Payment via Crypto Cloud

Payment via Crypto Cloud

Cryptocurrency payment is available for any DC package

Bank card payment is available for packages 1100 DC and 2300 DC

To make a payment, choose the DC package and the Crypto Cloud payment system. After that, you will go to the payment system payment page.

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency (if you want to pay through VISA / MASTER CARD bank card, then choose any cryptocurrency)
  2. Please enter a valid email
  3. Click on the "Confirm" button

After confirmation, you go to the page:

To pay with cryptocurrency:

  1. Copy the amount and wallet address
  2. Send the payment to the specified details
  3. After the payment is processed, your account will be credited with the corresponding amount of DC

To pay by card:

  1. Click on the "Pay by card" button
  2. You see the page:

3. Click on the "Buy" button

4. A window for buying cryptocurrency will appear, which will be automatically sent to our account, and the corresponding amount of DC will be credited to your account. Check out the payment details and fees for buying cryptocurrencies.

5. Verify your email by entering code from email

6. Enter bank card details

7. Confirm the payment

8. Wait until the payment is processed and DC will be credited to your account. This procedure usually takes several minutes.

If you have any questions or have difficulties with payment, we will always be happy to help you. Contact our support team at or Discord