Poor Private Perkins Pt. 03

Poor Private Perkins Pt. 03

{Due to the increasing use of the jaguar language and Thomas's burgeoning proficiency in it, important translations will be listed in brackets}

"Good morning, conejito..." Thomas was woken from his peaceful sleep by a soft paw stroking his cheek, and his eyes opened to see a loving feline face looking up at him. Soft fur rubbed against him as the jaguar shifted her weight, stretching subtly without letting go of her mate.

"Good morning, mi corazon." Over the past week and a half, Kiana had managed to teach the human a bit of her own language, and that was his new favorite thing to call her. He reached one hand up and scratched right behind her ear, causing her to lean into his hand. "Are we feeling frisky this morning?"

"Mrrrrrrrrr," she groaned, stretching even more as she fully woke herself up. "Not that much... could I get a back rub?"

"Of course." With a little maneuvering, Thomas slid out from under his feline lover and came up to straddle her back, brushing his half-erection against her fur in the process. The constant intercourse and nude cuddling had dampened his body's reactions a bit, especially when it came to being so close to a naked woman, but he could still feel that spark of arousal inside his chest. He began kneading the muscles along her back just like she'd taught him to, pressing out the hard little knots with a firm use of his knuckles.

Kiana let out a hum of contentment, relaxing as her mate massaged her back; he was doing an even better job than she had on him, and his hands moved with the smooth firmness of a professional. "Mmmm, right there," she purred as he hit a hardened knot right on the edge of her shoulder blade. "You're a natural, conejito."

A small smile spread across the private's lips, driven by a gentle pride in his own actions. He liked pleasuring Kiana, both lewdly and conventionally, and hearing her gasp with painful pleasure was music to his ears. Eventually, he began moving down to her lower back, pressing on either side of her spine just how she'd shown him. However, before he could get too far down, he felt the jaguar begin to tense up, and he knew from experience she wanted something more. "Could you go a little lower?" she asked, and Thomas complied by moving down about a foot. "A little lower than that..." He quickly realized what she wanted, but he decided to beat around the bush just a bit; his hands slipped down a few more inches, stopping around stomach-level. "Lower..." This time he barely moved an inch, and a devilish smile crept across his face. "Come on, lower than that..."

"You mean like this?" Thomas slid backward so that he was kneeling above her thighs, then grabbed her furry buttcheeks like he owned them.

"No... like this!" Kiana suddenly whirled around, grabbing her human's wrist as she flipped onto her back. She then brought his fingers down to her groin, whereupon he flopped down beside her as he rubbed at her clit. As Thomas got a good rhythm going, the jaguar spread her legs and let out a sigh of contentment, a sigh that broke into a giggle as he buried his face in her chest. "Right there, conejito," she purred, running one hand through the back of his hair as he met her gaze.

As she began gradually getting wetter, Thomas traced a finger along her soft vulva before returning to her clit. "I thought you said you weren't feeling frisky?" he said, "If you want me to do something, you've just got to ask."

"Mmmm... but where is the fun in that?" Without warning, she suddenly grabbed him around the shoulders and flipped him onto his back, coming up on top with his hand clenched between her thighs. "I'd much rather take what I want," she playfully growled, "Especially from a conejito like you..." As she released his hand, the Jaguar grabbed his wrist and pinned it above his head, doing the same to his other wrist with her other paw in one swift motion.

"Oh? And what would you want from a little rabbit like me?" Thomas playfully flexed against his lover's grip; he didn't intend to break free, but he still felt that the jaguar was just as strong as him, if not stronger. The feeling of her wet lips grinding against his midsection made his erection throb with arousal, and the sight of her lush tits hanging over him made him want to reach up and grope her, but he was willing to play the part of the prey for now. Besides, he could tell from the glint in her eye she wanted to screw just as severely as he did.

"Maybe I want to take your life," she pondered, "It'd certainly be easy, just-" Suddenly, she lunged downward and took his throat in her teeth, biting down just enough to send a message. The sudden danger sent Thomas's heart racing, electrifying his nerves as primal fear. The fear quickly turned to excitement, however, and as Kiana let go of his neck, he thought he'd never felt more alive. She then licked across his cheek, lightly rubbing her sandpaper tongue against the private's stubble and stopping at his ear. "Maybe I want to take your flesh," she whispered into his ear, "You taste delicious, after all..." The jaguar punctuated her words by gently biting her human's earlobe, tugging just a bit before letting go. She then pulled back to gaze into his eyes, her feral demeanor betrayed slightly by the playful grin on her lips. "Or perhaps I want to take your seed," Kiana purred, "I've already taken tu virginidad, and I think you would make a good {sex slave}." Her grinding was getting more intensive, more heated, and her nethers were getting wetter by the second. "What do you say to that, conejito?"

Thomas mirrored her grin, bringing his arms up a bit more and threading them through the vine ropes holding the hammock-like bed up. "A beautiful huntress like you would lay with a lowly grunt like me? I must be the luckiest man in the world..."

With his hands tangled in the ropes, Kiana released his wrists to tenderly stroke his cheek with the back of one paw. "You just might be," she replied, "Catching me in the peak of my heat. You're so damn cute, there's no way I could've passed you up." With that, she raised her hips up a bit, backed up, and lowered herself down as her paw held his member straight. He slid in with a slight squelch, causing both human and jaguar to gasp with pleasure. Once his member was in to the hilt, squeezed on all sides by the jaguar's deliciously warm body, she began grinding her groin onto his, reaching back to fondle his balls with one paw. "Just relax, conejito, let me do the work."

The private complied as Kiana began humping against his groin, sliding herself up and down his cock while he just lay there. He was tempted to reach out and either rub her squishy clit or grope her shapely breasts, but it finally dawned on him that she was doing this for his sake. Maybe she felt generous, or perhaps she liked the way he squirmed; either way, she was going at the perfect pace to make him moan. "Ahhh... right there," he groaned encouragingly, and Kiana seemed to take it as a signal to take him to the hilt and grind her clit against his groin.

"You always make the cutest faces when I'm riding you," the jaguar purred, "And you always make the cutest sounds..." Suddenly, Thomas felt her vagina clench tight around his shaft as she lifted up, almost as if to tease him, and even if her insides didn't feel like heaven on earth, he still would have let out an exaggerated groan to make her smile.

After a few minutes of vigorous riding, Kiana had brought him almost to the brink of orgasm with her beautiful body, but just as he neared the point of no return, she took him to the hilt and went back to slow sensual grinding. "What's the matter," the jaguar teased, "Feeling pent up?"

"You're mean," Thomas chuckled. Still, he made no attempt to get his lover moving again, trusting that she'd get him off eventually. Sure enough, after waiting a few moments for him to beg, she simply started up back at her previous pace, and it didn't take her long to give him an incredible climax. The private let out a long moan as he shot his load into her, letting her ribbed insides and gentle contractions milk his balls of every drop. Once the initial surge of pleasure was over, Kiana bent down and pulled her human mate into a tender kiss, a kiss that he quickly returned with equal ferocity. "Gracias, mi corazon," he sighed as they pulled apart, "Now, why don't you come over here and sit on my face?"

Kiana chuckled in response, then pulled his member free of her loins with a slick squelching. She scooted forward as Thomas slid back, and with the help of the human's guiding hands, she placed her still-dripping vulva right on his mouth. He didn't take long to start licking and slurping at her soft folds, swallowing both of their fluids as he thoroughly cleaned her out. The slimy texture of his own seed hardly bothered him anymore, and after a minute, the private had gotten almost all of it out. With her nethers all clean, Kiana barely resisted when Thomas rolled her onto her back, and when he switched over to suckling on her clit, she pushed his head into her crotch. "Ahhhh... perfecto, conejito," she purred as he slipped two fingers into her, "{That's the spot}..." His fingers quickly found the hard little spot of her g-spot, and as he rubbed it in time with his licking, the jaguar let out a long groan of contentment. It didn't take long for the pressure to start building inside her, and after only a minute of intensive tonguing and fingering, she let out an ecstatic, primal yowl. Her legs swung over and squeezed around Thomas's head, forcing his face into her furry groin, and her grip only grew stronger as he continued to eat her out.

When her orgasmic high died down, and her legs released his head, Thomas pulled back a bit before smiling up at the jaguar, then smooched his way up her furry body. First, he kissed her crotch, then her navel, then continued on up until he planted his lips right between her breasts. "What do you say we go catch some breakfast?" he said as he crawled on top of her, "I think I could use some more bow practice..."

The jaguar's legs crossed over his back, and her arms hugged him close. "Why can't we just stay here?" she giggled, "Why can't we just lay here and make love again and again and again?"

Thomas let out a short sigh, then hopped off the bed and out of Kiana's cuddling embrace. "Come on, you lazy cat," he teased, "We can come back to bed once our bellies aren't rumbling."

Kiana went limp and let out a pathetic whimper, then slid out of bed as well. She and her human mate began to get dressed, helping each other along the way; Thomas helped tie together her hide skirt and bra, and in turn, she buttoned up what remained of his undershirt. In response to not having a strict military dress code, he'd ditched his heavy red uniform coat, stiff pants, and clunky boots, giving him the appearance of a deckhand straight off a pirate ship. Once they were dressed, he grabbed his rifle and cartridge bag, she grabbed her bow and quiver, and the two of them made their way down from the treehouse.

Ten minutes later, the unorthodox pair were creeping through the underbrush surprisingly quietly, mostly because Thomas's army training had taught him the basics of stealth. He still had a lot to learn, however; Kiana was able to glide through the jungle like a ghost, while the human would always make some kind of little noise. The jaguar was hot on the trail of a tapir, and along the way, she pointed out the various signs and tracks to Thomas. He had no clue what a tapir was, but as they closed in on their quarry, he felt pretty confident about tracking them.

Suddenly, Kiana stopped, and Thomas followed her gaze to see a weird little creature standing about a hundred feet away. It looked a little bit like a pig, but with dark brown fur that peaked in a crest that ran down the thing's back; instead of a snout, it had a short little trunk, and its ears were short and round. As he silently traded weapons with Kiana, the private wondered what the meat would taste like, and as he knocked an arrow to the bow, he decided it was probably something like pork.

"{Now}, draw it back smooth," Kiana whispered, "Point both arms where you want it to go." The jaguar gently corrected his form, lifting his bow hand up just a smidge and raising his elbow. As Thomas got used to using a bow, he'd found it was quite similar to aiming a rifle, with the main difference being that you had to account for drop distance with a bow. Using his thumb as a sight, he lined up the shot with the tapir, aiming right for where he thought the thing's heart was. "Pull it back just a bit more as you loose," his mentor added, "And breathe out as you fire. {Ready... fire!}"

Thomas pulled the string back just a smidge, then exhaled as he let it go. The arrow shot from his bow like a bolt of lightning, burrowing itself in the tapir's side in an instant. He just barely heard a squeal of pain, and as he and Kiana approached the creature, he saw he'd killed it almost instantly.

Kiana crouched over the creature, checked for a pulse, then pulled the arrow clean out of it. "Muy bien, conejito!" she said encouragingly, "We'll make a hunter of you yet." After wiping the arrow clean, she slid it back into her quiver, then picked up the tapir and slung it over one shoulder. "Now come on, I'd rather we cut this up back at home."

It didn't take long to make it back to the jaguar's hut, and when they did, Kiana led her mate over to a smaller shelter half-submerged in the dirt, a place equipped with a fire pit and other things needed for curing meat. There she showed him the proper way to skin, gut, and cook a tapir. Once they were finished, the pair enjoyed a lovely breakfast of cooked meat. "So, Thomas," Kiana asked as she finished her meal, "When do you want to talk to the chief?"

The young private had been dreading the impending talk, although he wasn't sure why, since Kolau seemed like a decent enough person/jaguar. Part of him theorized that he just didn't want his honeymoon to end, but another part suspected he feared to return to his own people, feared the potential scrutiny they'd have in store for him. He knew that a week ago, he'd have found the idea of a human and a jaguar being together positively absurd. Plus, there was no telling what they would do to him if they found out he'd been consorting with the enemy... no telling what they'd do to Kiana if she came with him... "I ah... I dunno..."

The feeling of the jaguar's paw on his shoulder brought him out of his murky thoughts, and when he looked into her jade eyes, he could tell she emphasized with his worry. "Well, if you don't want to go right this minute," she murmured, "What would you say to showing me how you work your {thunder-stick}?"

Thomas's face split into a grin. "Do you mean my rifle, or my..." He punctuated his question by grabbing his groin, causing Kiana to let out a giggle

"The one that goes boom," she chuckled, picking it up off the ground. "How does it work? Some kind of magic?"

"Not really..." The private sidled up to her, pulling out a single cartridge from his bag. "Inside here," he explained, "There's this black powder, gunpowder, that blows up when you set it on fire." He then flipped it over, showing off the primer. "This little thing sets the powder alight, and that makes the bullet, this metal thing, fly."

Kiana seemed fascinated and took the cartridge for her own examination. After thoroughly inspecting the curious object, she handed it back to Thomas and picked up his rifle, then looked it over without touching anything near the trigger. "So, how does this work?"

"Well, first, you check this little dial on the side. If it's straight, the weapon is ready to fire, but since it's angled back, you need to cock it first. Just take this lever here and pull it down..." As he demonstrated, the breach popped open, and a shell casing popped out, which Kiana dexterously caught. "Then, you slip a cartridge in here, pull the lever back up, and you're ready to fire."

"{Fantastic.}" The jaguar took the rifle and raised it to her shoulder, trying to aim it at a spot on the back wall. "And how do you fire?"

"Well... you don't want to fire it here... come on, we can do it outside." The two of them quickly left the meat hut, and once outside, Thomas helped the jaguar to find a decent spot for target practice. "Alright, it's a bit different than a bow," he said, nudging the barrel down until it was parallel to the ground. "You want to point it straight at what you're shooting at, and you want to line up this little notch here with the thing at the end of the barrel... there you go." From his position right behind her, he could see she had a clear shot lined up with a distinctive knot on a nearby tree. "Now, you fire it by squeezing the trigger here. It's going to be super loud, and the gun kicks like a mule, so lean into the stock as much as you can."

With Thomas's help, Kiana got appropriately adjusted, then gently squeezed the trigger. She wasn't sure what would happen, but as a deafening peal of thunder rang out, she realized her wildest estimates had hardly come close. The wooden stock slammed back into her shoulder like a battering ram, and if she hadn't followed Thomas's advice, she would've been knocked on her rear for sure. Instead, she simply staggered back a step as she tried to regain her balance, falling straight into her mate's waiting arms. Once her ears stopped ringing, and she recovered from the sheer shock, she realized her shot had been a few inches from hitting the knot. "Are you okay?" Thomas asked her, but she quickly shrugged off his concern.

"Give me another," she replied, reaching out her palm. Once Thomas realized she wanted a bullet, he took another out of his pouch and gave it to her. The jaguar then ejected the spent cartridge, slid in the new one with a single fluid motion, took a few seconds to aim, then pulled the trigger again. This time, Kiana was much more prepared for the recoil, and she managed to hold her ground as the stock kicked back into her shoulder. The shot landed a bit closer, but the jaguar still wasn't done; she reached out her hand for another round, and when Thomas gave it to her, she loaded and fired it in under two seconds. Kiana managed to hit the knot she was aiming for, and each of her next three shots got even closer to the center. When the jaguar reached for a seventh shell, however, her mate refused.

"I think that's enough for now," he said, "We've got a limited supply, and I don't want to waste it all on target practice."

After a few moments, Kiana sighed and handed the rifle back. "Thank you for letting me use it," she replied with a grin, "It was... exciting."

Thomas's response was to wrap his arms around her, hugging her tight as he kissed her on the forehead. "You're a better shot than I am," he cooed, "Pretty impressive for someone who's never held a gun in her life."

Kiana hugged him back for a moment before pulling away, and he could tell from the glint in her eye that her sexual appetite was back in full force. "I think I deserve a prize, don't you?" she replied, "Why don't we just get back in bed for a while?"

"Well, I-" Thomas was interrupted by the sound of swishing and cracking branches, and he looked up just in time to see something leaping toward him in a spotted blur. Without really thinking, the private held his rifle up like a shield, and as the thing tackled him to the ground, he could feel it pressing down in a flurry of claws and fur. Thomas caught a brief glance of a jaguar's face, one with red markings under the eyes that he didn't recognize, but in the heat of the moment, he didn't think about Kiana saving him. Following his training, he hooked a leg behind the jaguar's and rolled it onto its back, then pulled back and smashed his rifle's stock into its jaw. The thing howled in pain, and Thomas was about to hit it again when someone yanked him back. Thankfully, he wasn't berserk enough to lash out at whoever pulled him away, and once he was out of the fight, two other jaguars came in from either side and restrained the onhttps://community.tp-link.com/en/home/forum/topic/180878










e who attacked him.