Personal Journal of Dr. Cindy Cox

Personal Journal of Dr. Cindy Cox


Personal Journal of Doctor Cindy Cox, Behavioral Therapist and Psychologist

August 15th - Doctor Davis has asked me to take over a couple of his patients while he honeymoons in Paris. It was a beautiful wedding, tastefully done. While Chris and I have had our ups and downs, I think Beverly will be good for him. Tall and statuesque, and just dumb enough not to argue too much. That was one of our downfalls, neither one of us could admit to being wrong. We could get past that, even laugh about it, as friends. As more than that...not so much. So, he moved on and found her and I have Ted. When hes in town and when Im not too wrapped up in my own work. Still, he fits what I need, when I need it..almost. Anyway, so I have two new patients to look after for the next couple of months (yes, Months! Sometimes I really hate him!). Im expecting his office to send me the details later this week.

August 17th - I got the dossiers on Chriss patients today. Maria Jenkins, 48, widowed housewife, chronic depression. 48 milligrams Wellbutrin daily. Nothing too exciting there. Just the kind of meal-ticket patient Chris would take on. But this next case, I must admit, is a bit intriguing: Harrison Horsecooc (theres a post-it note in Chriss handwriting saying its pronounced Horsecook and to keep my mind out of the gutter with a smiley. The nerve of him sometimes!), 26, warehouse laborer, socially withdrawn, borderline autistic (not sure how that was determined). 500 milligrams Triethynitrate daily.(What?! Is he serious? Why so much?) Three counts Indecent Exposure and Public Indecency, in all three cases, the charges were dropped by the DAs office. (And I voted for her, too!) Not the usual for Chris at all..Ah! Relegated custody to Court-appointed Psychiatrist, that explains it! Looks like puttingyour name in among the Legal crowd resulted in more than you bargained for, eh, Chris?

August 26th - First meeting with Mr. Horsecooc. Very shy. Seemed slightly put-off that I was a woman. When pressed as to why, he explained that women get him in trouble. I can see why someone thought he might be autistic, as his speech patterns are similar, however, I do not detect any other signs of Autism. Didnt want to push too hard, since he was already uncomfortable, though he did say his medication was running low and that he wanted a new pre***********ion. I gave him a new one for 250 milligrams instead. He seemed much happier once I gave him the pre***********ion slip, saying he was afraid of getting in trouble again. I asked him why, he said when he doesnt take his medicine, people are mean to him, say bad things to him and then the police come. I asked him about the times when the police had come, why they were there. He only said that he didnt remember why they had came, over and over again. I changed the subject back to his work, which he likes to talk about. A lot. I know its not professional to ignore ones patients, but Im only human. I can only listen so long about forklifts and how many cases of motor oil fit in a 3 lbs. box. Note: call foreman for incidents at work.

August 29th - Interesting chat with Mr. Johnson, the Warehouse Manager where Mr. Horsecooc works. He said that Harrison was a great worker, that he wished he had ten more like him. When asked how he interacted with his co-workers, he said that at first they teased him, mostly about his last name (understandable, I guess), but that after a fight with one of them eight months ago, they leave him alone now. Supposedly, one of the mens girlfriends came by during their lunch hour, asked Harrison were her boyfriend was and he offered to show her. Instead, he showed her the inside of a broom closet, where they were found two hours later, still going at it as Mr. Johnson put it. The boyfriend, confronting the pair, was told it was over between the two of them by the now Ex-girlfriend. Of course, this led to a physical altercation between the two men, in which Harrison proceeded to knock the Boyfriend unconscious without missing a beat, or thrust, as it were, according to the story. The Police were called, the Boyfriend taken to the hospital and Harry was taken away. Shortly afterwards, the boyfriend dropped the assault charges, causing the DA to accept a plea-bargain, which is where I assume is how Chris got him. Now, having met Harrison, I cant see him physically assaulting someone, even in self-defense, nor engaging in sexual behavior with a stranger. While physically, he is more than capable as far as the assault; his medical chart putting him at 62, 224 lbs. with 5% body fat, I simply cant see his behavior being anything other than to run away from such a confrontation. Note to self: Engage Harrison about this incident.

September 2nd - My receptionist, Sherri, informed me that Harrison called, asking to see me as soon as possible. While normally I wouldnt accept such a request, I felt I owed it to Chris not to ignore his patient when they are pleading for help. I called him back and arranged to meet at 05:00 p.m. Another rule I found myself breaking: No appointments later than 03:00 p.m. He showed up 15 minutes late and said there was an issue on the bus he took to arrive from the Warehouse. I asked him why he needed to see me today instead of his scheduled appointment on the 12th. He said it was because the medicine wasnt working and that he needed to get the right medicine. I tried to explain to him that Dr. Davis had made a mistake, that he had given him too high a dosage. Harrison insisted, saying it was the only way to keep the Bad Things away.

I pushed him, asking him to tell me more about the Bad Things. He said he didnt like talking about it, that it gave him bad dreams. Now were getting somewhere! This could mean a variety of things. I gave him a new pre***********ion, only this time for 150 milligrams. I need to see where this goes. Again, he seemed relieved and this time, actually hugged me before leaving. I never noticed before, but he smelled so good! Felt good, too! Strong and Manly...

September 3rd - Ted texted me this morning, saying he got delayed in Dallas and wouldnt make it back this weekend. I texted him back saying it was fine, but, in truth, it wasnt. I dont know why, butIve been so horny today. I had a dream that Ted and Chris double-teamed me in my office! I couldnt get it out of my mind, that image of me spread wide on my desk, my head hanging off the edge, my legs on Teds shoulders and Chris in my mouth, ejaculating at the same time, filling me up, Oh, God! Im going to go for a run, try to get over these feelings...

September 4th - Chris called me this evening to check on how I was doing with his patients. Apparently, Harrison has called his answering service no less than 12 times in the last two weeks, asking when Dr. Davis will be back. I assured him that everything was fine. While his response was skeptical, he said he trusted my judgement (Well, thank you for small favors!). I asked him how things were in Paris. He said they were now on the Rivera (Bastard!) and that things were great. Thanks to an uncle or something of hers, theyd been invited to stay another three weeks and would I be okay with holding on to his patients that much longer. I told him I was, that I honestly wanted to help get to the bottom of Harrisons case. He said when he got back, he would try to find someone to take Harrison over for him permanently as he didnt think he was best suited for him and, of course, to get him off my hands (Typical for him, to want to just dump a patient instead of trying do his job!). I told him I thought I was making real progress, and that I might just keep him. This caught him off-guard. Progress, how?, he asked. I told him that I was slowly weening Harrison off the ridiculous amount of Triethynitrate he was giving him and I swear, I could hear him start to hypervenalate. You did what!?, he almost screamed! Now, I could hear Beverly in the background asking what was wrong. Youve got to put him back on it, Cyn! I mean it! The whole 500! I told him he was over-reacting, that he was lucky he wasnt being sued for malpractice. He didnt stop and honestly, Id never seen him get this worked up over a patient before, ANY patient! Finally, just so he wouldnt cut his honeymoon short and come back, I told him I would and he started to calm down. I almost was willing to do it, honest and then he said All you had to do was babysit for a few weeks, but NO-oooh, you had to get all clinical, didnt you? That did it. Enjoy your vacation, I said, flatly, dont worry, Ill do exactly what youve asked. Alright, Cyn, thank you! Dont mention it, I said, hanging up. Like Hell, I would! Id show him! I then called the pharmacy where Harrison had filled the latest pre***********ion. I told them to put a note on his record to decline any further refills without my approval. Id cure Harrison Horsecooc if its the last thing I did!

September 8th - After three days of almost hourly requests from thepharmacy to refill Harrisons pre***********ion, and at least 30 messages both to Sherri and my own cell phone (He must have gotten it from Sherri), I finally relented and called back the Pharmacy to allow the refill. Strangely, I never heard anything back. Our next appointment was scheduled for Monday, the 12th. Im sure everything will be fine. I even asked Sherri if Harrison had called back and she told me she hadnt heard from him since yesterday. I asked her to call him, just to make sure he knows he could get his refill.

September 9th - Sherri called in sick, said she was out in last nights rain when her car broke down and had to wait for a bus. She said she figured she caught a cold and would be back on Monday. In six years, Sherri has never called in. I told it was would be fine, but to be honest, Ive heard Sherri sick before, and she still came into the office. She didnt sound sick this morning. Also, Harrisons manager, Mr. Johnson, called. Harrison hadnt shown up to work for the past week. I advised him that I had not seen him, either, nor did I think it was wise to call the police, as that would only upset him further. I told Mr. Johnson that we had an appointment on Monday and that if he did not show, then I would inform the authorities.

September 11th - Ted surprised me yesterday. After our last conversation, I didnt know when or if he would be back. God, I had missed him! Even more than I think I realized! He showed up at my door Saturday morning and we did not leave the bedroom until 04:00 p.m. today! The thing is, I thought that seeing Ted would help, but it didnt...Ive been so Horny lately, Ive had to buy fresh batteries twice in the last week! And I know why...I had requested the arrest records for Harrison for his prior incidents. Each time, he had been caught having sex in public. The first time, on the bus with a co-ed from a local community college. The next time, with a fragrance counter girl, offering samples. Both times, the women had to be literally pulled away from him, professing their undying love. After being away from his presence, it was like the women had been drugged. They complained of headaches and as one of the young ladies put it, a really hot dream, with an amazing guy. They had no recollection to the event actually happening. While Ted sleeps, I cant stop thinking about Harrison, or as the women called him: Harry, Harry Horsecock...

September 12th - Sherri didnt show up for work again today. I called her apartment and got not answer. I called her Cell and her usual greeting had changed. Harrisons voice came on, saying that Sherri couldnt come to the phone, she was too busy cumming on his cock. Indeed, I could hear her moaning and almost screaming in the background along with a sound I knew too well from this weekend with Ted: the sound a bed makes when two people are fucking up a storm. Creaking, headboard banging, the works. Just before the beep, I could hear, loud and clear, Sherri say: Fuck me, Mr. Horsecock! Fuck me and never stop!. I thought about calling the police, but what could I say? My secretary is fucking one of my patients, make them stop? I still had some of his 500 milligram dosage of Triethynitrate here in the office. If I could get him to keep his appointment, I should be able to get him to take them and then everything will be okay. He just called, seemed he got my number from Sherris cell. Hes on his way to keep our appointment.

September 18th - Dear Diary, Hee Hee! This is neat! Its like, I talk and it types on the screen! Stupid Chris came back today and tried to spoil all our fun! But Mr. Horsecock put a stop to that real quick! BAM! One punch and he was down for the count! I almost had to stop sucking, but thankfully, I was able to get him ready for Sherri. I love Sherri! Shes like the kid sister I never had! We never used to really talk before, you know? But now, we got lots to talk about! Like make-up, clothes, how well Mr. Horsecock fucks us, how good Mr. Horsecock smells, how much we both love it when he shoots his hot load in us, you know, girl stuff! Mr. Horsecock says hes got a business plan in mind, to put us girls to work. I dunno what that means, but Im sure itll be fun!

October 8th - Dear Diary, sorry its been so long since Ive had a chance to write! Mr. Horsecock had to move us to Las Vegas. I love it here! Its sooo pretty! Were making movies, the three of us! Me, Sherri and Bevy! Thats right! You dont about her. Bevy used to be with that Silly Chris guy, you member him, right? But now, shes with Mr. Horsecock and who could blame her? Mr. Horsecock is the director and he films us with other both each other as well as other Stunt Cocks, but they aint the same as Mr. Horsecocks cock! As long as Mr. Horsecock keeps taking care of us and fucks us, well never leave!


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