Pixel Charity announces a charity marathon for $300,000!

Pixel Charity announces a charity marathon for $300,000!

Pixel Charity announces a charity marathon for $300,000!

In the honor of the project reaching the Soft cap mark, Pixel Charity company allocates tokens with a total worth of $300,000 to help those in need!

We encourage and support charities of all types.

Help those in need, and we will refund your donation ten times for each donated dollar!

The terms are very simple:

1. You make a donation to anyone in need.

2. Upload your video or selfie onto a social media networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, bitcointalk etc.) with #pixelcharity#pixelcharitymarathon #charitymarathonpxlt hashtags. 

3. Send a link of your publication and ERC20 wallet address to marathon@pixelcharity.com

4. Receive feedback and your PXLT tokens

5. You receive 10 PXLT tokens for each donated US dollar. (During the Pixel Charity ICO you can buy PXLT by rate 1 PXLT = 1 $. see https://pixelcharity.com/)

6. To provide fair participation of each, we apply limitations for donations - 1000$ per donating person

To recall, Pixel Charity is a stable coin backed up with fiat money. Where on the first stage, US dollars are connected.

All funds received from the sales of PXL, the crypto-currency of the Pixel network, are placed onto a bank deposits with an open balance sheet, where everyone can see that the Pixel network has means that confirm each released PXL.

Since deposits make a profit due to interest rate, every cent from this profit will automatically be transferred to various charitable funds, which will be partially selected by the holders of PXLT tokens.

PXLT are tokens released for ICO Pixel Charity. 50% of income from transactions of the Pixel network will be distributed among holders of PXLT tokens, in proportion to their participation. The remaining 50% will be used to maintain the network. In the future, with the increase in Pixel's turnover, in consultation with investors, the commission for the PXL transaction will be reduced from 0.05% to 0.02%, which will make Pixel even more popular and profitable for users.

Pixel Charity - the world’s first stable crypto currency for charity. With Pixel, charity becomes free.

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