Pixel Charity announced the achievement of the project marks Soft cap 1,000,000!

Pixel Charity announced the achievement of the project marks Soft cap 1,000,000!

Today, the company Pixel Charity distributed a message that the ICO project reached Soft cap selling 1,000,000 PXLT for more than $ 700,000.

Pixel Charity is a stable coin backed up by fiat money. On the first stage US dollar is connected.

All funds received from the sale of PXL - Pixel's network of crypto-currency, are placed on the bank with Pixel network.

Of course, these deposits are going to bring profits and every cent from this profit will be automatically transferred to various charitable funds, which will be selected by PXLT tokens.

PXLT are tokens released for ICO Pixel Charity. 50% of the transaction fee of the Pixel network will be distributed among the holders of PXLT, proportional to their share in the project. The remaining 50% will be used to maintain the network. In the future, with the increase in Pixel's turnover, the commission fee for PXL transactions will be reduced from 0.05% to 0.02%, which will make Pixel even more popular and profitable for users.

Pixel Charity-World's first stable coin for global charity project. With Pixel Charity becomes free.

"We are very pleased to announce that Pixel Charity project has reached the first soft cap mark - 1,000,000 PXLT! We express our gratitude to all participants! Pixel Network will be launched and your contributions will accelerate the process of popularizing the network among the masses ", - commented Timur Kaskeyev, the founder of the Charity Project.

The project website also reports that after launching the beta testing of the Pixel network, they will transfer dividends from the ongoing transactions of the Pixel network to PXLT holders' accounts.