Perverted Narcissism or Lack of interests

Perverted Narcissism or Lack of interests


Do you have any hobby?

Such bloody answers as “listening to music, reading, playing games or going to the gym” are not in a count. You tell this shit to someone else, but not yourself.
“Oh, I am interested in IT/ business/ [insert name of your degree here]” – still not it. 

Tell me something that makes you feel great. Something that you are trying to spend Friday night for. Let me guess: Netflix/ YouTube or bar/ sex. Yeah, that’s usually what you are doing during your free time. 

Let’s imagine that you don’t have any need for money, you also don’t have a job cause you do not need it and you are done with your studies, or in other words – you have a shit ton of time. What you gonna do? Today you read some, then you went to the gym, tried cooking something new, what else? Spent a lot of time on your phone or laptop, right? What’s next?

Most of us have a lack of interests. I mean real interests, the ones that make you excited and passionate. Of course, there are still some people who love reading; still, some people who are writing in a meantime. Some of us are lucky: we are passionate and almost obsessed with our job, not cause of the material interests, but for our own satisfaction. 

However, we all can observe the decrease of having interests “just for the self-satisfaction”: there are fewer people, who are cooking just cause they love it than the ones who are cooking for “likes” on Instagram. Fewer people are doing sports for fun, than ones who just caring about their body shapes. Even clothing: we are doing it more for others, rather than self-satisfaction. 

Our public image has replaced our real personality. Therefore, our inner development has become a development of public “image”. It forms the definition of “perverted narcissism”.

Why is it “perverted”? – You may ask. Well, narcissism, itself, is supposed to have a certain ground for the self-persuasion. So, an only mentally retarded person will be admired by his/her own public image. 

So, it is time for you to choose: do you want to live for others or for your own joy?