Promotion "Carte Blanche"

Promotion "Carte Blanche"

StakeHolder Team

Team StakeHolder is pleased to offer you an unprecedented action. With carte blanche for delegation of coins.

0% commission!

Promotion conditions and dates:

· Only new addresses of the delegates participate in the action (Ie, who began to delegate to our validator since the start of the action)

· 0% commission applies to any coin whose CRR is from 50%. It can be delegated and redelegated in any quantity. (the list of coins and their crr can be viewed in the mint explorer)

· Commission will be returned daily.

· Commissions will be paid in coins of the StakeHolder project (SHSCOIN) at the exchange rate at the time of payment

· The minimum payout amount is 5 BIP equivalent

· The promotion will last for 518,400 blocks (~ 30 days)

The campaign starts from block No 633 130 (~ 00.00 06/22/2019).

PUBKEY Validator:


Anyone who starts to delegate earlier will squeeze the maximum out of the action.

Have a succesful staking!

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