Плюсы И Минусы Диеты На Английском

Плюсы И Минусы Диеты На Английском


Now it’s very fashionable to have a lean body and to keep a diet. There are many different opinions about it. Some say that diets are harmful and dangerous to health, others consider them useful. There are a lot of different dietary programs. Each of them excludes the certain number of products, due to this, weight loss occurs. There is a special diet menu for athletes, which help to gain muscle mass. People who have diabetes most often need to adhere to a certain diet. Based on the special literature you can develop your own program. Many nutritionists deny the use of restriction in foods, because the body needs nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, salt. During slimming, a person uses his internal reserves, when they are exhausted, various chronic diseases begin to develop.
Diet is a strong stress for the body. If you still managed to lose weight, then it’s very important not to gain weight. There are two such things as bulimia and anorexia. But they  are problems of a psychological nature. The main thing is not to confuse the diet with a hunger strike.
The surest way to get rid of excess weight, eat fractional, balanced, often and in small portions. This eating will help not only to remove extra pounds, but also to avoid the occurrence of various diseases. 
Сейчас очень модно иметь худое тело и придерживаться какой-нибудь диете. Очень много споров по этому поводу. Одни говорят, что диеты вредны и опасны для здоровья, другие считают их полезными. Диетических программ очень много и все они разные. Каждая из них исключает из рациона определённый ряд продуктов, за счёт этого происходит снижение веса. Есть специальное диетическое меню для спортсменов, которые помогают набрать мышечную массу. Людям имеющим сахарный диабет более всего нужно придерживаться определенному рациону. Опираясь на специальную литературу можно самому разработать собственную программу. Многие диетологи отрицают пользу ограничения в продуктах, ведь организму нужны питательные вещества: белки, жиры, углеводы, сахар, соль. Во время похудения человек использует свои внутренние запасы, когда они истощаются, начинают развиваться различные хронические заболевания.
Диета — это сильный стресс для организма. Если все же удалось похудеть, то очень важно не набрать скинутый вес. Есть такие два понятия как булимия и анорексия. Но это уже проблемы психологического характера. Главное, не перепутать диету с голодовкой.
Самый верный способ избавиться от лишнего веса, питаться дробно, сбалансировано, часто и маленькими порциями. Подобного рода питание поможет не только убрать лишние килограммы, но и избежать возникновения различных болезней.
Теперь Вы можете обучаться английскому языку самостоятельно, пользуясь бесплатными ресурсами нашего образовательного сайта, а также выбрать себе подходящего репетитора у нашего партнера и заниматься в школе TutorOnline :

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Эссе про диету срочно на английском

Помогите пожалуйста
Put the words in the correct order to complete
the sentences with emphasis.
1)I dislike people who have big dogs but don't
give t

hem enough exercise.
The people I dislike are those
(1 / those / dislike / people / the / are) who have
big dogs but don't give them enough exercise,
2 I don't understand why there can't be a law
against selling cosmetics that are tested on
(1 / thing/ understand / the / is / don't) why
there can't be a law against selling cosmetics
that are tested on animals.
3 I feel sorry for the animals which are given too
much food and become very fat.
(the / for /l/ feel / are / ones / sorry / animals /
the) which are given too much food and become
very fat.
4 We support all organisations which help animals
and other wildlife.
(are / that/ organisations / the / support / we/
those) which help animals and other wildlife.
5 I admire people who spend their lives fighting
for a better life for everyone.
(the / people / ones / are / admire / the / I) who
spend their lives fighting for a better life for

Read the text again. Match the sentences (A-E) to the gaps (1-4). There is one extra sentence​

Task 1. Read the text. For questions 4 a) (1-5), choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).  1.The majority of electricity in years to come will be gen

erated by Aoffshore wind farms. Bpower plants using renewable energy. C burning fossil fuelsD residential and commercial buildings. —2.Which does the writer NOT consider challenge? A Electricity must be stored away from it was generatedB Renewable energy can't produce sufficient electricity. C The amount of energy produced is changeable. D Energy must be harvested from, as well as delivered to, properties. 3.Pumped hydroelectric facilities A are dependent on geography B are no longer in use. C don't store energy effectively D are unreliable4.What is TRUE about lithium-ion batteries? AThey can store more energy than any other device. B They are becoming less affordable. C They can cope with varying input and output. D They are very small. 5.What aspect of lithium-ion batteries is problematic? A their incompatibility-with pumped hydroelectric storageB their inability to regulate energy input C their high rates of energy waste D their incapability to charge quickly​

Read the text again. Match the sentences (A-E) to the gaps (1-4). There is one extra sentence​

Помогите описать картину используя эти слова
- In this photo, we can see
- This photo shows
- In the foreground
- In the background
- in front of th

e ...
- behind the ...
- between the между
- They look + adjective -
- Judging by
- I imagine

Write sentences for the quiz using the Present Simple Passive or the Past Simple Passive and the prompts given. Then choose a,b or c and check your an


Match the words.
1.technical electronic devices
2.a person, who uses a computer
3.something is wrong with a computer
4.a manipulator
5.it looks like

a typewriter
6.a floppy disk
8.program devices
b.a user
e.computer breakdown
f.a diskette
g.a mouse
h.a keyboard

3. Read the sentences А-Н. Read the dialogue and fill in the gaps with the sentences A-H.
A. take much time
B. use your imagination
C. give them mo

re opportunities for entertainment
D. dip into the exciting adventures of the main characters
E. spending so much time in front of the screen
F. differs from the book
G. finding all kinds of information on the Internet
H. educate and entertain us
Kate: Have you read 'Тhе Lost Symbol' bу Dan Brown, Mike?
Mike: No, as а matter of fact, I'm not fond of reading.
Kate: But why?
Mike: I'm used to (1) ___________ . I саn access news, documents, images, weather and sports reports and more. It's really more efficient and time-saving.
Kate: Aren't you tired of (2) ___________ ? Personally, I find reading much more pleasant. I love reading when I'm travelling, when I'm having meals or when I'm bored. А lot of people are fond of reading because books are our best teachers. They (3) ___________ .
Mikе: But when I come home after school, I'm too tired and I don't feel like reading. 1 think watching a film is much more interesting than reading а book. Besides, it doesn't (4) ___________.
Kate: 1 can't agree with you. Reading books helps те relax апd forget about my problems. Reading ofteп relieves stress and makes me fee] happier. То my miпd, watching а film is easier than reading а book because you doп't have to (5) ___________. I think that по screen version сап bе better than а book itself. Any movie director adds а little bit of himself to the film and sometimes changes the story completely. So even if the movie is well done, it (6) ___________ .
Mike: Nevertheless, teeпagers don't read much nowadays. They prefer listeпing to music or playing computer games. Computer games (7) ___________. They сап explore complicated mazes, combat frightful creatures, overcome obstacles, operate various vehicles апd so оп. That's why they are not interested in reading any morе.
Кatе: Still, I'm sure the situation is not hopeless. For ехаmрlе, Harry Potter books made children all over the world forget about their computers and TV-sets :and (8) ___________. Му little sister read “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” four times! Сап you imagine that?
Mike: Will you give me the book which you mentioned? I'd like to read it.
Kate: Of course I will!

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