Popular Web Design Trends

Popular Web Design Trends

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I find it hard to believe that we are heading towards the final phase of the decade, i.e., 2019. The internet has grown & we have seen some massive changes in the past ten years; Debut of AI, VR, AMP, and the dynasty of mobile. As appealing as the majority of this new technology has been, the place we truly identify and feel these progressions is in website design trends.

The web design trends have been accelerated towards excessive creativity - Typography to white space, bold colour schemes, traditional pictures for vibrant illustrations.

More image enhanced treatments

On the web, images have given unique design opportunities. Stacking design analysis like making a picture monochromatic, removing the subject, or including a pattern on top to make a fresh new picture, will probably be progressively conspicuous in web design in 2019. Inserting images in a circle, and making them black & white, including a drop shadow behind - all of these are procedures designers have opted for depicting images on the websites.

Vibrant colours

 It was for a while when monotone designs have been into the hype and taken over the design. However, it is fading away right now. Users are more hunger for vibrant & high contrast colours. Have a look at the modern collection in fashion design: Neon, Angular & Metallic shapes have rebounded. To represent the company name, companies have adopted bold bright colours & warmer tones such as green, blue, purple, and golden yellow.

Curated visuals

A dynamic illustration is more versatile than a photograph. Frequently when groups banter the decision of a picture, certain individuals may support lifestyle shots while other support product shots. Some benefits of Curated visuals:

·       Can quickly characterize compelling emotions 

·       Authentic & unique

·       Diminishes the eminence of gender while portraying people

Flat Design imitates 3D

Three-dimensional renderings are giving an update to flat designs. The outcome is a blend of 3D realistic and flat interfaces that are mind-boggling, outwardly intriguing and showing up all over. It's like a touch of VR in designs that don't need anything special to look at. When you look further into the trend, a great deal of what makes it work are profundity in layers plus animation. Many people are calling it a 'deep flat.' However, we assume it's a natural expansion of flat design.

Glitch art

The web design list will be incomplete without some form of retro design. Glitch art is a retro went wrong - those minutes when a crinkled film or a moderate dial-up association went gnarled if unexpectedly striking, picture. The breakdown of technology makes for engaging topic both as a thought and in its design execution, where it can attract the watcher's eye to those pieces of the site that are twisted, twofold exposed & glitchy. It's a beautiful, futuristic time we live in, and nobody is very sure where it is all heading. Glitch art enhances this sentiment of bewilderment by giving websites an unmistakably hallucinogenic look.


In the end, trends come & go. Many last for decades and some for years. A thing which should matter to you is staying true to the brand that you design for.

Go for the trend which aligns best with the value of your company. If there is stuff which depicts 'on-trend', it doesn't mean you should also adopt that trend. Select the trend wisely that are important for accomplishing your  designs efficiently. Want an on-trend web design for your brand? Contact Us now!