Pixel Charity Introduces Blockchain to Charity

Pixel Charity Introduces Blockchain to Charity

Blockchain project Pixel Charity intends to make charity more transparent and fair in the distribution of donations.

Despite the fact that charity remains socially approved, the latest data shows that activities of traditional charities are loosing people's trust. 

Thus, according to the latest data of British charity fund CAF on global private charity, there is a drastic decrease in participation in aid in worldwide, this trend is observed in both developing and developed countries, while the donation of money sees the greatest decline in the most developed countries. It can be concluded that charity still remains an underdeveloped practice.

The developers of the Pixel Charity project are convinced that the unchangeable distributed registry (blockchain) could be beneficial to the promotion of charity and donations. The introduction of blockchain technology will significantly increase the level of transparency in both donations and in the use of money in general.

"Blockchain technology will allow you to monitor where the donated money is being spent, because such actions can be traced and checked," said the founder of the Pixel Charity blockchain platform

The new technology is primarily designed to exclude corruption and lack of transparency from areas that are difficult to control due to the large number of participants. Blockchain can completely change the principles of charity platforms, allowing NGOs to stop spending their energy on marketing and to engage in help for those who really need it.

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