Pets & Mental Health: 15 Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

Pets & Mental Health: 15 Benefits of Emotional Support Animals


The animals have helped mankind through centuries and now they also act as emotional support animals. Pineapple is safe for canine consumption as long as it is fed in moderation and you only give your dog the digestible parts of the fruit. If you have a dog ask a professional can dogs eat popcorn? They provide comfort to their owners through their adorable and innocent behavior. They are not as intelligent as humans but they surely have a kind and caring heart. People usually think that a perfect emotional support animal is a dog. However, cats are proven to be even better emotional support animals.

Can be easily trained

Cats are pretty smart and can learn tricks and stuff quite easily. On top of all, they know how to get what they want! They observe and learn schedules and behaviors. And when you feel depressed, they will be there cuddling with you. Cats are sensitive to understanding the moods too. and You can see millions of videos are uploaded online in which cats are seen licking their owners as they cry.

Lovable creatures

Cats are adorable. They not only love to be petted but also like to lick and groom their owners. Generally, it is assumed that cats do not care about their owners. However, it has been proven that cats prefer their owners over their meals. Where else would you find such loyalty? Different cats have different personalities. You can adopt one that matches yours. If you want a lively and playful cat, Bengal cats are a perfect fit for you. If you have a busy routine, you can adopt an American Shorthair which does not even ask for much attention. It would spend its time lying in the sun. Spending time with your emotional support cat will elevate your mood. The purring of cats is relaxing and helps heal patients of both mental disorders as well as those who have physical wounds. 

By now, you must be wanting to keep an emotional support cat. We have more benefits to tell but before that let us tell you that if even your housing society does not allow you to keep a pet, you can keep your emotional support by getting an emotional support letter. For a better idea, take a look at the ESA letter sample available online free of cost. You can ask your medical health professional to issue an ESA letter. Let’s continue with the benefits of keeping an emotional support cat.If you have a question can dogs eat pineapple? is safe for canine consumption as long as it is fed in moderation and you only give your dog the digestible parts of the fruit.

Cost lesser

Cats usually cost less than other animals. You can buy them a toy and they will savour it for life. Even if you don’t buy them lots of toys, they will find anything to play with. Just give them a paper carton or a tissue paper roll and they will be the happiest soul on Earth. The emotional support cat can be groomed at home and does not require expensive professional grooming. So keeping an emotional support cat won’t burden you as much as you had thought. 

Because they are somewhat independent 

Cats are partially independent animals like maltipoo and thus for someone who is going through a lot, it is a blessing. They don’t need much assistance or attention all the time. Once they trained, they will require minimum help from you. In addition to this, they are self-cleaning animals which means that they require a bath once a month. They clean themselves by licking as their saliva contains powerful bacteria that fight all germs. So another issue resolved!

No specific training required

Emotional support cats do not require any specific training. However, emotional support cats must be trained to stay calm when out in public. You don't have to train them as service animals. All they need to learn are simple commands like sit or stay. 

You will now agree with the fact that emotional support presa canario are pawsome! You can visit any pet shelter to adopt a life-saver furry friend.