Podcasts for data scientist

Podcasts for data scientist

Alexander Osipenko - Lead Data Scientist at CIndicator

Hi! Here is my personal Top 5 podcasts related to Data Science, math and Science in general, that I really love to listen on my way to work

  1. Linear Digressions - https://soundcloud.com/linear-digressions
  2. Not So Standard Deviations - http://nssdeviations.com
  3. SuperDataScience - https://soundcloud.com/superdatascience
  4. O'Reilly Radar - https://soundcloud.com/oreilly-radar
  5. DataFramed - https://soundcloud.com/dataframed

My personal #1 podcast used to be Partially Derivative, but they don't release new episodes any more 😞

Have a productive daily trip to the work, everyone!