Post e-APR Process and Common Reasons for Rejection

Post e-APR Process and Common Reasons for Rejection


Post e-APR Process

Step 1: Completeness Test as per Regulation 10

Immigration Officer will assure that your file is complete as defined under the Regulation 10 of IRCC Act. If your file includes all details and documents required then it will be sent for Assessment.

Step 2: Assessment for Eligibility and Admissibility

This process sometimes called as A11 (For Eligibility) and A16 (For Admissibility on Medical Ground).

A11 will take some time, however; A16 will be completed within 2-3 days after your file is in Assessment Stage.

A11 (Eligibility Test)

Minimum Entry Requirement (R75)

Verification will be conducted on each of the Six Eligibility Factors (R78-83). This will only focus on assuring that the candidate attained at least 67 out of 100 points and Minimum Score needed at the time ITA was issued. Misrepresentation or Fraud check is carried later on during A40. 

Education (R78)

ECA Report and Educational Documents are verified until the officer is satisfied to pass R78.

Language (R79)

Language Score is recalculated using IELTS Scores and Verification is done online using your Test Report Form Number. Once verified R79 is passed.

Work Experience (R80)

Verify Scores calculated and Work Experience Letters. Calculate Similarity of NOC Scores and verify documents. Officer will usually check email, fax, contact, website (if any), and address is written on Letterheads to verify if company physically exists and registered at the address provided. If Satisfied will pass R80.

Age (R81)

Verify the age against the official Personal Documents. Will pass R81 once satisfied.

Arranged Employment – if applicable (R82)

If applicable, will verify any job offers or call employer in Canada. Will Pass R82 after verifying offer from Employer.

Adaptability – if applicable (R83)

Verify each of the adaptability Factor and Points Claimed. Will Pass R83 after every factor is verified.

In addition, Officer will verify the Settlement Funds (R76) to ensure sufficient Funds are available. Once Satisfied will pass R76.

Although, at this stage, eligibility Test is completed your account may not be updated at this stage. Immigration Officer will approve your file and send it for A40 Test and if passed will approve your file as eligible.

A16 (Admissibility on Medical Ground)

At this stage, you will be requested for Medical Certificate or else your Upfront Medical Report will be obtained from your Panel and conclusion will be made on Health concerns.

Applications may be rejected if Health of a Person can impose a threat to Canadians health or will be expensive to treat under Public Health. This includes any health concerns with Children or anyone accompanying with the principal applicant. Good Panelist will inform you the same day regarding your X-Ray and other tests results except for Blood Test, which they usually inform within 2-3 working days if you have any health problem. Therefore, it is better to wait 2-3 working days after Upfront Medical before you apply with IRCC.

Once verified officer will pass and update your file. A11 and A16 Test are started together, however, A11 will take much more time to verify documents.

Criminal Record Verification

After A16 is passed, your first Background Check will be performed and your file will be updated. The status will change from Not Applicable to either In Progress (also referred as IP1) or Next step is to conduct Background Check (also referred as NBGC or IP1).

In this Stage, your Police certificates will be verified and assured that they meet the criteria’s of IRCC as well. In addition, they will send requests to all countries you have visited and obtain clearance from them. If these countries are quick to respond, then your file will move to Not Applicable again in few weeks’ time. 

Step 3: Assessment for Misrepresentation and Fraud (A40)

This stage will start once both the A11 and A16 including Criminal Verification is completed. In this stage, your file status will change from Not Applicable to In Progress (also referred as IP2) and will be the final stage before PPR. At this stage, you may be required to take Interview or other checks may be performed. Once A40 is passed, you will receive PPR and you will be required to send Passport to your Visa Office for Stamping and receiving CoPR.  

This is the general guide for understanding process only however in reality each candidate and stream may see a different kind of trends.

Most Common Reasons for Rejection


a. Not included

b. No Coloured Scan attached

c. Dates don't cover complete period of stay (for e.g. you stayed in one address until 13th August but PCC cover dates till 31st July – don’t miss even one day)

d. The wrong PCC attached (includes not attaching PCC where you have lived more than 6 months – calculate your stay duration by adding all stays and include PCC if combine stay is 180 days or more)

e. LOE: Not writing explanation of why you weren’t able to attach PCC required and what you have done so far – attach evidence such as PCC Application submitted

f. Incomplete Documents – Some countries require additional documents such as consent forms for IRCC to directly get info therefore, it is important to read carefully CIC Guidance for each specific country before applying.

g. States PCC – Some countries do not have Central/Federal PCC System and therefore, you are advised to get PCC from all states you have lived (For work, study, and residential purpose excluding short stays). In addition, read CIC guidance, as they sometimes require Federal PCC as well instead of just State PCC.

h. Change in Circumstance such as visiting country after having PCC will not remain valid so you need to be careful and may need to apply for PCC again.

Medical Reports:

a. This includes failure to get Upfront Medical or After Letter from IRCC for any reason.

b. In addition, if you have any physical or mental issues the IRCC will reject your application and will advise you to set a meeting with your panellist for further advice or treatment plans – I know some people who recovered after some medication or physiatrist help and got PR later on.

c. Very rare but most significant error I saw was when one person submitted a report from a doctor who was not registered as approved panellist – see from CIC website before booking appointment.

d. Ensure you know what tests are required. Although, it is very rare on one occasion candidate only told panellist that she needs a test for Canada not indicating PR (nowadays for EE) and result was that Full Examination was not done resulting in rejection. {However, that panellist was dropped from approved list after short time but you must be careful if you are not booking appointment from well-reputed institute or Doctor.}

Conversion of Files:

a. Only convert files in the approved format and not just what suits best to you

b. If you are using software’s or online tools for PDF conversion then it is recommended to test it on different readers (such as Foxit or Adobe) before submitting. IRCC will be using Adobe Acrobat so make sure your files (all pages) will open in it. There is a case where IRCC rejected the incomplete application due to files not opening in Adobe (file was converted using Foxit).

c. Your documents must be clear and readable after reducing its size (it is recommended to not have a file below 150)

d. Always convert or scan your file in Color version unless where states by the IRCC to have a grayscale or black and white.

Passport and Visa Status:

a. It is important to attach your Passports and Residential Cards (if applicable) along with your file.

b. Make sure all pages with stamps are also included as IRCC rejected the application in past for not having a stamp for existing of one of the countries.


a. Not including ECA report or only including ECA number

b. Not including Degrees and Transcripts – please note that IRCC will reject incomplete files unlike OINP, which asks for additional information.

c. If you have distant learning course or studied in a different country than where the Institute is located then include this in Letter of Explanation and clearly mention your status.


a. Not including Job responsibility letters or not matching with NOC.

b. Documents submitted cannot be verified the due lack of information of company available online.

c. Company registered in the house or residential area that may raise the question on quality of work performed.

d. Could not answer questions or satisfy officer during a formal interview.

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