Pros and Cons of How to improve handwriting

Pros and Cons of How to improve handwriting

Roy Mihn

Pros 1

All right now this is our last portion here. This is called maximize your profits by maximize you maximizing your marketing how to improve handwriting tactics. There are many different marketing things that you can do. There are some marketing tactics that brings immediate short term results which we like because that's what we're focused on in this workshop. Now there are other marketing tactics tactics that bring long term results which we need as well. As we build our business.

Pros 2

They're both important for building a profitable business but in this workshop we're only going to focus on the marketing tactics that bring results in less than 30 days. What are they. Number one referrals will how to improve handwriting why are you telling me. I know referrals bring clients. OK. We all know this question is are we doing in to get referrals you have to ask. Saying we need to proactively ask either our customers or vendors or whoever every day for referrals not just planting seeds. I mean this is an example of planting a seed hey we'll let you know you know if you know of anybody who who you know needs our kind of services let them know that we're here. That's planting a seed asking someone directly is when you say no.

Pros 3

With that in mind or let's say you know I'm grateful that you receive value in this. In our relationship with that in mind I wanted how to improve handwriting to ask an important question Do you know one or two other people who you feel can also benefit from the services that we offer and then sit there and wait for them to say something. That's asking. We need to ask for referrals. Every day we provide special treatment for those who are for reward them somehow. You know provide them something and then say we need to keep them and form let them know how things are going with the person they refer. Now let's talk about this for a second. Who do you ask.

Cons 1

You ask your customers of course they're your biggest fans because they can testify with conviction of what a great company you have or how much you're able to meet their needs. Professionals your associates your partners how to improve handwriting employees are a great source of referrals vendors because they have huge databases. How about the teller the bank teller at the bank. How about the barista at Starbucks. How much just anybody who you know and those who do you ask you ask everyone when you ask.

Cons 2

The only criteria I have for asking for for us is making sure that you do it consistently by weekly monthly bi monthly quarterly. The key is to be consistent and prioritize your referrals. Spend more time effort resources money we called term on those who give you more urls. And on the high value referral how to improve handwriting sources spend more money on those people. Why because they're bringing more clients or more higher value clients. A lot of these people generally are centers of influence or what I call they should be part of your center of influence network or coins.

Cons 3

And there can be associations or leaders of associations town crier. You know those people who just love to talk and tell everybody what's going on. They can be great referral sources for you. Centers of influence and last reward you refroze like you mentioned before. Why. Because people how to improve handwriting generally they crave appreciation. I mean Mother Teresa was the one who coined the phrase. People crave appreciation more than bread to give them appreciation. Whether it's a gift card whether it's a gift certificate you know something maybe it's just a call to say thanks a card give them something.