Pornhub Money Online Job. Steps To Follow.

Pornhub Money Online Job. Steps To Follow.

By Emmanuel Muema

500,000 Kshs received (Half a Million Kshs or 5,000 US Dollars) πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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Ask me for money and I will pay you 1,000 kshs Mpesa or 10 $ Bitcoins when you join Pornhub, verify your account, apply for model program successfully and upload 4 videos πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Contact me by clicking here

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Steps to follow

❀️ 1. Sign up using the given link

❀️ 2. Upload any profile picture (avatar) even a picture of a car or a football

❀️ 3. Verify your account using ID card or passport or birth certificate or insurance card to prove you are 18 years old and to get the blue tick (blue checkmark) verification badge

❀️ 4. Apply for model program immediately to make money

❀️ 5. Choose your payment method

❀️ 6. To earn money upload a minumum of 4 porn videos and choosing YES option in the (Is this you?) confirm user section

❀ 7. BONUS Pornhub pays you 5,000 Kshs for every person you refer. 

(50 dollars per referral)


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Pornhub Referral Money Testimonials And Proof

Get verified. Write your Pornhub name on piece of paper and take a selfie picture as shown above. Pornhub customer care/employees must verify you as the account owner so that you can get the BLUE tick verified mark just like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or You Tube.

After getting verified you will click join model program to earn money. Join with a photo document like your ID for example national Identity Card/social security card or birth certificate or NHIF card or driving licence orΒ passportΒ or voter's card.

At the bottom sign the model agreement program with the initials of your real name for example John Smith West becomes J.S.W. or JSW. That is the only signature they need.

For the electronic signature type your full name John Smith West.

Then wait for Pornhub customer care employees to send you an email reply like this saying congratulations and welcome.

This is the last step so that you get the congratulations email. Then start uploading videos. Verifying is a MUST BECAUSE there can be no underage children in porn. They just want to see you are 18 years old by checking your date of birth. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

To upload a porn video click on the 3 lines (menu), then click upload and choose a video from your gallery.


When uploading videos to pornhub, you must click YES that it's you in the video to MAKE MONEY. Only videos where you choose yes will earn money (advertisement revenue).

10,000 views on my non-porn video. It's not a must for pornhub video uploads to be porn. they can be foolish FULLY CLOTHED outfit of the day videos or even a cooking show and people will still watch. Idle people will watch anything to pass time as long as it is entertaining.

Pornhub allows you hide your face in a mask to protect your identity. You can buy a ski mask online from Jumia, Kilimall or any supermarket.

Pornhub pays you every month. Payment is done through.

❀ Paxum

❀ Bank cheque 

❀ Bank deposit

❀ Verge


❀ Cosmo

❀ Paypal

(Verge and USDT cryptocurrencies are exactly like Bitcoin).




Pornhub pays you 50 dollars for every person you refer to their model program (5,000 kshs per friend/referral).

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For help or questions contact me by clicking here

Telegram @EmmanuelMuema