Polish Your Writing Skills With an Example Of Essay Writing

Polish Your Writing Skills With an Example Of Essay Writing


Each example of essay writing will differ according to the topic of the essay

One common aspect of all essays is the format that needs to be followed by the students, while writing their academic assay assignments. Therefore, an example of essay writing is a tool that can guide the student on the general layout of any type of the essay. However, the essay formats being same, the contents and the methodology as well as the structure of the essay will change with the subject of the essay.

This paper will try to give the students an idea on the various example essays to enable them understanding the technique involved, in a better manner. However, it is necessary that the students ask writing services "can you write my essay" and look at the essay outline also for getting the knowledge on layout of the essay, in general.

Example of a general essay

This will give the students an insight into the requirements of writing a common essay, which may be on any frequently discussed topic. The structure of this essay, as it applies to all other essays, will have an introduction, main essay body and the conclusion. While the introduction will summarize the topic or the thesis statement, the main essay text should include all the viewpoints in support of the evidence for the chosen topic. This will need proper citation of the sources used for such evidence.

This example of essay writing will guide the students for better organization and structure of the essay, with neat and smooth flow of information, which is absorbing for the reader.

Chronological essay example

This is an example of a narrative essay, in which the students are required to present the facts in a chronological manner. Most of such essays pertain to the historical events. Such essay example can also give details about any event in your personal life. The facts are required to be presented in a log form with simple language describing the event over a period. However, the writer needs to keep the flow of the story from one point to another in an interesting manner, while being focused on the event, during the whole essay.

The important part of this example of essay writing is that the writer does not impose any personal opinion or conclusion on the written essay. For example, narrating a historical event, with your own conclusions or views will simply distort the facts, which are already established in history.

As, essay writing is a skill that shines with more practice, students can also look at some of the personal essays to gather more knowledge on the subject.

Example of compare and contrast essay

Examples of such type of essays can also be helpful for the student to write a “cause and effect essay”. Thus, students can understand the technique of writing an essay, which need comparison of two personalities, situations or events that have a bearing on the topic chosen.

For example, students will feel most comfortable to compare their own current personality traits with those of, say, ten years ago. Such examples also provide a conclusive opinion on the topic under discussion.