gaze is firmly planted on the whites he has long hated, our people have chosen to strike him from behind, using massive immigration to stab him in the back. Today we are bringing into his wealthy fiefdoms races who are far more fiscally adept than his whites ever were. These introduced races and cultures set themselves the goal of wresting as much as possible away from those Western lands where the Ashkenazi has gained his most power. Following an evolutionary strategy similar to the Ashkenazi's, the various imported merchant types work diligently, not as individuals but as tribes, taking all they can from the surrounding society but giving nothing beyond the closed walls of their group. Today, in those countries that were previously controlled by whites, the sojourning merchants of Asia do not contribute to the myriad nodules that are necessary to maintain a modern civilisation. They are not firefighters. They are not farmers. They are not soldiers. They seek only positions of wealth and power rather than those of national territorial maintenance. As sojourners they work as an organism, absorbing the wealth of the host country and redistributing it to fellow tribesmen, for this is what sojourners must do. In the cities of Canada, Great Britain, or the United States, there exist no beggars among the Han emigrants, nor among the Hindoos, nor among the Lebanese, nor among the others. Contrast this to the crumbling and individualistic whites, and the shameful way they treat their own people.

The unprepared Ashkenazi must now deal with a new type of competitor, one that uses a cultural technology similar to his own. Previously this technology was virtually monopolised by him during his many generations spent living among whites. Over his time spent in galuth he has become specialised in absorbing the wealth of whites, prospering in the societies they built and produced. In tandem, whites have evolved to be content being exploited by the Ashkenazi. Aryans are not content to be ruled by any, other than themselves. Nor are Asiatics. Neither the Han nor the Hindoo can ever be satisfied being ruled by those unlike himself, no matter what land the Han or Hindoo might reside in. Such peoples only submit to the Jew temporarily. Therefore, by importing these merchant organisms of Asia, we are changing the comfortable environment that has allowed the Ashkenazi his life, a life which has meant our death.

Our white enemies, already willing slaves of the Jew, now additionally become the fellahin of these other tribes that we import. Already many of the whites labour for the people of Asia, and so toil for two masters. This adds further to their ignominy and woes. Already many have ceased reproducing. Their intelligence is fading. On every continent they are dying off. This was their fate from the moment they allowed the Jew to settle within their boundaries, for the Jew has always represented Asia in the lands of the whites, using his cultural tool of organismal unity to extract resources, often with little challenge. Now we are transforming the previous territories of the whites into Asia, filling these lands with millions who use the Jew’s same tools. With each white disappearance, the Ashkenazi's advantage over his growing competitors grows less. With each white disappearance, the protective buffer between the Jew and the Han, the Hindoo, and a dozen others grows thinner and thinner.

Still, the Ashkenazi continues to assist us as we undermine him. He has his reasons as we have ours. He brings in outsiders to dilute the populations of the white nations in order to protect himself and his position from an imagined uprising of whites, and to replace his dying white debtor group with others he hopes will easily fill their places on the eternal plantation. We usher these different nations into the Western lands to seek vengeance against enemies. Though the impetuses may differ, the effect does not. Ultimately, the formerly somewhat cohesive ethnic makeup of these lands changes, and the increasing genetic and cultural fragmenting lessens the economic efficiency of the previously wealthy countries. The power currently wielded by the Jew is being diluted by those recent immigrants who, like him, are more adept at gathering wealth than creating it. These new immigrants do not want to bring their new host lands into economic competition with their ancient homelands, or with lands these motherlands might wish to trade with. They utilise their wealth in the manner which a liberal democracy allows, and actively lobby for, and receive, more favourable immigration and trade agreements for these far away homelands of theirs. This means an even greater leaching of wealth from the host population to the sojourning population, which evolutionarily translates to less whites each generation, which means less compromised Ashkenazi- worshippers to enact the geopolitical moves necessary to maintain the Ashkenazi empire. Hindoos in England, Han Chinese in the United States, Jains in Germany, Vietnamese in France, and a dozen other non-white peoples who are actively replacing the Western governmental and technological strata will not be willing to make geopolitical moves against China, India, or Vietnam for the Jew, as the previously deracinated whites once willingly did without a thought.

Additionally, because the Jew now fully controls the levers of state, he will be manipulated by those citizens who possess great wealth, a condition inherent to all democracies. Bribery, the exchange of money for policy manipulation to enable benefits for others, is a simple act. It is extremely effective on all politicians and gatekeepers, and the Jew is not immune. The Asiatics understand, even if childlike whites do not, how a liberal democracy operates. They possess no insane illusions about what such a system truly represents. These peoples have no need to create new political parties specifically dedicated to advancing their genetic interests, as certain politically conservative whites attempt to construct. They merely use their accumulated capital, which means power, to influence and control those parties that already exist. Everything in a democracy is for sale.

It is only whites who believe that the political realm is where power lies and control begins. They are always incapable of seeing beyond their nose. Like all evolutionary naïve species they will go. Yet with their disappearance and defeat a new reality comes into being. The Ashkenazi reached his pinnacle in the intellectual competition against the whites, for their intelligence was once formidable, and to best them was a worthy accomplishment. Now there are fewer whites for him to compete against and those that remain are stupider than the generation before. The Ashkenazi physically resembles these whites, as do we. This mimetic similarity has historically allowed him easy movement through their societies. He does not resemble his new Asiatic competitors. Against a deracinated, white, Canadian banker the Jew is confident in his tactics. Against a Chinese banker living in Canada, he is facing an opponent he has not evolved to understand. His superior intellect will not be needed to obtain an advantage over the downgraded whites. Even his previously advantageous mimesis fails among the peoples of Asia; it becomes a disadvantage, for his physical attributes now indicate him as a competitor and a target.