Pre-tokensale has started!

Pre-tokensale has started!

Pre-tokensale IS LIVE 🚀 

Your discount is 70% and it will be available for all the purchases during the next several days after the start.

Create an account

How to make a transaction and get the tokens?

1. Create your personal account and press ‘Buy now.’

2. Enter the amount of ETH and then your ETH address (it starts with 0x)

3. On the next page, you will see an address. Copy it, open your personal Ethereum wallet (myetherwallet, for example) and send the necessary amount of ETH to that address. Please, insert 200 000 gas limit, otherwise the transaction may be failed.

4. Go back to our site tab, press ‘Confirm and make payment.’

5. Once the transaction is completed, the balance in the right upper corner of your personal account will renew, as well as the transactions history. 

What should not be done?

Our tokens are emitted with ERC-20 standard, so do not send them to a wallet that doesn’t support this standard. Check yours.

Do not send transactions from the exchange wallets (IDEX, TIDEX, Coinbase,, Kraken), because then our smart-contract will send tokens to the exchange, not to you. There’s a chance to lose the tokens forever.