Hello everyone!

Our community members have been asking a lot of questions about current situation within MGO products, like what is the future vision of the project, which products are to be developed and released and etc. There also have been a lot of questions about MGO team as well.  

So we came up with a great solution! We are running an exclusive interview of the team members just for our community. You can ask the questions you have. But not only that. You are also to decide WHO will answer YOUR questions!  Yes, that’s correct. We are running a poll where community members will select one team member who will answer their questions.

Here are our heroes, ready to answer any question of yours!

·    Ivana. She is responsible for eSports platform in general: which games will be included, which features will be focused on, talking with the dedicated team about their tempo, responsibilities, etc;

·    Filip. He is responsible for MGO as a token: he is taking care of blockchain-based products, looking into potential partnerships, working on R&D, leading the development efforts (non-gaming) and communicating with the marketing;

·    Vlad. His responsibility is oriented towards the gaming features in our products, mostly oriented towards MGO: making the gamers' user experience as nice as possible, adding gaming flair to our technical products, changing it if needed, and acquiring new partnerships in the gaming area.

Please vote for whom you want to see and feel free to ask your questions in the link