Pixel Charity announced an open registration for those who wish to receive donations from the project

Pixel Charity announced an open registration for those who wish to receive donations from the project

Few days ago, Pixel Charity made it possible for any charitable organization to participate in the charity project.

On the website pixelcharity.com an open registration for charity organizations for financial assistance is announced. Now, any charitable organization or legal entity engaged in charitable activities can take part in obtaining financial assistance on a systematic basis in the development of a stable PXL coin and the Pixel network.

In the process of pre-selection and registration, the project founders give priority to organizations that have been operating for more than one year, and who currently provide assistance to certain categories of people: those who have suffered from natural disasters, those suffering from a hard-to-treat disease, low-income families, and younger generations. Advantages for participation will be given to legal entities (charitable organizations) that have one or more implemented charity programs in the field of conservation of nature and wildlife, as well as organizations that have a certain reputation in the implementation of charitable and socially-oriented programs over the past year or more.

The founders of the project had noted that when appealing for registration for donations, charities of all companies will be considered, irrespective of who and for what purposes they provide help.

«This is a unique chance to receive financial assistance on a systematic basis. Having made an open registration, we will allow absolutely any charity company to take part in the Pixel Charity project. All received funds of our users will be placed on our partnering bank deposit, with which we have already agreed the conditions for the transfer of accrued interest to charitable organizations. Among the selected charity organizations and representatives of investors, a supervisory board will be elected, which together with the bank partner will monitor the status of deposits. Information on the amount on the deposit account and the mission of Pixel (PXL) will be freely available in real time. At the moment, after the launch of ICO, we raised $ 385,000 from the planned $ 15 million. These funds will go to the technical implementation of the project and marketing. We encourage all interested charity organizations to participate in our project and organize information support of our project to attract investors. The project will be launched regardless of the results of the ICO, but the successful attraction of investors will accelerate its launch», - commented the technical director of the project Pixel Charity.

To recall, Pixel Charity project is a charity project based on the blockchain technology that allows people to participate in charity without spending their money. Pixel Charity uses a stable Pixel coin (PXL), providing society with a fast, stable and reliable method of payment, backed up with fiat money with guaranteed redemption.

The company 314xel Inc., implementing the charitable project Pixel, took stable coin (crypto currency confirmed by fiat money and having a stable rate) as their base. Participation in charity, low transaction costs, stable exchange rate will allow Pixel to become popular among ordinary users and representatives of the Internet business. Pixel will help to use this popularity for the greater good - the means confirming each released PXL (unit in the Pixel network) will be placed on deposits with public access to the state of the account. All interest gained from deposits will be automatically transferred to charitable funds. Thus, allowing each user of the Pixel network to participate in charity without spending their money.

For more information, please visit the www.pixelcharity.com