Possessed - Part IV

Possessed - Part IV


I ignored them. I needed to get to the hotel. Pushing myself back up I flashed my asshole at a small crowd and heard a scream then rapid footsteps.

"OI! What the fuck man!"

I thought I was about to be attacked but instead someone from the sauna had run out with a robe which he was trying to push my arms into. I fought him off and staggered off, scraping my shoulder against the brick wall of the shop next door. He tried again and managed to hang it from my shoulders and tie the belt around my waist. Using the wall as a support I made my way along the road. Heads turned to see me and swivelled to stare. Several people tried to help but I batted them away. No one tried hard. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror in a window display. My eyes were bright red and watery, a drying blood stream led from my nose to my chest, while more blood covered my lower ears and neck.
What the fuck had he done to me?

* * *

Travelling faster than the signals sent to control muscles, Nathan powered along nerve pathways. He needed to distribute himself into the extremities of the body. His plan required a coordinated attack from the very place he didn’t think the entity would consider, the body itself. Some parts of him were already at the ears, nose, throat, and fingertips. Now the rest barrelled to the end of the spinal cord and once more split.
Searing past those initial nerve endings he realised he had caused harm. He could see the pain receptors firing and sending their signal back to the brain; pain and assistance required. Physical damage had be wrought. From this he learned to trail himself out more, to make himself longer and thinner. Now passing his own testicles he had no impact on them. A neural ghost passing through matter.
As soon as he reached his final positions he would send the signal. He was going to take back his body.

* * *

I got as far as the corner of the hotel road before collapsing again. I’d lost all motor control. I knew it was the boy. I knew he didn’t vaporise himself in the attack. It must be him. He had to be blocking the signal to my muscles. I could still feel the cold of the paving stones and smell the sooty air. I just couldn’t move, nothing was responding to my commands. The clever little cunt. I tried sending a burn packet down the main channel to my left hand but it just disappeared. It should have boiled whatever was blocking me. How could he know how to deal with that? A popping in my ear, a dull ache, and a warm sensation across my cheek told me; he’d redirected it. It had probably burst the ear drum.

"NATHAAAAAAN!" The roar started deep in my throat as a gurgle and ended up as a screech that hurt my throat. My burst ear vibrated like a plastic bag. I could feel myself crying. I was losing the battle. I was losing the body I had put so much effort into acquiring.

* * *

Although he had control of the body Nathan knew it was temporary and he needed to get back into his brain. He would never have been imprisoned if the entity could simply control his body. So he spent a while shoring up his defences at the top of the spine where it meets the brain stem. In real time it took nanoseconds but it felt like ages. He hid detonation signals inside nerve fibres but hoped he would never have to use them. He didn’t know what damage it would do in this delicate area. He might paralyse himself. Satisfied with his work he took stock. He now needed to recapture his own brain. He suspected there were traps because that’s what he would do, but they wouldn’t persist if the entity was forced out. But how to accomplish this?

A stalemate ensued. The entity couldn’t get through to the body without the fear of losing the body, while Nathan couldn’t yet find a method to eradicate the intruder. Minutes passed before Nathan heard another crowd gathering to see the bloody boy wearing a robe slumped against a wall. Someone called an ambulance. Just then Jamie rounded the corner and fought through the group of people, on his way to his evening shift. He saw Nathan and his eyed went wide. He hurried over and kneeled down.

"Nate!" He said, scanning Nathan with worry. "What the hell happened? Were you mugged?"

Nathan tried to answer with a plea for help but while the lips moved no air passed over the larynx. Jamie still understood.

"Oh god Nate, lets get you to a hospital!" Jamie started to help Nathan up before re-thinking his plan. "Let’s get you dressed first ok?"

He couldn’t nod. Despite being in possession of the body as a territory, he wasn’t advanced enough to control it without the filters and fill in information the brain accomplished every second. He had no choice but to allow Jamie to carry him to the hotel.

* * *

Every setback provides an opportunity. I know now what must be done. I will still have this body and I will be rid of this fucking boy from my head. I started to push down on the spinal defences.

* * *

Trembling with the effort Nathan felt Jamie start to sag and his head was bashed into the lift door as they exited. Nathan registered the bump but focussed all his attention on preventing the entity from breaking though.

"I’m so sorry!" He wailed. Nathan thought he might start crying. "Oh God I’m so sorry Nate."

He wobbled along the corridor, taking his time so as not to injure Nate any further. Once they reached Nathan’s room Jamie took care placing Nathans feet on the floor and kept him upright with one arm behind his back. With his free hand his located his master key card and the lock clicked. He pushed the heavy door and dragged Nathan in behind him by gripping him under his arms. As the door slammed Jamie managed to half throw, half drop Nathan to the bed, and sat on the edge panting.

The pressure from the attack was immense and it took all Nathan’s effort to hold back the entity. It was applying enormous force and he didn’t know how long he could hold it. He feared its collapse. He had nothing in reserve.

* * *

Are you ready you stupid little shit? You fucking cunt! I was going to give you a long healthy life, totally disease free. Strength and mobility right until the end. But no, you had to fight. Well fuck you!

* * *

Nathan saw Jamie sitting on the bed next to him, facing the door. He turned to Nathan and smiled. That same instant all pressure from above disappeared. The attack on his waning resistance stopped. He paused and waited for the onslaught to resume but nothing. It was a trap. It had to be.

He was distracted by a delicate touch to his temple. He reacquired the sight feed and saw Jamie leaning over him and stroking his head. Concern furrowed his brow. Jamie looked into his eyes and paused. Concern was wiped from his pretty face and replaced first by confusion and then fear. Then he collapsed onto Nathans chest.

Nathan felt his own heart speed up. A nasty thought occurred to him. He speared his way through his own defences and flooded into his own brain. It was empty and as he poured back in the sudden emptiness seemed to suck at him. He expanded far quicker than he intended, like smoke from a burst balloon, and he passed out.

* * *

Wisps of reality seeped into dreams that became ever more bizarre. He was a leaf bobbing along a slow flowing river. The river entered a gorge and the water sped up. He was swamped and started to drown only find himself swimming with his shoal, twisting left and right trying to avoid a bigger fish. He got eaten. Inside the fish was a cave and he was one of many boys bound to the cave walls, spread eagled and naked. Tentacles and snakes writhed over their bodies and he felt one enter his ass. He vomited, but the feeling was changing from disgusting to fantastic. The colour of the feeling from black to rose to golden. A beautiful golden dawn witnessed from within the caressing and safe arms of himself many times over. The world became lighter and lighter until he realised he had his eyes closed and opened them, blinking several times as the air hit his eyeballs.

He found himself on a single bed in a tiny room. A metre to his left the door was closed, and overhead the roof sloped down from the door to the wall at his right, a grimy skylight overhead. He tried to move but found his wrists bound to the corner posts behind him. His ankles were bound to the foot of the bed and he could feel straps of some kind around his lower thighs, just above the knee. Moving his head about put pressure on his neck and he felt the collar constrict him a little as he swallowed.

"Help!" He intended it to be strong and loud but it came out as a croaky whisper. He was about to try again but stopped when he heard creaking floorboards and steps growing louder. The door opened flooding the room with light and Nathan had to blink several times. Someone came in and closed the door. It was Jamie. He stood there naked except for a grey cloth tied high around his left thigh and white ankle socks. His flaccid cock was already growing harder.

"You’re awake baby." Jamie’s soft voice matched his serene smile. He padded toward the bed, just two steps bringing him to Nathans shoulder. He knelt down and put one hand on Nathan’s chest and the other stroked his hair.

"W…where am I?"

"With me," said Jamie. "You’re with me now. I’m looking after you."

"Let me out." It came out as a plea rather than the demand Nathan intended.

"In good time Nate. I had to stop you hurting yourself." Jamie leant down and kissed Nathans left nipple.

"I’m okay now, let me out." This was stronger. Finding himself bound was causing adrenalin to be pumped throughout his body and he was waking up fast.

"I can’t yet. Only when you understand Nate."

"Understand what?"

"Nate. You need me. You want me." More kisses across his chest. "You belong to me."

"What the fuck?" Nathan tried to search his head from the entity but he seemed normal. He could feel everything, he had control. He’d lost the inner visualisation of his own mind and was once again Nathan. So what was happening now?

Jamie stood and moved level with Nathans knees. He had ropes in his hands and he tied one to the binding attached to each knee. He spoke in a soft voice as he did so.

"I was wrong to try and take you over. You are special. Really and truly Nate."

Having completed that, Jamie now moved down to the foot of the bed and untied Nathans right ankle. Nathan kicked out but Jamie was ready. He ducked and hurried to the head of the bed where he gripped another rope and pulled hard. Nathan’s right leg was pulled back, his knee pointing up to his shoulder. This rope was wrapped around something behind him and tied off on his ankle binding. Jamie repeated the steps with Nathans left leg, continuing his explanation as he did so.

"I know now that we should be together, as a team. I got carried away with my own fantasies instead of facing reality. All I ever wanted was for a beautiful boy to love me. And you will, as I love you Nate."

"I don’t fucking love you!" Nathan was now bound again, his knees by his shoulders. His ass exposed. Available without resistance.

"Not yet Nate, but you will." Jamie climbed on the bed and grabbed a small tube of something from behind Nathans head. He squeezed it onto Nathan’s ass. It was cold and slippery.

"Please no…" Nathan whispered, a smaller voice this time. Jamie continued as though he hadn’t said anything.

"It’s happening already, inside you. I should have thought of this before. I’m a bit of an old fool really."

He tried to clench but it was no good, Jamie forced his cock inside Nathan’s asshole, the pain of the head breaking through causing pain and eliciting a cry from Nathan. From there on it was easier and Jamie pushed himself fully inside. The sensation came almost at once. That part of Nathan that had felt disgusted at taking cock also suffered guilty pleasure, and that pleasure was greater this time. His mouth dropped open and the cry turned to a whimper. Jamie pulled out and pushed back in, a deliberate and slow movement allowing Nathan to feel every millimetre of his cock.

"No…. oh more…. NO!" What the fuck was happening Nathan thought. Jamie smiled.

"I left a small package of improvements bound up in your head baby." He said, lowering himself until his lips were inches from Nathan’s. "When you removed your block they started work." He lifted back up and started pumping faster, holding Nathans hips for greater thrust.

"Within days you will be smitten with me. Addicted." He started to pant as he spoke. "And then we will be… the world’s greatest lovers."

"No….yes…no…oh god…" Nathan knew he didn’t want sex with a man. This wasn’t his thing. He felt disgusted and yet as it continued he felt good. Then great. He searched his mind again, trying to find what the entity had left but there was nothing. Every thought process was his own.

"Tell me you love me baby." Said Jamie, breathless.

"I love you Jamie." Nathans eye went wide at his response. There is no way he intended to say that. The entity must be inside him still. Jamie’s smile became one of vengeful success. A tiny but perceptible change, but it chilled Nathan.

"I can read you now." He said, slowing down his thrusting while he spoke. "But I’m not inside you. Instead I tuned your chemical responses to me. The only time you will ever feel any pleasure is with me."

"No…" A pitiful wail of a frightened boy. Nathan cut it off as soon as it started.

"You’ll beg me daily to get inside you. You’ll feel amazing whenever you taste my cum, piss, saliva and yes, even sweat." The smile changed again. Complete satisfaction. "So come on baby, tell me who you belong to."

Nathan was dizzy. His whole body buzzed with intense pleasure every time Jamie thrust into him. His own painful erection was bouncing around and slapping on his belly oozing pre-cum. His mouth watered thinking of Jamie sliding his cock into his mouth, the feeling of its warm hardness against his tongue and the flavour of his creamy cum. He desperately wanted to fight against it.

"I belong to you." He said. A small boy’s voice begging for more of the drug. Jamie grinned and started fucking harder and faster. He’d won.

Nathan watched from behind the fog of growing addiction, and waited.



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