Prostitue Punishment

Prostitue Punishment


Just one the many memories of my working life.
This is a true story and I still have the marks to prove it

I am now 64 years old, retired and spending my remaining years in the sunshine of the Mediterranean.
I spent a total of 22 years in the sex industry (ok I was a prostitute) and travelled to many countries
After London, Istanbul, Cairo, Alicante and Cyprus I decided to visit a friend in Hongkong and sample life in the Orient.
The story takes place in the seventies. I was 27 years old.

Within a week of arriving in Hongkong, I had rented a rather large and expensive apartment in Mid Levels, I had purchased a lovely lilac coloured Volkswagen Beetle and I had the promise of a hostess job at a new club which was opening the following week in Central.I was quite proud of my achievements.
The Club was in the commercial centre of Hongkong and designed to attractthe numerous business clients of all nationalities and give them somewhere to spend their over generous expense accounts.
I was one of five hostesses and our duties were to sit with the members and encourage them to purchase over priced watered down drinks, and then if they required, provide them with sexual services in one of the upstairs rooms - again at over inflated cost.
My hours were 4 pm to 4 am. Yes twelve hours, with one day off every two weeks. It was long hours and sometimes seemed never ending, but I could earn good money and thats what attracted me. I ended up working at the club for two years.
Within a few weeks I found I was getting regular sexual customers and developed a bond with several of them. They asked if they could visit me at my apartment. I had five hundred business cards printed and began to hand them out to my favourites suggesting they visit me at my home and save the expense of buying the fake drinks at the club. It worked well, but only for about two weeks. It was then I received a visit.

There were four of them. They arrived as I was getting ready for work. The man who did the talking was very small, a typical Chinese.The other three were obviously his minders were the largest Chinese men I had seen. Sumo wrestling came to mind.
The small guy introduced himselfI am Tony Ng he said, the head of 14K, I run the vice trade on Hongkong Island.
I had been warned about the Triad movements and how they ran the protection rackets, prostitutionand drugs. Specifically 14K had been mentioned.What were they doing, coming to my house?
He continued, It has been brought to my notice that you are cheating on the Club by inviting our members to visit you directly in this apartment.
This is a warning. You will only entertain customers on club premises
Without further words the four turned and went out, leaving behind the sickly smell of tobacco and drugs.

My work continued as normal and although I saw Tony Ng at the Club, nothing more was said about his visit to my apartment, so I thought it had been forgotten.
I tried to put an end to the daytime visits but I had given out lots of cards and the visits to my apartment continued. Instead of explaining and turning them away I was giving them sex at a reduced rate.
About a month later, at work, I met a Chinese photographer. He offered me a fantastic hourly rate ofpay, if I would pose nude in his Kowloon studio. I accepted and arranged to be picked up on my next day off work. I remember thinking that 8 pm was an unusual time for modelling.

It was asmall but fully equipped studio with the usual lighting, background drops, reflective umbrellas and several cameras mounted on tripods of varying heights. I was quite happy doing the legs wide poses he requested and I even agreed to go to another studio to to do some bondage pictures
All went well, and a Chinese man and woman arranged ropes of different thicknesses around my legs and body, to simulate rope bondage. I noticed that there were several photographerswith movie cameras.
I was quite enjoying the evening, especially when I thought of the huge payment I was due to receive.
As a final pose, he asked me to kneel and bend over the end ofa narrow coffee table. My arms were tied to two of the table legs and my thighs to the other two. The ropes were exceptionally tight and I asked for them to be loosened. A brightly coloured luggage strap was wrapped round my body and the table,with the plastic fastener roughly tightened. I had no movement at all. The cameras were rolling and clicking.

Suddenly the studio went extremely quiet and he entered like a celebrity
The little man - Tony Ng, together with his three menacing minders. He walked slowly around the coffee table, several times, checking my helpless position before he spoke.
You chose to ignore my warning he said, so now you will be taught a lesson that you will always remember pause) For ever I felt my body break into an involuntary sweat and it dripped off my forehead on to the polished floor. I was terrified. He continued You should be proud to work for 14Kbut you set up your own sex parlour. Because of what you did our meeting has decided that you will receive one hundred and fifty strokes of the bamboo cane. I will personally administer every tenth stroke and I will use a curtain wire whip. After a long pause he rasped Do you understand?
Desperately trying to escape my predicament I mumbled Yes and I am really sorry.
Youwill be he said We will begin in five minutes.I remembered a caning I had been given at the age of fifteen. It had been very unpleasant (thats another story) and now I was to get another.

It was then I realised that the coffee table was on wheels as it was pushed along a corridor and into a circular room with a double row of seats almost all the way round. All the seats were occupied,mostly by men but on the front row I recognised the four other hostesses from the Club. About thirty people in total.

I did not have the best of views from my position on the coffee table -but I did see one of the minders (the biggest and ugliest one) come into the room holding a solid looking length of bamboo cane. He showed it to me and said Count. He repeated Count out every stroke loudly.
I heard the ‘whish of the descending bamboo and then felt the unbearable searing pain as it struck the cheeks of my ass. I heard myself scream out loudly and I heard the excitement and applause from the men watching. Count the gorilla reminded me.One I said as loud as I was able.
I am sure the second was in the identical place because it hurt twice as much Two
He was waiting about thirty seconds between each hit and the sequence continued - Hit - Scream - Three Hit - Scream - Four
I was sweating, I was crying, I was hurting but it didnt stop. Every half minute - seven, eight, nine.
For some reason I attempted to take my mind off the excruciating pain by calculating that one hundred and fifty strokes would take seventy five minutes.
I will die I thought.I cant go through with it. But I had no choice.
Tony Ng appeared and took delight in showing me the whip which was t deliver the tenth blow. An ornate jewelled handle had eighteen inches of curtain wire connected to it. It was a metal whip.
I clenched my fists, I clenched my teeth, I clenched my ass and I closed my eyes. I heard it coming.
Pain is difficult to describe but that tenth stroke was worse the the previous nine put together. I was screaming, I was crying and I begged them to stop. I knew that my skin had been ripped open but my shouting and begging fell of deaf ears.
They had me naked, tied face down over a table. They intended to make an example of me by beating my buttto a pulp and ripping the life out of me.
And so it went on - eleven, twelveon on oneighteen, nineteen. Tony Ng at twenty and on and on.
I wished I could die. I wished the pain would cause me to pass out, but it didntand I felt everyone of the blows they gave me.
I thought my prayers had been answered when after the fiftieth stroke, Tony Ng announced in Chinese and English that the caning was over for the night but would be continued for the next two evenings at the same time. This announcementseemed to have an effect on the watching spectators and there was a definite buzz amongst them as they turned their gaze towards the door.
Someone moved the table slightly and I saw blood on the tiled floor. It wasnt a surprise. I knew my flesh had been torn.
My whole body was throbbing, but I tried to relax and waited patiently to be released, hoping it wouldnt be too long before they untied the ropes.

Excitement fromthe seated area made me raise and turn my head. A very big mastiff type dog had entered the room and was making its way towards me.My hopes fell. Not only had the skin been torn from my ass, I was now going to be fucked by this brute of an animal. I closed my eyes and waited.
I heard someone saying that the dog was three years old, had only ever had sex with women and his name was Cumalot.
I couldnt see but knew I was bleeding and I felt the dog licking around my painful ass. His tongue was rough and it hurt. After a while he concentrated around my pussy area and I felt his tongue pushing up inside me. In normal circumstances I might have found it nice but sorry not on this occasion.
After what seemed an age of licking, he mounted me and a nearby assistant guided his aroused dick into my pussy. He began pounding me, getting harder and harder, pressing me down on to the table as his twelve stone weight climbed aboard. Searing pains coursed through my body as he moved roughly over my damaged backside.
I felt hot cum spurting high into me every time he thrust forward, time and time again. I remember thinking that if I wasnt in so much discomfort, it might be enjoyable.
With expert agility, the dog somehow lifted his leg over my back and ended up facing the opposite direction. I had heard about a dogs knot but had never seen one and certainly not had one inside me.
But I had now and we were completely locked together with the result that as he walked away, Berril and the coffee table obediently followed across the polished floor.
I lost track of time but experienced the suction as he pulled out of me. The still hot cum gushed out of me and down the inside of my thighs.
A tremendous amount.
As the table turned I caught sight of several film cameras, some pointing at me and some focussing on the ever growing pool of cum. I realised that I would be on film for ever more.
I dont know whether the round of applause from the gallery was for me or for Cumalot.But he had certainly lived up to his name,
The room emptied quickly and I was untied.
I tried to stand up but my legs gave way and I fell to the floor, lying in the cum that had once been inside me. I was helped to my feet but was unable to walk. Half carried, half dragged, I was led into a small room along the corridorand dumped on the bed. The door was closed and I heard the lock being turned. The room was sparsley furnished - a bed, a chair and a table. A small bottle of water and some cooked rice were on the table. On the chair was a jar of Vaseline and a small tin of Tigerbalm.
No running water, no bathroom, no shower and just a metal bucket for toilet facilities.
I didnt move from the bed and must have cried myself to sleep.
I woke because something was hurting. I thought it was a dream.
My hand ventured down to where the pain was coming from. My bottom felt like corrugated cardboard, The bed was covered in dried blood. I was in a mess but still alive.
I had no idea of time, all I knew was I was hurting. I hardly moved from the bed, hoping I could drift into some sort of sleep. I was still naked but the temperature in the room was high. It was a long day.

I was awakened from one of my infrequent bouts of sleep by the door being noisily unlocked and flung open. The three ogres and of course Toni Ng stood there. He beckoned me to follow them.
Not a word was spoken as I was led out. They indicated the coffee table and I knew it was no use arguing. I just lay down on it and they tightly strapped my limbs and body.I must havelooked a mess. No shower from the previous day. I hadnt been able to clean myself at all. They wheeled me into the circular room and I noticed all the seats were fully occupied again, including at the front, my four friends from work.
Frightened, shaking, sweating and hurting I saw the small one with his jewelled metalwhip and the big one with his sturdy bamboo cane Please can I just die I spoke aloud to myself. I prepared myself for the continuation of the punishment. How I wished I had never invited men to my home.
This time the blows came in rapid bursts of five. Quick and hard and then a longish break. The tenth was again the wire whip and I felt my skin tear as the wire crashed into my bruised ass cheeks. Warm blood ran on to the table. After thirty I was nearly passing into oblivion but the torture stopped.
Turning my head I saw a dog, same breed but with different markings.
It almost ran towards me and I felt the rough tongue licking away the congealing blood but also with the occasional visit between my legs. Someone led the dog towards my head and it mounted me over my head and across my shoulders, stretching hard to reach and lick as far as it could.The ogre grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head up and backwards. A big, red thrusting cock was pushing up against my face. Open grunted the man,Open your mouthMy lips stayed firmly together. No way was Igoing to suck a dogs cock.
I heard the thirtyfirst blow a split second before the pain exploded on my damaged bottom. It was delivered by the wire whip.Instinctively I let out a piercing scream.My mouth opened and the red throbbing cock made me gag as it shotspurts of dog cum deep into the back of my throat.I was threatened with suffocation and when the main climax came I could do nothing but swallow as quickly as possible and try to keep the knot out of my mouth. It would have choked me, no doubt about that When my lips detected the knot forming I made a supreme effort to keep it out. I was successful but ended up swallowing almost all of the cum. The dog withdrew andlicked my face and the dribbles on the corner of my lips.The strange metallic taste in my mouth lasted for hours.

The dog was led away to the applause of the paying viewers but for me there was no reprieve. Tony Ng made a long speech in Chinese and then beckoned for my four work mates to join him, before explaining in English what was expected of them.
They were to give me five strokes of the cane each. That would be the last twenty of my punishment. There would be no more of the wire whip.
He told them to hit me as hard as they possibly could and if they failed to do that, they would end up in my position and receive twenty strokes.
I think Tony Ng was the first sadist I had met.He was a cruel man.
Caroline, Rachel, Glenda and Anne all said sorry to me as they were given a thin pliable bamboo cane.
He gave them thirty seconds to deliver twenty strokes and if they went over it would be classed as a failure.
They stood, two on either side of me, discussing who was to go first.
I think the whole beating lasted about twenty seconds but it was just as hard as the minders had administered and I let out a prolonged scream,lasting until they had finished.
I was then given a choice Wow I couldnt believe it.
1. I could go back to my room and receive fifty strokes in twentyfour hours time. Or
2. Remain where I was and have another dog fuck me. The remaining fifty strokes would then be cancelled and I could go home that night.
I didnt need much time to think Dog please I replied quickly
I hadnt seen the dog.
A quite large vibrator was pushed all the way into my pussy. It had a wire leading from it, and someone on the control.The vibrator was secured in position with silver parcel tape.A test by the controller confirmed that although it was noisy it was working.. It didnt take much working out where the dog was going to enter me.I had done lots of anal sex but never with an animal.Gasps from the watchers prompted me to turn and get a glimpse of my next sex partner.It wasnt as big as the other two but this red cock was trailing and almost touching the floor. It was extremely long but very thin. Obviously trained to perform with women it jumped straight on me slowly pumping feeling for an entrance. I felt him push against the vibrator, but a helping hand was available to lift him up a bit and guide him into my puckered up asshole. He went in slowly but he went in and in. The hot spurts began, high up, somewhere in my intestines I imagined. Where had this monster length gone to. Someone began pushing on the dog to help with a complete penetration. A small Chinese woman appeared near my head. Let him in she saidHis knot is small, he wont hurt you. The knot was forming and as I relaxed, it slipped in. I must have been full of cum and felt the swelling and knew we would be tied together for at least ten minutes. Even though my bottom was still extremely painful and sore, something felt nice.
At this point the vibrator was activated. What a fantastic feeling. Wow
I cant describe it,but at that moment I had the most memorable orgasm of my whole life, then and now.It just went on and on and I wished it would never stop.
It is good, yes said the little Chinese helper.Yes it is the best ever. I replied. I know she said, he fucks me every day..I think they call it multiple orgasms, a thing I had never experienced, but that day with a vibrator in my pussy and a long dog cock up my asshole, it was one after the other after the other. Superb.I was disappointed when the dog withdrew.The Chinese helper pushed a butt plug into my ass and taped it in place.Keep it in you she said You will never get as much again
True, I thought. He is called Cumkwik she said.
Yes it was over. Tony Ng told me to stay off work for two weeks and to remember who ran prostitution. I was untied, given my clothes and told to go home.I needed help but Caroline stayed with me and helped me into a taxi home. I was shocked by my reflection in the mirror. The skin was broken in many places and the color was dreadful red black blue and probably purple. Hot painful bath and a few hours sleep were high on my agenda.
Had I learned my lesson. You bet I had - so much so -that not another man crossed that threshold into my apartment in the next two years.
I had my sex,plenty of sex, but never at home

I have other stories about my twenty-two years as a prostitute but this is the one that sticks in my memory


I never did get paid pic

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