Preparing for the wedding: what to wear bridesmaids

Preparing for the wedding: what to wear bridesmaids


In the process of preparing for the wedding, newlyweds have a lot of different questions that require making the right decisions. Of course, the bride's dress is always in the first place. But many people forget that it is also very important for bridesmaids to choose suitable outfits. Especially if the event will be held in a certain theme.

Choosing such images for bridesmaids, you need to decide whether it will be the same outfits, or dresses in the same style, what color, fabric, cut and additional accessories.

We want to say at once that to postpone this issue until the last days before the wedding is not worth it. After all, girlfriends still have to try on, fitting for their figure and much more.

How to choose dresses for bridesmaids

The range of wedding dresses is incredibly large, which allows each bride to find her perfect dress. It is enough to go to to see for yourself. At the same time for bridesmaids, the choice is also impressive. And here you should adhere to a few basic principles.

  • No white color. On this day, no one but the bride has the right to wear a dress of white color. This is an unspoken dress code. which is important to adhere to. Even in the event that the bride chooses a non-white outfit;
  • No black. Although black is now in trend, for a wedding it is not the best solution. Especially when it comes to bridesmaids. Most people are of the opinion that black symbolizes mourning;
  • Accents of bright colors. Bridesmaids should be bright enough, but not overshadow the image of the main person at the wedding. Depending on the bride's outfit, for witnesses you can choose dresses of pastel colors, or brighter shades. An alternative option - a restrained color outfit, but with bright accents.

But gloomy and dim images of girlfriends should not be made. This is a holiday, and everything should correspond to the mood and atmosphere of the wedding celebration.

Original ideas

The classic option for witnesses at the wedding is a monochrome outfit. Usually they are chosen for a themed holiday, or depending on the wishes of the bride.

Another interesting solution is colorful outfits, but made in one style. The wedding will definitely sparkle with new colors.

Another original option - dresses of the same color, but different shades. This will make the image of bridesmaids original, stylish and not boring.

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