Possible Job

Possible Job


Jessica age 21 looking for a summer job, when she was given an address in the industrial section of town, and after a bit of searching she found what looked like an old warehouse. It is definitely the right place, the sign Hot Model Photo Studio hung above the door, and she knocked quietly and nervously, she is starting to tremble. The door opened and she is greeted by me. Im smiling warmly, I extend my hand. Hi, Im John, and Im guessing that you must be Jessica? Hi. She said, taking my hand and shaking it, a little too weakly. Hm. Jessica. Cute, I said with a grin. I briefly look her up and down, eyes resting on her breasts for a second before meeting her gaze. Well come in, Im sure youd like to see the studio and get started. I gestured for her to follow me inside the warehouse, and when she did, her nerves started to ease a little. Inside is a very professional looking setup with various lights set up around a couch, a table, a chair, a blank screen and a bed. There are various still and video cameras on stands, these big silver umbrella looking things which they use to reflect the light and lots of different screens for backgrounds plus several wardrobes with outfits and props. There is also a fairly sophisticated looking office set up with a couple of computers and some other technical looking equipment that must have been for picture editing.

Right now, Im looking at her with an intense gaze. My large rough hand is stroking her long brown hair, I watch her lustfully with eyes. Jessica hesitated only for a moment, then stripped slowly out of her dress, as tears welled in her eyes. Soon she stood before me naked, the first time she had done so before any man. Now lie down, I said, motioning towards the bed. Jessica closed her eyes tightly to regain courage, as tears streamed down her face. Finally she obeyed, walking over to the bed, and lying down on her back atop the black sheets. It is definitely comfortable, the soft satin against her bare skin. Jessica quickly forgot about the sheets, as she looked up to see me suddenly naked. My body is large, black hairs cover my chest, as well as a forest of hair between my legs. Standing from the black hairs is my monster cock, long, thick and hard. Now, Jessica, I said. Our bodies will become one, and we shall enjoy the afternoon. I lean down over her, Jessica watches my lustful eyes as they scan her nude body. She lay very still as my hands reach out, squeezing her breasts, and toying with the nipples. Then I lean down my head, and begin flicking and swirling my long tongue over the taut nipples. Jessica gasps through her tears, and she closes her eyes again, whimpering softly as she wishes for it to end.

You are mine, Jessica for as long as I want you. When our bodies are merged, I will fill your untouched womb with my seed. Jessica struggles to sit up, but I easily pin her down to the bed. It is too late, my dear, I growled. There is no chance of resisting. I took both of her wrists in my one large hand, and held them pinned above her head. Then my free hand stroked down over her breasts, then her stomach. Soon, my fingers found the deep tight virgin pussy between her trembling legs, and delved into the very tight pussy. Jessica cries out, as a strange sensation fills her body, and she feels flushed and warm all over. Yes, I groan, as my fingers thrust deeper inside her. My fingertip toying with her clit, and Jessica is gasping and squirming beneath me. I feel your wetness, Jessica, and that tells me you are ready. Jessica did not understand what I meant. Then her eyes widened in terror, as she screamed, she cannot stop me as I move over her, my weight making it impossible for her to move.

As I emitted a blood-curdling laugh. Then, with one hard thrust, I force myself inside of her, causing her to cry out in pain. It feels as though scalding flames have engulfed her body, and Jessica continues to scream as I thrust into her.

My fingernails dig into her shoulders, drawing blood. I thrust into her harder, deeper and faster, grunting and groaning. Jessica sobbing as I force myself mercilessly inside her, and it seem to go on forever. I am driving my cock deep in her pussy like a madman. Closer, I feel my balls tighten. I want to make her scream again. I stop all movement, pressing tight against her.Now bitch, for the rest of the story, I scream at her. I begin the final fucking, driving hard against her, I am slamming full long strokes, driving deep in and out of her cunt. She will be sore after this fucking I think to myself. Oblivious now, all I focus on is cumming.Oh God Jessica..... so good, I breathlessly tell her.I am going to cum,. My balls tighten, I pull her hips hard, pressing my groin against her. Movement stops,Oh fuck, I shout. I begin to deposit spurt after spurt of cum deep in her pussy.Oh baby, I hoarsely whisper.Feel it. Whimpering, Jessica is laying on the bed in the fetal position. I return an hour later, I crawl onto the bed rolling her on her back spreading her legs. Her ripe breasts defenseless for my enjoyment. I lean forward and took her nipple in my mouth sucking greedily. First one... then the other... nipping her buds with my teeth. Making them swell with excitement and anger.

Please... dont no more, she whimpers. I laugh and lean back just a little to look her in the eye. Im not going to hurt you, my hot victim, I retorted. But Im sure as hell gonna fuck you again! She struggles. Her hips wriggling beneath me. She pulls on the restraint around her slender wrists but I knew she couldnt get away. I knew that, in a few minutes her soft tight pussy will be wrapped around my shaft again. I shifted my weight lower on her body, grasping the remnants of her dress and tugging them away with one swift pull. She pleaded. No... please... please dont. But her creamy thighs remained open revealing her pussy. Casually I kneel between her lush thighs, as I stroke my thick hard cock. I look her straight in the eye and stroking my shaft. Yes, baby! Im gonna fuck you with this again. Im gonna fuck your cunt.

She whimpers but her thighs remain open... inviting me. I lean forward pressing my weight on her. My cock nudging against the opening of her slit and I push my cock deep within her. Slowly I withdraw until just the tip penetrated her forbidden gash. Then I thrust in hard and deep. Again, my belly slapping against her soft, yielding body. Again.... thrusting my thick shaft in and out of her soft body. Deep... hard... fast. Fucking her slit as my hands grasped her slender arms. My voice a harsh hiss in her ear, Im gonna fuck you! Im gonna fuck you hard until I cum! And I know you want it too! She whimpers once more but I feel her hips thrusting up to meet me. Yes... my horny bitch! Im gonna fill you with my cum! I lift my weight from her, moving my knees to crouch between her open legs, my hairy thighs touching her ass-cheeks as I roughly grabbed her calves to lift them up onto my shoulders, I grab her hips and continue to thrust savagely into her. Harder! Faster!

Thrusting as deep as my thick cock to the hilt. Plunging into her pink gash. Im close to my release. Close to filling her cunt with my cum. Faster! Harder! Im gonna....! My cock jerking inside her soft folds as my cum shot deep within her. ARghghh!! Yes!! Filling her pussy with my seed! Arghghh!! Fuck!! Splashing the walls of her cunt with my thick white cream. ArghghhhYES!!! YES!! My hips grinding my cock deep inside her as my final drops trickle into her hot, little muff! Relaxed... satisfied... complete. I lean back a little... my sticky cock slipping from her cunt. I will call you.











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