Pirate's Revenge Ch. 02

Pirate's Revenge Ch. 02

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Thank you all for your words of encouragement concerning my first chapter. Please feel free to rate and comment on my stories. Your constructive criticisms will only make my writing better. Although this is a fantasy story, I tried to incorporate ideas as I see them unfold. For example, women that have grown up without men would not initially trust one. So the sex would get more intimate, more intense and more raunchy as the trust builds. Thank you again for taking the time to read my story.


I woke up in the morning at a hand gently shaking my shoulder. "Here drink this, it's more coconut milk." While I downed the drink, she introduced herself, "I 'm Victoria, Theresa's other sister."

"Nice to meet you Victoria" I replied.

"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. Do you think you can eat anything?" she asked.

"Just point me in the right direction, and I'll show you. I'm famished". I sat up slowly and threw the bed covers off to a sudden gasp from a blushing Victoria. I looked down and apologized, "Sorry it happens almost every morning, but then you saw it yesterday so it's no big deal".

She smiled and replied, "There you are wrong. It is a big deal, a very big deal".

This time it was my turn to blush, "Thanks" I whispered as I pushed myself into a shaky standing position.

Victoria jumped up, rushed to my side, put one arm around my waist, and ducked her head under my shoulder to support me as my dick waved around like some weird magic wand. She helped me over to the table, while she watched the floor close to my feet, at least that's what she pretended, but her facial color gave her away.

Once I sat down, she handed me the cup with more coconut milk and left the hut. She returned a few minutes later with a couple of eggs, and fruits I didn't recognize. While the eggs cooked over the small fire, she cut open the fruit. It was orange with black seeds on the inside. She sliced off some of the orange meat and handed it to me. "This is pawpaw, a rare treat here." She informed me.

Wow, the sweetness and flavor were awesome. It was my new favorite fruit, and second favorite thing to eat overall. I blushed at the thought. I took great pleasure from her ass and hips as they swished back in forth in time to some internal rhythm while she cooked bent over the fire. My baton now pointed to the ceiling, at least it was under the table. She finished the eggs, carried the pan to the table, and placed it in front of me.

She sat across from me and said, "Tell me what happened to you".

In between bites I started, "My father and I were out fishing like we do every day. We were hauling in our net when a ship we didn't see came over the horizon. The net was very heavy, so we knew it was full of fish, and we concentrated on it. The next thing we knew there was a cannon shot and water sprayed over both of us. It was that close. My father looked at me, looked around us, pointed in the direction of this island, told me to swim and not look back. I looked around, all I saw was water, sun and a cloudless sky. I had no idea how he knew where land was. He told me he was very proud of the man I had become, he loved me very much, and told me to tell my mother and sister that he loved them with all his heart. Then he pushed me overboard.

I had never disobeyed him before, but this time I couldn't help it. I looked back as 6 big burly men waving swords, jumped onto our boat, and started toward him. All he had was an oar which he used with a flourish and hit the first man in the head knocking him to the deck. He grabbed the man's sword and attacked the remaining men. He parried the sweeping blow from the first man and promptly thrust deep into his chest. He held his own against the next two men. He blocked their wild swings and cut them when he could. Then the third man arrived, and I saw the tide change. He couldn't keep up with them, as he faced two and the third would swing where there was no defense. I knew the end was coming but was not prepared for the carnage. The men crowded along the rail of the pirate ship cheered and laughed with every blow that caused the blood to flow from my dad.

The four men then coordinated their efforts, and my dad had no chance. They surrounded him, forced him back against the rail. Then one took a big swing and severed my dad's sword hand followed by the loudest cheer yet. The biggest guy stood in front of him and with a big hard two-handed swing it was over. I watched as he bent over, grabbed my father's head by his hair, and lifted it high into the air. They passed it around to more cheers and laughs. When it got back to the big guy, he turned and kicked it as hard as he could. My father's head sailed high and far out into the ocean where it splashed and sank. Him I would remember. The remaining men lifted his body and threw it overboard.

I saw all their faces and their ship. I could not forget and vowed to give them the justice they deserved." I looked down at my food as the tears started. I couldn't stop as I mourned the passing of the best man I ever knew, my best friend, mentor, and dad.

Victoria jumped up from her seat, ran to my side and threw her arms around me. I could feel her chest heaving against my shoulder, her tears as they dropped onto my cheek and mixed with mine. She didn't say anything, just held me and cried with me. She put her hands to either side of my face, turned my head, looked deep into my eyes with tears in hers and said "I 'm so sorry".

She leaned down and kissed me on the lips, then pulled my face into her chest and held me there. I reached around her and returned the embrace. I heard the scurry of feet and found myself in the middle of all three sisters as they cried and held me close. All those tears started me crying again. I have no idea how long we stayed like that. I was finally able to control myself, and we all stopped to take some deep breaths.

The three of them helped me stand, walked me back to the bed where I sat on the edge. They each kissed me on the lips and gave me a big hug. I watched as Theresa looked at her sisters and nodded her head. They turned and walked out the door as quietly as they could. I laid down and promptly went back to sleep.

When I woke up, I was feeling much better, stronger, and almost normal. They sat around the table and whispered back and forth. They all looked at me when they heard me move. They had a determined look about them as they gathered at my bedside.

"We want to help" they stated simultaneously.

I was confused, "Help what? You have already helped me more than I can possibly ever thank you."

Theresa glanced at her sisters as they nodded to her. "We want justice too, for you and us, and we are going to help whether you want it or not."

I managed to stand on my own, walked to the table and sat down. "Um, I hate to ask, but could I get some pants?

The giggles started, "No way" Maria declared, "We like the view!"

They all laughed as Victoria threw me a pair of knee length grey and white striped pantaloons. "Sorry" she said, "This was the best I could do. It was the only piece of material I had."

Standing up I stepped into them and pulled them up finally covering myself.

"Awwwww, bye - bye" Maria said with an over emphasized frown.

This brought out more laughs from everyone. I sat down, accepted the offered cup of coconut milk, and gulped it down.

Theresa looked at me with a serious expression, "So we were talking about how to get some revenge. We are going to need our own ship, but it will need to be faster than theirs, with better cannons, and we will need to be better armed. But and it is a big but, we don't know how to get any of it."

I smiled, "Hmmm that is a big but" as I glanced at Maria as she was cooking something over the fire. Theresa looked in the direction I indicated and laughed so hard that Maria turned to look at her with a puzzled expression.

"What makes a pirate ship fast?" asked Victoria.

"Well, they are a little longer, a little wider, carry more sail, and have less cargo." I replied. "Being a little longer and wider spreads out the weight. The ship rides a little higher in the water with less resistance. The extra sail catches more wind. The combination makes it faster." I replied.

"Okay, so let's break it down. We need to reduce the weight even more and spread it out more." Theresa injected.

"The problem is spreading out the weight flattens the bottom making it harder to steer" I answered.

"What if we used two hulls?" suggested Maria. "If we make two hulls and suspend the midship in between double hulls, wouldn't that work?" She grabbed a cold piece of charred wood, walked over to the table and drew a picture of her vision.

"Sort of like an outrigger, the pontoon helps stabilize the boat from tipping over. This means less ballast is needed, less ballast is less resistance".

I looked at her concept and thought the main mast won't have to be as high placed in the center with supporting cables to each corner. That would lower the profile making it harder to be seen. "This could work" I mused.

We ate in silence, each deep in thought to make this idea a reality. It was getting dark by the time we finished eating and the food wares were cleaned and put away.

"I think Essie would help us build it" I heard Theresa say.

"Who is Essie" I asked.

Victoria chimed in "She is a girl we grew up with. She helped her dad and uncles build the best boats on the island, she's alone now. This is a challenge that she would love, especially when we tell her your story. We 're going to need Liz's help too." Victoria looked at me, "She's our blacksmith, between Essie and her they can make anything."

We headed to bed, Maria and Victoria to one and Theresa to the other. "Can you tell us about your dad, Robere? We know you loved him, help us love him too."

I looked over at Maria in the darkness to answer her. I began my story "His name was Pierre. He told me he was kidnapped and forced to work on a pirate ship, the Trident, as a teenager. Oh, my gawd, it just hit me. That was the ship that attacked us, his old ship, the Trident. The original owner named it for Poseidon's Trident, because he thought it looked like that from the side. There must be some old shipmates that recognized him."

The ladies all gasped at the same time.

"Anyway, he watched as other boys were tied to the mast and whipped by the Captain until they passed out simply because they didn't know what or how to do things. So, my dad learned anything and everything someone would teach him. He learned basic seamanship from the other sailors, knife and sword fighting from the best the ship had to offer. He learned to navigate by the sun, stars, wind, and currents from the first mate. He learned attack and retreat tactics from the Captain. All these things he taught me, but I still have more to learn.

My dad got bigger and stronger with each passing day of hard unrelenting work and lessons. He enjoyed the life and comradery until one fateful day. The crew had successfully captured a merchant ship and found a woman and her young daughter hiding in the cargo hold. The two were dragged up to the aft deck, stripped, and tied spread eagle. They were left there for 2 days, tied naked, exposed to the elements and crew that repeatedly found excuses to walk past and taunt the captives. Midafternoon of the second day, the Captain climbed to the forecastle to address the crew.

My father stood among the crew and listened to the Captain "Gentlemen, and I do use the term loosely, I made a decision. The prisoners will be brought to my cabin, and when I am finished, they are yours as a reward for your hard work."

Cheers went up from every man, except one, my dad. He knew it was wrong, so very wrong, but there was nothing he could do alone. A couple of men untied them and dragged them kicking and screaming by the hair to the Captain's cabin. Screams could be heard as that smelly, dirty, potbellied, bearded bastard had his way, first with the mother then the daughter.

The mother's screams of disgust and outrage were loudest of all when he started with the teen. "Leave her alone, do what you want with me, but leave her alone" over and over again.

The woman was thrown out of the Captain's cabin, "She's yours Mister Baker" he shouted.

As she rolled across the deck, the First Mate, with a big toothless grin, grabbed the struggling woman and dragged her below to his cabin. The woman screamed every obscenity she could think of, much to the delight of the sailors. High pitched slaps and lower thuds of punches could be heard from below until the screams stopped and sobs started. The pirates cheered with the sound of every blow.

Nothing was heard from the Captain's cabin, not a peep. My father wasn't sure if she was dead or not. He was expecting some sort of sound, but there was only silence. The only things he knew for sure, these pirates did not deserve the title of men or sailors, and he was going to help these women somehow.

Shortly before sundown, the Captain dragged the young girl by the hair out of his cabin. "Here you go men, you can have her. Maybe you can get her to respond. She just lays there like a dead fish."

Her eyes were open, but there was only a vacant stare. She was breathing, but there was no life, only existence. Fights broke out all over the deck to determine the next in line. The three biggest, smelliest, sweatiest, barely humans won out and attacked the girl with their dicks. One hole for each, and she just laid there, no emotion, no movement, no sounds. They coordinated their efforts pushing and withdrawing in rhythm. My father turned away, to interfere now would cost him his life and they would still have their way with the captives. He had to think of something.

Somewhere along the line, the rum store was broken into, and the crew availed themselves to it with gusto. Everyone refilled their mugs over and over until they could barely stand as they waited their turns. One by one, they took turns with the bruised and battered lifeless girl. They passed out all over the deck once they finished. My dad waited until only a few of them were still conscious, blind drunk but awake.

He walked over to the most sadistic crewmate that had carved his initials into the breasts of the girl. The skinny little guy with the black rat eyes was passed out on the cargo hatch. He grabbed the knife from the bastard's scabbard and quietly carried him to the rail away from the rest of the crew.

While he balanced the pirate laying along the rail, he began to use the same knife to make small nicks on his face. Not deep enough to do any lasting damage, but enough to wake him up. The pirate began to stir, and my Dad put a hand across his face to hold his mouth and nose closed. Suddenly, the eyes opened showing in rapid succession: confusion, recognition, then fear as he recognized my dad holding his own knife as he tapped his nose with it.

He tried to scream, but my dad grabbed him by the throat and squeezed so no more than a squeak escaped his mouth. Then he began to carve into the pirate's chest. First the initials across the chest, his own initials, with his own knife. The very one he used on the girl. Tears ran from terrified eyes, and watched as my dad leaned in and said, "This is so you know how she felt".

The pirate started to pass out from the pain and fear, but each time my dad woke him up. "And this is your punishment!" My dad started again; A-S-S-H-O-L-E scrolled deeply across his abdomen. With a deep slash he underlined his work and intestines spilled out across his crotch.

He looked deep into his captive's eyes, "I hope you enjoyed our little chat as much as I did" and rolled him off the rail into the sea.

He watched as the pirate tumbled and spun into the ocean, came to the surface, and struggled to stay afloat. My dad turned away and headed towards the women. He knew that the pirate would either drown or be fodder for the sharks, either way he was fish bait.

When he got to the women tied spread eagle across the deck, he saw the mother was aware of him as she watched from one eye barely open from the bruises and swelling. "Please help us" she whispered.

"I'm doing what I can, but I don't know how much it will help." He used the knife to cut them both free, then dropped it on the deck, and kicked it under a nearby coil of ropes.

"Thank you, it will be enough" she said as she helped her daughter to her feet.

They walked to the nearest cannon. She turned and said "I couldn't protect her from these bastards, but I can keep her from being hurt anymore."

With that, she grabbed a cannonball, wrapped her arms around her daughter in a big hug, held the ball with both hands, and looked deep into those vacant eyes. She cried "I am s-o-o-o-o sorry baby", kissed her on the lips, and they vanished over the rail.

I heard sobs from the other beds in the darkness. I knew I had my audience's attentionhttps://sharetv.com/forum/chat/Q_106800










as they felt the futility of the mother's situation. My dad helped himself to the rum and drank himself to sleep in his rack, partly to present a believable alibi, but mostly out of sadness and despair.

The next morning, he was thrown from his bunk by a shouting first mate "Get up on deck now mister!" He followed the first mate to a gathering on deck with the Captain standing above on the stairs leading to the helm.

"I want to know two things, where's the harlots, and who broke open the rum stores?" shouted the Captain.

The entire crew looked around at each other, totally confused, and scared by the ferocity of the Captain's tone.

The first mate came forward with one of the captive's ropes, "They were cut free Cap'n. I searched every nook and cranny, they're gone."

His face was red before, now a deep purple as he shouted, "Find me something, or I swear I'll flay the skin off every one of you with my lash!" With that the hungover crew scattered and franticly searched for anything to appease the Captain.

One of the men found the knife sticking out from under the rope coil and brought it out. He held it high, "Cap'n I found Steuban's knife nearby on the deck. I know it's his cuz I saw him use it yesterday on the young'un."

"Bring me that asshat Steuban, now Mr. Baker!" he shouted.

The first mate looked over the crowd and didn't see the face he expected. "Mr. Baht, start at the stern, work your way forward. I'll start at the bow and work my way back. Mr. Chin check the hold. The rest of you stand fast. Shout out when you find the coward."

The Captain paced back and forth, hands clasped behind his back, deep in thought while the ship was searched for Steuban.

The three returned empty handed, "He's not on board Cap'n" reported Mr. Baker. "I been thinkin sir, I think Steuban brought out the rum. He knew everyone would drink and he could have a private knife session. He must have gotten carried away, there's blood on the knife and the rail over there. I think he threw them overboard, then panicked when he couldn't find his knife in the dark. He jumped rather than face our collective wrath without our toys."

"Hmmm, I can see that" mused the Captain. "Head for Port au Prince Mr. Baker, we need to resupply". With that he turned sharply on his heel, hands behind his back and stormed off to his cabin. His masochistic need to punish unfulfilled."

"Ladies, as much as I would like to continue, I need to rest. We can continue another time." I fell asleep to whispers and intermittent sniffles.

Maria held Victoria close to her chest as she softly rubbed her younger sister's head and upper back. "They didn't deserve that" Victoria whispered between sobs.