Peugeot Spare Key: A Simple Definition

Peugeot Spare Key: A Simple Definition

How to Create a Peugeot Spare Key

Peugeot cars are equipped with an immobiliser system that is unique to them. It relies on a hidden chip in the key for it to work. Whenever you insert a key into the ignition it looks for the chip and will only start your car when it locates it.

If you're experiencing issues with your key the best option is to call a professional auto locksmith. They will have the technology and tools to cut you a new key while you wait.

The key

The Peugeot car key is a cutting-edge piece of technology. The key for the Peugeot car has an electronic chip that communicates with the car's engine control units (ECUs) to allow it to start the car and open its doors. This technology means that only a locksmith with the right tools will be able to make the spare Peugeot key.

This key will replace a damaged, worn or lost car key. Peugeot keys aren't like standard blanks you can buy from the internet or at some hardware stores. They must be programmed specifically for your vehicle. This means that the key must be cut according to the right type, contain the correct transponder, and have other components. Additionally, it needs to be set up correctly for the vehicle's security system. A professional auto locksmith will be capable of completing all these tasks in the fastest time possible.

Peugeot owners were required to visit their dealer to get replacement keys. While this is still an option should you have the time and funds to wait, it isn't an ideal option in all instances. Dealerships simply don't have the tools or the experience needed to handle Peugeot key-related emergencies by the roadside, in your work parking lot, or at home, as you unwind at the end of your long day.

A professional mobile auto locksmith, on the other hand, is fully equipped to handle your crisis and will have a brand new Peugeot key for you in a short amount of time. Additionally, they'll be able to do this at only a fraction of the cost that you would pay if you go to the dealership.

You'll likely see a "transponder chip' in the key of a Peugeot model that's more recent. This is a further layer of security that prevents your vehicle from starting unless a special code is received from the key. It is impossible to duplicate a Peugeot without the proper equipment and software.

This is the type of key with the 'JMA' HU-HCA.P key profile that is identical as the profile of Silca HU 83. You can also find this kind of key in the 106 and 107, 206, 208, 306 and 406 models. We have this profile in stock, and we're able cut the key for you and program it. For more information, please look up the 'Key Programming Information' tab at the top of this page. Customers in the motor trade or locksmith sector can sign up for an account for businesses to view our special pricing. If you don't have a trade account, you can contact us using the contact form below.

The immobiliser

The immobiliser is among the most effective security features in the Peugeot car. It works by using small glass chips inside the key to prevent the vehicle from starting. The system works on a complex code and does not require batteries. It checks the coding of the chip each time the key is in the ignition barrel, and the car will only be turned on only if it recognizes the chip. If not, fuel will be cut to prevent the engine from beginning.

This is a wonderful thing that has reduced the number of cars that are robbed. However, it also means that brand new Peugeot keys are not easy to get and you need a specialist locksmith for this type of work. The locksmith will use tools that are standard for dealers to create keys for a Peugeot spare key, and must program it to allow the car to start. This could cost anything from 120 PS to 300 PS based on the model of the Peugeot and the complexity of the key is.

Peugeot keys are susceptible to wear and tear and will eventually fail, usually around five years. They are thrown, dropped and become hot and freezing cold regularly and this causes the electronic switches' condition to decline. This causes tiny hairline cracks to form on the circuit board which causes the transponder to fail. is the most common issue with a Peugeot key. It is usually a result in the car not being able to start or a dashboard message stating 'Immobiliser Failure'.

If you lose your Peugeot spare key or the original is stolen, you can contact an auto locksmith in your area to have it replaced. They can assist you with a number of different auto brands and will be there for you, avoiding you from having to be taken back to their workshop or a dealership.

A specialist can make and program the keys for around 120 PS, but they'll require the proper equipment to get your car running again. A lot of the cheap key replicas you can buy on eBay or Amazon do not contain the correct chips and this can lead to the key failing to work. These cheap keys are normally made in China and are usually of poor quality, and you are better off buying a dealer key right from the outset. It is important to have a plan of action in the event that you lose your key. This will ensure that you reach your home safely, or the garage as quickly as you can.

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