Plague Inc APK for Android

Plague Inc APK for Android

Roten Tomato

In this game you can release a deadly virus. Under your strict guidance, the disease will destroy everything and everyone, just download Plague Inc APK on Android.

Gameplay Features

The game begins with a choice of difficulty. There are three of them, and the fun of the gameplay depends on them in many respects. For example, at the weakest level of complexity of Plague Inc, no one will wash their hands, doctors will stop working, and they will hug constantly with sick people.

 As for the difficult level, there the patients are completely isolated, which, as you might guess, significantly complicates the spread of the disease.

Meanwhile, your main task will be to destroy all of humanity. In addition, you will need to choose the type of disease that you will spread. Each type of "infection" has its advantages and bonuses. Once you select a disease, you will need to spread it around the world, changing the structure of its DNA so that doctors can not develop a vaccine.

 Also at the beginning of the game you will have to choose a site of infection. Be careful and careful, because if you prefer one of the developed countries, it will be extremely difficult to spread the disease. Skilled professionals will quickly identify the virus and develop a vaccine against it.

However, in this case, a chic design is not needed, because nothing distracts from the gameplay.